Deep inside the London sewer-ways, a group of armed men approach a Chiropteran and open fire. Kai, who is nearby, hears the sound of flesh being ripped apart and men screaming. Back on street level, Kai meets up with Lewis in a van and reports that the Chiropteran ran away while the SAS suffered heavy damage. The two drive out to the countryside to the home where they’ve taken up residence. They are met at the door by a girl named Monique and several young children. The kids notice that Lewis and Kai stink, so Kai jokes that he’s been exterminating monsters. David is apparently staying in this house too, but Monique says that he’s still the same as always – drinking and sleeping. They then talk with older man named Gray who is the owner of this house. He says that David’s heart has been broken and that David has lost his reason to move forward without Red Shield.
The next day, a red van drops off a familiar figure in a wheelchair – Joel. He brings Kai a box of special bullets, which includes a red exploding type called the Igniter. When Lewis asks him about Julia, Joel says that she went with Collins to America. He faults himself for not seeing Collins’ true intentions. A disheveled David then enters the room, gives Joel a stare, and walks back out. As Kai is pushing Joel outside, Joel blames himself for how David turned out. Joel thinks that David may hate him and maybe Kai does too. Kai says that as long as Diva and the Chevalier are around, their fight has not ended. He doesn’t want to stay silent and do nothing while world becomes filled with Chiropteran. He also doesn’t want to be a liar by not being alive when Saya returns. Joel and Kai clasp hands before Lewis drives him off.
Back inside the house, Gray finds David drinking by himself. He tries to stop David from pouring himself another glass by reminding him of the resolution he had when he threw away his original name and took on “David.” David feels that Gray doesn’t understand, but Gray replies that living in the countryside allows you to see and understand things you don’t see on the battlefield. All the children here are orphans who lost their parents to war, and this is a temporary place for the children until foster parents are found. Gray feels responsible for raising children who grew up to be divided as friend and foe, killing each other across the world. But now, he wants to raise children differently, so that they can create the next world. Gray feels that he and Kai are similar in that respect. In the year since Red Shield fell and David has been wallowing in self-pity, Kai has instead been facing forward. Kai has the conviction to continue on for the things that he believes in. Gray thinks that believing is essential – the old David was like that. After having heard all this, David grabs his bottle and leaves the room. During all of this, Kai has been practicing his aim by trying to balance a coin on his pistol while he pretends to shoot.
Somewhere in an American research facility, there is a Chiropteran in the center of a large open room. One of the spectators comments that this is a person captured in her country who is infected with the Chiropteran disease. Three masked men appear on one side of the arena-like setting, each armed with a blade. James, who is in command, orders “Suppression” and then “Terminate.” The three figures leap around the Chiropteran at lightning fast speed, chopping off its arms and then its head. The spectators are quite impressed with what they’ve seen: only 3 men using no heavy weapons to suppress a Chiropteran. Van Argeno tells one of the military commanders that this group, called the “Corpse Corps,” can deal with the Chiropteran situation in London. He describes them as human from outside, but biological robots with the latest genetic engineering on the inside. One of the nearby female spectators, the same one who said that the Chiropteran was from her country, says that although her country has been able to keep such mutations hidden in the past, there have been an abnormal number of incidents in recent months. Somewhere in London, Okamura and Mao are watching as the police cordon off an area where there’s been an incident. Back at the facility, one of the male spectators decides to request sending Van’s group to his country. He and the military commander shake on the deal. Watching from nearby, Collins puts his hand on Julia’s shoulder and tells her that with this, they won’t need to rely on the unstable Saya anymore.
In the countryside home, David discovers Kai pouring all of the alcohol into the sink and down the drain. David doesn’t care because he can still go to the liquor store. Kai lectures him about how it’s shameful to his dead friends – George, Elizabeth, how can David face them? Kai uses Joel as an example – he can’t walk anymore, but he still tries to fight because he knows that giving up means the end. He chides David for drinking all day and running away. David’s finally heard enough when Kai mentions family and how Red Shield sank. He tries to punch Kai, but Kai just moves his head to avoid the swing and hits David back in the gut. Kai reminds David how he had said that this world is where they exist and asks David if he has the willpower to fight again. David mentions how Saya is gone, but Kai believes that Saya won’t die. He talks about how David had said before that it’s his job to wait for Saya’s return. David simply says that he’s forgotten, which gets Kai angry, but he lays off and leaves. Gray enters and comments how Kai was crying. Meanwhile, at an airstrip somewhere, Van and his Corpse Corps are disembarking a cargo plane under the watch of Amshel and James. James says that everything is going according to schedule with the establishment of the special force within three months. Amshel is impressed by how well the Delta plan has been going – as one would expect, no mistakes from James. Watching from atop a light pole nearby are two cloaked Shifu.
On one foggy London night, a Chiropteran corners a police officer after having killed his partner. Kai distracts it and uses one of the Igniters, but it only slows down the enemy temporarily. Lewis tries to get the officer to run away, but he gets caught by another Chiropteran – in total, there are actually three of them. Lewis is about to get jumped, but then a familiar cello case comes flying out of nowhere and smashes the Chiropteran into the ground. In the foggy distance, a female figure carrying a sword appears: Saya.


Alright, so at the end of this episode, when I saw Hagi’s cello case come flying out of nowhere, I thought to myself “Saya’s back!” My next immediate thought was “long hair, long hair, long hair…I hope she has long hair.” But then the episode ended after having shown only parts of Saya (as you can see above). You had to wait until the preview to see what Saya really looks like now. Her hair is indeed a bit longer, and I think she looks a lot cooler now. It’s odd that they don’t show Hagi on screen in either the episode or the preview, but he’s definitely still around (as indicated by the cello case and his hand). I wonder if he’s changed any.
But the focus of the episode is more on Kai and David. Kai is no longer as wimpy as he was before and I would actually use the word “cool” to describe him. On the other hand, David has completely crashed from his previous demeanor into the depressed drunkard he is now. I’m sure he’ll get his motivation back, but it’ll probably take something more than just Saya’s return.
As for the new Corpse Corps, they seem to be like the next evolution in the Shifu research line that Amshel started, except these guys don’t appear to have minds of their owns. As Van says, they’re biological robots. Of course, the Shifu that they are replacing are still around, at least two of them anyway. I would guess that most of the Shifu have died to the Thorn, leaving only Karman and Moses. What role they’re going to play remains to be seen.
Next week, we get to see how one year’s time has changed Saya (and Hagi)! I wonder how much stronger they’ve gotten in this time…

In other news, the official Blood+ website has announced the artists to be performing the 4th OP and ED. The OP will be done by a four-person band – who made their major debut this month – called Jinn. The ED will be done by an artist from Soeul, Korea named K. The new songs are set to premiere in July, which is around the time when episode 38 or 39 will air. The official Jinn website also says that the OP single will be due out in August.


  1. They are the Corpse Corps. Van describes them as human from outside, but inside they are biological robots with the latest genetic engineering.

    I think you’ve to rename it to Blood+ – 33 ^^
    Whoops, I got a little hasty lol…

  2. OMG! New saya = awsome! And the new kai looks like he’s matured a lot! I can’t wait to see both of them in action to see what they’ve learned the past 1 year.

  3. “Collins looking evil, Saya with someone’s hand on her face, Saya putting on her clothes and Saya reacting to something”

    ^^U ok ok thanks bro…i though that yu knew something “more” of the preview..but thanks for answer me !

  4. wel Kai…. it seems that he got better mwehehehe stil it’s sweet, he is still keeping his brothers crystalized blood with him… =^^=
    and Saya with long hair… well that’s indeed something good, I hope her skills had grwon a lot lkre than her hair tough thoughts= she looks now like the really chiropterans kick ass she is!

  5. Ok, I wasn’t sure. It’s hard to dig up information when the name consists of a single letter. Though I guess the fact that the website said “artist” and not “group” should have tipped me off.

  6. Whoa, Kai looks cool. A year can change a person. He’s now much more calmer and determined. He grew matured which is a good thing for him. As for David, I hope he can shake off that depression soon. I hate to see him being a depressive drunk. It’s not him.

    Saya’s wilder-looking which is awesome. She and Haji made it out alive from the self-destruction in the last episode which is good. Glad to see that Joel survived as well, although him being paralyzed is just sad. I like him. Poor Julia, she’s not caught up in the middle.

  7. Yes, “K” is a very hard name to search for. FYI, his official website is

    Now, back to Blood+…I’m concerned that they show Haji’s cello case but not Haji himself…is it possible that Haji did die on the ship and it was his death that pushed Saya over the edge? So now, Saya is also using the cello case as her weapon in remembrance of Haji…after all Saya was the original cello player who taught Haji how to play!

  8. Now, back to Blood+…I’m concerned that they show Haji’s cello case but not Haji himself…is it possible that Haji did die on the ship and it was his death that pushed Saya over the edge? So now, Saya is also using the cello case as her weapon in remembrance of Haji…after all Saya was the original cello player who taught Haji how to play!

    Nope, look at the preview. That’s Hagi’s hand. And imho, if Hagi were to die, he’d go out in style, defending Saya or something.

  9. Maybe Haji have some different style-he cut his hair…maybe? I think it’s coming a surprise….Haji bold?! HAHAHAH Just joking 😉 I like Haji and I hope that it is nothing wrong with him-some scars on the face ect.?!

  10. OMG , Kai is older , Saya is MIA , riku is dead . Blood + is a killer !
    so..Kai is not a wimp anymore , that’s really cool . i see he has Riku’S crystal as a chain .
    but..what about Mao and okimura , what are they doing ?
    it’s sad to see David like that 🙁 . i hope he gets better year has passed…i guess all the shiff are dead by now..?
    and what happpend to Lewis ? is he dead ?

  11. Nice kai has grown stronger both physically and mentally then again he showed great maturity not to hate saya for rikus death guess he can differentiate the evil chiropterans form the good ones plus he had great faith in sayas survival. David its rather sad to see him like that completely broken and pathetic hope julia comes back and slaps him good to snap him out of it. As for saya im guessing she matured herself and has grown stronger since that incident to make sure what happned to red shield doesn’t happen anywhere else im also guessing she will be glad to see kai alive but will tell him not to get involved anymore simply cause she does not want kai to share the same fate as riku he is the only family she has left.

    the corps core improved shifu types yet not really chiropterans but bio androids with chiropteran like capability from the looks of it unlike shifu they are completely obidient

    vampire warrior francisco
  12. great episode thx for the screens. kai matured, but it seems like its been more than one year when it hasn’t. poor david and joel . as for saya, im likin the hair 😀 but i thought it lookedl ike moses’ hair for a sec there 0_0 hop they show mor eof saya and hagi next ep. wondering if hagi’s hair changed too?

  13. Julia is not caught in the middle. She made her choice and there is not doubt she will be one of the casualties to come. I feel bad for her but betrayal is never a good thing.

  14. Hmm, skipping so much time in the story..
    I’m don’t fine with it, it cheapens the plot a bit in my opinion.
    The whole thing 5 years later or what so ever *rolleyes*

  15. OH!!! :O
    A lot of events occured.
    David: What the hell man!!! come on, get a hold of yourself!
    Joel: Poor guy, still fighting even though he is paralyzed. I guess, he must teach David that a man never give up 🙂
    Kai: COOL. He had grown alot in one year and keeping Riku’s crystal. how sad! 🙁
    Julia: oh, my! How dare you betrayed the red sheld and David for the money and fame. Well, I did not expect that from you. >:(
    SAYA: Wooow! looks much diffierent than the high school girl. A wild look with red eyes and cold-blood attitude. I wonder, is this the fully awaken state? I really like this new Saya it is way better than the old Saya.

    And Finally, Thanks alot for the summary and screen caps. Keep the good work, man! 😉

    See ya

  16. Anyone wonders what happened to the vietnam girl that riku liked? If the story doesn’t tell us her end then something just seems missing…

    And the preview shows Hagi helping Saya change? LOL HOW BOLD OF HIM!

  17. Ah! the previews were so awesome, that guy moving the hair from Saya’s face was Kai! How brotherly of him! Damn another week! I can’t wait for the next episode. The ED was sad again because everytime they show Riku with Kai :(.

  18. In the airbase scene (probably RAF Credenhill, UK), where the corpse corps disembarks, Anshel reminds me of Star War’s Senator Palpatine rolling out clone soldiers.

  19. wow. i didn’t expect to see Saya until the next episode, i realy hope the year with Hagi strengthened thier bond so that Hagi MAY get more lines. i think the new “Do” on saya looks AWSOME i only hope her personality becomes more cool too to fit with her style; i’m kinda bored with the 1-32 episode personality she has; i want her to like how she was in the movie.

    as for hagi i don’t think he’s changed or become weak; i also doubt him getting a new “do” cause he’s awsome as he is.

    on the last note kai doesn’t look that good. his face sideways looks a bit wierd (maybe i’m not used to it?) and his clothes need to be different. come on that his OLD style. get a new one, a good one like in the 2nd OP.

    well thats all i gotta say. it will be probably 4-7 episodes to see if richu’s got a kid………

  20. No thanks i do not want this saya to be like the movie one a cold hypocritical and utterly unlikable ***** who thought humans are inferior I like the fact this saya doesn’t have supremacist tendencies like movie saya did this one has more humanity sure she will get tough but not like movie saya she will still keep her feelings.

    vampire warrior francisco
  21. Rasmiel- those people we saw were those “Corpse Corps” (check review above). thier for killing chiroptea; in a sence thier replacing siff cause… well its hard to explain just read above.

  22. Well mostly to protect there food seems there is a bit of a claim to who gets the humans as food to many low level chiropterans are rising and that could endanger the chain and food supply of diav and the chevaliers they need to control the population of chiropterans. At least that what i think but who knows what is going on through amshells mind.

    vampire warrior francisco
  23. V.W.F — what i was meaning about her personaity was that she should become more cool, not heartless. saya in the movie was heartless BUT you have to admit she was pretty awsomely cool…..

  24. cool yes but cool can only take you so far. This new saya leaves room for more development and judging by the previews she will be cooler hell kai pulled it of saya will do it too.

    vampire warrior francisco
  25. i just realized that we never saw Riku in the 3rd opening.
    and when you see Kai runnning they say ”itori” maybe for how lonely he is .
    we also so see a depressed looking David .

    anyway , there is another thing i don’t get . How come saya is so weak ? i mean..wasnt she stronger in Viet-nam ? O_o

  26. kurotusuki — yeah i agree i think she was stronger in vietnam but then again she hasn’t truely awakened. if you watch ep 31 you will here david mention that there is more to her past so we nkow there will be more mysteries uncovered in the future.

  27. Why ARE they not showing Hagi in full? We see his cello case and his hand, but not himself. Perhaps something did happen to him in the showdown with Karl & Diva? Or maybe his mutation has progressed? Maybe he’s slowly turning into a Chiropteran. Like instead of just his right arm being in Chiro-form, perhaps more of him has changed too? (yea, i know that his arm got chopped off by Saya back in Vietnam, but it was already changing right before she hacked it off)

    Or maybe i’m just super paranoid because i’m obsessed with Hagi. I really hope nothing bad has happened to him. But then again, seeing as how we’ve got another 19 episodes or so until the end of the series, there’s plenty of room for more sh*t to happen.

  28. oy yeah forgot to mention the new clothes saya wears are like “Blue’s” from “Wolf’s Rain” (minus the scarf and replace the colour of black to brown). just saying so that you can look it up, those clothes are kick arse!!!

    if your too lazy i’ll type what it looks like here: Long boots (brown up high to thigh) and a long jacket that goes past the butt. (not realy called that i just don’t know what there called cause i live in a hot place aka Australia).

    since my description is bad just look up blue.

  29. So it’s already been a year! Diva should have given birth already if it’s still based on the 9 month pregnancy thing. That is what Riku gave her right? Diva did touch her abdominal in Episode 32 when she referred to what Riku gave her.

  30. kurotsuki , most likely the chevalier are planting those chiroptera all around the world, especially major cities. The source of both the ciroptera and corpse soldiers is Diva’s blood so there is no other explenation for the major increase in attacks. The serves the chevaliers and Diva in two ways. 1) By advertising and selling these new super soldiers as the only way to stop the chiroptera attacks they take in major $$$$$$. They’re marketing a weapon. 2)In time the presence of these super soldiers will rise all around the world as long as they keep on creating this chiroptera problem and convincing government institutions to buy their weapons. This is highly convenient if they intend to stage an attack against human civilization in time as the new soldiers can be manipulated according to Diva’s wishes.
    On a side note, I thought Julia was smarter than this

  31. Well, IMO i think they’re creating the Corpse Corps, with the underlying reason, mainly to go against Saya & her companions, who are ultimately Diva’s counterpart. From what I see, the Chiropteran killings from these new Weapons are just a demonstration/testing of their fighting potentials, as well as their flaws, just like how they (anschel’s group) observed the schiff’s earlier in the stories.

    Unless the story takes anymore extra turns, that’s how I think it might be..

  32. kai looks older. Joel looks like a kid. now he’s more like riku.
    And… Saya’s hair look sooo cool!!! Actually I expected long hair but this looks much beter.

  33. I really hope that Hagi and Saya’s relationship has gotten deeper within the year of seperation from the others. I wonder what fate lies ahead for Hagi, I’ll cry if he dies. Hmm… what if Kai ends up with Saya? I feel bad for Mao though, but maybe se’ll end up with the reporter who’s old enough to be her dad! I think she should give Kai the cold shoulder. Why does Anschel want to kill Chiropetra when they are the ones making it? Lastly, I wonder who else will die before this show ends and I wonder if the mangas have any spoilers as to the finale of this anime!

    Dele Olanubi
  34. Okay… first off i know me posting this now is a bit weird, but when i read through the comments of each episode from the beginning, i thought i could help explain a few things. My main source of information is from all three B+ manga, and i dunno how reliable these information are since i’m not exactly a great translater.
    Let’s start with Russia. In episode 17 (i think), everyone should be clear that Sonya was actually Rasputin, but the one thing not mentioned in the anime is that Anastasia was actually Diva. So basically the person in the carriage with Anschell is the one and only Diva aka Anastasia. HOWEVER that was not Saya and Hagi’s first encounter wih Rasputin. In the manga, Saya and Hagi were sent to the Romanof residence to exterminae Chiroperans, disguised as new members for the royal family’s orchestra. I’m not gonna spoil the story, but let’s just say that there was a quarrel between Saya and Hagi and that Rasputin did actually manage to convince Hagi to ‘walk together with them’ in order to ‘protect his Saya’. Unforunately i do not know further than this point as the manga is not completed.

    Moving on, i shall explain my theory and possible proof as to why Saya and Hagi are weaker compared to Diva and her lackeys. I think my theory would be almost alike with everyone else’s. Saya doesn’t feed on sufficient amount of blood. In fact she tries not to feed on blood. The possible proof to this is in the second volume of the B+ manga where Saya kinda reverted back to herself when Hagi offered (almost all??) of his blood to her upon her request. A this point, she remembered Diva as well. As for the ever popular Hagi… he’s facing the same problem, he apparently doesn’t like blood…. In the manga on Hagi’s travel while Saya was asleep for thirty years (that for some reason looks like some yaoi manga), it is actually revealed that Hagi is lacking blood and he doesn’t quench his thirs because he is afraid. He blames himself for what Saya did in he Vietnam war (i think, haven’t read through thoroughly) and is also afraid tha he would loose himself , killing everyone around him just as Saya did, if he consumed too much blood.
    urm… can’t really reacall what else i wanted to explain but i guess it’s better o leave it as it is for now.Btw thx for the weekly summary. Helps ppl like me to get a head start on the anime

    soujirou yukimura
  35. yo soujirou Yukimura.

    you might be right about how weak Saya is compared to Diva because of blood, which got me thinking. Maybe near the end Kai will die giving all his blood to make Saya stronger to avenge Ricku’s death n’ stuff. what do you people think? of course if this happens and the promise with hagi is that she will be kiled at the end then, everyone will die. very sad. like she, the ultimate weapon.

  36. So Saya and Hagi have eating disorders?
    Not once have we even seen Hagi drink blood. In the Beans Ace manga mentioned by yukimura he does give in to his hunger for the needed strength. But it is a bit sad. There is so much emphasis on what Hagi is obligated to do for Saya. As a man who was once human being brought back from the dead and turned itnto a life form that cannot sleep and requires blood for sustinece he must ne suffering as well. And all that time he is forced spend alone while Saya sleeps 🙁 I was hoping that he and Riku could keep one another company but sadly that will not happen.

  37. Lost seeker you might be on to something if kai dies then saya has nothing left in this world in a way she will be alone and death at that point would be a blessing to her. But kai will not do that unless it is absolutely necessary and if his sister is facing the threat of death.

    francisco vampire warrior
  38. Everyone’s making a good point here… but without Diva’s blood, how does Saya die? Isn’t she like… immortal without the blood? Of course, she may starve to death, but that’s a very sad way to die.

    Also, I have a question about the Chivaliers that I do not know if people have answered yet. Are they “created” like the Shifu (go Moses!) or are they human’s with Diva’s blood?

  39. lost-seeker:
    very interesting theory, but if u want my opinion, i think Production IG is gonna suprise us with an unexpected ending.

    on the contrary, i think saya CAN die without diva’s blood being present. This is one of the points i forgot to insert in my last post; the fact that Hagi and everyone else can kill the chiropterans without Saya needing to be there. This interesting fact was revealed in all three mangas as well, that if u behead a chiropteran (or a chevalier) they will die. I think this is quite consistent with the original Blood. And btw, in the manga, Saya’s blood doesn’t crystalize a chiroperan, it merely acts as a poison (like in the movie). Anyway, i think it works the same way for Diva and Saya as well… unless if ur alright with seeing Diva/Saya’s head still talking although it’s been seperated from the body :P. Cheveliers are created when Saya/Diva shares their blood with a non-chiropteran. Somehow i’m starting to think that Chevaliers won’t die from the blood which created them…..

    soujirou yukimura
  40. Soujirou yukimura: i agree about your idea of the surprising ending because so far everything that happend is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! (i’m kinda hoping saya’s friend from okinawa will show up somewhere in the end of the anime but that not likely…..

    Anyway.. soon we are going to get back into actions soon (which i am looking forward to i hate this drunken david we have at the moment) this episode and the next episode will basicaly explain what has happend in the last year.

    by the way S.Y are you a guy or a girl? you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.

  41. heh, why ask this question out of the blue? And for the fun of it, i think i shouldn’t reply to the question 😛 But i think u guys already know the answer… And yes, soujirou is a japanese name and yes, it’s not used as a last name.

    soujirou yukimura
  42. ok, now that i know your a guy i’l officialize everyone gender!!!!
    S.Y is a guy
    nimichan is a girl
    and i’m……………………..(go and guess first)……………………………………………… a girl.

  43. YAAAAAAAAY! As anyone can see, the last few emails are an intense debate on Blood+… me finally found the OP song “Colors of the Heart” I know the PV is here, but I couldn’t view it…

  44. just to add my thought about hagi, i think he’s probably becoming more like a Chiropteran. you know because of his hand and all. maybe that’s why they won’t show his face since now he’s probably a boarder line monster. That would also explain the earlier posts where people were guessing that hagi is probably going to die. I personally think that he’s slowly turning into a chiropteran and will kill saya when she kills diva. it all ends in a hamlet style tragdy.

  45. saya go human?

    i think not. how on earth could she change her DNA????? but then i suppose it is an interesting theory. i think personaly at the end Saya will go into hibernation and wake up with no memories to enjoy at least for one time a happy life but thats not likely. face it, the most likely ending is that bith saya and Diva along with all the cheviliers and chiroptean die out, with only one main character to tell the story (either Kai or Hagi or maybe that reporter who will finaly publuish his story……).

    i can’t wait to find out what Hagi and Saya’s PROMISE is……

  46. A cure similar to the original blade movie might work on turned chiropterans from humans since there condition is a foreign organism invading and changing them. However saya and diva were born chiropterans its part of there dna unlike chevaliers and beast chiropterans

    vampire warrior francisco
  47. it’s funny. comments starts with talks about epizodes an ends wondering how everything will end. I bet that hagi is going to kiss saya to death!!!!!!!! mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(he cant kill her anyway) mwah mwahahahah!!!!!!!!

  48. Kai looks older than he should, because it has only been a year (?) since Saya left them. I think his new look is better, of course. 😀 Before, he just looked like a lost little kid.

    Saya’s new hairstyle looks good on her. I think it suits her more than long hair. She could pass for a pretty boy.

    I really hope Haji didn’t die. If he was going to, they should at least show it. And the promise he made with Saya is still unclear. I think they messed up the whole time sequence between episodes 32 and 33. It looked rushed and I’m sure there is more they could have said about Riku and Diva and the Saya + Haji thing…but then again~~oh well.

  49. a cure similar to blade?
    i think that type of medicine will not work, once the dna is changed, you have to change the dna back to how it was, not kill the dna.

    on another note, 2 days to see the new saya!!!

  50. I thought that was just them changing how she looked… like maybe a more “Blood” version of Saya. I don’t like the Saya in “Blood”… although I haven’t watched the series: too ugly to be a heroine, even if she isn’t human.

    Also, about the whole Diva and Saya’s strength difference thing, we should also take into consideration that Diva has that song that Saya does not have.

    I have another comment, why was Diva able to hear Riku’s voice? And why was he able to hear all of the other sounds? (Diva’s voice, Chiropteran growl, luring call for Mui, ect.,…)

  51. lost seeker that kind of cure will work on the turned since the d nucletoide is what is invading the human body and changing it destroy the d nucletoide and bingo.

    Which brings to what julia analyzed about rikku when he became a chevalier there were absolutely no changes or mutations in his body as julia first analyzed it was by stroke of luck she came across the d nucletoide whcih means genetic scans are worhtless on chiropterans they would registers as humans unless they knew gene they were looking for

    vampire warrior francisco
  52. Hu hu me too Lylys =) ! Il semblerai que shinsen-sub a deja traduit les episodes en vostA ou en tout k le 33… mais que les episodes ne sortent tjs pas… peut etre une histoire de licence… Ou un encodeur timeur qui traine =)


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