It’s December now and the weather has gotten cold. The entire SOS Brigade except for Haruhi is in the club room entertaining themselves. While thinking about how quiet it is without Haruhi around, Kyon realizes that it’s already been half a year since he met her and Mikuru. To break the peace, Haruhi bursts into the room with good news. She announces that the appliance store sponsor from the movie has decided to give them an electric stove (aka. a space heater). Over his objections, Haruhi sends Kyon to go get it (she won’t even let Mikuru go with him). Mikuru stops him before he leaves and wraps a scarf around his neck, an act which causes Haruhi to angrily tell Kyon to hurry up and go. With the “obstacle” gone, Haruhi pulls out her camera because she wants to take photos for the jacket of “The Adventures of Asahina Mikuru” DVD. And so, while Kyon is making the long trek into the city, Haruhi forces Mikuru into various outfits, from the bunny costume to the nurse outfit to the frog costume.
When Kyon finally arrives at the store, the owner gives him the promised heater. He reveals that business didn’t really change because of the commercial they did for him in the movie. He also asks if it’s true that they’re making a sequel. Kyon’s answer is that if Haruhi said so, then it will happen. The store owner reveals that he’s going to be a sponsor for the next movie too and that this heater is an advance payment for the sponsorship fees. Kyon realizes that’s how Haruhi got the heater, but takes it anyway and starts making his way back. He briefly runs into his friends, and then gets caught outside as it starts to rain. During all this, Haruhi, Itsuki, and Mikuru are out shooting more photos and video for a photo album and DVD extras. Yuki, on the other hand, remains in the club room reading. Mikuru’s friend Tsuruya comes by the room looking for Mikuru, so Yuki points her in the right direction. Once Kyon finally arrives at school, he runs into Tsuruya by the shoe lockers. Since Kyon is wet from the rain, she gives him a handkerchief (which she puts on his head) to dry himself off with.
Kyon makes his way to the club room and finds only Yuki there; the other three are still in the gym shooting more video of Mikuru. Kyon takes out the heater and plugs it in. Bathed in its warmth, he falls asleep. Yuki eventually finishes her book and stands up to leave. Sometime later, Kyon surprises Haruhi by waking up right as she’s hovering over him. Everyone else has left except for the two of them. Haruhi wants back her cardigan, which is currently on Kyon’s back. Actually, there are two cardigans on his back and he doesn’t know who gave him the first one. He leaves that cardigan on his chair and gets ready to leave, but he doesn’t have an umbrella and it’s still raining outside. Haruhi offers him hers, saying that one is enough for both of them. The two walk home together and Kyon notices that the umbrella isn’t actually Haruhi’s. She playfully grabs it from his hand and runs ahead with it, turning around to give him a “bleh!” facial gesture.


I don’t know whether to call this genius or time-wasting filler: there were three minutes…THREE WHOLE MINUTES…of watching Yuki read a book (with distant talking in the background that was hard to make out see below). Just to make my point, there’s an entire row of caps above from those three minutes. In fact, I think this episode has the least amount of dialogue out of all of them so far. Anyway, you’ll have to see the scene and judge it for yourself.
After perusing through several Japanese blog entries on the episode, I found one that listed most of the background dialogue from those three minutes. They appear to be references to various anime, such as Rose of Versailles, Detective Conan, and Glass Mask. That makes the scene a lot more fun, with trying to figure out what’s being said and turning up the volume really high lol.
I like the HaruhiXKyon moments at the end though. The look on Haruhi’s face when Kyon woke up was priceless and I really enjoyed the feelings of the scene when they’re walking together under one umbrella (with the light piano in the background). As for who the other cardigan belongs to, I’m inclined to believe Yuki since there was that extra scene of her finishing her reading and standing up.
Next week is the fourth story, which returns us back to volume one. Since we’re getting nearer to the end, this seems to go with the popular opinion that the series will end with the finale of that first volume.

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  1. Lol, that was definetely NOT the last episode. These guys and their episode shuffling..
    I love Suzumiya Haruhi, but this shuffling makes everything confused. Hate it!
    So what’s going on this time.. The pictures somehow look.. boring..

  2. Perhaps the best anime episode I have ever seen. Subtle and daring. Definitely the best TV animation I have ever seen.”Time-wasting filler”? I know why you might say that, but you are so, so wrong. But this kind of humor is right in my wheelhouse, so it legit for your mileage to vary.

  3. lmfao that 3 minutes of yuki reading thing sounds like, when Peter from family guy fell on the floor and kept on yelling “owww owww” for like 2 whole minutes…

  4. I think Kon is trying to act like Haruhi in the 6 screenshot lol
    Why do you ppl like to abuse Mikuru so much?
    I know it’s funny but it’s moraly wrong…

    Jap girls are cute >_>

  5. Hmm, anime girls are cute, some Japanese girls also, ok^^
    But the BEST are from my mother country poland *-* Russian girls are also sweet^^
    Ähm, but that’s off topic, so back to Suzumiya^^
    Is there still no official comment on how many episodes the series will have? That’s so mean..

  6. At first I didn’t understand what Garten meant by “low budget”… but it becomes quite clear now…
    3 mins = 180 secs = 4320 ~ 2700 frames (standard Japan Anime is around 15~24 fps nowadays)

  7. The board is definately not Pokemon or Yugioh. It’s either Digimon or a currently popular card game.

    It’s 14 episodes long. This is the “final” episode, leaving room for another season. I suspect Episode00 should be episode 13.

  8. I can translate that chart into english for you, but anything more complex would be a waste of time until we see how the series turns out timeline-wise.

    Kyon’s Part Haruhi’s Part
    Episode 0? The Adventures of Asahina Mikuru Episode00
    Episode 1 The Adventures of Asahina Mikuru Episode00 The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi I
    Episode 2 The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi I The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi II
    Episode 3 The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi II The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi III
    Episode 4 The Boredom of Suzumiya Haruhi The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi IV
    Episode 5 The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi III
    Episode 6 Lone Island Syndrome (First Part)
    Episode 7 Mystérique Sign The Boredom of Suzumiya Haruhi
    Episode 8 Lone Island Syndrome (Second Part) Mystérique Sign
    Episode 9 Someday in the Rain Lone Island Syndrome (First Part)
    Episode 10 The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi IV Lone Island Syndrome (Second Part)
    Episode 11
    Episode 12
    Episode 13
    Episode 14 Someday in the Rain
  9. Show Spoiler ▼

    Wow… Like 400 people were downloading for 6 hours for the raws and in 10 minutes those 400 people finally got their episodes (including me) (excluding the latecomers) (400 people within 5% or so). XD

  10. The Adventures of Asahina Mikuru Episode00, if you are talking about as to when they film it, I remembers it’s 2 weeks before the open school is when SOS dan started filming(which is in Oct, I think), but since it’s not about about them filming the film but the actual story. In the novel Kyon told the story of the film in one of the chapter, so I guess it should fit into the Open School event Time line, which is in Oct, so I am guessing it should be between Lone Island and Someday in the Rain

  11. Ah, but chronologically the “Boredom” stories are supposed to have happened between Book 1 and 2. So 2 episodes to finish Book 1 and three episodes to detail book 2 – which seems to be kinda squeezed.

  12. Hmm.

    So by Haruhi’s standard, this is the “end” of the series, but by Kyon’s take, it’s only the 9th. Since Haruhi is God, that means she subconsciously overrides Kyon’s take, meaning that this is technically the end of the chronological sequence of events, even though 5 more episodes are on the way.

    Would this mean that Kyon’s chronological ending would be just as definitively ended as the other episodes? As in…it won’t really be a finale?

    Little diagram:

    *Name*: Episode-episode-episode…

    Kyon: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14 (Substandard finale. Substandard because it’s the ending in the order that we would see it, not the order that it happened.)
    Haruhi: ?-?-?-?-?-?-?-?-FINALE-?-?-?-?-? (I put question marks because I don’t know what order she was going in.)

    If this is technically how the series ends, then that’s a dissappointing ending =(

  13. I thought this episode was fun as a whole. Everyone expects these big finales with something ground-breaking …but nothing happened really in this episode besides character relations, thus the essense of the finale itself is funny as it steps away from traditional finales.

  14. Am I the only guy that thinks Kyoto Animation is giving all of us a kancho up the ass when we’re not looking?

    “Hey look everybody! Haruhi-fanboys were so blown away by episode 0 and the dancing, that we can do anything and they’ll love it! *lol* Hey, let’s try putting all the episodes in random order…they’ll call it genius! And *snicker* let’s push the limit by inserting 3 minutes of Yuki reading..yeah, you heard me, nothing but her reading…I bet they’ll call it artistic and the greatest thing since sliced bread! LOL!”

    Seriously people, I looooved episode zero, and the show is okay…but if this were any other series, we’d be crying bloody murder if they pulled stunts like that! Yet this show is being given god-like status…wtf?

    Again, it’s a good show, but imo there’s just way to much denial going on…it’s like we put so much hope and high expectation into this show, that they could show 10 minutes of steaming turd and we’d call it brilliant.

  15. since i can read japanese, i found a shocking revelation in th card game played between itsuki n kyon. its not pokemon/yugioh/whatever but a “modified” version of slayers fight. LOL. two of th cards have “gourry” and “lina and naga” in it 0.0 i guess the slayers is still a cult hit of some sort in japan?

  16. I don’t get..the kyon and haruhi’s timeline and stuff..would sumone tell me about it? Or any links?? It’s a bloody good show with an awesome plot..but..just the above who’s timeline ends where part is what i dun get. LOL

  17. ok forget it, its not slayers fight. its dragon allstars. oops XP

    it sounds lik a fun card game tho…it has characters from slayers, fate stay night, suzumiya haruhi itself n dozens more o.o

  18. Did anyone notice that Haruhi actually tried to kiss Kyon while he was asleep?

    Let solve this using Sherlock Holmes’ deductive style.

    Why the reason to get surprised for Kyon waking up, judging for the fact that She expects him actually to wake up? Haruhi wants to go home, right?

    It because she is planning to do something that she wouldn’t want Kyon to see. And since Kyon woke up that moment, she was caught off guard.

    And if you see the shot with Kyon Waking up, Haruhi’s Shadow is falling on him.

    Note that in the Brigade clubroom, the light is at the center of the ceiling. the table is positioned off center, at the right side. Kyon sits at the edge of the table, inches away from where the light falls directly. if the light falls in front of Haruhi, then her shadow must fall behind her, and Kyon’s shadow must fall on her, given if he stands up. How can she cast a shadow over Kyon, at that position?

    It’s because she is bending over him.

    Maybe she did not intend to do so, but it way plain obvious.

    knight of one

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