One night, Nadeshiko is walking through the mansion alone and senses something behind her, but there’s nothing there when she turns around. Fast forward to the next day when Keita and Youko suddenly appear at the home, having been asked by Kaoru to watch over the girls while he’s away. Keita is as perverted as ever, and Youko has to stop him with a frying pan to the face. All the Inukami other than Nadeshiko and Tomohane don’t want Keita around, so they band together with Youko. Her plan springs into action after Keita bumps into Igusa and causes her to drop her sketchbook. Hearing Igusa’s cry, Youko and the other girls come rushing over thinking that Keita has sexually harassed her. He hasn’t done so in this case, but Youko tells him that if he harasses one of the girls, he’ll have to leave. However, Keita realizes that the opposite is true – as long as he doesn’t do anything perverted, he can stay.
Youko leads the Inukami in trying to trap him by giving him all sorts of opportunities to do perverted things: they put underwear out to dry right in front of him, they pretend to be checking out each other’s breasts in the bath, etc. Much to Youko’s astonishment, Keita doesn’t fall for any of it. Her next plan puts the girls in swimsuits, but that also doesn’t attract Keita. Instead, Nadeshiko detects and discovers a different peeping tom. They chase after him, but he runs away into Igusa’s room. Igusa, having not joined the other girls at the pool, happens to be in her room and starts screaming. Keita hears her scream and comes into her room, knocking the peeping tom down. As it turns out, the peeping tom and with his two pervert friends, who were also hiding in Igusa’s room, revere Keita as the king of nudity. Youko finally has had enough of them and sending them flying away with the help of an oversized frying pan.
But because Youko blew a hole through the wall with her frying pan, Igusa’s treasured sketchbook falls out of the house. Keita leaps after it and catches it, falling down to the ground floor in the process. Youko brings him back up and he’s able to return the book. Igusa starts to think that maybe Keita’s not that bad. Youko’s still not giving up on her plan though and continues to try to catch him. However, Keita only does good deeds, helping out around the house and even cooking for the girls. Youko finally gives up and goes home dejected. With Youko gone, Keita is free to do whatever he wants, so he happily strips and tries to join the girls in the bath. But it’s all another trap and this time Youko’s caught him. All the girls get frying pans and beat Keita with them. Fortunately for the girls, Kaoru is coming back, so they all can say goodbye to Keita. But for what he did before, Igusa also thanks Keita.
On the way home, Youko seems happy that Keita was lewd after all. Keita seems to think that it’s an official recognition and authorization from Youko, which pisses her off enough to teleport him without his clothes into jail where the three previous perverts are waiting.

Plenty of perverts this week: a peeping tom, an underwear guy, a masochist, Keita – the king of nudity lol. Keita had been doing so well too. If only he had held on a bit longer, he could have avoided the final trap and made a favorable impression on the girls all while thwarting Youko. But I guess that wasn’t his intention, being a pervert and all lol.
Next week’s episode looks to be about Hake and a young girl.


  1. So bad..? The show is different.. and not for everyone… To Bad it hasn’t been noticed much :/ Everyone has there own opinion But I’ve heard alot of people complain about certain things in this show.. which they dont even like in the first place. Alot of people expect this show to be different and get dissapointed by it. Its like when I’ve heard people seriously thinking its a Yaoi anime.. O.o;; Really.. they must of not understood what the show is about if they really do think its a meant to be something like that.

    @ Rasmiel While the Comedy is great, I kinda wonder that too…

  2. Why do only the perverts get well-rendered faces? (Excluding Keita that is)
    Well…that was hilrarous, especially with the ‘mass-frying-pan-whacking-session’.

    About this anime’s popularity:
    I guess it’s all up to personal preference. Personally, i think it’s amusing to watch, though in an akwardly pervertic manner. Thus, with moral values coming into the picture, it’s quite acceptable that others may deem the show to be less suitable for their viewing pleasure.

    If there’s no subbers, then…well…erm…learn Japanese?

    Side note: Plot? What plot? Besides episode 5, there hasn’t been much of a storyline…

  3. I just think this show has a great potential for not just comedy but an interesting plot as well. They have almost everything set up – perverted main character who obviously acts right at the right moment, a cute flame throwing demi-dog voiced by the great Horie Yui-sama, and a mysterious figure who has crap loads of Inukami’s under his command.

    I really hope a real antagonist appears soon. I have no doubt that this show can get a lot better.

  4. Right, seriously, unless this anime ends at episode 13, there’s still many episodes to go to develop a “plot”(s).

    For now, it seemed like each of the Inukami girls are showing more respect for Keita(this episode, Igusa).


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