On this Sunday, Tenko drags Samatarou out of bed since he’s still not over what happened last time at the pool. Through the ladies comics that Meme was reading, Tenko gets the idea that Samatarou can go out and buy a present for Kumiko. The two of them pass by a store called the “angel shop mirac” that has all sorts of angel merchandise on display. In particular, there is a music box in the window that Tenko falls in love with. Unfortunately, the store is closed. They move on to another store, where Tenko suggests a lot of gifts, such as a teddy bear, a violin, and some juggling pins. She finally finds a small LOVE keychain, and she likes it so much that she makes Samatarou buy it for her. Samatarou ends up not actually getting anything for Kumiko.
The next day, Tenko has to once again drag Samatarou, this time to school. He’s too afraid to see Kumiko, but she just so happens to be waiting at the gate for him. She apologizes for what happened at the pool, so Tenko bows Samatarou’s head and apologizes for him. Kumiko also asks if he’d like for them to be friends, which of course he does. Hearing that, Tenko squeezes the LOVE keychain in her pocket. During lunch, she spies on Samatarou and Kumiko on the roof. Kumiko offers Samatarou some of the omelet she made, which he happily takes. Chibi-Tenko appears and reminds Samatarou that his goal is lovers not friends. Tenko watches from the sidelines as Samatarou compliments Kumiko’s omelet, thinking about how he never complimented hers like that.
During class, Tenko has started to feel small pains in her chest. Their teacher suddenly stops writing on the board and announces that they’ll be going outside. Samatarou suspects that his family is interfering again, but his father, older sister, and mother all do not appear to be the culprits. He and Kumiko both notice that Tenko is looking depressed, but Tenko says that she’s a little sleepy. Samatarou suggests that if she’s sleepy then she should just sleep. He and Kumiko then leave her alone in the classroom. Tenko thinks about how Samatarou would usually make her go outside with him. With the LOVE chain in her hand, she lays her head on her desk.
Outside, their teacher wants them to do a three-legged race and specifically assigns Kumiko and Samatarou together. While tying his leg to hers, Samatarou notices that Kumiko is going through a huge mood swings. This causes him to try searching for who is responsible again. This time chibi-Meme appears (the one person he didn’t suspect earlier). She’s made a roulette board to cover the range of emotions for Kumiko and she’s been spinning it. Samatarou still wants to win Kumiko over on his own strength, so he has Meme stop using the board. He starts thinking about Tenko and wonders if she’s ok having been left behind in the classroom.
The race starts, and Samatarou and Kumiko immediately trip. They quickly pick themselves up and start running the race. However, Kumiko’s emotions still appear to be changing randomly. As it turns out, Mama, while cleaning Meme’s room, has picked up the board and is playing with it. She spins it a few times before putting it down and continuing her cleaning. Because of Kumiko’s changing emotions and because he’s tied to her by his leg, Samatarou is pulled off the school grounds and into the woods nearby. The two tumble down a hill and finally stop after Samatarou hits a tree. Kumiko, who’s now back to normal, realizes that Samatarou was protecting her. At home, Meme tries spinning the wheel over and over again, but each time it lands on the “Love” setting.
After school, Samatarou has renewed interest in getting Kumiko a present. He goes to the same store as before and decides on the LOVE chain. However, he doesn’t remember that it’s the same one he bought for Tenko. Seeing that he forgot, Tenko hits him and calls him an idiot, all while tears are streaming from her eyes. That night, Samatarou gathers his family and announces that he wants to become a human to rely on his own strength.

This episode is very much about Tenko developing more and more feelings for Samatarou, even as she’s trying to help him get together with Kumiko. When she was dressing him at the beginning of the episode, it almost felt like she was his wife or something lol. But Samatarou really is an idiot, forgetting that he bought Tenko the same key chain just days before.
Unfortunately, Kumiko this episode is still basically a puppet, just like last week. I’m a bit disappointed that she hasn’t gotten much character development yet. But I guess it was pretty obvious that this was a love story between Tenko and Samatarou; I had just thought Kumiko would play a bigger role.
They showed the “angel shop mirac” and the music box in the middle of the episode, but didn’t go back to that again for the rest it. From the preview, it looks like that shop will be featured next week, so I assume those are pretty important.


  1. I can’t wait till the episode shows up online somewhere. I am more sorry for Tenko than Kumiko, at least Kumiko is not completely aware of what is happening to her.

  2. I hope I’m not the only one hoping for Tenko to pull a Kaede.
    Oh man, that’d be sweet. Only I hope Tenko actually gets the guy. I’m totally a KKK member… that didn’t come out right.

  3. Be more afraid of Tenko doing a early Tomari or a Nayuki. Seriously where have I seen this before? Anyway angels are overrated. I’d take a Goetic Daemon over a angel anyday.

  4. Angel or not I just hate tenko, I still remember on the first episode when she won’t allow Samatarou to go to the arcade, I telling u if a girl ever forbid me to go to an arcade i freaking slap her silly and tell her to F@#@# off mind her own damn business. I get so annoy when they think they can tell a guy what to do where to go.

  5. I sure do pity any woman who gets involved with you Bob.

    I quite like Tenko and thats suprising since 99% of the time I highly prefer the secondary characters to the sibling/close friend type. Tenko is just to cute.

  6. the episode seemed the same until the end…dropped a bomb there 😛 I’m pretty obsessed with the OP/ED…but more of the OP. Samatarou is a thick-headed….but it’s not different from any other series I’ve watched in the past. Overall, a good ep…especially at the end…which was the best part. Unlike Kashimashi, I take no sides in this one. I’ll let the anime play it out 😛

  7. Feel really sorry for Tenko. And how idiotic can Samatarou get? Getting the same keychain for another girl is bad enough, but saying that it’s cheap (when he said it was bloody expensive when he bought it for Tenko) was perhaps what drove her over the edge. Poor Tenko.

    But despite how much I hate Samatarou, Tenko seems to have a thing for him… so I’m rooting for them.

    Personally, I’m quite happy with the pace of Kamisama Kazoku. Usually, by the 3rd episode, other similiar series are only still introducing filler episodes and keeping things light. Of course, this is done at the expense of not developing Kumiko’s character enough. But maybe the producers will use that to their advantage later in the series (hopefully).

    Love Tenma.. um… Tenko!!!

  8. Referring to my previous post, since Samatarou wants to become humen, Tenko is no longer needed so her existence will be erased. Isn’t that what they were sorta saying in the preview, or have I misunderstood it? Sorry for the double post.

  9. I can’t for Ep4 mannnn~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!

  10. i jus watched da episode it was amazing

    i am rooting for tenko of course shes so cute

    and i have a feeling kumiko will be a demon or something todo with god i have a strange feeling tht she will have something to do with god or gods son maybe sent by da devil or sumthin
    who knows
    does anyone know how long the series is (i think its 13 eps but not sure)


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