The opening theme song for the popular anime NANA is Tsuchiya Anna’s 「rose」. In the true fashion of a Black Stone and Nana song, the PV is filmed as if it were a live (*is reminded of Glamorous Sky*). Very high paced and high energy song and PV. I can’t help but feel like Tsuchiya Anna looks stoned through half of the PV though lol, but that’s probably the way they wanted to portray her. I was kind of hoping that the rest of the band would look like Yasu, Nobu, and Shin, but oh well – at least Anna resembles Nana, drugs and all. The 「rose」 single is set to be released on June 28th.
Watch it on YouTube!
A huge thanks to doobie over at JPOPSUKI for the PV.


  1. *glomps Fury*
    The man has a life, give him time!

    Anyway, I LOVE this song, I probably wouldn’t have started watching NANA if it wasn’t there. Now I’m hooked :P. June 28th is so far away…

  2. I live this single, I love this series.

    Mika may resemble Nana better, but Anna’s voice is perfect, and I cannot seperate her singing voice frome the character, opening song from the movie and all.

    I will say, however, that Anna is extremely kawaii, with that cupid’s bow mouth that looks so kissable, but Mika has a beauty that has grown on me each time I watch a little of the movie, so that now I cannot watch it without sighing.

    LIke “Kabatchitare!” the “cute” naive character is just annoying, while the taller, darker, more together character is amazing to look at.

    Varney 2

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