The ending theme song for the popular anime NANA is OLIVIA’s 「a little pain」. Honestly, I was looking forward to this PV more than the opening theme’s since I had originally liked (and still do) the ED more. So of course I was very excited and happy to be able to finally hear the full version of the song. I actually watched the PV as if it were a Trapnest one featuring Reira since OLIVIA fit the profile quite nicely (not that doing so made much difference). Anyway, I love this song and the PV, especially the way the song starts and the english part in the middle. Though I do have to note that I think the dress they put on her is horrendous looking – but that’s just my opinion. The 「a little pain」 single is due out June 28th.
If you want the (Japanese) lyrics for this song, this blogger has transcribed them down.
Watch it on YouTube!
A huge thanks to doobie over at JPOPSUKI for the PV.


  1. i like the dress.
    it fits olivia.
    all the little flowers are pretty too.
    i really don’t care about the series, i’m just ecstatic olivia has new material after freaking two years.

  2. she might really be the model of Reira, since Ai Yazawa wanted Olivia to do a song for the anime …. i dunno if many Mangaka chose the artists for their animes …. but Olivia has always been great, if you like this song you should try her older ones =)

  3. Love it!! The music video and OLIVIA. The music video is very artsy and her costume/dress is amazing. Her look and everything suits her and brings out the music more in a way. I love this way more then the OP song. Just because its beautiful and the lyrics are so meaningful. Sooooo addicted to the anime! 🙂

  4. actually, that dress and style is gothic lolita. :p and i usually don’t like that style but i have to say it looks absolutely beautiful on her. ;D such a gorgeous PV!

  5. Olivia’s really pretty and i love this song! I think her song fit really well with the ending of episode 4 of NANA, it brought tears to my eyes but the song is really good. I thought olivia was american and japanese…

  6. i think that her dress is beautiful and particular like reira!
    olivia is perfect for this role…she is so cool!!!!!
    her voice is know that ai yazawa is so happy for the choice of olivia for the ending of nana???
    if she said ”ok” for me is……….OK!!!!
    i love olivia and her song
    a little pain,for me,is….amazing!!!!!!!

  7. Hmm… She looks more caucasian then she does Japanese.But it’s all good. The girl’s got talent. I think her dress is interesting.. NANA is a good anime, but I like the movie a little better. But I like the manga most because you get to know the characters better and the story goes into more depth.


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