Sitting alone at home, Saber thinks to herself that the stars have come out, forecasting Shirou’s future. She gets embarrassed after realizing that she’s acting like a girl in a love story. Rin comes out and asks Saber if she knows where Shirou is; she’s looking for him because Ilya’s fever has gotten worse. She also tells Saber about how she had found the dead body of Lancer’s Master, but his command spells had been taken. The two girls realize that Lancer must be under another Master now, a Master who has another Servant so that he or she could use Lancer for reconnaissance. But they’re still not sure who it is. Saber is worried about Shirou, and Rin thinks that he might be at the church. Saber heads over there, even more worried because the church gives off the same stagnation of death that the Ryuudoji temple did. She arrives and makes her way below ground where she finds Shirou lying facedown in a pool of blood. Standing between him and her is Lancer. The two start fighting, but Kotomine drags Shirou’s still-alive body out and stops the battle.
Kotomine is willing to give Shirou back to Saber if that’s all she’s here for. And if she wants the Holy Grail, he can give that to her now too. When Lancer is confused because he thought that the Holy Grail came out only once there was one remaining, Kotomine follows up by saying that the vessel is a different matter. The vessel that holds the power until the summoning of the Holy Grail is nearing full. But first, he asks Shirou if he really doesn’t have anything that he hated ten years ago. The memories trigger inside of Shirou of the time during the fire, when he had heard everyone’s pleas for help and continued walking through the fire because all he cared was saving himself. He was ultimately saved by Kiritsugu and spent his life wanting to become the ally of justice, but he had felt guilty because he knew that the dead wouldn’t forgive him if he didn’t stick out his chest and walk forward. Kotomine grabs Shirou’s head and tempts Shirou by saying that with the Holy Grail, the events of ten years ago can not occur and could be done over. However, Shirou says that he doesn’t want that because it would make meaningless all of the sadness and tears that people endured over the years.
Since Shirou doesn’t want the Holy Grail like that, Kotomine pushes him back to Saber. He then turns to her and tells her that by killing Shirou, she can get her wish. That wish, as she’s said before, is to redo the selection of the king. Shirou surprises Saber by saying that he believes this path isn’t wrong. Saber agrees, saying that she had sworn to uphold the king’s responsibilities when she drew the sword out of the stone. She tells Kotomine that she does indeed want the Holy Grail, but she’s not going kill Shirou for it. She wants Shirou more than the Holy Grail, and she’s already got everything she wants. Saber then takes Shirou’s hand and starts to heal him. Kotomine decides that Saber and Shirou should die here. He snaps his fingers and someone else enters the room – Kotomine’s partner in the previous Holy Grail War, Gilgamesh. Kotomine explains that he helped Gilgamesh remain after the last war by giving him things to eat, which would be the nearby room full of bodies. Lancer demands to know why he wasn’t told about this and Kotomine simply asks him back if he would have fought with Gilgamesh if he had known. The answer is of course no.
Kotomine compares this to ten years ago, though that time he had been defeated by Kiritsugu. Having been cornered, Kotomine had touched the Holy Grail that appeared and caused the giant fire. He says that his heart’s desire was to make everyone in the city disappear, but also that the Holy Grail would have done the same without that. He views the Holy Grail as a giant weapon that grants wishes through destruction – a pure strength. Thus, the Holy Grail that Shirou and Saber are after can annihilate everything – Kotomine calls it a cursed vessel. He makes his way out of the room and orders Gilgamesh and Lancer to finish off the “trash.” Gilgamesh starts by throwing a sword, but it’s deflected…by Lancer. He says that he’s not helping them so much as he’s following his own beliefs now. Gilgamesh easily dodges his lunge and counterattacks with an uppercut swing. At Lancer’s urging, Shirou and Saber make their escape. Gilgamesh injures Lancer with his swords, and then ties him up with chains. He then throws a special sword at Lancer, piercing through him and killing him.
In the cemetery above ground, Saber heals Shirou’s wound. She explains that she replenished the sheath’s mana, which should allow him to recover quickly. Shirou is confused until Saber tells him that Excalibur’s sheath is actually inside him. She thinks that perhaps it’s because of what Kiritsugu did in the previous war and explains that the sheath can heal the wounds of its holder. After the war, when Kiritsugu had found Shirou, he had given him the sheath as the only way to save Shirou’s life; this is the source of his healing powers. Shirou feels bad for using Saber’s sheath in this way, but Saber says that she’s actually happy that her sheath can save him. She has realized that Kiritsugu was right about the Holy Grail being not what she needed and that he knew that she was deluding herself. By now, the two have walked all the way to the pier during the sunset. Saber thanks Shirou, saying that she finally understands which road to walk. She hopes that he can forgive her for her mistake and asks that he see it all as a dream of a young girl. With a determined look, Shirou says that they should break the Holy Grail, which catches Saber a little by surprise. However, Saber says that she believed in him to make this decision.


Lots of plot development this week, though there was some fighting that included the defeat/death of Lancer at Gilgamesh’s hands. The important things include Kotomine finally being exposed as the bad guy (the final bad guy at that), Lancer’s death, and Saber realizing her mistake. I thought Lancer’s death was a bit disappointing, given that he was only around for such a short period of time. It’s nice that he ended up helping out Saber and Shirou, but his overall character could have used more development. And he really wasn’t a match for Gilgamesh, though that was to be expected. As for Shirou and Saber, it’s about time the two got on the same page in terms of goals. You could almost thank Kotomine for doing it, since he was the one who brought about Saber’s change-of-mind by trying tempt them with their wishes and by explaining what the Holy Grail did.
Overall, it feels like this episode set out to tie up a lot of loose ends: what happened 10 years ago, why Shirou heals so quickly, etc. It’s a good episode, but I honestly didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as last week’s (though that’s a hard act to follow).
Next week looks like it’ll be Shirou and Saber vs. Kotomine and Gilgamesh. Ilya will be involved too. Only two more episodes left of FSN!


  1. ohhhh lancer’s going already??? he should have gotten more screen time. 🙁 and looks like something’s going to happen to ilya in da next ep hehehehe this is going to b good :P:P

  2. Well folks I trully have to say that this season of animes has been the BEST until now with ALOT of good comedy shows like magical pokan(galaxy angel like show) school rumble, inukami, host club and :
    My final scores from 1 to 10 are:

    Soul Link (12) -10 Man this sucks like hell and I am still watching just to see how the shit will stink!!
    Makai Senki Disgaea (12) I´ve played the game so my score is 10
    Renkin 3kyu Magical? Pokan (12) 9 Galaxy angel like show with kawaii caracters – not rated for children
    Yume Tsukai (12) 6 not good bad not bad
    Nishi no Yoki Majo – Astraea Testament (13) 5 the usual drama likes show like classical romances
    Juuousei 9 very nice and addictive anime also animation rocks
    Tokko (13) 8 not a typical horror anime with nice caracter design and a classical terror plot
    Demonbane (12) 8 fast paced mecha anime with a stunning animation
    Joshikousei – Girls-High 9 Man I have to say this girls are funny like hell ^_^
    Ray The Animation 7 the caracters are nice but trully i don´t like ray, she is cool but very problematic
    Yoshinaga-san ti no gargoyle (13) 7 nice animation and funny caracters definatly good anime for kids
    Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu 10 I LOVE THIS ANIME IS SO OTAKU-RASHI ORIGINAL ^_^!
    Himawari! 6 the animation is good the caracters also but a BIG SEIYUU PROBLEM HERE(kill this seyiuu)
    Hime-sama Goyoujin 8 funny like hell and fast paced too, expect good laughs here
    Sasami – Mahou Shoujo Club 8 what else could i expect from tenchi caractes, sasami is kawaii
    Inukami 10 man I almost falled to the ground 6 times watching this anime ^_^_^_^_^
    School Rumble Nigakki 10 the same from above…^_^_^_^
    .hack//Roots (26) 9 I just love .hack since the first series
    Yoshimune (24) 10 this anime is incredible one of my best comedy shows ever ^_^_^_^
    Utawareru Mono (26) 10 from animation to story to caracter design and seiyuu this rocks!!
    Strawberry Panic (26) 8 marimite = this anime = yuri= but I still watch it(shoganai mataku!!)
    Higurashi no naku koro ni (26) 9 THIS ANIME SURPRISED ME THE MOST ONLY (girls like Kaede/shuffle)
    Ah Megami-sama – Sorezore no tsubasa 10 and always 10 I just love beldandy since the first ovas
    Tsubasa Chronicle 2nd 8 this series is still going and has a lot to give!the frst season was better
    The Third ~ Aoi Hitomi no Shoujo ~ 9 the same like Juuousei, animation and plot rocks one of the best
    Simoun not a usual yuri anime don´t be fooled and watch this..very good animation and story!!
    Garasu no Kantai 9 GONZO rocks also, GENEON, madhouse,bones,bamdai,sunrise,satelite,kyotoani..etc
    XXXHolic (24) 9 funny stylish cool not nicely animated some times but still one of my favorites
    ARIA The NATURAL 9 I love this anime and the music is very Brazil like(my country) also kawai!!seiyuus
    Ouran Koukou Host Club 10 animation comedy romance shool kids what more…this rocks like hell
    Lovege CHU 8 nice anime comedy with good caracters and not so love hina like some people think
    Air Gear 9 this anime has the USA face taste on it .the main caracter on the last episode has defecated in front of the classmates just to not lose a match……..LOL this rocks like hell too ^_^ be prepared!!
    Zegapain 8 usual mecha anime with stunning animation but matrix + BIG O = it´s plot!!
    Nana 9 this anime has surprised me i nknow why the manga sells like clean paper!!
    Kami-sama Kazoku 8 not bad and animation is good too but the main caracter is a spoiled brat
    Kiba 10 my naruto replacement is here with bleach too ehehe this anime rocks
    Gintama 10 + 10 + 1000 comedy + stylish + very good seiyuus + very enjoyable animation = ROCKS
    Spider Riders (52) sometimes 8 and sometimes 6 so be prepared it has romance not developed yet too!!

    AHHHHHHHHHH….toooo many animes and my life has no more space and i need to deal with games too so my advice here is go by my list if you guys like comedy-romance with shool kids or adults-action-sports animes not conventional. comedy + romance + action with a nice story with or without mechas or sports are my favorite animes.But this time the animators and creators have upgraded a level up because i´ve never seen soo many good animes ate the same time.

  3. But wait a minute… I don’t get it?! Saber decided to stay with Shirou or she only realized that she do her best in her previous life (as king Arthur) and she want to stay by his side? I’m a little bit confused… 😛

  4. That’s voluntarily ambiguous.

    Not redoing the selection of the king can mean:

    1-Staying with Shirou
    2-Going back to the past and die at the place she was supposed to.

  5. This ep sucked… I followed this show to know why people are so excited about it but till’ now I did not see anything that extraordinary in it. It’s boring except some eps like Archer’s death one…. and to top it all charadesign is ugly and animation so-so.
    Two more to stand…

    But this spring there are not very amasing shows. Interesting (Jyu Oh Sei, Rescue Wings Nishi yoki no Majo, Hisuragi), funny ones (Ouran, Pri-pri) but not really great ones. I hope that the incoming IG’s productions (Chevalier d’Eon and Senrei no Moribito) and the Honey and Clover S2 will level up 2006.

  6. ^ I’m sure Honey and Clover S2 will live up to the fan’s expectations. It’s such a good series.
    Anyway, I’m still glad that I’ve followed Fate till the end. I hope that they’ll put a little twist to the ending just to be different from the game.

  7. Well, if they’re following the game…

    Show Spoiler ▼

    I’m just surprised she didn’t call for onii-chan on screen, really. 😀

  8. Great episode!

    Wait a minute? Since when Rin known about Show Spoiler ▼

    , because all that explanation sounds very difficult for Tin to make with that from nowhere

    Second, that’s right, Gilgamesh use the same sword that Archer Imaging when he tried to kill Berserker (with the “I am the bond of my sword” thing). But if you know the game, you know the answer to that question.

    Hey! Somebody can tell me the name of the song in the background when Shirou was remembering the past, is a lullaby? I here it in FMA too, so… can you tell me?

    It looks like Saber finally accept her fate as King Arthur; she do the right thing at the right time, finally releasing her true wish (And I don’t think Shirou is her dream). Please at least give us UBW for a Subarashi Ending!!

    R. I. P. Lancer, you did it great… farewell

    Syaoran Li
  9. the picture of ilya… it means… she…
    Show Spoiler ▼

    I believe that Lancer didnt get the air time he deserved!!! when he finally appears he gets killed lol!!!

  10. Damn it!° Only 2 episodes more to go!
    Next week, June 9th, Fate/Stay Night 23: “Holy Grail” and Worl Cup Germany 2006 Openning Day!
    A great Day!

    I still cross my fingers for a happy ending here.

    Syaoran Li
  11. calm down syaoran clam down i know the 4 days of pain until friday………. but you enjoy every episode…….and make me shut up when i’m about to spoiler XD……….

  12. just have to says but i was right ^.^ err from many eps back (dunno if it got spoilered tho) i gave a ep thing to come and poof caster dead lancer dead and avalon is out now all we need is that obligatory big battle yadda yadda…..

    also just an idea but mabye there will be alternate endings for the finale???? mabye only on the dvds tho…….

  13. Oh men! The final battle is close…

    Rider was killed by Saber
    Archer was killed by Berserker
    Berserker was killed by Saber/Shirou
    Assassin was killed by Saber
    Caster was killed by Gilgamesh
    Lancer was killed by Gilgamesh

    Only Saber remains; and Gilgamesh (2nd Archer) for the last tatakai

    Syaoran Li
  14. Yay, a sign of a happy ending, which i’ve been hoping for it to be. Does this episode mean that Saber’s going to stay with Shirou? I’m confused… If Shirou’s going to destroy the Holy Grail, is he going to let Saber drink the water first? or what?

    Yea, does anyone knows where i could get all of the Fate/stay Night OST? including all the background music and stuffs?

  15. Only pure theory

    After watching episode 22 for the 7th time, some light came to my head. Let me put some lines from Saber’s memories:

    “In order to obtain it”
    “I have thrown away many things”
    “But even so there is something that I protected until the end”
    “Ah I kept it inside my heart”
    “At least let me watch this unfulfilled dream until the end”

    After that, an image of Shirou is shown. Later, when Saber explains that AVALON is inside of him and after Shirou excuse him for using her scabbard so selfish, she said that she was happy for being able to save someone. If you tide these two things, maybe the path that Saber chose to follow is staying with Shirou.

    Can someone who known the game very wall contradict my theory please?

    Syaoran Li
  16. Ive read the synopsis of all the endings just because I couldn’t wait and because I knew that they would only use 1 story line. Yes, there will be no alternate nedings other than the FATE ending in the game.

    To truely understand EVERYTHING in the anime you need to play all the scenarios in the game or have read the synopsos for them.
    BE WARNED: THIS SPOILER SHOULD BE READ ONLY IF YOU ARE SOMEONE WHO CAN’T WAIT TO KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN. like if you would even go read the synopsis of the game (like I did :D)

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Michael Wang
  17. Whoa u really do Upload Episodes Fast….
    I already Read this in the Novel and Watched in a Anime and Now i read it in a Summuary!
    Its Sad…… Lancer Dies…
    next episode well be fun.
    Destorying the Holy Grial!!!!

    Fate Stay Night FAN
  18. I’m not an expert or anything but I think that Shirou sees it in his final battle with Gilgamesh. Or it could be just because Archer is a heroic spirit and Gilgamesh’s treasury has all the weapons of all the heroic spirits, so he somehow has Archer’s weapon

    Show Spoiler ▼

    O and sorry for any mistakes, right now I am in a rush and yesterday I was really tired and couldn’t focus.

    Michael Wang
  19. I guess we all do read wikipedia huh? Wikipedia follows the Fate route ending, which means the game’s, but as we could watch, the anime is a little different from the game. Lets take Kirei Kotomine for example.

    In the game, he told Shirou that even the “mighty” Holy Grail cant grant Saber a second life.


    In the anime, he told Shirou that if Saber drinks the water coming from the Holy Grail, she could have a second life as long as Shirou is alive.

    That’s why I’m confuse @_@… so, now i’m wondering will the anime’s ending follow the game’s ending…


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