Kai instantly recognizes that the figure in the distance is none other than Saya. She cuts her hand, letting her blood flow into her sword. When the first Chiropteran charges her, she slices off its arm and then stabs it, killing it through crystallization. The next one leaps for her and is about to take a swing at her, but one of Hagi’s daggers pierces it in the eye. Saya cuts through this one, then looks back into the fog where Hagi has now appeared. The third one also attacks, but she slashes right back at it. However, it survives the attack because the blood on her sword ran out. Saya cuts herself again and rushes forward, but she falters and has to lean against a pole. While she’s is standing there breathing heavily, the Chiropteran takes the opportunity to escape by jumping away. Lewis and Kai run up to her, asking her where she’s been until now. Saya gives them a stare and starts to walk away, saying that she’s going after the Chiropteran that ran away. Lewis asks if they are or aren’t still friends, and Hagi says simply that they aren’t enemies. Saya stops walking long enough for Kai to try to approach her again. She never finishes telling him not to come because she loses the red color in her eyes and faints. Kai wonders if she’s injured, but the sharper Lewis realizes that Saya hasn’t been eating properly.
At the American research lab, Julia is keeping watch over a Corpse Corps soldier standing in a cell. Collins walks up and talks about how these are such splendid living things, able to go from birth to combat in just 48 days. He notices that Julia is looking very tired, but Julia denies it. She wonders if the soldiers are going to be people or things. Collins says that she’s falling into the common trap, thinking that creating life is a privilege given only by God. He talks about how organ transplants, gene therapy, and cloning techniques are all blasphemies to God – isn’t mankind’s arrogance trespassing on God’s domain? But Collins doesn’t think much of ethics and says that their little experiment is a perspective into the existence of omnipotence. He tells Julia that she’s feeling the uneasiness of being chosen and instructs her not to be hesitant. From a different room, Van is listening in on their conversation with a smile on his face. Back in England, Saya has been brought to Gray’s home. As morning dawns, David learns from Monique that Saya and Hagi are here. In a room upstairs, Lewis explains the situation in London to Hagi and how the rumors peg the culprits to be vampires. He asks Hagi about the past year, but Hagi doesn’t answer. Lewis thinks that it’s good for Saya to rest now so that they can fight together again. He asks if Hagi agrees, but Hagi makes it clear that he’ll only do what Saya wishes to do.
Sometime later, Monique brings Saya’s washed and dried clothes back. Monique admires Saya’s beauty and wonders what dreams she is seeing as she touches Saya’s hair. Saya’s eyes fly open, and she instinctively leans out and grabs Monique. Kai tries to calm her down, but Saya wants to know where Hagi is. He enters the room and Monique leaves after giving Saya her clothes back. Kai suggests that she sleep or eat, but Saya gets dressed and leaves the house. She’s stopped at the door by Gray’s dog and then Gray himself. Putting his hand on her head, Gray says that he doesn’t want her to leave with that look on her face and asks that she join them for pancakes. She goes back inside and waits silently for food to be served. Gray looks in the fridge and asks Kai and Saya to go outside to get some eggs even though there is already a big bowl of eggs there (but the two don’t know that). The two siblings visit the hens, but Saya stays silent. Kai tries to get her to touch an egg, but she pulls away and causes him to drop the egg. Kai is reminded of the baseball that got away from Riku back when they were on the Red Shield ship. He thinks that Nahavi will be angry at the egg on the ground and goes on to explain who the other people (Havia, Monique, and Gray) are. He also admits that David is drowning in alcohol because of his depression, but he thinks that David will recover after meeting Saya again. Saya wants to know why Kai is telling her all this because this has nothing to do with her. Kai says that this is a long war and they’ll need to cooperate. However, Saya thinks that Diva is growing ever stronger during this time and tells Kai that he should return to Okinawa. Kai explains that he’s fighting Chiropterans every night so that he can reduce the number of victims. Saya claims that they’re very different in strength, in feelings, in everything. Kai disagrees, saying that they’re the same at least in their feelings – wanting to defeat Diva. Saya feels that that’s impossible for Kai.
David is meanwhile sitting with his back against the shed when he starts throwing up. Hagi approaches him and David comments on how it’s strange that Hagi’s been around in Okinawa, in Russia, on the bloodstained deck of that ship, and now here in the countryside. Hagi senses that David wears a veil of incompatibility, to which David responds that he can’t become familiar with any place. Hagi then asks if David has stopped fighting. Holding up his flask, David says that he’s exchanged his gun for this. Hagi mentions that it doesn’t look like David is enjoying it, so David asks if Hagi is his counselor. Hagi replies that it’s just his impression. He suddenly feels something in the air and says that Saya’s smell was chased by a Chiropteran. Inside the house, the monster is in the kitchen, but it hasn’t killed anyone. It goes upstairs and sniffs the bed that Saya had been sleeping in. The Chiropteran seems ready to hurt Monique, but Kai comes in and starts firing just in time. The Chiropteran pushes Kai aside and runs out, but is met by David and the shotgun (which he had gotten from Gray). It pins David to the ground, and Kai now can’t get a clean shot with his Igniter bullet. Fortunately, Saya leaps up over the stairway railing and onto the back of the Chiropteran. She stabs it in the back with a kitchen knife and lets her own blood seep into the wound. It throws her off, but she lands on her feet and then stands unmoving as the Chiropteran grabs her from behind. The crystallization soon take effect and kills the monster, though it did manage to cut Saya’s leg first. Gray gives her back her sword, which had fallen between the shelves and the wall. He starts talking about treating her wounds, but watches in amazement as they instantly heal on their own. Saya apologizes and then leaves the house with Hagi.
The two make their way into London where they see an advertisement on a nearby set of televisions promoting a debut concert by Diva. Back at the house, David had opened a package from Joel and is now showing Kai the same thing. Watching the ad on the street, Saya’s eyes turn red. “Diva.”


Oh yea, there’s nothing like Saya kicking ass with Saya’s Victory playing in the background 😀
The bad thing is that she’s still not that powerful, because Hagi still had to toss a dagger into one of the Chiropteran’s eyes and because she let one of the Chiropterans escape after she grew too weak to continue. She also fainted after the battle before she could finish telling Kai not to approach her (that’s how they got to take her home). Apparently Saya’s still not getting enough blood or properly eating.
I’m not sure how much I like Diva’s new short-haired look (again, the long hair vs. short hair lol), but it does make her seem a LOT younger. Well, at least I think it’s Diva. Several people have pointed out an uncanny resemblance to Riku, like a cross of Riku and Diva (aka. their child). It’s definitely Diva’s song being played in the commercial and those are definitely the same blue eyes, but we can’t be sure. As for the debut performance, is this a new method to hypnotizing people or mass turning people into Chiropterans? Or maybe Diva/this person just likes the attention.
I admit that I’m not entirely happy that there’s a huge rift between Saya and Kai again. So much for everything that happened in episode 31. It seems like Saya has become one of those people who believes only in strength, and I’m betting that it’s up to Kai to teach her otherwise.
Next episode marks the return of the Shifu, and there’s more than two of them still alive. But it doesn’t appear that they’ve got much time left since the Thorn is spreading.

And finally, the official Production I.G. website has a long article on the production of the third OP (complete with storyboard images).


  1. Diva tried to pull off Saya’s cute haircut and failed horribly. I’m sure Nathan had “WTF” moment when he saw her haircut for the first time. She’s needs to get rid of that outfit too. I guess TPTB made her this way so no one would call her cute or better looking than Saya anymore. As for Saya, HOT and KICKASS! Solomon better watch out the next time he sees her.

  2. If Saya needs blood but doesn’t want to hurt humans, can’t he drink some of the chiroptera’s blood, haha assuming that she can make them submissive before she crystallizes them.

  3. for some reason diva seems is starting to look like Riku maybe she absorbed Riku and now he is trap within Divas body lol that would be cool cause then it would make it hard for Saya to kill Diva

  4. who’s that person featured in omni’s caps of the ending? i thought to myself… can this be riku and diva’s kid? Or is that the male-looking version of diva everyone was talking about

  5. That person doesn’t really look like Diva, but was that her voice? If Diva and Saya took a number of years to grow, I’m sure Diva’s child couldn’t grow that fast, so it’d have to be Diva. I’m surprised no one else has mentioned how much Diva looks like Riku now. I wonder what Solomon and Karl are fighting about in the previews.

  6. I bet it is Riku and Diva’s son. It doesn’t look too much like Diva, like he doesn’t have her lips and all that. He probably just grew super fast. As for him having Diva’s voice, maybe Diva took over his body? And also Riku and Diva had the same voice actress to maybe this was the reason?

  7. Diva can’t look pregnant because it has already been one year…. Although she would have gained some wait if she had been pregnant. She does fail miserably though with the short hair cut, Lol.

  8. ok…i just tough of something…
    how old Riku is ? cuz last time i checked , kids do not produce..spermatozoids. and since every things on earth that reproduce needs spermatozoids and an ovum ( yeah , ever plants ) expext some unicelss organism , Diva just won’t get pregant !!!!

    anyway , time for the monthly spoilers :
    Show Spoiler ▼

  9. well whoever s/he/it is they dont actually speak in the anime, so you don’t know what their voice is. you hear the signing is all.

    also i can’t see kai being that shocked just from seeing diva. obviously it’s riku and diva’s son or something strange is going on with diva. it’s just not plain diva. everything about the face is different.

    with all the experiments going on, making the shifu and things like that it’s not out of the quesiton they could make a baby grow in a shorter amount of time, or change diva’s apperance somehow.

  10. kurotsuki ever heard of asexual reproduction? Anyway, I really hope that Saya is going to kick Diva’s ass soon, although she is my favourite villian she needs some spanking for raping riku (or whatever she did to him…..)

  11. It is Diva. After watching this episode, it actually is Diva. Or else why would they put her name there? The screencap Omni took didn’t show her blue eyes. Anyway, she’s a real attention getter. lol. Debuting at an opera and appearing on TV? I’m trying to get used to her new look, though.

    And yucky, Karl’s eye is twitching and he turned green. Wonder what happened? I look forward to the Sif in the next episode.

  12. kurotsuki: this is an anime, and you can’t possibly expect an anime about chiropterans to logically compare to the real world. Besides, both parties in question are NOT HUMAN!

  13. kurotsuki, I was only responding to your idea that in every case an ovum and a sperm cell are required for reproduction. I certainly don’t want Diva to be pregnant, but I am only making assumptions about why she had to rape Riku (or whatever she did that left him naked) …..

  14. omg wow this is a hilarious forum, i agree i think she did rape him, i mean wth did she do then, if she jus took his blood why the hell did she have to take his clothes off?! lol and another fact after the whole mayb rape scene she like patted her stomach and said i have taken sumthin precious from this kid or w/e i think she did..didnt she? asexual?! lol! and i agree saya looooks soooo awesome while diva meh, i always hated her! lol haji rules!^^

  15. I’m embarrassed to find myself fanatical. Blood+ has been exceptional so far (except for a narative dip around the time of ‘Phantom’). Can someone help me by telling me how many episodes are planned? I have been led to believe it to be 40 – but that now seems unlikely.

  16. This is where I start joking and saying the next Gundam SEED series, but I hope not. I like the unique series (FMA, Blood+) so much more than the seemingly infinite Gundam sequels (not that it’d stop me from watching them anyway).

  17. Thanks Omni, that’s impressive.

    Kai should have wished himself a chevalier long ago –
    and if Red Shield had been convinced of their vocation they would all of them had a dose of Saya’s blood –
    It would have kept the running costs of the ship down too –
    they wouldn’t have needed bedrooms or staff canteens.

    Come on now Saya… eat up! it’s good for you!

  18. Omni…that’s almost not a joke…since there is going to be a gundam seed movie…
    they could always do the real version of FMA . that would be cool…but the manga is not too they would end up making fillers again 🙁

  19. *sigh* Another anime, another “nice” vampire, another plot about killing your family and such. At least ultra strong half vampires haven’t shown up yet or you would have heard a scream of ultimate agony echoing across the heavens already. Those wonderful folks in Japan need to have their heads examined. I hate vampire shows…

  20. Show Spoiler ▼

  21. Not that much I’d say, I mean she’s questioning herself if you watched the episode
    and golthin….
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Now it just me or does Diva look a bit like Rikku? not as if that’s her child but as if she’s got some resemblance with the poor dead Shota after the blood(and rape?)-drink?
    and I think Saya must get over the fact already, she’s a hero but a hero cannot save everyone that girl is nuts if she thinks that by staying away from them she would protect them. Wrong! it’s most probably that the enemy gets them first and then use them as a bait!!!! plus who says that you live forever?! (uhm well.. ehe. chiropterans maybe ^^’?) Everybody is going to die someday Chiropteran, Chevalier, Human or bug!

  22. saya definitely looks a lot cooler. love her hair. i like her new outfit too, especially since the old one was a little too plain for my taste. i wonder when they’re gonna tell us what really happened in the year that saya and hagi were away from the rest of the group…

  23. That person could be Diva and Riku’s kid, Diva died after conceiving the kid (remember Saya and Diva’s mom died while pregnant?), chiroptera kids grow very fast if given blood, the kid took on Diva’s name (like Saya took on her mother’s name)

  24. I think it’s unfair for Blood+ in the weekly polls, Blood+ is one of the last animes of the week, people may have voted already without having watched Blood+ and totally regret not voting for Blood+

  25. I’m waiting for someone to say –

    “He who fights monsters should look into it that he himself does not become a monster. When you gaze long into the Abyss, the Abyss also gazes into you” (Nietzsche)

    That’s would make Blood+ much deeper

  26. I think it’s unfair for Blood+ in the weekly polls, Blood+ is one of the last animes of the week, people may have voted already without having watched Blood+ and totally regret not voting for Blood+
    They’re daily polls, put up Friday night (EST) and replaced by the next one Saturday night. I agree that they’re a biased towards FSN since it goes up the same day that FSN airs, but if I do it on Saturday, then they’re biased against the Sunday shows. Maybe starting next season I’ll move them to Saturdays, but we’ll see.

  27. Kurotsuki:
    this is just based on what is supposed to happen in episode 37, it is just a set up.
    There has been a victim in every major even in blood+ from the main cast.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    from what happened in episode 32 to 37 there are 5 episodes, I think it should be enough time for a major event .:)

  28. That was the Voice of the seiyuu that does Diva/Riku doing Riku’s voice, and there is not doubt that Diva is taking the appearance of Riku, but he sounds a lot like riku’s personality.

  29. I highly doubt that’s Diva with a new look. Diva back then had even longer eyelashes than Saya, while ‘Diva’ now hardly has them, thus ending up looking a lot like Riku…

    Also, looking closely at the very first screenshot of the preview, ‘Diva’ is pretty flat-chested. ^^” I’m sure we all know that Diva back then wasn’t flat-chested! XD

  30. I like Saya’s new look. I wonder what caused her change of personality though.

    I’m hoping that it’s not Diva’s kid both you never know.

    Riku, being Saya’s Chevalier, does he qualify as a groom for Diva like Haji is a groom for Diva?

  31. Remember Diva did say that she recieved something special from Riku, Maybe that had something to Diva’s Image change. When you look closely at her she looks that of a ten year old girl.

    Black Man
  32. My theory about Saya’s new attitude is that she’s fully “awake” now. Remember the Russia arc when we saw a tidbit of her battling Rasputin? She had certainly been colder and more down to business back then.

  33. omg… no no no no no no .. no way! that cannot be rikuxdiva’s child! nooo….
    yea i agree that diva looks really REALLY stupid and different. but i’d rather live on da theory that she stole his look then actually having to belive she got pregnant. HELL NO T_T i cant bear it.

    and no i dont think that could be their child. seems a little too odd for it to grow so big in such a short period of time. am i da only one around here that thinks diva does not look like riku? i dunno.. i just dont think so at all.. *shruggs*. as for he chest, maybe it was just poor drawings/animation? it could happen. u neva know.

    and HELL YEA! saya looks so so so so so much cooler! it would help if she didnt act so cold though. but it kinda fits in with her new look. XD

  34. LIKE I SAID, Diva looks that of a ten year old girl….. and am i the only 1 that noticed Saya’s image change in the new opening? I knew for weeks her hair was gonna grow long.

    Black Man
  35. @ Shia, I don’t think she looks like Riku either.

    I’m wondering why everyone seems to go on about that because she doesn’t even remotely look like him. The eyes? The hair? The face? Clue me in on how exactly does she look like Riku now because I do like to know. XD

    And all that speculating that’s her kid, it’s a bit weird that IF it is her spawn, it grew so big in a year now, isn’t it? Even tho Saya did had blood, she grew up normally like any kid until in her teen years then she stopped aging.

  36. that’s definitely not diva. and here’s why:

    Show Spoiler ▼

  37. ive got a question for you all how is it its so unbelievable(omg cant spell) that there is a child in a year when theres freaky vampires walking around and timestoped teenagers with swords and stuff…….

    also the whole joels diary ep.. since time can stop for then who says it cant speed up eh?

  38. cud b divas kid, it cudnt be…gah sooo confusing i mean blood+ is so leaving us here in the dark, but i think that wud prob b diva and the kid if there is one at least(which i think there is) wud b born later, i mean it shud b a big moment rite? her sis is havin a baby…and like yah if we all like love her new look, her attitude comes wit yah and if kai really becomes wut golthin said im gonna go insane and freak out. Show Spoiler ▼

  39. All narrative threads converge on Kai’s becoming a major character (his early weakness – David’s thumping him – his desire to be capable – the fact that Diva has already mentioned the possibility of his being made a chevalier…) It would be surprising to discover that he remains peripheral.

    Was anything ever made of Riku’s being able to hear Diva’s voice? It seems so long ago now that he was imprisoned at the mansion. Exactly what was special about Riku?

  40. here is a question for someone that can answer. why do the animals not like saya. the dog in this ep barked etc and the goats in ep 20 somthing ran away from her. it looks like diva/it/kid whatever is close to dogs and they are not unhappy about it

  41. I kind of think Hagi should die in episode 37 because he doesn’t seem to have much going for him.
    First, he doesn’t have a cool new look. Just plain boring, vanilla Hagi—same cello, same clothes. It was great at the start but now he just looks plain.
    Second, his character doesn’t change at all. He just flat and emotion-less. How can some much happen and Hagi feel nothing about it? If Saya won’t explain what’s happened to her, Hagi won’t either.
    Third, there’s nowhere for his character to develop. His relationship with Riku is cut short. And now that Saya’s becoming less into romance/family and more into fighting, he’s now a weird full-time butler servant to Saya who’s always in the background whereever Saya is [I mean more than before].

  42. actually, at this point i’m more interested in soloman. What is he thinking/feeling/up to?

    I also got a feeling that he might die to save Saya *or am i the only one getting that feeling?*

    Elegant Destruction
  43. You’re not the only one getting that feeling, Elegant Destruction- Solomon is totally on the way to sacrificing himself for Saya x_X.

    I really can’t fathom where this idea that Kai will become a chevalier originates since so much of the series has been devoted to carving him into David 3.0 (a role he seems to be accepting considering what he’s been doing since the time jump). Kai is a grounded human and his current role is inherently important, his humanity giving us a contrast to Saya’s distant inhuman state.

  44. Okay for everybody that saying that that’s Diva’s kid and it can’t possibly be Diva……..use some common sense why would they broadcast “A singing voice of an angel swoops down-DIVA” and then give a picture of someone else? Diva just has a new look(albeit a really ridiculous one) like Saya does.And this whole thing about the school uniform not being her style, how do you know what her style is? It’s probably just as crazy as her personality.By the way I don’t think she has a kid, she isn’t exactly the maternal type.As for the evidence supporting it that she rubbed her stomach when she said she got something precious, she just rubbed her stomach when Saya stabbed her like when she referred to her dress when David shot her.

  45. Shiori: I agree that Kai’s humanity is important, but the inhuman/human opposition isn’t organising or motivating the narrative; rather – and rather obviously – Blood+ has been examining the vulnerablity of precisley such binary oppositions as this. The human/inhuman, the humane/inhumane, genius/madness, egotism/selfless sacrifice, etc. All of these distinctions have been shaken and made uncertain. Thus Kai can be no simple and functionally contrastive character without ruining Blood’s narrative structure. Indeed, even so far as he does define over-against other characters, he cannot, by your own criterion, delimit Saya in any important sense. The ‘human’ of Saya (how human she is) is still a question as yet. All of this would too easily be dismissed by opposing her to Kai.

    Ps. None of this means,of course, that Kai is to become a Chevalier. He does have ginger hair though (always the key to greatness in anime).

  46. Pps. By ‘human’ I don’t of course mean biologically. . . I meant to say “(how ‘human’ she is) is still a question”, implying a certain set of sympathetic values.

    Ppps. Any thoughts about the significance of red hair in Japanese fiction? I’d really like to know more on this.

  47. omg haji SHUD DIE?!

    i dun think he shud, but i do admit saya has gone down in the romance/or f-ed family thing going with him, i mean i think she needs him and yah he promised to b with her forever, w/e those purposes may be…i mean i dun want him to die…i still have that tiniest hope sum great love story of those 2 will emerge..a girl can hope cnt she? but i dun think haji will die anytime soon…wud he? NOOOO TT^TT

  48. What? Hagi? Boring? Nah – they’re just waiting until the big finale, then he’s gonna say “How would you like to suck my ball, Mr. Garrison – erm, Karl?!”

  49. I think Saya took sexy pills.

    And sorry to disappoint some of you but Haji should be around for a while. At least until the “promise” is revealed. Solomon however may be kicking the bucket soon, and I like him so it bothers me that I have this growing suspicion about what will happen during Diva’s debut. Why Solomon has a huge hard-on for Saya remains to be seen.
    And no, that version of Diva we see at the end of this episode cannot be her child. I mean, it’s only been 1 year, correct?

  50. I dunno wut i get a feeling that the boy/girl there is Ruki becuase i always thought the Ruki has larger part than just a dead cheviliar~~ and as for Saya, she looooks gdddd =DD a

  51. Wait, I thought Saya and Diva grew normally until they “stopped” at the age that they are now… isn’t that what they said when “Joel the modern” was reading the diary to her?

    And if that is Diva, I am depressed… But I am SO glad the Shifu are back. I dunno why, but the fact that they made Shifu without feelings was very annoying.

  52. Well thank god for that, thanks shiori ^_^

    and i got to admit i agree about kai, i been suspecting for a while now that he will be “David” in future, i just wonder if that would actually happen on would saya choose to die.

    And for the person asking why they would say diva and then put on her child, well, it is obviously a trap to begin with, and now it is probably deeper than what we originally suspected.

    but honestly, i suspect it is diva with a new look than her child.

    Elegant Destruction
  53. Kai’s being groomed to become a future ‘David’ is nice idea. Though if he’s to become a David at all it will likely be quite soon, since Saya’s intention is to render such roles unneccessary: by killing Diva, there will be no need for Red Shield, and hence no need for ‘David’. Also, Is David childless? Has he been alone all his life? If so, his decision not to raise a child would be, implicitly, a decision to end the ‘David’ role. As with Joel, the identity is said to be patrilineal. It would be an interesting touch (though a disappointing one, since his relation to Saya is familial and not organizational) to have Kai’s identity subsumed by Red Shield. How tragic that would be!

  54. Ps. I would really like to see Haji kick some ass now. I mean REALLY let loose. I wonder how Haji might strengthen himself, or might have already strengthened himself.

    Any takers for a Haji v Karl rematch?

  55. I too hope for a Hagi vs. Solomon rematch…

    That is the only time I ever see him get ticked off (at least, as ticked off as an unemotional chevalier can get)…I think if Saya actually remembered Hagi, he’d castoff this whole “she does not recognize me” schpeal…

    And finally when they do the whole RomeoxJuliet stint, it’ll be interesting…

  56. Hagi vs. Karl Rematch – again?

    Why? Every time Hagi & Karl fight Hagi get’s his arse kicked – and if (when) Karl dies it’s gonna be sumin spectacular w. Saya, something gory, nothing to do with Hagi.

    Unless Karl mortally wounds her . . .

  57. Thing is, Noted_Strange_Person, every time Hagi and Karl fight, Karl’s always doing the “one-up” thing – turning into a ‘big-bad-monster,’ while Hagi, does not. If it’s to be assumed all Chevaliers can turn into hulking monsters, then Hagi’s holding back throughout it all and because of that, gets his ass kicked (but always bounces back.) I think that Hagi’s going to take down either Karl or Solomon before it’s all said and done, and it’ll be bloody, even more bloody than their other fights. Oh man, I can’t wait.

    On this episode: way cool, Saya’s looking way, way cool.

  58. Haji is a kind fellow^^ lol, i agree with nimichan
    awwww i really want Saya and Haji to like admit their feelings to one another eventually!
    do u think it wud happen?

  59. Karl vs. Hagi – yeah, kinda boring, too repetitive . . . now Hagi vs. Solomon THAT I’d like to see. He seems so much more pissed off at Solomon. Jealousy?
    What if Solomon does willingly sacrifice himself for Saya? That would take all the fun out of it . . .

  60. omg if Solomon does that im gonna get so pissed cuz i bet then saya wud feel guilty and all that crap, and b awww solomon and omg now that i think bout it…solomon is probably the “the other guy” omg-__- , then haji has to b jealous, omg haji and saya i tell u and thats it! lol


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