Fye is having a dream where he is running from Ashura-ou. Right as Ashura-ou opens his eyes in the dream, Fye wakes up. The group enters a new city in this new world, and is greeted by Touya and Yukito. These are of course not the same two from Clow Country. It seems that everyone who lives in this world can use magic, as Touya shows by created a meal for Syaoran and company. His specialty is food whereas Yukito is a tailor. Yukito goes on to say that this country chooses a king from its people, and that Touya used to be the king. Touya explains that every year everyone has a dream and the person in that dream becomes the next king. However, the current king isn’t fulfilling the responsibilities and as a result, morning won’t come for this country. In fact, it’s been months since they’ve seen daylight. Without it, they’re beginning to lose their magical powers.
Sumomo and Kotoko then appear and transport the entire group to the castle. Kotoko describes herself and Sumomo as magical ghosts who serve the king. They want Fye to use his magic and convince the king to be the king. However, since Fye doesn’t use magic anymore, Sumomo and Kotoko teleport them to a special room: a jail cell. Mokona can’t detect any of Sakura’s feathers in this world, and Kurogane decides to break them out. Syaoran and Kurogane fight the stone guards and tell Fye and Sakura to run away. The two escape to the top of the castle and enter a room there. Inside is the girl king – someone that Fye instantly recognizes – Chi.
Fye remembers how he had left Chi and Ashura-ou in his original world. Kotoko and Sumomo appear to explain that it’s impossible to talk to Chi because her memories have all disappeared. But they are intentionally gone because the king is supposed to have a pure heart. Sumomo says that the memories will be returned when Chi abdicates the throne. Mokona comments that this girl looks lonely, but Kotoko says that it’s not possible – without memories, she can’t be lonely. Mokona believes that Chi’s loneliness comes from being unable to leave the castle and go outside to play. Hearing this, Fye walks up to Chi, kneels down, and offers his hand; he wants to become friends. Chi suddenly lights up with magical power. Fye takes her outstretched hand and the two disappear from the room.
Sakura returns to Syaoran and Kurogane, who aren’t fighting anymore because the stone guards around them disappeared. Syaoran thinks that Fye might have taken Chi to the Touya’s store. Indeed, the two are there and now have new outfits. Fye first takes Chi out to a cafe and the pair enjoy drinks together. Fye starts to teach her some words as they take in the carnival atmosphere around them. Eventually Chi can say enough to ask him where he came from and where he’s going. The answer to the first question is a far away place and the answer to the second question is that he doesn’t know – but he can’t go back to the world he came from. Fye explains that he’s running away so that he doesn’t have to meet that person again. Chi notices that Fye looks lonely, but Fye denies it and smiles. She gets a little closer to him and says that she wants to remain together with him for a long time. Fye is a little surprised to hear her say this. Chi then thanks Fye for today. He puts his arm around her shoulder and says that he should be the one thanking her – it’s been a long time since he had this feeling.
Back at the store, Touya and Yukito are explaining to Syaoran and the others that Chi was created by a powerful magician. Her type can use magic and look just like humans, however they cannot set foot outside of this country because the magic that created them is only effective here. If she does leave, her body will disappear. Touya and Yukito had already informed Fye earlier. Yukito adds that if something happens to Chi, it’ll stay night in their world forever. Speaking of which, Fye and Chi happen to run by outside because they’re now being chased by the stone guards. Kurogane and Syaoran help them out by defeating some guards, but it’s Chi who teleports herself and Fye away. She brings them to the gate leading out of the city and opens it. Knowing what will happen if she leaves, Fye stands between Chi and the gate.
Chi wants to go with Fye; she wants to run away with Fye. These words have a profound effect on Fye, and he almost wraps his arms around her, but settles for placing his hands on her shoulders. He won’t let her do it because running away is a very painful thing. Chi thinks that if they do it together, the pain will be cut in half, but Fye thinks that it’ll probably double. Chi starts crying because she doesn’t understand. The pair of birds that she set free earlier fly by and one lands on her hand. Fye suggests that they go back because everyone is waiting. With tears in her eyes, Chi hugs Fye and the sun starts rising. Sometime later, as Syaoran and company prepare to leave, Sumomo and Kotoko thank Fye for Chi’s safe return. Fye attributes it to Chi’s own decision. As the rainbow colored swirls surround Fye, he says goodbye and thank you to Chi. When she doesn’t understand what 「さよなら」 (sayonara – goodbye) means, Fye explains that it’s something you say when you’re parting ways; it means let’s meet again. Chi uses this new word and bids Fye farewell. After he’s gone Chi once again echoes “goodbye.”

Longer summary today, but that’s cause I really liked the Chi episode. There’s plenty of Chobits parallels here, from Chi having no memory to her having to learn words to her creation by Chitose. Oh and I can’t forget Sumomo and Kotoko, who almost seemed like bad guys with the way they insisted on Chi not being lonely and stuff. Anyway, I think I like Fye better for Chi, more than even Hideki. The two make such a great couple 🙂
Production quality was higher than usual too. Very solid animation and superb use of the soundtrack in this episode, including the insert song (which wasn’t anything I recognized from the soundtracks and wasn’t listed in the credits). The only thing I have resembling a complaint is that I kind of wish that it was Tanaka Rie voicing Chi (aka. the original voice actress from Chobits) instead of Nazuka Kaori. That aside, this is my favorite episode of the second series so far.
Next week is (finally) Shara Country!


  1. Chii chan so cute, and I love those two laptop especially the one with the ponytails so energetic and funny. Was Fye in Chobits anime? don’t remember him being the cast ?_?.

  2. *-* To see Chi happy makes me happy!
    Honestly, I like no other character more than Chi!!!
    Episode looks great, looking forward to the sub!
    And now, good night, xD (1 am in Germany, ho^^)

  3. wow.. honestly, fye is so different now. in season 1 he was just like a total “care-free-anything-goes” character. but now he isnt anymore. i guess its good cos now, his character seems more realistic and belivable! yay fye!! 😛

    o and ofcos yay fye x chii!!! 😉

  4. Lol, this was definetly not Hideki’s world. Don’t forget, that the same people might exist in other worlds too. And Hideki would never leave Chi! Hmm, second row from the bottom, second pic. Looks exactly like Sakura^^ (remember this pic from the first opening, season 1)

  5. I always hated hideki, he is just a stupid dumbass that have no clue about persocom, doesn’t even know persocom needs batteries, how to hook up to monitor and all those thing that almost any average person should know, just a stupid dumb farmboy thats talk out loud to himself. Chii is so wasted on him, the worst part is he wants to get a persocom because he saw everyone has one but doesn’t even know how they function and what they can do, reminded me of some spoiled brat that cry and want something but no clue what that thing does, just keep crying because everyone has one. I totally hated hideki with Chii, Fye would have been so much better as a candidate for Chii, should get rid of him in chobits and put Fye in it.

  6. Aw…very good episode,I loved it.Itwas good proof that Fai thinks of Chi as a friend and Chii’s possible feelings are only onesided.I hope there’ll be some KuroFai fluff soon,or at least some sort of AshuraFai-angst,teehee.^^

  7. =S Well I didn’t like this episode… at all. I thought Fai was waaay too OOC, and the episode somehow plotless and… Really, to me it felt like some bad SueFic u_u’. However that’s just my opinion *shrugs*.

  8. So does anyone know what the insert song is? I really like it too. There is an english word in there, “Dreamscape”, it sounded like. I would be very grateful if someone can tell me what the song is. Thanks!

  9. I really loved that episode. Fye attitude towards Chii was just heart warming. Although I agree IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN TANAKA RIE AND NO ONE ELSE FOR CHII’S VOICE.

    Still, this one remains one of my favorites.

    Hope we’ll see more of Chii in the series as well as Sumomo and Kotoko.

    BTW, did u notice how her ears seem different from the Chii we saw earlier in the series? I liked those ones better, made her look more real I guess.

  10. wow mike you got probs. on this episode chii dont need batteries and stuff. i hope clamps makes an episode where hideki and fye fight eachother and i hope hideki pulls a whodeene and beats fye’s scronny little ass.

    some guy

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