Tenko can’t understand why Samatarou wants to become human because she had believed that he had wanted to become god eventually. Samatarou just wants to be left alone, so Tenko slaps him and starts crying, wondering what will happen to her when he becomes a human. He thinks that she’ll be free to do whatever she wants, but she throws the LOVE keychain at him and runs to her room in tears. That night, Samatarou has his father turn him into a human. And that’s what exactly he wakes up as the next day, but he’s also late for school. His family seems different from usual and he gets no breakfast because he’s so late. When he asks his mother about Tenko, she doesn’t know who he’s talking about. On the way to school, his stomach keeps growling, making Samatarou realizes that he’s hungry – he really is human.
Tenko isn’t there in class. In fact, her desk is gone. Shinichi doesn’t know who Tenko is and tells Samatarou that the space beside him has always been vacant. Shinichi and Kumiko have a good laugh at Samatarou, so he decides to drop the subject for now. Instead, he asks to meet with Kumiko later because he’s got something important to say. When the time comes, he doesn’t confess; he asks Kumiko if she knows Tenko. She doesn’t know, but then tells him that tomorrow afternoon she’ll be taking the bullet train to Osaka. After Kumiko walks off, Samatarou starts trying to talk to his family, but no one responds anymore. At home, Tenko’s room is now being used as a storeroom, and the keychain is gone.
The next day, Samatarou doesn’t go to school. Instead he wanders around town and happens to pass by the angel store again. Since it’s open now, he goes in. The shopkeeper approaches him from behind, and he tells her about the girl he likes and the friend who is now gone. Seeing how split he is, she smacks him in the head. He turns around and sees that she looks very much like Tenko, except her hair is brown and slightly longer, covering her eyes. After he tells her the whole story, she asks him if it’s ok for him not to go after the girl he likes and convey his feelings before she goes to Osaka. Seeing Samatarou so unsure of himself, the shopkeeper hits him again and tells him that he should convey his feelings because accumulating them in his heart will only cause it to rot.
Samatarou tells the shopkeeper that she resembles the person he’s worried about. Hearing that, she warns him not to seduce her. She says that she has someone she liked and recounts a scene from her childhood when she was playing with this person. Pretending to be an adult, she had told that person that she loved him, and steam had come from her head. Because of that, she understood that she liked him. Samatarou remembers that Tenko used to do that same thing and wonders why this girl had the same experience. The shopkeeper finishes her story by saying that she regrets that her feelings never got through to him. But Samatarou still feels that his voice can’t reach anyone, not even his family. She pats him on the head and tells him that his voice reaches her; his sad and lonely feelings resonate in her.
The shopkeeper then gives Samatarou the music box that Tenko had been admiring in the store window preview. Inside is a spinning figure of an angel, reminding Samatarou of all the times he’s spent with Tenko. The shopkeeper then decides that they should go to the train station to catch the bullet train before it leaves for Osaka. Samatarou thinks they won’t make it, but she says that as long as there is a possibility, he can’t give up. Outside, as they’re getting on her motorcycle, Samatarou notices that she has a LOVE keychain, with writing on the back just like Tenko’s. They race through traffic to get to the train station, but don’t make it in time. Refreshed from the ride, Samatarou gets back onto the bike so that he can chase the train.
With the shopkeeper holding onto him, Samatarou races through traffic on the motorcycle, turning the red lights green and even letting them go through a building. Much to the shopkeeper’s disbelief, he decides that they should take to the skies to chase after the train. He says that the bike will fly with her help because she’s an angel. With that statement, the two leave the city behind them, and the girl holding onto Samatarou suddenly sprouts wings. Her helmet comes off and her hair changes from brown to the orangey-red color. There’s also an angel’s halo above her head now. With her help, the two of them catch up to the train to Osaka. Samatarou finds Kumiko’s window and briefly mouths some words to her. The train soon passes into a tunnel and it’s all over.
After landing somewhere nearby, Samatarou tells the shopkeeper (who is back to normal now) that it was all a miracle. When she asks who he is, he replies that he is god, and the two start laughing. That night, Samatarou returns home with dirt all over his face. His family seems to have returned to normal, making Samatarou even happier. He goes up to Tenko’s room, which is now back to being Tenko’s room and has Tenko inside. He gives her the music box, saying that there’s an angel inside that looks just like her. She doesn’t think it looks like her, so he decides to give her part two of her present. Samatarou has Tenko close her eyes and then leans over and kisses her cheek.

Great episode, this series continues to surprise me. Samatarou basically comes full circle this episode, from being a god to a human and back to a god again. But the important thing is that his outlook and feelings changed (from selfish to kind of likeable), thanks to the disappearance of Tenko and how it affects Samatarou. He couldn’t even confess to Kumiko like he had planned because Tenko was on his mind. And in her absence, the shopkeeper of the angel store takes her place and gives Samatarou a lot of advice and cheering up, just like Tenko would. My favorite scene is when Samatarou gets his mojo back and takes to the air with “Tenko.” I enjoyed the final present/kiss scene a lot too.
So in the end, Kumiko was less of an important character than the shopkeeper was – her role this episode felt so small compared to the shopkeeper and Tenko. Kumiko never got to break out of the puppet mold and never really got to develop her character. And now she’s gone, for the time being anyway. I’ve said this in the past, but that’s disappointing given how prevalent she is in the opening animation sequence.
Theoretically with Kumiko out of the picture, Samatarou and Tenko’s relationship can get a lot closer. But somehow I almost think that their relationship won’t advance unless there is some sort of conflict like Kumiko. We’ll just have to see what the next episode of this series brings.


  1. OMG!! I wonder what happen? But it looks like to me that it was a happy ending in this episode, so I can’t wait to read what really happen in your summary about this episode. thanks again! ^.^

  2. She look so much cuter without that godawful orange hair, red eyes, and ridiculous hair accessory. If only they got rid of that stupid blush mark as well. Oh well…seems angel girl’s back by the end…*shrug*

  3. “She look so much cuter without that godawful orange hair, red eyes, and ridiculous hair accessory. If only they got rid of that stupid blush mark as well. Oh well…seems angel girl’s back by the end…*shrug*”

    So basically…*not* Tenko?

  4. So that’s tenko eh? Does anyone else think she looks cuter with her hair slightly longer? I mean the way thay cover her eyes is kind of cute, like Nodoka from Negima.

  5. doesn’t make much sense to me this ep… i tot when he is human there is no turning back or wadever… why suddenly can he revert back to god… wtf… i dunno anymore… hmm but somehow it was an enjoyable ep…

  6. When someone lost something, then he/she starts to realize how much importent he/she was for him.

    and for the “get god powers back”… i wonder if it had something todo that his father are in heaven….

  7. Ya. I use God powas even though my parents made mai human lol.

    Awesome episode. I thought we’d get on to the next plot, but it looks like more of this plot next week… Still good still good!

  8. I enjoy this series v much! Am glad Omni decided to follow this series through! I like the combination of humour with the non-so-usual storyline of the relationship of gods/humans/angels

  9. well we all know what happens after the kiss mwhahahahahaha!!! He became human correct? I guess when he went to the “MIRACLE SHOP” he was given a choice whether to live as human or not. Such that his Oto-sama is kami-sama therefore i believe he used his godly wisdom to teach Samatarou the life of being a human and the music box is symbolic for choosing the person who is most important to him. He chose Tenko to be more important thus regaining his godly powers but had he given it to Kumiko the outcome might have been different. well that is my assessment…


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