The Shifu are also watching the advertisement for Diva’s concert, wondering what the Chevaliers are up to with her song. Lulu smells Saya nearby, but Moses says that they have nothing to do with her because she wasn’t their hope. Beside him, Darth and Gudrif are showing signs of the Thorn. At Gray’s farm, Kai is staring up at the night sky thinking about how Diva stole Riku’s face. Monique comes out, wondering what he’s up to. She asks if Saya is the person Kai likes, but Kai responds that she’s important family to him. The door of the house opens and David steps out, wearing his trademark black suit again. He’s going to London and will be back tomorrow. What’s more, he feels like walking there. Monique thinks that David has changed, to which Kai responds that David is only becoming himself again. Meanwhile, Saya and Hagi have taken up residence in a church. Hagi suggests Saya get some rest, but Diva’s song and her Riku-like face are stuck in Saya’s head. Hagi brings over his cello bow, saying that it’s been a long time since she’s played. Saya shakes her head no; the only thing her hand wants is her sword. However, she does want Hagi to play a song for her, and he says that he’ll always play for her.
The Shifu return to their warehouse base and Lulu lights up a lamp, calling it a beacon of hope. Darth comments that it’ll burn out quickly, which garners him a smack on the head from Gudrif. Moses suddenly notices that they’re surrounded – it’s the Corpse Corps. James appears above them saying that they were made with great pains and will be useful until the end – the defective goods will become sandbags. He orders “Terminate” and the soldiers spring into action. Despite the advantage in numbers, the Shifu have a hard time hitting their enemies; Karman and Darth both get impaled. Moses goes for James, but one of the Corpse Corps gets in the way and takes the hit. Moses manages to break off the mask, revealing the face underneath: his own. James explains that this is the Type Moses, chosen from among the prototypes with the ideal genetic information. Improvements were added, making this the perfect Shifu – born to fight. Moses realizes that they, the original Shifu, were used in order to create such a thing. He gets knocked down and the Shifu start taking heavy damage, including Lulu when she tries to help Gudrif. Darth takes her injured body and throws her out of the building. At first Lulu looks like she’s about to cry, but then she remembers something and disappears.
At the church, Hagi has stopped playing his cello and Saya appears to be sleeping. There’s a frantic knocking on the door and the two hear Lulu’s desperate cries for Saya. Hagi opens the door and Lulu collapses inside. When she comes to again, she sees the lamplight and comments that the beacon of hope was such a foolish idea. Lulu then pleads for Saya’s help against the really strong people that Diva’s Chevalier brought. She starts crying as she thinks about everyone dying and the possibility of her being the only one left. Saya stands up, indicating for Lulu to guide her back to the warehouse. Inside, they find the bodies of Darth and Gudrif, but no James or the Corpse Corps. Gudrif is still conscious, but he doesn’t know what happened to Moses or Karman. When Darth’s body starts to burn from the sunlight, Lulu reaches over to cover up Gudrif, but he asks her to let him die. After the green flames subside, Moses and Karman reappear. Moses says that those two helped them escape with all their might. He looks over at Saya and tries to express his gratitude. She says that it’s unnecessary because she wasn’t able to help them now or them. After Saya and Hagi leave, Karmen says that Saya has changed. Moses thinks that Saya probably doesn’t have hope either.
At a museum, James reports back to Amshel about the mission. Amshel says that it’s a joyous day because Diva’s performance is almost upon them and the results of the Delta Plan will soon show themselves. However, he is aware that the hindrance Saya has reappeared. Solomon asks if it isn’t ok for them to just leave Saya alone, but Amshel says that Saya’s blood can kill Diva, so her dangerous existence can not be left alone. Karl wants the job of killing Saya, however Amshel turns to James and gives the task of dealing with Saya to him. Nathan starts teasing James, saying that James’ beloved Mama will be praising him a lot. When James tells him to be quiet, Nathan holds up a pendant necklace which supposedly has a photo of James’ mother that he always keeps with him. James snatches it back and walks off angrily. Karl speaks up again about leaving Saya up to him, but Amshel cuts him off by saying that his words are his brother’s will. They are also the words of Diva. A really pissed of Karl almost turns into his Chiropteran form, but Solomon steps in the way and stops him. On the other side of the room, Diva breaks a display case and takes out a spider specimen that she calls cute.
As day turns to night, the remaining Shifu – Moses, Karman, and Lulu – are burying the weapons of their two fallen comrades. Karman vows to get revenge and knows that Diva and the others are the museum. Moses, however, does not want to go and fight, especially not against the people who have the same face as him. He admits that they were created to be tools of the Chevaliers, but he doesn’t want to meet their expectations and dance for them until the end. Karman says that this regret and sorrow were not created things. He’ll fight for his own sake, and he’ll go alone tonight. Meanwhile, David has finally arrived at Joel’s home. Joel asks if he wants a drink, but David says that he’s had enough for his entire life. Joel then says that he wants to revive Red Shield – he wants to support those who will fight the Chiropteran. This is the destiny of the one who succeeded Joel’s name and will. He then asks what David will do. Back at the church, Lulu is trying to convince Saya to fight with them. They share similar goals in the Saya wants to kill Diva and the Shifu want Diva’s blood. Lulu admits that by themselves, the Shifu can’t reach Diva. She also tries to put in a good word for Moses and Karman, but Saya says that she does not need friends. Saya says that this is her own fight – she doesn’t want to mourn or feel sad for anyone else. Not giving up, Lulu tells Saya about how Moses and Karman said that she changed. Lulu doesn’t feel that way because Saya came and helped when Lulu asked her to. She thinks that Saya probably has been through a lot of pain, losing hope. She says that the Shifu have also lost hope, but Karman is still going to fight for his own sadness’ sake. Lulu tells Saya that Diva is at the museum and that they are attacking tonight. Since Saya isn’t responding, Lulu goes to leave. Her final words to Saya asks Saya to remember her because Lulu wants to become someone’s memories.
True to their word, Karman and Lulu arrive outside the museum that night. They are surprised and happy when Moses shows up too. But inside the museum, they find only three Corpse Corps waiting for them. In this battle, they fare even worse than previously, with Karman and Lulu being quickly knocked down and Moses being impaled by all three soldiers at once. When the three Corpse Corps move in for the kill, Lulu blocks one of them…and Hagi and Saya handle the other two. With Hagi and Saya’s help, the tide of the battle turns. And with the power of her blood, Saya even manages to crystallize one of the enemies. The other two soldiers then make their escape through the window. Lulu starts to thank Saya, but Moses cuts her off because he knows Saya doesn’t want it. Instead, he promises to go with her to her next battlefield. When Saya says that help is not needed, Moses says that it’s not to help, it’s to entrust their final hope to her. Without answering, Saya turns and leaves, with Hagi trailing behind her. During this time, at a London subway station, Mao and Okamura meet with David who has a request for them. David points to the Diva poster behind them, saying that he wants them to look into the connections for the sponsors of Diva’s concert. Okamura smiles and agrees to do it.


First of all, just to settle things once and for all: that IS Diva. Both Saya and Kai made comments about how she looks like Riku now. And her voice definitely did not change with her looks.
But the main focus of this episode is the Shifu, mainly Lulu. Two more of them bite the dust, leaving just Moses, Karman, and Lulu, all who have not yet developed symptoms of the Thorn. Like many people had speculated, the Shifu appear to be ready to join up with Saya as thanks (or whatever you want to call it) for her help. I’m not entirely convinced that they’ll play a huge part in whatever showdown we’re headed towards, but we’ll see. And I still don’t expect any of them to live to the end, though all three (especially Lulu) are much more likeable characters now (at least to me).
Saya, on the other hand, acts really cold on the outside, trying to distance herself from anyone. But this episode shows that – kind of what Lulu was getting at – Saya still does care on the inside, despite what she may say.
There appear to be some rifts forming among Diva’s Chevaliers, between Nathan and James, between Solomon and Amshel, and between Karl and Amshel. That may very well lead to their downfall. The next episode preview shows Karl really pissed off again, and I can see him doing something rash. Nathan’s voiceover makes it sound like we’ll get to see Diva’s performance next time. The preview doesn’t make next episode look all that exciting, but perhaps there’ll be some surprises.


  1. Did I not that DIVA absorbed Riku meaning Riku is sort of still ALIVE except he is Trapped in DIVAs body. or his SOUL… this WILL make it HARD for SAYA to kill DIVA when the times comes

  2. darkredeyes………..

    What are you smoking? Can you just accept the fact Riku is gone and not coming back? THIS IS A WAR.and in a war there will be casualties.Sadly Riku was one of them.But we MOVE.ON.

  3. wow does that mean diva can’t get pregant but instead has some sort of transformation or even evolution of herself instead/

    and if that is the case, does that mean that the same thing would happen to saya too if she had sexual intercourse?

    Wow, if this was interesting before its fascinating now !!!!!\^_^

    Elegant Destruction
  4. the corpse corps….they look just like some of the shif

    @Shalimar : Thanx you ! i’ve been wanting to say this for a freakin long time !

    i don’t get it ? why are you still all talcking about riku ? the guy has been dead for 3 weeks now . get over it ! Stop sying nonsence about him and diva having kids .

  5. I still stand by my theory that she got “something” from Riku, since she changed so much. There would have been no point in showing the implied rape otherwise… or she is just being really mean and mocking Saya, which would be amusing as well.

    vampire babies
  6. oh my god, Saya can do super speed now! finally! Even though Saya want to act cold hearted she is such a sweety and couldn’t let them die! Saya is just awesome! I thought the dead corpse were supposed to be fearless , but they tailed out as soon as they lost one of them to Saya.

  7. Wait, so the Shifu have survived this entire time feeding on human victims and Moses, Karman, and LouLou are the only ones who haven’t been developing cracks in their skin?
    Why should Saya help the Shifu at all?

  8. a double one fingered salute to Christy. so it seems you may have been wrong about the rape bull and calling me naive about diva stealing riku’s image. if i am the naive one your the perv who thought she raped a little kid. soooooo kiss my ass, kiss his ass, kiss your ass….okay i’m done

  9. since Diva’s chevalier, Anschel, could shape-shift as he wished… why not Diva ? Saya could too, if she so desired… its in their blood, looking like High-schoolers despite being hundreds of years old… now Diva looks the part of a junior high student…

    we still have no concrete idea what happened on the ship after Kai, David and co. left … it’s been more than a year since Riku left them.

    it’s great to see Mao and Okamura get involved at long last…

  10. hmm i don’t think kai feels any rifts between saya and himself after ep31 he accepted the fact sayas not human but she is still family to him saya acts like she does cause she does not want kai to suffer the same fate as riku she believes by cutting all ties with him he will be safe and alive and that is what matters to her most even if she sacrifices her hapiness and the only true family she has ever known as long as kai lives untouched and uncorrupted(like when diva tried to turn him into a chevalier)she is ok with losing any happiness she has. still the approach is wrong since diva knows kai now probably much more than saya realizes she could absorbed rikus memories along with his apperance.

    Kai is great cause he is keeping his promise to saya of not changing regardless how she acts I really respect him

    vampire warrior francisco
  11. I think besides making Diva ugly(look more like Riku/make Saya seem so much hotter), it was just another way for the creators to show the dimension of Diva’s cruelty. By taking Riku’s face, it was another way for her to send a blow to Saya’s ego.
    Yay! the Shifu are back. I kinda still hope they will survive but with blood’s track record…they’re screwed. Also glad that David is back in action and that he dragged Mao and Okamura with him. As for Saya, she’s too good of a person to turn completely cold. She’s just fooling herself into believing that distancing herself will save everyone. Poor delusioned girl.

  12. I get it!! the whole idea about diva and saya is that they are a different form of evolution–they can gain aquired traits–just like Lamarck’s theory on evolution. He said if you cut off a rat’s tail–genetically the offspring will have a cut tail. So DIVA is able to aquire Riku’s traits through intercourse i bet. It explains why Elizabeth was thrown off the train naked and Anschel was able to acquire her appearance.

  13. When Riku died there is no penis on his body . which means Diva taken it from Riku and ate it. Therefore the “precious things” makes DIVA different appearance as much like Riku.

  14. DR.MOAH: WTH no penis? u actually looked there? ahaha omg thats a such a funny theory! *no offence*
    omg so its true, it is diva!
    well if saya become more cooler, then i guess diva looks like a lil boy-___-
    SHS hasnt subbed yet, has any1 found another place to get eps? >___

  15. To those who thought that was Diva’s spawn/child… NYAH!

    It had been so obvious that it was her from the last episode, blue eyes, same voice and the name DIVA right there, despiter her changed appearances. She looks rather cute now, all younger and like a middle school kid.

    This episode about the Sif was very touching. Specially with little Loulou. And when she tells Saya and Haji to remember her, it reminded me back to when Irene wondered if they’re gone, will someone remember them. It was sad.

  16. One thing for sure is that chiropterans have the “ability” to change their forms. Anschel, a chevalier and he’s got body doubling down to an art. I would theorize that Diva made herself look like Riku, but explicitly made sure she was still recognizable that Saya would have no choice but seek her out. Whether Saya would seek her out because of their little war with each other or because of vengance is of no consequence to Diva. Diva is making damn sure she is luring out Saya. Public performance, looking like Riku (his death weighs heavilly on Saya), ads everywhere… Saya will come after her.

    The classic… its a trap!

  17. What had happened to Saya in the past year? She has changed a lot!
    But Haji hasn’t changed at all,he does everything for Saya。What a good men! They should get married!
    He always says”それがあなたの望むなら。。。”(If you want it…..)

  18. That’s exactly what I hate about Hagi. He never changes at all and doesn’t seem to care that Saya might actually be happy with humans rather than sulking for eternity listening Hagi’s insipid cello.
    You would think that Hagi would tell Saya that her leaving Kai actually puts Kai in greater danger now that he’s part of the Red Shield. Didn’t George tell Saya that she’s part of their family.
    But Hagi’s like—“Leave them, you’re with me. Now share my sad loneliness. I will always be by your side lurking, stalking, and eyeing you.”

  19. pinwheel……….I think you misunderstand.

    Hagi is a Chevalier,so he only wants what Saya wants.So if Saya wants to stear clear of everyone then he won’t make an objection he’ll only give an opinion if she wants one.And when he says that he’ll always be by her side is because despite the fact that sometimes she feels alone or if she feels that she must distance herself from everyone in order for them to be safe, she still has someone:Hagi.

  20. pinwheel…i agree with shalimar, i mean Haji only wants wut she wants and sumtimes if it goes too far he’ll step in, like the time when she figured out the shif were part of her family and she was a yukshouu or w/e yah he stepped and tried to give her blood, like he wants wut she wants, he’ll b there for her, when she cnt keep any1 else around…cuz theyre the and he does care whether shes sad or not, he’ll always care for her…and thats why he looks at her that way, cuz he knows shes suffering but he realizes he may not b able to help all the time for her…remember he once said “only saya can bear her own pain.”
    Haji is a loyal guy, and hes great, he loves her, and cares for her, and will gladly die for her…^^

  21. Do you honestly think hagi has not changed?! of course he has!! if you look at the RAW you will see he has:
    1. more screen time
    2. ACTUALY works as a partner with saya NOW. (not like before, he was a robot.)
    3. He say more in one ep (this one) than a whole chapter like before.
    the only thing tht has not changed (and never will!) is ythat that he’s like a puppy dog following saya…..

  22. This episode was a bit dull. I’m more interested in watching things fall apart among the chevaliers. They and Diva are just too sure of themselves.
    If Diva chose to make herself look like Riku it’s probably to provoke Saya. The entire concert debut farce is just a trap anyway.

  23. i would agree that Hagi is not being selfish with Saya…. actually it’ll be even clearer if u acually read the manga (but i’m sure that everyone’s already sick about me telling them that…) .To put it simply, Hagi actually suffered more than Saya when she lost her memory, but he stayed with her regardless. In the manga itself, he acually refused to tell Kai about Saya’s past because he thought that if Saya was happy the way she was now, then her past didn’t matter (even if he had to bear the pain and fear alone) plus he was afraid that Kai wouldn’t think of her as a family anymore if he did so. i have to ask u to at least consider these points first b4 blaming the poor guy. i actually feel sorry for the way he’s being treated….

  24. i have the manga..i dl thru direct dl..but the web is gone..T^T
    yay haji supporters woot!
    yah in the manga, i agee, he wudnt force her rite away into it, cuz he wanted her to b happy, thats partly why he doesnt tell her anything, unless shes ready to face everythin- so hes such a considerate guy, and who agrees with me that Kai likes saya more than a sister?

  25. i got my manga from a shop called kinokuniya after i searched online like mad and couldn’t find the manga…-__-. You could try amazon and for those who are DYING to see it even if it’s just a glimpse, go to
    5th panel from the link “TOP” on the left hand side of the screen. You’ll see all the three blood+ manga displayed on the right side, and at the bottom of each manga there’s a link written in BIG KANJI LETTERINGS. click ’em and enjoy blood+ fans.

    PS: the mangas are in jap.

  26. oh one more thing, there’s a panel at the bottom, and if u click the first one on the left, it’ll lead u to a pg full of links. click the second link from the top and it’ll lead u to all the B+ episode previews (updated every week)

    Hope ya all find these helpful….

  27. I love the Shifu! They are on of the themes just by themselves, “Anything with feelings cannot be confined, and trying to make ‘people’ into robots will not happen easily.

  28. ahh. so thats were you got it. too bad its in japanese… i can’t read the stuff! ahh well…… i’ll have to wait till some people decide to translate it for me 😀 like R.K and B.A.A .

  29. in my oppinion, not very likely. I think the anime is bait to lure people to buy the manga, and honestly, it’s working. Plus, the manga IS better than the anime. But just in case u guys dunno, the mangaka for all three mangas are different.

  30. I would have to agree that the manga handles things better. Hagi among them. Watching Saya interact with her family is painful for him and it is manifested in how he reacts to seeing her so happy while interacting with Kai and the others. I mean, after wandering around alone for 30+ years the person you love and live for doesn’t even know who you are anymore? The anime has a habit of pushing this aspect of Hagi’s development aside, he does come across as an automaton, less so in the recent episodes of course.
    Back to the awesomeness of the manga, the most recent chapter I was able to obtain documents Saya’s birth and daily life in the zoo. It really does put the anime version (episode 22?) of Saya’s previous life to shame. And on so many levels. This isn’t just because Saya and Hagi make kissy face 🙂
    If you’re interested in dling the manga you can try looking on livejournal.

  31. just have to say this in my defence for (ep:32) it was just a theory jeez….dont hold a grudge man….anyways the whole diva looking like rikku….anyone think they just did that to get us talking again just look at the number of comments…..

  32. yayyy!
    now the whole Baby thing of Riku’s and Diva’s is over….or is it-__-?
    who knows wut crazy thing I.G Productions will throw at us! those writers of Blood+ (glares)

  33. Its possiable Divia could have taken Riku’s soul but not likely. Most likely like everyone else thinks shes just doing it to piss off Sayia. I dont know if the opera thing diva is doing is a trap per say. Seems kinda dumb. I think Diva is just doing it to mess with sayia. They know sayia is back there thats why there doing it. They can attack her anytime but wither they want to admit it or not, most of them are scared a little bit sayia may kill them. All but Karl, and Solomon simply doesnt want to fight her. Out of everyone Solomon sees this for what it kinda is, he loves Diva of course but knows shes a nut job that got let loose by Sayia and sayia being a good little girl is just trying to fix the problem. Anschel seems like the real person to worry about for both Diva and Sayia I can see him trying something. Though it doesnt seem like it right now, I dunno I just see that in him seems very underhanded. Seems like red shield and Anschel are working together to me, they run too closely together maybe I’m missing something just watching the raw’s but seems like there both just using sayia and diva in order to make mankind itself to what they want which sayia and diva have being imortal. We have all seen vamp movies theres always a turncoat lol. Anyway I know we cant post links on here but I made like 5 blood+ music videos if anyone wants to seem them. I posted them on youtube just look up chaosdemon06 or IM me on msn Ive been watching this anime since it 1st aired. I watch 3 main animes a week blood+ bleach and naruto.

    BOTH bleach and naruto are in filler episodes so Blood+ is a godsend lol. Bleach is a awasome anime but fight fight fight sometimes dulls a little. Blood+ makes you think and wondering whats going to happan next. While still having great fights when they do. So if you happan to check out my vids theres bearly any blood+ ones out there and I kinda hate plugging my work but I thought since theres hardly any out there I should make some. I have made 69 Anime Music vids now lol.. So either post on here telling me what you think or youtube. Sorry about the long post ^^

  34. quote 1
    “I knew that was Diva and not her supposed ‘child’.What a dumbass idea………….WHO THE HELL CAME UP WITH IT?!”

    quote 2
    “Thank god it’s Diva and not her kid”


    I wonder why everybody seems to be sooo desparate against the idea of a child as an outcome of the hinted rape?! I think it wouldn’ t be such a bad idea storywise. For my part the “Diva can now mimic Riku”- storyline seems to be much more boring to me…
    We will see…

  35. chaosdemon06: Oh, i make blood+ vids too!
    I’ll probably go check yours out soon^^
    My username is DLSraindropz, i have 2 vids of Blood+ and 3 AMV’s so far.
    yay youtube lol.

  36. i got a baby rabbit!!!!! in agriculture some dumbass touched the litter of baby rabbits so that the yeacher had to take them away from thier mother (if you touch baby rabits they will aquire ur smell and the mother will eat them ewwww……) so i took one home and so did my friends which is like so cool. butr there was one left over and after the weekend all we found of it were bones….. feel so sorry 4 the lil guy…. anyway mine is called Balmy and its white!!!!!!! when i got it it’s eyes were closed but now he’s runnin about!

  37. i agree with elegant destruction. it would make sense since in one of the earlier episodes amschel looked like that red shield lady and remember she was naked too when he was done with her so he couldve done the same thing


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