Colin again, just passing along the update. Omni had the surgery today and everything went fine, but he’s still got a tube in him for the time being. Course, he’s hopped up on painkillers, so I’m not certain how much of a bother it really is to him.


  1. It`s great to hear that everything went well;)

    now, just concentrate on recovering…everyone will be waiting for you here =)

    on the other hand… I support v1cious` idea lmao

  2. Go Omni

    Nice to hear that you healed up,
    a tube in the chest sound kind pain full
    have some quality service from the nurses (>_0)
    nice job on the reviews and stuffz

    anyways hope to see your reviews soon (^_^)

  3. Glad to hear he is fine, hope he feels better soon. My dad had heart surgary last year and had a tube in him for a while took a while for the taste to leave.

    Get well and take your time, we can all wait for your reviews.

  4. I know how he feels……….I was in the hospital for a something serious too.and let me tell ya! Being hopped up on painkillers sure makes the time go by real fast! You can’t feel a DAMN thing! Get better Omni!!!!!!!!

  5. Take care and take it easy, man! Don’t rush the recovery on our account, okay? Go watch all of Fate/stay night or School Rumble first season again or something!! ^_^


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