Colin here, Omni’s roommate, Omni wanted me to pass along a message saying:

“This is Omni. I’m currently holed up in the hospital. Instead of a partial collapse this time, my left lung is 100% collapsed. I’m going into surgery tomorrow morning where they will hopefully reinflate my lung and prevent this from ever recurring. It’s a low-risk procedure that will hopefully take only an hour, but I will need to be kept in the hospital for 3 days. Meaning I won’t be back until, at earliest, Wednesday Morning EST . Obviously I won’t have any access to anime, so no blogging for me until later on in the week.”

I’ll keep you guys updated as Omni lets me know more.


  1. good luck man I´ve passed through this too so so an advice….
    There´s no ADVICE relax and let the professionals take care of you 😉
    we will be waiting right here man!!

  2. You’re the best and most punctual anime blogger that I’ve encountered. You provided us with access and introduced us to some of the most fantastic anime series that we would otherwise not have been able to enjoy. You indulged us with your generosity, benevolence and altruism, quenching the anticipation that accompanies all anime fans, delivering, for some, the motivating force. I wish you nothing but the best of luck! 🙂

    shakugan no shana
  3. Omni, I hope you will recover soon. I have written up the summaries for this episode.

    Karl demands to know why he can’t be the one to kill Saya. Anschel says that he has given the job of protecting Diva to Karl, who responds that killing Saya is also protecting Diva. Anschel says that Karl really needs a rest right now. Karl storms off protesting that his precious Saya will be killed by James. Anschel says to himself that he is very sorry.
    Diva(with long hair and dress) and James are leaving on a limo. James is going to meet with the minister of defense and dining normal human style. Diva says that it’s boring and that she really wants to sing. James starts to say that she is not allowed to sing without Anschel’s permission but Diva puts on a puppy dog face and James gives in and the limo goes to Covent Garden Royal Opera House.
    Nathan is at the Opera house and he asks them why they are here. James says that Diva wants to sing. Nathan flirts with James and comments that he does whatever Mama (Diva) wants. James defends himself, if Diva acts by herself again, it will interfere with the plan and maybe have unnecessary clash with Saya. Diva giggles and intentionally falls off the top floor of the opera house, James “flashes” over and catches her obviously very protective of Diva. Diva laughs and says that it’s very interesting. Nathan says that James is too serious.
    At Javier’s house, Monique asks where Kai is and whether he is doing something dangerous. Javier asks her if she is very concerned about Kai. She says that she doesn’t want him to get hurt and David has been taking Kai out a lot after he quit drinking. Javier says that it’s a matter between men, Kai is like David when he was young and David can’t just let Kai be by himself.
    Kai, David and Luis are scouting outside the opera house. David gets a call from Okamura and he goes to the subway station to meet with Okamura and Mao. Mao is unhappy Kai is not here again. Okamura has info on the sponsors of Diva’s debut, Cinq Flesche and Gold Smith Holdings. Cinq Flesche is a pharmaceutical company but also have business in food for common people and have recently expanded to providing food for the military. Mainly American military, NATO, Russia and old communist countries, but also in Middle East, Asia, Africa, and China. They have contracts with many countries and UN. The deals were bridged by Gold Smith company. Okamura shows David the photos of the laboratory funded by the two companies, it is outside London. It has high security. One of the photos is of Van Argeniano, who is the director of the lab. Louis created a fake ID for David, with name John E. Hamilton with access to Zone Z, the most high security and most suspicious place. Along the way to Zone Z, David is watched by Van on security camera but since there are no cameras inside Zone Z, David’s movement can not be observed. Inside Z, there is a big tank with lots of bodies in fetal position floating around in bubbles, I think they are Corpse Corp, they look like Moses. David comments that “they are growing, no, just soaking.”
    Kai is watching the opera house and he notices Saya and Hagi flash on the building above him. Diva is singing, but Nathan and James already noticed Saya and Hagi’s presence. James’ eyes glow red.
    At the lab, David sees Julia. They both comment that it’s a strange place to meet. Julia asks what he is doing here. David says that he’s here to meet the Gold Smith’s aquarium but that it’s vulgar and is that the answer to Julia’s dream research. She says that it’s just one of the possibilities. She hasn’t found to answer to what is Chiroptera and But she is just doing her hobby. She did find out in the past year that Riku’s ability to hear Diva and Chiroptera’s voice is just an ability found in most developing children. Why Diva would choose Riku, why the Shif take the form of adolescent boys and girls, these are not coincidences. Julia says that David should leave now. But Van comes in with guards. He offers David a candy, but David strangled Van and pointed a pen to his neck and he gets out of the lab with Van as hostage. Van is angry and wants the whole facility burned down because a bug as been in there and no one would want to research anymore.
    Saya and Hagi are inside the opera house, the stage suddenly opens and the set on the stage is that of the zoo and tower where Diva was kept captive. Nathan applauds and says that it’s an appropriate stage for Diva. Nathan flashes above Saya and introduces himself. He says that Hagi is a better man than he thought. Nathan says that he’s tired of his job, won’t Saya come to their side and live together nicely. Saya asks him what he is talking about, to which Nathan says that she still doesn’t know anything. Diva appears(she looks like Riku now). Nathan says that Diva and him are spectators today and her opponent is James, who is in his chiroptera form.
    Saya and Hagi fights with James, but his armor is very hard, Saya’s sword and Hagi’s hand can not pierce it, only creating sparks. Diva rises to leave saying that Saya looks very mean and scary today. Nathan tells her not to eat the driver and there’re lots of snacks at home. She says she’ll abstain till she gets home. Nathan seems to enjoy watching the show.
    Both Saya and Hagi get pushed to the wall. Kai is here. When Saya was pushed to the wall, he fired on James but all the bullets got deflected so Kai shot at the lighting equipment on the ceiling bringing all the lights come crashing on James. Kai says that Saya should retreat but Saya says that she can’t and her eyes glow red again. Saya’s sword barely cracked James’ armor but this time Saya gets throw against the wall again and as James comes in to kill, he is stopped by Nathan. Nathan says that they are off stage, there are no audiences, this is not an appropriate place for the bride to die. Nathan says that he’ll prepare a stage worthy of her death. James asks if he is kidding, Nathan asks if James means him and threatens to kill James. James leaves and Nathan also leaves after commenting that James is a good kid. Saya collapses and she was about to bite Hagi’s neck but Kai was there. Kai turns around but they have already left when he turned around.
    Kai and David meet in front of Luis’ car, Luis says that they’re exactly alike, they both look like they’ve lost a treasure somewhere.
    Preview with Karl commenting that under the moonlight of the 16th day of the month, he’s going to dance the last dance with Saya. He’s lost everything except for his feelings for Saya, he wants to transmit his feelings. Preview shows Anschel and Solomon who seem to be arguing or concerned about something and Javier’s birthday party.

  4. My.. this is really crap. Hope you’ll get better soon. I hope also, that you have a good doctor..
    Unfotunately I can’t send my father to you, since its’ a long way;)
    Please don’t overstrain yourself and take each step little by little, ne?^^

  5. GL, had a friend who had to go through that a few months ago, told me it wasn’t too bad so hopefully won’t be bad for you. You’ve got my prayers, hope you recover well 😀

  6. Yo bro get well !!!! most important is your health !!!
    gen ki gen ki
    we will wait for your safe return !!
    As for now concentrate on recovering !

    Take care see ya soon !!!

  7. Hello dear Omni! -^__^-

    I’m Nadia from Berlin, Germany. I check your blog almost each day. =)
    Am sorry to hear that you are being hospitalized and are gonna go through the lung surgery.
    May all go smooth and well for you and may ya recover A.S.A.P.

    PLz. you don’t have to worry about the blog for now. Rather you need to concentrate for your health.
    It’s the most imp. thing before anything.

    With lots of best and get well wishes
    Take good care
    and good job for keeping us anime fans up to date. -^__^-


  8. dont worry omni..take care sure everything will be alright..hope u get well soon..dont worry about the anime blogging for a while…just take plenty of rest ok..

  9. though i doubt tat u know me at all but i’ve been following ur blog ever since u’ve blogged bout mai otome. and i realli wish u all the best of luck during the operation. i’m sure i’m not the onli one who’ll miss you alot. and i pray that nothing ever happens to you during tat time period when you’re staying in the hospital.

    remember, tat you’ve got frens like us here who’ll be with u spiritually!!!! XD XD

  10. Just focus on getting better Omni, all your fans here would hope that you recover fast, we won’t mind the wait. Feel better soon ok? We’ll all be wishing good health for you!

  11. I can’t believe Omni is actually worried about *us*! 😀

    Good luck in surgery, and please get better VERY soon. Don’t even think about your silly fans. Your health and speedy recovery are most important. *much hugging and get well wishes*


  12. whoa! that’s grave, well hope he gets better, and that nothing happens on the surgery…. and plz TAKE a damm break after you’re out of the hospital!
    and get better^^

  13. (;_;)(;_)( ;)( )(; )(_; )(;_;)(T-T) うるうる~


    お大事に。すぐに元気になってくださいね! o(*^▽^*)o~♪

  14. the news of your illness took me by surprise … 何時も元気そうみたいなOmniさんは なんでこんなになるのよーっ
    hope the procedures went well and that you may recieve the best care and attention the country’s medical & nursing professionals can provide.

    take care , お大事に  (^o^)//≒

  15. hey, although i dont post very often on here i just happen to pass by here today and just wanted to pay some respect, hope the surgery goes well and take your time to recover. As mentioned before, blogging should be the least of your worries for now. take care

  16. Hey! Jason from JaYson Designs here. Wishing you all the best I hope you make a fast recovery all my staff wish as well! You take it easy Omni I always come here everyday to check out your blogging its really well done…better than some IMO. God Bless.

    Owner of JaYson Designs

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