I woke up this morning with chest pains and difficulty breathing again. I’m going back to the ER. All posts today delayed indefinitely.


  1. Yeah take care and recover, I think that what *Chi* told you in the FSN ep24 comment was true get some rest you’re doing a great work but you’re no robot. take some time rest and heal^^

  2. tsk tsk… the doctors should’nt leave you like that again!
    can’t you put a band aid or something on than lung hole?! XD

    again – we all wish you good health! leave the site alone untill you’re back at 100%HP! XD

  3. this sucks man!I know how it is to be sick with an unknown and not fast way to cure it dude( i´ve spent 2 years with phisioterapy feelings pains almost all day) and i always wish it to never happen with my family and friends, so I really hope you get better.I´ll pray for your fast recovery omni because we otakus from all over the world can´t have this disease interfering with our most loved anime blog from the web.And of course with it´s master. Odaijini 😉

  4. It’s Nothing seriously IM SURE XD. I hope u’ll get well soon, i just had difficulty breathing too, but it ends well XD. SOO NOTHING SERIOUS IM SURE OF IT =). Like Chi said take ur time to blog animes “ur not a robot” XD

  5. Pneumothorax is a tricky, tricky thing, especially if it’s spontaneous. Here’s to hoping that this is just a stepping stone to getting better permanently and for good. ^ ^

  6. Hello I hope that isn’t too bad. Once, it happened to me too and when I went to the doctor, he says that it was only a nerve that was trapped between my ribs and that I have to wait until the pain disappeared. it wasn’t a great deal after all ouf !! So get well !!
    ( sorry for all the mistakes I may have done as I’m french and it’s a bit difficult to express myself into english…)


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