Shirou is enclosed inside Angra Mainyu, with hands pulling on his body and visions of the words “Die Die Die.” He remembers how he had vowed to follow his father in becoming an ally of justice and how Rin had told him to win even if he died. Refusing to lose to Kotomine, Shirou breaks free of the black sludge, pulls out Azoth, and charges. However, Kotomine is able to entrap him in more black sludge. On the other side of the temple, Enuma Elish clashes with Excalibur, but Saber still does not have enough power to beat Gilgamesh’s Noble Phantasm. She gets thrown back and struggles to get up again. Both she and Shirou suddenly start to see a light. Using his powers, Shirou creates the sheath. Both of them reach for “the utopia that she dreamt…the name is Avalon!” It allows Shirou to break free again and it allows Saber to deflect the next Enuma Elish. Saber gathers all her power into one final attack, and uses Excalibur before Gilgamesh can even finish saying “Enuma Elish.” She delivers such a powerful slash that it finishes off Gilgamesh. Shirou, meanwhile, slams Azoth into Kotomine’s chest and then turns around to punch the sword, plunging it deeper and finishing the attack.
In his dying breaths, Gilgamesh describes Avalon as the utopia that arrives after the king’s death. It is the ultimate defense and Saber’s true Noble Phantasm – the power spoken of in legends. Putting his hand on her cheek, Gilgamesh calls Saber a hateful woman because she opposed him until the end. But despite that, he’ll forgive her because there are some things that are more beautiful when you can’t get your hands on them. As he disappears into sparkles, Gilgamesh bids the knight-king farewell, saying that this was really fun. Kotomine, meanwhile, is trying to figure out how Shirou got the Azoth. Shirou replies that it’s Rin’s, which evokes Kotomine’s memories of ten years ago when he originally gave Azoth to Rin. After Kotomine dies and his body falls into a pool of the sludge, Shirou walks over and catches Ilya in a blanket that he created as she falls down.
Saber joins him and is ready to destroy the Holy Grail. However, she’ll need him to order her to do it by using his final Command Spell; she wants to hear his voice. The thoughts go through Shirou’s head: “I love Saber. I want her to be happier than anyone else. I wish that we could continue on together. But…if I really loved her, this would be different. Even wounded, she continues to fight – that is the Saber I love. I cannot dishonor her only pride.” Shirou tells Saber to carry out her duty, so she destroys the Holy Grail with one final Excalibur blast. After the explosion, Shirou and Saber find themselves in a field. Saber is glad that she was able to keep her promise of being Shirou’s sword and protecting him. She then turns around with one more thing to say to him: “Shirou, I love you.” The sun dawns over the mountains, temporarily blinding Shirou. When he opens his eyes again, Saber is gone.
Shirou wakes up to Sakura’s voice calling him, as if he were dreaming. Sakura has made breakfast for him, even though she’s got an archery competition today. The two hear a scream from outside, originating from Ilya and Fuji-nee who are riding on a runaway moped. They plow right into Shirou, but it seems that he was able to stop the moped with his bare hands. Fuji-nee even comments on how he’s become strong. Ilya is still staying with them, and she’s developed a rather lively and noisy relationship with Fuji-nee. On the way to school, Shirou runs into Rin. He mentions that the Kotomine church has a new priest and she says that Ryuudoji is being reconstructed – for now, things are back to normal. Rin remarks that she expected Shirou to be feeling more down. Shirou wonders if Rin would comfort him if her were. Rin scoffs back, saying that she’d kick him so that he’d one day recover. Shirou admits that he will probably forget Saber’s voice and Saber’s behavior, but he’ll never forget that he loved Saber. He then turns around and starts running the other way, telling Rin to go ahead to school.
Saber, on the other hand, has returned to her past, to the time after the battle where she had been mortally wounded. She is with Sir Bedivere, one of her knights. Returning to consciousness, Saber tells Bedivere that she saw a dream. Because she doesn’t dream much, this was a precious experience for Saber. Bedivere suggests that if Saber rests and closes her eyes, she can continue her dream. Saber wonders if she can continue seeing the same dream; Bedivere confirms that that’s been his experience, but her wish has to be strong enough. Before she sleeps, Saber has a request for Bedivere: take her sword and throw it back into the lake. In the present, everyone is going about their normal lives: Sakura is in her archery competition, Fuji-nee is working on her bike, Ilya is cleaning the house, Rin is in class, and Shirou is enjoying the view on that red bridge. All of them feel a breeze filled with sakura petals at the same time that Saber is feeling a similar breeze.
Shirou thinks to himself that it feels so near, yet it is not possible to reach out and grab it. But even if you can’t reach, there are still things left in the heart. Being at the same time, looking up at the same thing – as long as they can remember these feelings, even if they are far apart, they are together. Continuing to run now means that if you aim at the distance, someday you’ll reach what you aim for. In the past, Sir Bedivere returns to Saber to report that the sword has been returned to the lady of the lake. Saber say that this next sleep will be a little long. She closes her eyes and Bedivere says the final line of the show, “Do you see it, King Arthur? The continuation of the dream.”

Final ED

I love this song…but I have no idea what it is because the credits didn’t list it. It’s definitely sung by Tainaka Sachi, but it’s not on either of the OP singles.
Watch the Final ED! Mirror 1 Mirror 2 (48.9MB, XviD)

I’m going to write up my thoughts the same way I approached the final episodes of Mai-Otome.
The non-SSJ look – Gilgamesh looks so much better with non-Super Saiyan hair lol. I actually felt a tiny bit of sympathy for him at the end there. Just a tiny bit though.
Much better than expected – From all the spoilers that had been floating around on this blog and elsewhere, I pretty much knew how the general story would end from very early on. In spite of that, I thought that the way they told the story and the details they included was what made this episode so excellent. The animation was indeed as good as the preview from last week had suggested, and several of the monologues were written out quite well. The little King Arthur-related details had me excited too, from Sir Bedivere to returning the sword to the lady of the lake, just like in the legends. That ending had me choking up too, half because of that last line and then the special ending sequence, and half because I liked Saber as a character and it was sad to see her die. What can I say, I’m a sucker for powerful endings.
Noto kawaii yo Noto – I just about did a spit-take when I heard Sir Bedivere open his mouth: the voice actress was Mamiko Noto! I certainly wasn’t expecting her to have a role on this show, so that was a real treat. In case any of you are wondering, 「能登かわいいよ能登」 (Noto kawaii yo Noto – Noto is cute, Noto) is a very popular phrase that’s widely used whenever Mamiko Noto’s voice makes an appearance.
Continuing the dream – The normal way to see the ending is that Saber dies and everyone continues on with their life. As a few of you have suggested, an optimistic view of the ending is that regardless of whether Saber dies in the past, she is continuing her dream – in other words rejoining Shirou’s world. Since I favor happy endings, I kind of like that optimistic view. It’s almost like opening up room for a sequel. Almost 🙂

Final Thoughts:
I remember having several conversations with moyism late last year talking about this series, which had yet to premiere then. Of course, I was excited because this was the show based on the game I had heard so much good stuff about. Now that it’s over (a quick half year), I can say that Fate/stay night has definitely had its share of ups and downs; less of an emotional roller coaster, and more like some episodes were amazingly good and some were, well, not. If any of you remember from my earlier posts, I had a lot of issues with the story’s pacing and heavy amount of dialogue. The transition from visual novel to anime didn’t work quite as well until the series hit its stride around episode 11. But it wasn’t until episode 14 that I was simply blown away. From there on, I basically had high marks for all the episodes (with the exception maybe being the next-to-last episode). And in the end, I loved the final episode, so I came out with very positive feelings for the series overall. Having never played the game, I can’t really comment about how it was different or the same, which I think worked to my advantage in terms of enjoyment. They did drop a lot of hints about various things they didn’t really cover and if you were sharp, you could connect the dots (Shirou and Archer, Sakura and Rider, Sakura and Rin, etc). More often than not though, it left you a little confused. What I can say though, is that Fate/stay night is overall one of the best shows so far in 2006. I think it’d be quite interesting if they decide to animate one of the other scenarios or Fate/Hollow Ataraxia. 🙂

And finally, for the record, my favorite characters for this series ended up being: Rin > Saber > Archer > Shirou > Ilya > Sakura >> Everyone Else.


  1. seriously the first minute freaked me out ..i was wondering if it was a fake or not …

    saber went back to her time…you were right omnin
    gonna miss that series , for once we fangirls had bishies XD

  2. Edit: Well, just read that he’s Sir Bedivere.
    Honestly, in the end I was pretty sure, that Saber would return. But I’m disappointed, it’s an fantastic ending, but to see Saber die and Shirou alone, and nobody is really happy in the end..
    It hurts..

  3. ??? Mamiko Noto as Bedivere ??? I have to see the finale now just to hear how she sounds. Can’t say I’m all that attached to any of the characters or the story as it was. I’m just glad it’s finally over and we can move on to newer and better things…maybe.

  4. I guess for the last images that She died after Sir BEdivere found her. I have not yet found the raw anywhere.
    Not quite. Saber did some talking about the dream she saw first. She then asked Bedivere to throw her sword into the lake. Bedivere returned in time for Saber to say that this sleep will be a little long. Saber closes her eyes and Bedivere says the “Do you see it, King Arthur? The continuation of the dream” line.

  5. The bashers can kiss my hairy ass and stick their opinions where the sun never shines 😉

    Pretty good conclusion to the show, and a very nice ED. And as a little warning, the sub might come out a bit later than you’re used to, because this show not only needs a full new ED karaoke, it also has got more signs than all other episodes before combined. Crazy.

  6. im too sad to say any comment T . T

    anyway i was hoping some new trick or new weapon or something from shirou..haizzz

    oh ya whos the guy with saber(the one saber is sleeping under a tree )

  7. Man that’s sad, i really hoped that this series would never end…well not never ..but a bit longer. So are they going to have a second season? If they do, i really hope shirou and saber come back.

  8. It was a good ending but people had way too high expectations. All day I’ve been hearing people crying about it. On a whole the series wasnt that bad, nowhere near my top favorites but it was enjoyable and this last episode was oozing high production values all around. Like KJ puts it in Asuki it was godly lol.

  9. “Do you see it, King Arthur? The continuation of the dream.”

    above the sentence…whats the meaning..anyone knows ? omni ?

    does that mean they are going to do 2nd season or sequal ?

    so sabers just takes a long nap isit? she doest die right in the end..plz hope not this make me really sad..tears flowing

  10. I had a feeling it would end that way after reading the Fate scenario. I wish it wasn’t going to end already, well will have to wait until tommorow for Eclipse’s sub.

  11. No, there are no more grail wars in Fuyuki after this one. The fifth is the last. And yes, Saber finally died for real in her own time. It’s the end of the Arthurian legend with Bedevere returning Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake as Arthur dies.

  12. I think it’s definetely clear, that there won’t be a second season.
    Why? Type Moon is known for sad endings/open endings.
    The story is awesome, this series is awesome. Why I still don’t like the outcome?
    There is enough sadness in my life, so I don’t need sad things in my freetime/hoby.
    But that’s only my way of handling these things.

    And NOW, *G*
    a great job dude^^

    – You have good English
    – Your summaries are clear and mention all important aspects
    – It’s pretty cool, that you upload new openings/ endings^^ Thanks a lot!

    But there are some things you should change:
    1) In my opionion, it’s better to upload an episode first, when you did also a short summary. When there are only pictures, we get unnecessary comments like “who’s that” etc. It’s also better for the nerves^^
    2) Maybe write the summaries a bit shorter and in headwords. I think, it will be even easier then to read them.

    Well, currently no other things in my mind, but if I remember something else, I add it^^
    So Omni, thanks for your hard work. I really appreciate it. Especially since I know, that Japanese schools are tough and you don’t have that much free time.
    So, for the future, gambatte!
    Ah, and just one thing: If there is the situation, that you don’t have enough free time, better blog less series, since you are not a robot^^
    That’s all^^ For myself, I’ll do my best to support your site in the future 😉

  13. above the sentence…whats the meaning..anyone knows ? omni ?
    Saber was talking about the dream she saw to Bedivere. Since she’s falling asleep again – this time for a long time – (aka. dying) Bedivere wonders if she sees the continuation of that dream. That’s almost like hinting at a sequel, but not really (ok, that’s more like wishful thinking).

    1) In my opionion, it’s better to upload an episode first, when you did also a short summary. When there are only pictures, we get unnecessary comments like “who’s that” etc. It’s also better for the nerves^^
    2) Maybe write the summaries a bit shorter and in headwords. I think, it will be even easier then to read them.

    1. The name of the game is always speed. That’s what I built a reputation around. However, I don’t always have time to write something right after I put up pics. Simply enough, if the episode comes out early enough, then I have time to write up some initial thoughts/a temp bulleted summary. Otherwise, you have to wait until after I’m back from Friday night dinner (in the case of FSN) before I start. Remember, it’s always a balance of time between work, school, friends, blogging, etc for me.
    2. For series that are really popular, people complain about how you missed Detail #3432. That’s why I have long summaries for really popular shows and relatively shorter summaries for the less popular ones.

  14. I already feel like crying seeing saber separating from shirou in the screenshots. from all those moments (the kiss, the you-know-what, the blushing, etc.), i really wish they would stay together. it’s so sad.

    and what’s even sadder is that gilgamesh actually looks really hot with that fairly different hairstyle.

    FSN has been fun but i can’t help but predict that the ending will make me depressed and a bit melancholic: which means that the final episode is powerful and well done enough to set my emotions off. although i wished for a different ending, i found that the creators made the right choice in sticking to the *real* ending. it’s more natural and for some reason, i think that if the creators made saber stay with shirou, the ending would feel more forced.

    may saber and shirou meet again someday. =)

  15. mango’s quote: “may saber and shirou meet again someday. =)”

    may there be a second season/ova/movie someday. lol

    aka fate/hollow atarxia (forgot how 2 spell third word)

    or there could just be a second season involving the same characters 10 yrs later. Hard to imagine the characters themselves though.

    Eternal Strike Freedom
  16. pity the two , Saber & Shirou , could not be together physically , but in heart , they are one .

    Gilgamesh actually looks better with his hair down ( lol )

    Taiga and Ilya make a funny pair

  17. “Do you see it, King Arthur? The continuation of the dream.”

    above the sentence…whats the meaning..anyone knows ?

    One way of looking at it….. hahaha

    Show Spoiler ▼

    That makes sense right? Well, it’s for people that don’t like sad endings ;X

    Shirou gets… an upgrade if you think about it!

    Thanks for blogging this, really enjoyed it! (Don’t bother posting my other one…)

  18. I knew it….I knew right from the start that I’m gonna cry when the final episode is out! *Weeping in a corner*

    *Blow nose* Anyway, great ending. As much as I wanted Saber to stay, I’m pretty satisfied with this ending. Though saddening, Shirou realise that if he really love Saber, he’ll have to let her go. The last part where Saber died was a little unexpected. And the dream she’s talking about….it makes me all the more want to cry! *Blow nose again* Well, at least Saber went back to her time, managed to redo her life and….died again. She seemed a lot more peaceful when she died. If there’s one thing that I’m unsatisfied about, its her final parting with Shirou. Can’t they at least hug or kiss for one last time!!!!??? *Ran out of room crying*

  19. saber dies in the real world but its sort of like the ending of FMP TSR, where they hint as to what happens later. “Do you see it, King Arthur? The continuation of the dream.” basically says that she’s prolly back in the shirou world (the dream). so it is a happy ending.

  20. I finally watched the episode! It made me freaking cry like a little girl. I kept rewinding to the 13:59
    mark when saver tells Shirou the she loves him. I wish I could avoid watching anime based on Type Moon games. It seems that like someone said they always use the sad end. Don’t take me wrong,
    I enjoyed the episode a lot! Seeing Saber die was tough, but I have no complains about the final episode. The ED rocked so much, with all the great footage they used. Saber RIP and may you have sweet dreams. 🙁

  21. Gilgamesh looks good with his hair down. And speaking of cute guys, the knight (Sir Bedivere) at the latter part of the episode looks handsome.
    I like the ending. At least Saber told Shirou her feelings…

  22. “Fin” is often used in RPG ending too. French rules!

    Well, I was really disappointed by this anime but the ending seems very good.
    Oh bittersweet ending. Servants, you all did a good job, time to rest for eternity…

    (And Rin is beautiful!)

  23. THIS IS NOT A SAD ENDING!!!!!!!!
    they want the viewer to interpert the ending qoute “Do you see it, King Arthur? The continuation of the dream.” as Saber goes on ‘dreaming’ in Shirou’s world.
    you guys make me cry; this is a HAPPY ending they should make an OVA to clear stuff up
    *sniff* *sniff*

  24. awww…
    it looks like it ended just like the game itself…
    i was hoping that saber will be staying beside shirou after the war but … *sad*
    anyway i guess its the end for this great series.

    judging by this kind of ending… i guess there won’t be a fate hollow ataraxia as the second season.
    and i’m gonna miss saber a lot

  25. Who in tarnation is “Mamiko Noto”?
    Mamiko Noto is a very famous voice actress who has a soft voice and plays several meek, obedient types (Yakumo from School Rumble, Yukino from Mai-HiME/Otome). She’s a favorite of many anime fans, myself included.

  26. ohhhh!!!!!! im still bugged by da fact that they didnt try to do anything about shirou being archer. T.T although, it looks lie its gonna b a really REALLY good episode. cant wait to get my hands on it 😀

  27. ok now that da series has ended, i will no hesitate to ask. this quesion has been bugging me for a dam long time:

    i never understood it. it’d be really really appreciated if anyoe can answer my question 😀 😀
    arigato.. ^_^

  28. UBW = Unlimited Blade Works

    The most powerful Noble Phantasm Archer(which is also Shirou) has.

    UBW also refers to one of the 3 possible scenario in F/sn game. This anime ended with the scenario ‘Fate”s ending. The 3rd one is Heaven’s Feel.

  29. This episode was great. Really saddening even though there is some kind of hope by the end but still sad.

    Seeing this moment with Saber bidding her farewells and confessing her love to Shirou animated is what trully made my heart stop. A tear was shed.

    I don’t know if they’ll be able to make an anime out of F/HA (I’m inclined to think they won’t do it) but this remains the show of the year for me.

    Now, I just hope Type-Moon makes a real sequel from Fate route or finally a game involving the TSukihime and Fate characters alltogether.

  30. wheres the damned Unlimited Blade Works!!! i wanted to see UBW badly!!! zomg they sucked at the finally if Shirou was Archer then where the hell did he learn UBW… UBW UBW UBW!!! pissed and all….

  31. Oh,no…….i really wanted to cry only by reading the summary T_T can’t wait to get its fansub….

    Well i hope there will be an OAV of F/S N but i think that’s impossible if you know Type-moon well….T_T

    Anyway,i’ll set F/S N as the best anime in year 2006!^^

  32. Nope, he didn’t.

    The lion plushie is the only thing, apart from his memories, that Shirou has left from his relation with Saber.

    But as long as their hearts are connected, there will be hope for the two of them.

  33. The ending is slightly open-ended to allow optimists to think that maybe Saber does meet Shirou again after her death in her own time. Never rule anything out in a fictional world where magic exists and much crazier things have happened.

  34. Heh, won’t they meet again if they exist in the Hero Timespace where they are summoned to be Servants?

    Also, ARCHER! WHY DID YOU GO! T_T (Yes, I AM about 12 episodes late :P)

    I was still hoping for more on the Heaven’s Feel impacting the ending, but they really played out the FATE Ending pretty well. I liked it. Hate to see this series go, but… ARCHER! T_T

    And Rin is still totally cute.

  35. omg.. then there was really no point in saber going back to her time is there?.. im just confused, she said her sleep will be longer this time around so basically she *died*. why didnt she just stay with shirou and live with everyone happily =(!!

  36. If Avalon is where King Arthur goes after death, then I wonder what kind of utopia Avalon is? Even at the end it seems like Saber wants to continue her “dream”. As for Shirou, he said that if he set his aim far enough then maybe he will reach it someday. Is he maybe saying that he wants to get to Avalon someday as well? He was able to see her utopia and with the two of them calling upon Avalon, they both seemed to get powered up by Avalon in the decisive battle. My optimistic view is that either Saber gets to continue her dream and rejoin Shirou or that Shirou will eventually be able to join Saber in Avalon.

  37. It’s over then…Oh my, really…

    I was a crybaby with this final chapter, I knew this would happen, damn it!
    Shirou finally realizes his true feelings, a little odd and classic “if you love her, let her go”-thing, but serves well for both of them. Oh yeah, this is the first time did I hear “iashitteru” from Ayako kawasumi. You did it great as Saber…

    The background music, the fights, the last stand of Shirou & Saber; Gilgamesh farewell words for Saber, her treasure, a treasure more loved because he never could reach her. Kotomine realizing his own mistake; everything was just perfect!

    And for the final part of this episode; maybe Saber won’t come back to Shirou’s side, but in her utopia’s place, that dream would come true for her. Only for her

    It was fun. It’s over now.

    Syaoran Li
  38. Maybe is my wishfull thinking but…

    Courtesy of Wikipedia:
    “It is also said to be the place where the body of King Arthur is buried. He was supposedly brought there via boat by his half sister, Morgan le Fay. According to some legends Arthur merely sleeps there, to awaken at some future time.”

    Is the only way for Saber, King Arthur, to fullfil that dream, to have that “continuation of her dream”

    Syaoran Li
  39. *sniff sniff* *sob sob*

    one of the best indeed..ill truly miss this anime and i hope they make another scenario or an ova…now iam all lost looking for a new anime to watch

  40. wow… it seems that everyone is crying over da ending.. im sure i will when i watch it too.. better get a good supply of kleenex ready 😉

    now for a roundup. fsn, dam good anime to watch. think my favourite male characters are 1) archer 2) lancer. favourite female would be….. 1) rin 2) saber (if she lets her hair out) 3)caster

  41. Just finished watching the sub. It certainly was as beautiful and sad as I thought, I simply couldn’t stop the tears from pouring down my face during the ‘I love you’ scene and when Saber finally closed her eyes.

    May you have sweet dreams, Saber.

    (On another note, now FSN has finished, I’ve no idea what to watch anymore, since it was the only anime I followed. Maybe I’ll try converting to Haruhiism?)

  42. just wanted to clear some things up

    first of all for all the ppl who want to see f/ha anime do u really wanna see the butchery of the all the h shirou does…….i would love to see ataraxia animated but not with dragon my god a dragon of all things……

    also when saber goes to sleep she err technacaly dies and then is brought to avalon(the island) where she rests tell britin(england) is in need of her again…..yada yada

    another thing me=fate stay night fan so im naturaly gonna want a sequal…….triqual quadrupal w/e i want more!!!!!!! and a happy ending would be nice…..

    just gonna contradict myself…….the fate ending pretty much kills the whole f/ha story so i doubt thats gonna happen unless ubw and hf are animated which are already doubtful so i just have to say to all otakus – non-otakus and just about every fan in the planet(any aliens would be nice lol ^^) to go send emails to f/sn requesting MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (enough ! eh?)

  43. Omg, I just watched F/S N and from a second at the beginning I though Shirou is going to die. Anyway…wow it has been a long time we didnt saw Rin and Shirou together…its fun to watch them XD. Anyway…I almost cried when Saber left =[ and the music T_T is soo good and sad. Oh well

    10/10 favourite anime of this year XD


  44. Nah they’d have to make an OVA for the other arcs as they only branch out and start to differ after a certain point~ Afterall if they did do it from start we’d have to watch all the explanations again 😛

  45. Well, I hope Type-Moon can remake Tsukihime, or making Melty Blood, or the Garden of Sinners……especially the last one and it was a masterpiece which is better than Tsukihime and Fate.

  46. Well, now after watching the episode, I’m disappointed anymore.
    This episode was great, they did a different ending to the game and since we have this sentence at the end (Continuing the dream) it’s a bit positive after all. I think it’s a really good solution. If Saber would’ve stayed it has been too unrealistic. When she would’ve died without a word, it has been too sad.
    So this is the best way to handle it. But there is one thing the animators forget^^ There are now plenty rumors about a sequel, an OVA or whatever. I myself don’t think they’ll make one of these things.
    Finall thoughts: I was curious on each episode of Fate/stay night. This fact alone shows me, that this anime had a good story. Then the good animation (in some episodes god like, remember 14, or now 24)
    In my opinion, they managed also the fact, that the real Arthur was a man, pretty good.
    This whole discussion about dream, duties, jep, that was something^^
    But I won’t buy the game since I don’t like the type moon endings (Tsukihime, I want to cut their heads off for this ending).
    So, it was a great time and I hope to see another good series, like Fate/stay night or, some months before, Mai Otome. Honey & Clover maybe since Omni talked a lot about this series. I didn’t watch season1, but maybe I do, first have to read about the story etc.
    Now I’m just curious, what series do you guys prefer next?

    @ Omni: That’s an good argument, but if you can upload the pictures, 2 sentences about some obvious questions wouldn’t be too much, or?^^
    About the headword thing: I don’t tell you to make shorter summaries, but if you’ll make them in headwords it would be better to read in my opinion^^

  47. Oh GOD NO UBW isn’t even that good IMO only real treat there was Shirou using UBW but HF had the better Shirou afterall~. Shirou really kicked ass at HF while in UBW he was still ok… Still Fate arc is still great in the end IMO~

  48. none of the stories are the best there just different tellings of the same story so how in the hell can 1 be better than the other if there the same lol
    also it might be alittle hard to make a ubw or hf story seeing as there would be a whole lot of redundant scenes and other stuff though there are some othere ehem shocking things that hapen to several charactars(aka they die horribley ….mostly cause of gilgamesh) and theres also true assassain and zouken(the guy in the car who addopeted sakura) damn just made me want them to make it even more ^^;;

  49. u noe after watching, i kinda got this feeling… if saber destroyed the grail like she did last time, wouldn’t there be another grail war? and wouldn’t saber be resummoned?? i dunno.. besides.. it is said authur didn’t die, he merely fell into a long sleep in avalon and will awake when britain is in trouble or something like that… Shirou go terrorise britain!! lol

  50. Yes, Saber destroys the evil contains of the Holy Grail, and then said her definitely line “Shirou… Anatta wa… aishitteru” My heart simple melted there…

    I’m feel happy for her, because for just a moment in he life, Saber was happy.

    Syaoran Li
  51. Ah, she sure was happy at other moments too;)
    When I’m thinking about this last episode, I more and morea agree, that it’s excellent.
    The best thing for the producers: If there are many people who want a happy ending, do an OVA^^

  52. bah i dun like saber, well i just dun like the character development that she went through in this story, probably cuz i dun really like shirou in this story either. so my favourite characters list has saber and shirou somewhere at the bottom. man i like issei better than shirou he was cool. sakura woulda made shirou into a better character than what saber did. and damn… none of the sub characters were even in this episode. damn main characters taking all the screen time. where’s ayako or even issei >

  53. I was little upset to see the fact that UBW was not used especially when its part of the intro to each episode. I would have least had three seasons of FSN, building the plot and characters. Not enough time was given for Lancer in the show. A clash between Archer and Shiro would have been nice. The pace at the beginning was slow from Episodes 1 to 13 and suddenly picked up pace leaving gaps and unanswered questions. Its sad because the show has extreme potential to go on. I hope that they do continue with new seasons ( Ex. the transformation of Shiro to Archer).

    Overall I am sad that the series has ended even though there are hints of continuation. I hope they do decide to continue and devote more time to storyline development and plots.

  54. >> gammaoh
    I’m agree with you, just perfect!!

    Hey! People, let me ask you something ^^

    When Saber was laying against the tree & speaking with Bedivere about her beautiful dream & all; Excalibur’s trowing to the lake incluided; what is the name of the song that was playing in the background? I hear the name over 4chan, but I forget it! Damn it! I really love it; so sad, but sod beautiful…

    Can you help me!

    Syaoran Li
  55. Damn!

    Here we go my friends, another sad anime where Ayako Kawasumi were the VA for a character who couldn’t live a life of happiness, only a brief moment… ( Mahoro, Hikari, Saber )

    O_O Soo sad

    Syaoran Li
  56. Let me ask it again!!

    >> When Saber was laying against the tree & speaking with Bedivere about her beautiful dream & all; Excalibur’s trowing to the lake incluided; what is the name of the song that was playing in the background? I hear the name over 4chan, but I forget it! Damn it! I really love it; so sad, but sod beautiful…

    Gomen if I’m a little annoying with thiis, but I really, really love that song.

    Syaoran Li
  57. Sorry buddy, I don’t know the name just yet.

    However, the ending is somewhat sad, but there is hope. Both of them are happy because they met each other and they’ll live in each other’s heart.

    Maybe they’ll meet again but that’s up to the viewer to imagine this. The ending is open enough for that if you consider what Shirou and Sir Bedivere say.

    And Gilgamesh was great until the very end. Gee, I love his character and the voice actor made him really great by showing how kiddish the character can be. In the game, since there is no voice, you just consider him as the ultimate bad asskicker.

    I’ll try to look up the song for you Syaoran. But I can’t garanty anything just yet 😉

  58. Thank you very much gammaoh, if you can find it out; I’ll greatful

    Yeah! They left to our imagination that; Saber was happy for the first time in her life thanks to Shirou, and Shirou grown a little bit thnaks to her; and help him to became.. well, you know who..

    I’ll continue later, ja ne!

    Syaoran Li
  59. Saber realy died. This is a fact. When Bedevere says thats she must behold her dream, I think that this means only this, a dream. Saber was alive when was taken to the these days, So I think this is impossible to happen once she is dead.

  60. What makes it possible is rather the Arthurian legend than what was EXACTLY shown in the anime.


    King Arthur, the Once and Future King of England.

    She is dead, or left dead, whichever you want but is taken to Avalon when she rests in peace, waiting for the time to return when the King is most needed.

    The hope that is left? Shirou managing to join her. It is said that Avalon can be found only by those who have already traveled there. But Shirou already has in episode 24 when he finally gets a hold on it thanks to the scabbard. So basically, nothing is impossible for him just now. Again, the rest is up to the viewer.

    @Syaoran Li: I think this music that was also played in episode 21 when Shirou kisses Saber is an Ave Maria by W.A. Mozart. I’ll look up in my big pile of Mozart’s CD’s and tell you thereafter.

  61. Im sure you guys know that this anime was based off an H-game and there is a sequel to the H-game. Will there be a sequel to the anime? I dont know, but certainly hope there is one… 🙂

  62. well the real sequel (fate/hollow ataraxia) is pretty much impossiable to do since saber is dead…. unless they wanna pull a startrek and do some “temperal” stuff and get us all confused with technical crap……..

    idiot anamesis
  63. Well, for the DVD R1, Geneon said almost at the end of this year =)

    And thanks for the info about the song; I want it! If they don’t put it on the OST, I have to get it!

    Syaoran Li
  64. I really liked this series. I do think it was a little unfair they didn’t end up together. I mean they fought for this holy grail the whole time and even though its evil i think a fair enough wish would have been for sabre to remain in the real world. 🙂

  65. I never played or read about the game, but from the way the story was going, I was fully prepared to see Shirou and Saber part at the end. So I thought my emotions wouldn’t be caught off guard.

    However, something caught my heart completely unawares: I had mistakenly thought Saber was already dead, and she existed as a ghost entity in the present. So I was completely surprised when I found out that she had to *physically* die at the very end.

    A parting I can live with. Like Shirou said, they remain in the heart. However, in this case, the girl he loves won’t be thinking about him in another place/time – she DIED a few minutes after leaving him!
    I was not prepared to confront a physical death for Saber, only a parting. My soul is completely torn asunder.

  66. Thanks for pointing my way to that short fan manga of Saber in Avalon. I feel better now. And that scenario isn’t forced – it makes perfect sense but I just didn’t of it.

    1. In F/SN, ppl don’t disappear after they die. There are souls/ghosts/etc. At the very least, it’s true for the “Epic Souls.”

    2. Both Saber and Shirou are such souls.

    3. Avalon is the final place for heroes. It has many analogies in other myths, such as Valhalla etc. Therefore it makes sense that it is a single sacred place where heroes of all nations/times gather.

    4. Even if you take the route that Avalon is an exclusive place, Shirou has reached it before. It is open to him.

    5. Therefore, I think that after Archer Shirou was defeated in the anime/game, and no longer bound as a Servant after the Grail was destroyed, if he wished he could have finally gone to Avalon in search of Arturia. If he wanted to. Seeing as how the knot in his soul was finally untangled in UBW, I believe that even if he didn’t want to before, he would now.

  67. I DEMAND an OVA of Archer and Shirou or basically of Unlimited Blade Works!!! I really really really was looking forward to see Rin’s face when Archer’s ID was revealed.

  68. I feel that the FSN anime was a directorial mess with many things “forgotten” and left out. IE: Iilya suddenly becomes sick for no reason, giving me the impression it was due to Rin’s karate chop in the previous episode. Sakura was rescued but never shown after that. Problem with the anime was also it made alot of game references where ppl who didn’t play or read what happened in the game had no idea what’s goin on. They introduced flashbacks about rin and sakura but never stated what their relationship was.

    And well if they were goin through the trouble to show Saber’s past fighting Mordred, why not explain it a little in-anime instead of expecting everyone to understand Arthurian legends? They could show the knight stabbing him in his death instead of showing something so ambiguous like a clone-saber yelling “Father”.

    I personally felt Fate could’ve been way much more than it actually was in the anime.

  69. I found this in hollow ataraxia

    it is probably to anounce a new game or second anime season I don’t really know. The anime finish like i didn’t wanted to XD well….like every single harem anime I watch. I didn’t wanted shirou to finish with Saber, this is to previsible and this is always like that -__- only shuffle impress me when the hero finish with a second character girl. I’m ShirouXRin so i’m sad 😛 We didn’t see the twins in the anime. Well it was a good anime but i’m bit frustrated because harem anime never finished with the girl i like XD

    (sorry for my english i’m french)

  70. I just finished watching FSN..And i have to say that was just awesome!!! to tell u the truth when i first heard of this anime, i wasnt too excited since i kinda knew what it was..but i gave it a shot since my freind requested it..and after the first 5 episodes i got hooked just like was that GOOD!! One of my favorite parts was probobly shirou and saber being together..and Also ARCHER..i LIKED this characther because his cantation Spell or whatever was just “DIVINE”..” I am the Bone of My sword”..wait another quote/incantation from archer is..”have withstood pain to create many weapons, Yet those hands will never hold anything, So as I pray. Unlimited Bladeworks” ..ahh man that was the best!! ya sure we can say that..but the way archer say it was just great!!

    As for The Ending..I feel like theres more to this story..i mean..there has to be more !!! Overall Great series..And i would definetly Lookforward to a 2nd series or OVA or whatever..FSN is definetly one of THE best in 2006!!

  71. Just finished watching this show tonight. I hated the ending with a passion. Call me old-fashioned if you will, but I want happy endings in my entertainment. If I wanted to be depressed I would spend my time watching the news rather than anime. One of these days I shall learn my lesson about this studio… or probably not, but I will not ever be happy with their constant stream of sad endings.

  72. from Wikipedia:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    !!!END OF SPOILER!!!
    so it was not so sad ending 😀

    Fate/Hollow Ataraxia in wikipedia:


  73. noooooo! i just finished watching the last episode of fate stay night and to be honest I kinda cried at the end I would be happy if they did more episodes or if they even make a movie that saber returns and this time she stays with shirou that would be cool.

  74. It is an end to the series, but it makes me feel pretty bad. To me, Saber dieing in the end feels like Shirou failed to save her, and that she failed to save herself. She went back to put an end to the life she knew, but it was already ending. Shirou should have used unlimited blade works and therefore saved Saber. That way she dies the way she is supposed to in the past, and lives the rest of her life in the future with the one she fell to love with.

    Give us fans the unlimited blade works ending! Saber must LIVE! LIVE I SAY!

    Oh yeah, and stay away from the evil saber ending. I never liked that ending.

  75. she certainly did die, in the past. like omni said in the blog to what sir bedivere said to king arturia, “Do you see it, King Arthur? The continuation of the dream.” which yes implies she’s dead……how sad. i love this series. i too honestly hope they make an ova out of this where saber does come back and all. haha.

  76. Sad story but wonderful scenes however , I hope there is a continuation for that or season 2 , I really like saber as a character in the story and hoping there’s a happy ending for the two harbored lovers that shirou and saber will meet again on shirou’s time and saber have a different name but her memory still remains because of her dreams in the time that they were together , and to live as a normal girl but absolutely the same as the saber that shirou’s loved.

  77. DAM i hate this ending i want saber and shirou to be happy like a love story dam it i hate it.. i cant stop crying i wish they make a OVA for the happy ending stuff pls pls pls make an OVa

    robin stay night
  78. omg… I cried like hell when I saw that.
    Shirou must have a really STRONG mind, to accept the way things happened…
    In Shirou’s place, I wouldn’t hava accepted that so happily(he smiled a lot), in fact I would have shot myself in head 🙁

    I think F/SN increased Prozac’s sales in 900%

  79. SKDFLSKDJF OMG I WAS SO SAD TOO. i was like actually sorta depressed over the ending for a day after i watched it. >>

    and i’ve been feeling kinda bad ever since until i saw that fan comic posted by Machi.

    I actually thot i was canon. ah well i’d rather believe in that ending. it made me so happy xD

  80. i have been depressed for a few days after i saw the ending. i am planning to buy as much Saber PVC figures as possible. i ordered another 4 figures just this month. i bought 5 over the past month. damn it. im going crazy.

  81. oh my god im so happy to find others who felt the same way i feel…
    it took me over a week and extensive research on the net to find an ending i like
    since i heard they were different endings…
    god finally answered with a short comic i found, where shiro (as archer)
    met saber in the paradise of hero’s

    but i wouldnt even think of watching the ending again..its too devastating for me…

  82. i juz finish this anime today and i’m really sad over the ending… I hope hope hope saber will b wif shirou but… T_T i’m almost in tears after watching the ending i can help it…..

  83. ~.~ i just finish it today .. and i think the ending is ……… i dont know .. i can only say i dont like it .. i like/love saber really much .. and why they cant be together ? .. it is so shitting … make me want to cry ~.~ i hate sad ending .. and this you could count it as a sad ending ……… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA continue this anime or make a short episode showing saber + shirou = together

  84. This story is still incomplete as we don’t know what happened to the dream Saber saw at the end, which makes you feel sorry for her as she dies and Shirou as he couldn’t save her. At the end even though there was no more Servants, everyone seems to be missing Saber.

  85. I thought it was a SAD, but good ending. I was glad Shirou finally accepted Saber’s wish and let her go. It was the right thing, imo. At least he had those other girls, like family , with him. One my fav series

  86. Saber won’t be able to come back for the next Holy Grail war because she asked Bedivere to throw her sword into the lake… which is, I think her only link to becoming a servant.

    However it was the appropriate ending. Saber went back to her past, in which she has to die.


    1. Caster and Kuzuki Freak out Dead
    2. Whoa Rider is here
    3. Crap Lancer versus Idiot Archer
    4. well here we goes Assassin kick you Quite ass
    5. Gilgamesh getting sucks kiss at saber’s foot
    6. Kotomine Are a Priest looked at that
    7. Fujimura Running faster what the fuck
    8. SHOCKED: Rin, Sakura, Shiro Love Triangles
    9. Quick paparazzi: Saber and HSiro goes on date
    10. Ouchies: At Final episodes Cool friendship

    The guy with Saber under the tree is the knight who took his king away from the battle field.
    The knight who refused to throw the king’s sword excaliber into the lake, becasuse he knew that that would kill his king as well.
    I love the fact that Saber thinks that the whole ‘Shirou’ incident was a dream.
    It also makes me sad that she thinks that.
    All in all Fate/Stay Night was very good. =]
    I hope the rest of you liked it as much as I.
    ~Arthuria Celas Pendragon

  89. na tats not king arthur and besides its a she =.= and man i hate the ending it sucked..i mean..!!..actually i’m not tat sure about bedivere lol.. can’t really remember well.. but poor saber.. WHY WHY MUST SHE DIE!!

  90. its a nice story….. i dont want to end the story if u ask me….. i like saber character very much….. the relation between two of them is beyond love….. cant have the words to express it……. i like it i never forget it….. in my life….

  91. Excellent anime with a beautiful ending. I mean damn, i hate happy endings. So it was quite perfect, how the hell can he fall in love with a century old slave? Wouldnt make sense, he shouldve gone with Sakura. The story was nice, needed more Lancer though.

    Llednar Twem
  92. I love the series and the ending was sad, i agree but did Saber really die?

    According to King Arthur’s Legend, there are two different endings… Nobody really knows which ending is the correct one, but i suppose nobody would.

    1st Ending: King Arthur is brought to Avalon to heal his wound. And that he didn’t die but was just sleeping until England needs him again. He will then return to England as King.

    2nd Ending: He tells Bedivere to throw his Excalibur into the lake where the lady of the lake existed. And then he dies.

    3rd Ending: He turns into a crow.

    Well, those are some of the different endings of King Arthur and we dunno which is the real one (or if King Arthur/Avalon really existed in the first place)

    I was hoping it would be ending no. 2 but sadly i believe the creators are following the first ending. Seeing that the sword was thrown away. Sad ending :/

    Hope that helps x)

    Kumo ((:
  93. i just finished this yesterday. This is by far the sadest ending to an anime i’ve seen yet. I know they had plans to destroy the holy grail which from what i understood wouldn’t have stopped the war from reoccuring but i figured Saber could stay in the present time and just open another can of whoop in the next war but if you think about it what Shirou did proved his love for her. I mean if he hadn’t let her go back and fulfill her oath she would stay a servant having to fight in more holy grail wars for well beyond shirou’s lifetime. honestly tho i was expecting them to wish her to no longer be a servant or something but as ussual he put her wishes before his own which i do believe was the right thing….i cried for real on this one ^_^ So yeah he did the right thing in my oppinion and Rin is obviously falling for him so he’s still got it good lol.

  94. I loved every bit of this Anime.. By far my favorite. But the ending left me running with so many emotions it would make me want to break down. But Considering the ADHD issue in my life … I consider this “Confusion”. A lot of it. @.@” 1)The final line from Bedivere was basically telling me, “Hey, guess what? sequel!”.. And who knows what Kinoko Nasu will do. I hope they make a sequel. Which leads me to my 2nd thought. I loved the ending but it makes me want more. Like that ending wasn’t enough!!!! >.

    Guya Luna
  95. I don’t care if Saber went back to the present day (that sounds off)or not. She’s by far my favorite character, and because of Shirou, did she make my favorite. Read these words, and if rewatch this last episode. If you feel what I feel, then you know where I’m coming from. My last thought on this anime … The two days I spent watching every single episode of this, it actually taught me something. I learned that I can’t take every day of my life by the day thinking that I only need me to get by. I can push myself but truly I will never feel happy without some sort of accomplishment in my life.I have always had that one person on standby – that one who was there for me when I needed her. But, my selfishness caused me to neglect her appreciation for me.. Stubborn and dumb.. I think it’s time I showed her appreciation for everything she’d done for me. And as dramatic as this seems, there are many of you out there who are reading this right now and you say to yourself the same thing. And many of you may laugh.. But one things for certain. Anything in a world this creative can spark a change in human life. As Spiritual as this is for me, I know it will pass over the night. Though it never hurts to bury your memories. And in that I mean a good way… Thank you Kinoko Nasu for your masterworks..Fate Stay Night: 10 out of 10.

    Guya Luna
  96. What a unique anime this is…But the ending turned out to be a somewhat anti-climax for me T.T.. i expect something more out of this anime…but anyway GREAT anime.. it makes me cry .. ubububu T.T

  97. Hmmmm… when I first watched that anime in 2006 I cut short on ep 6 due to other shows airing… but it seems I did something foolish… now after giving it a second chance and a full re-run in the space of 3 days.. IM impressed and I enjoyed it, the ending has certianly etched itself into my mind and it will be a while before I re-watch this due to forgetfulness XD Fate/Stay Night *Thumbs Up*

  98. The significance of the stuffed lion at the end of the closing song should not be overlooked. Theres a reason they put it there. Maybe saying that either a piece of saber is present in the present world, or possibly that saber is continuing her dream. Just an interpretation though.

  99. I thought it was a very nice little anime. It had a mixture of good action scenes, good characters, romance, but I didn’t like the end. In itself, the ending was sad. I don’t like how they built up the romance so much, threw in the “I love you”s, then just kinda let them go their seperate ways. As much as I loved the anime, the ending ruined it for me. Still liked it, but it’s an 8/10 or so with the ending. Gahhhhh, stupid ending.

  100. OBVIOSLY! Saber is alive I feel! Even though she died in the past, why would they put the last picture (right after the ending song)of Saber in Shiro’s world if she didn’t come back to Shiro? She must have come back… and did an OVA ever come out?

    Even if she didnt return, there is still avalon when shiro dies.

  101. Well I gotta agree with you guys about how great this anime is , really made me expressed my emotion, I did cried alot when Saber disappered and when she died.Dammit, it made me feel really pissed of with this kind of un-happy-ending I mean the ending basically wrapped up the story but I’m not watching through all of the espisode to get this bitter ending ( SHIROU X SABER FOREVER ) . Hope Type-Moon make another season or sequel that Shirou and Saber can get back together , If not I’m gonna terrorize those Type-Moon >:< LOL

  102. I’m listening to the Fate/staynight OST right now , so sad TT:TT it made me remembered the time when I watched last episode *sob* *sob* . Damn that Type-Moon ruined this anime by such a sadly ending , couldn’t they come up with something better than sad ending ? If they don’t make another OVA or season to solve this damn ending ,I’m gonna fly to Jap and shoot them all >:< LOL . Anyway I still hope for another Fate/staynight sequel

  103. I just think that they should add that “Tragedy” in the tag. I did want to break something after watching the ending although I agree that there cant be any better ending like this. That part Saber expresses her feeling to Shirou then disappears is touching. I cried (God damned it)

  104. Sweet Anime~ the ending was quite sad, i was watching the ending and was waiting for like a bit where Saber and Shirou met again..but it never came. The ending left me soo unsatisfied………….:'( Sobs i’ve been trying to find for any trace to watch JUS a bit to get shirou and saber united again..but i never found it. Sigh…its like i’m glad that i watched this anime it was awesome, but i’m kinda not glad that i saw this anime, all i wanted was jus a happy ending to fill the hole in my heart~ Jus to fill it.

  105. huhu! i knew that would happen but i kept on thinking that it would be a happy ending for the two as the final episode goes! ggrrr I’m a sucker for happy endings too!

  106. hayet is right ending was too depressing…*Sniff**Sob**Faints!* wants saber back…
    I hate sad endings…but it was The best animes ive ever watched…ill prolly rewatch this…after i get over the lose of saber…*Sniff*

  107. you know what,i agree with what spade said,if only god allows,either i could come to saber’s world or she would come to the real world,i really really would like to live my life forever with saber,and maybe that’s because there ar no women nowadays like her,so innocent! most women now only likes sex!hahaha! what a very very sad ending that even if im a man i am very very touched and i almost cried,good thing i watched cartoons after watching the finale to wash away my sadness,hahaha

  108. The Fate Stay Night Anime is only So so but the visual novel is much more better wish they create a new series of the two arcs the UBW route and the HF route Y_Y damn

  109. First off there’s way to many good things to mention about this series. So I’ll mention a few questionable things.

    1/Why destroy the grail? Hear me out, the guy tells him his dad destroyed the grail to stop the war and here they are still in a new war. So, obviously destroying the grail is only a temporary solution that doesn’t solve anything. Wouldn’t it have been better to wish something like ‘I wish this is the last time the grail ever appears?’, or ‘I wish all Holy grail wars were solved by using chess matches?’, ok maybe that’s a stupid wish, next. ^^

    2/Whats with Sakura? Like seriously, I was really expecting her to have a much bigger part in the story, instead of just being a damsel in distress. I thought for sure she was going to turn out to be Lancers master. She just seems to be the person that cooks them food and the shows writers kept our hopes up about her and then did nothing with her story. She also goes around like nothing happened, it’s like her being kidnapped and nearly killed and her brothers death are complete mysteries to her that never happened.

    3/Just for fun typic, could Shirou trace and image a life size version of Sabre? He has seen her naked many times. xD

    4/I don’t know if they explained it or I just missed it but I never found out why Rin saved Shirou at the beginning when she didn’t have any obvious connection to him. He was a witness to a battle that at that point he shouldn’t have seen. She did stay something to the effect of why him, did she have a secret crush on him right from the start?

    5/So Ilya has a completely empty mansion no one lives in? That kind of makes me pissed off just a little. =]

    Ummm, I guess that’s it, might as well try and get the VN to see the parts and storylines, especially Sakura’s, that the anime left out. I’m going to do that now. xD

  110. Fate Stay Night is good until episode 14, the episode that Archer shines brightly like the sun.

    After that Fate becomes crap anime.

    Nobody can be blamed for the drop in quality after episode 14, because a good story is difficult to write. There are rare gems like Infinite Ryvius and Serial Experiments Lain, in which all the episodes are good. Most animes only have a few good episodes, even half of Code Geass is boring episodes.

    It’s just that writing good story is the most difficult task of an Anime. Draw is easy, voice actors is easy. Writing good story is the most difficult.

  111. I loved the series, but hated the ending. I hate ending s like this so much, they should of some how been able to stay together. Just like Code Geass, awesome, but there isnt happiness in death… Id much rather think they lived on together.


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