Well I’m back from the hospital, for better or worse.
A brief run-down of what happened:
-Had chest pains, difficulty breathing, so I went to the ER.
-After a very short wait, they did a chest x-ray and determined that my lung had indeed collapsed again, this time 100%.
-They were initially going to re-inflate my lung by sticking a tube in my chest, and then do surgery the next day, but then decided on just doing the surgery the next day.
-I’m admitted into the cardiovascular ward.
-Couldn’t sleep that night because of pre-surgery anxiety and because the motor/fan under the hospital bed loudly goes on and off every five minutes.
-Watched the Japan vs. Croatia game and then the first few minutes of the Brazil vs. Australia game before surgery.
-They knocked me out around 2 in the afternoon after giving me 2 IVs and a catheter.
-I woke up again around 4:30 that afternoon, surgery went fairly well.
-I slept for the rest of that day until around midnight when I got up and tried to walk around a little.
-Sleeping, watching the World Cup, recovering from surgery
-Woke up wanting to throw up, spent the rest of the day with this feeling
-Doctor removed my tube at 8 in the morning. Out of the entire process, this was the most pain that I had to go through because he took the tube out and stitched me up right there on my hospital bed with no anesthetics.
-Discharged from hospital around 10AM. Came home, slept most of the day. Caught the tail end of the Ivory Coast vs. Serbia-Montenegro and Netherlands vs. Argentina games.

I have about 7 or 8 holes in me from the various IVs and injections that they gave me over my hospital stay, along with three stitches up the side of my chest from where they operated on my lungs and where the chest tube was. Currently I’m still in lots of pain, but I’m pretty reluctant to take my medicine. Basically the painkillers get rid of the pain, but cause heavy nausea and constipation. So I have to decide between being nauseous or in pain, and I’m choosing pain for now. Full recovery is going to take 4-6 weeks. A big Thank You to everyone for your support.


  1. Good lord, I won’t lie–the idea of that entire process just made me nauseous. Thank you for keeping us in mind during your ordeal when it really should have been just us worrying about you. I really appreciate your site. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  2. in Omni’s place I will get a short run-down on Haruhi Suzumiya ep12
    -it starts with opening from “Asahina Mikuru adventures”
    -then Kyon visits Nagato (still in the outfit from the movie, and fortunetelling with timing down to seconds) and Koizumi (acting on stage in some really strange play)
    -Kyon meets Taniguchi and Kunikida and goes to eat soba served by Mikuru and Tsuruya in gorgeous waitress outfits (Tsuruya really is hyperactive there)
    -Kyon is sleepy after all-nighter so he goes to doze off in auditorium where many bands are playing their music, and wakes up to see Haruhi (in bunny outfit and guitar, Nagato (still wearing magicians hat and cape) with guitar too and some other 2 girls enter stage… they start playing some great rock music (Nagato is really good at palying guitar, she pulls off some really good riffs), and Haruhi tells everyone that 2 members of the band had accidents with their health and she and Nagato are stand-ins.
    Audience is enthusiastic and even Kyon while maintaining an aura of indifference taps his fingers to the rhytm.
    -next day the original band members are coming to thank Haruhi for helping them, but Haruhi is very moody. Kyon follows her on lunch break and finds her lying under tree and thinking about something. She seems quite disappointed with life, but after a short conversation with Kyon she gets her usual self and drags Kyon towards pop music club room in search of guitar to erm, confiscate… (yea, you’ve guessed it, she wants SOS brigade to make a band now!)
    my writing does poor job of telling the atmosphere of the episode, but highlights are Mikuru’s and Tsurumiya’s soba parlor, and of course Haruhi’s and Nagato’s concert!

    next week there is going to be some heavy ESP… Koizumi episode?

  3. Wow, you’re amazing Omni — I can’t believe you’re back from hospital already! I’m so pleased everything went well and you’ll be feeling better soon. Hopefully VERY soon. *grins*

    *lots of hugs and smooches from just another fangirl* 🙂

  4. Ouch…a spontaneous pneumothorax?? It could’ve been worse. A friend of mine in college had the same thing happen to him. Except because of concerns the doctors had about anaesthetia in conjunction with the collapsed lung affecting his breathing, they did the surgery to put the tube in his lung with only a local anaesthetic instead of putting him under. Glad you’re doing fine.

  5. Yo man, I’m very glad you’re doing well after the surgery. Seriously, you don’t even have to update in your conditions. Stay strong and healthy and I look forward to your future updates.

  6. My friend went through the same thing around March, her lung collapsed about 3 times, then she went in for surgery. Hope you get better soon!

    Aaaand…@.@ I’d go with the pain too x_x

  7. you can really tell ppl care when you get sick(er lung collasped) and have 165 comments telling you to get better (damn thats more then the comments for fsn 24 lol) anyways hope you feel better

  8. Oh MAN! A catheter! I feel for ya man! But be thankul you got out in less than a week.I was in for a month in a half and pissed off the entire time because everytime I was close to getting out something else turned up wrong where I had to prolong my stay(hence the pissed-off-ness) But I’m glad to here that your doing well! Remember to take it easy! The first week or two of out patient recovery always suck but it’ll get better!

  9. Hope everything goes great now ^_^ (Try the painkillers if it hurts too much! It’s better to endure nausea than horrible pain 🙁 Me thinks…)

    Anyways, on a lighter note, I support Japan in the World Cup XD Hehe, well my country Greece only got the chance to participate just once in the past. Can’t help it we always play with the best from the world in our European league XD So it’s Japan all the way! Hooray! XD

  10. Thank God! Good to hear that you are a lot better than few days before w
    By the way, the days you are unable to watch anime, suzumiya haruhi is rock’n roll
    Stronglly recommend it if you feel a lot better.

    Wish you get through all of this and get rid of the pain

  11. Youch! I remember having painkillers once and having it cause nausea. I also chose pain, cause the nausea is horrible, especially if not all the pain is gone. Good luck on the recovery, and hope you feel better soon!

  12. Well I am glad u got of hospital and I hope your pain goes away. Get well soon and get a lot of rest so u dont end up going to the house of pain again (hospital) :p. I call a hospital house of pain coz even the cure hurts 🙁

  13. Hey Ommi

    Yes pain medication in general espcially the stronger kind you have give you nausea. Try to take your medications with food. Try taking meclizine (brandnames Bonnie, Dramamine) to ease your nausea. And yes they cause you constipation too. Take 2-3 Docusate Sodium (brandname Colace) with your pain meds that should have your constipation. If you want to double check you can always ask your pharmacist while in the store 🙂

    A pharmacist that reads your blog.

  14. Well m8 you fought and you got out of it alive. I used to always be in the hospital because I am a Hemophiliac taking blood work every month comming for checkups and taking needles ever week since I first was found with it. I’m glad you’re doing well just be sure to take it easy and dont worry about the pain and nausea even though you’re going through it right now. Like me I’m used to the pain. And you got any favourite teams for the World Cup? Mines England ;). But anyway you be safe m8 and take care you got a long road until you fully get back on your feet.


  15. Glad to see you’re back in one piece. Take your time recovering before catering to your updates.Your life is more important than anime. True anime fans can afford to wait for your updates.

    Kinny Riddle
  16. Great to see you back on the blog again , Omni . well, all thx to Collin who has been posting on your behalf all this time while you were in hospital . getting rid 0f the tube was prolly more bewildering than painful but heck , never had one in me b4 – all i ever had were plugs for IVs ^^ –

    choosing pain over painkillers , good going , brave one . hope your appetite wasn’t all that affected and do rest well . well i’m gonna catch the Jpn vs Brazil match later on … … so here’s to good health , cheers ^^

  17. I am very happy that you are back and alive, but sorry that you are in pain. I was just woundering that, due to your health will you not blog 4-6 weeks? Its okay your health comes first. I was just woundering. Get well soon.

  18. woot, good to hear the news 😀 though I have to wonder if your nausea is caused from your painkillers or was actually caused by the hospital food, cause they can make some disgusting crap in there 😛

  19. Geez… sounds like you had a worse time than I’d imagined. Anyway, good to see you’ve had a successful operation. It sounds like you’ll be uncomfortable for awhile, but it’s best you recover completely. Take care man.

  20. “between being nauseous or in pain, and I’m choosing pain for now”
    I know what this means man!And this sucks like hell, at least the procedure was ok and you´re at home finaly resting with pains but at least resting.Forget about he blog for a while and relax whatching the world cup and the animes of course.And don´t worry because we are whatching the animes everyday too.So when you recover, you can start posting images from that week you recovered from.You don´t have to put all the animes you´ve lost when you were recovering ok.
    RELAX because the worst part is over and now you must only GANBATTE with the pains and recover!

    Really welcome back champ!!

  21. for anyone who doesn’t know, LE has offically stopped subbing tsubasa secound season, and unless DB can find another partner, it will be dropped. I wish I could do it… to bad i can barely understand it, none the less translate it

  22. Glad you’re out! Please take good care though… It was a painful experience just LISTENING to you WRITE about your ordeal! Anyway, lots of World Cup and bed rest to you…


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