-Karl’s still not happy that he’s not allowed to go after Saya.
-Diva and James go to the opera house where Nathan is waiting.
-David learns from Okamura and Mao about the connection between the performance and the Cinq Flèches Pharmacy and the Goldsmith Holdings. There’s a specific link to food business in London, and Okamura produces some photos of the research facility along with a photo of Van Argeno.
-David infiltrates the place with a fake ID. He discovers a large tank filled with Corpse Corps soldiers being grown. He also finds Julia and she tells him about her research into Riku’s special abilities. They get interrupted by Van who is accompanied by soldiers.
-Saya and Hagi attack the opera house but find no one there. The curtain goes up onstage, revealing that the scenery for the opera mirrors the Goldschmidt estate and ruins that Saya and Diva were raised in.
-Nathan Mahler introduces himself with his full name, shows that Diva is also here and that James Ironside (who is already in his Chiropteran form) is their opponent for today.
-At the research facility, when Van offers David a candy, David grabs Van’s arm and pulls him in, using him as a hostage with a pen. He’s able to make his escape this way.
-Living up to the name, James’ armor seems impenetrable, and he’s able to easily handle both Saya and Hagi. Diva leaves because this is boring. Kai, who followed them in, enters the battle and temporarily slows James down by shooting some lighting fixtures onto him. Saya refuses to run away and charges James instead. She can’t break through the armor and James throws her against the far wall. He’s about to stab her, but Nathan stops him.
-Nathan says that this isn’t the appropriate stage or the suitable scene for the bride to die, and intimidates James into backing off. Nathan leaves, promising to meet Saya on the next stage.
-Kai sees close in on Hagi’s neck. She notices him and pauses, but then continues on to bite Hagi’s neck for his blood.
-Kai and David both return to Lewis’ car and Lewis comments on how the two of them are really alike because their faces show that they both lose something important.


And here I thought the first half of the episode was a little boring, but the rest of it was filled with juicy little bits. For starters, Nathan seems capable to intimidating James, or at least James seems to know that he can’t kill Nathan. We haven’t really seen much of these two Chevaliers compared to Diva’s other three, so it was (and still kind of is) hard to gauge how much relative power they wield. Still, it’s pretty obvious that they are both still stronger than Saya, meaning that as things stand, Saya will die when and where they want her to.
I laughed when I saw the nerdy version of David. He didn’t lose his touch though, and was able to escape by taking Van as a hostage with only a pen. Julia, meanwhile, didn’t look surprised at all to see him, nor did she act like she wanted to get out of there. That kind of dashes my hopes for a DavidxJulia outcome at the end. Still, there’s a good chance for her to come around and join Red Shield again just like there’s a good chance for Saya to do so – basically both David and Kai regaining back the important things that they lost.
Though the images didn’t really show it, Karl’s voiceover for the preview and the title for the episode (“Until Going Mad”) imply that something is going to happen with him next week.


  1. Dude, take a break, we all care more about you getting better.

    Though if you’re doing this as a distraction because it’s been boring lately, it’s fine, but I believe most people would agree with me that you shouldn’t do this out of pure dedication and you should mind your health.

  2. Glad to see you’re back at doing the things you love to do in life…

    But you have to stay alive in order to do the things you love! Mind your health!

    People earlier stated that Diva looks like Riku now…in my opinion Diva still looks like Diva. Kai’s looking better with each episode. Gosh I wanna be like him now!


  3. Looks like Saya doesn’t need invitation/encouragement to bit and take blood like normal vampire (well at least with Hagi). I still don’t get how Hagi can survive without drinking blood.

  4. Omni. .. back to ur usual routine so fast… Hope things will be all right for you from now on. Take care of health. Days being boring without ur daily summary. 🙂

    fisherman horizon
  5.…diva is so f***ed up . first she looks like old diva , then she just change to look like riku . she even changes her voice to sound like Riku . this made me wonder…if…she is not…both diva and riku . Maybe the important thing Diva said she got from riku…was..riku himself….an..evil Riku… cuz she sounded eviller then the usal diva when she left the opera because she was bored by Saya .

    Also , i have to say i really was surprise by James . first by his appareance , i guess i just wasnt expecting this ugly damn hard thing to come out..yet…weak…( if i understood what nathan said , James would have been dead if saya had her normal blood ration instead of drinkin the blood of her chevalier . and Nathan seem to be stronger then james …i think he is even stronger then solomon ). but i also was surprised to ear him say > , i guess in my mind diva’s chevalier were just bunch of stupid barbarians . diva’s chevalier side , if they are classed by strehng i think it goes like that
    – Amshel
    – Nathan
    – Solomon
    – James
    – Carl

    now , those who are more likly to change side and go with Saya are Solomon and Carl . Amshel being the big bastard he is , i think he plans to get rid of Carl pretty soon .

    o , btw : ROLF at David disguised as a scientist XD

  6. Wow! I admire your dedication. You’re awesome, especially since Blood+ is my favourite. Thanks a billion!
    But truly, do take care of yourself. I didn’t expect anything before a few weeks and , really it’s ok.
    Take your time!! Get better!!! That’s all we want!

  7. Welcome back. I guess you’re not the type that gives up easily.It’s good that you chose to write blogs on seen anime, latest or not, to keep you entertained. take care of yourself first and don’t get yourself too fired up and get sick later. but it is good see you again.

    keep me informed about SnA latest updates.I would love to know about it.I’m a fan of mecha anime esp. SnA because I’ve seen it and love it.

    take care and God bless.

    Timothy Galisin
  8. Welcome back!!! Hope you feel better… Thanks for blogging Blood+. It’s the anime that I’m really eager to read about… I’m really curious what went on in the 1 year gap especially between Hagi and Saya.

  9. Dude, you should take it easy! But if blogging helps you pass the time I guess we can’t stop you! =) But seriously we’d rather have you alive than dead, so don’t push yourself too hard.=)

  10. Only a health body, can have a health spirit.

    Recover full, and let Animes be animes. We (or i) understand your situation.

    You have only this body, and this live. There is no restart…..


  11. SanDo –

    Yeah, some people think Diva can shapeshift – like Ameshel when he turned into Elizabeth.
    Yeesh, could that mean he “raped” her before drinking her blood?

  12. That whole Nathan and James thing is interesting. It seems Nathan may be as powerful as Ameshel, or at least he may be putting up one bad ass front. And as for Diva, that whole changing into Riku is f**king creepy. I thought that she only made herself look like Riku, not sound like him too. When she talks in his voice, it sends chills up my spine. I hate that b***h!

  13. wow that was grate !!

    btw Nathan Mahler is not Divas chevalier. it was Saya Diva’s and Saya’s mother chevalier and Yes he is stronger Than Amshel that is why he is afraid of Nathan.


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