-The group accidentally spills tea on Honey’s stuffed bunny while Honey is napping. They panic until Honey wakes up and Mori tells him that Usa-chan really wanted to drink tea.
-Honey is eating cake during Host Club business hours when he bites down and feels something break. Mori rushes over and realizes that Honey has a cavity. So, until Honey recovers, Mori takes away Honey’s sweets.
-The next day, Mori inspects Honey’s bag and finds it filled with candy. Honey claims he was only going to look at them, so Mori gives him a sheet of pictures of cake.
-Haruhi sees one of Mori’s admirers crying in front of him.
-Honey strikes back with his Pleading Strategies: first, by appealing with cuteness and pretending that he’s cured. Mori sees right through that when he sticks a popsicle into Honey’s mouth and it causes him all sorts of pain. Second, Honey tries an indirect strategy where he talks about how good sweets would go with snacks to the girls during Host Club business hours. This fails because the girls run away. Third, he tries to win Haruhi over with tears. She looks like she’s giving in and sneaking him a treat, but it actually turns out to be seaweed.
-By the third day, Honey is buzzing around depressed until he faints. Tamaki goes over to check on him, but Honey bites Tamaki’s hand. Mori scolds Honey, saying that he’s acting unsightly. In response, Honey calls Mori an idiot and throws him. Honey even declares that he hates Mori and runs off crying.
-Haruhi realizes that Mori was trying to make Honey hate him on purpose. Mori admits that he feels at fault for the cavity because he forgot to have Honey brush his teeth before naps a few times.
-Honey hears how Mori is blaming himself and comes back into the room. He apologizes and promises to brush his teeth.
-Several days later, Honey’s tooth recovers and he’s able to eat sweets again. Kyoya is depressed because of all the expenses of having to pay for Honey’s sweets.
-The girl who was crying in front of Mori – one of his fans – a few days earlier returns. She’s realized that his most important person is Honey, and to Haruhi’s surprise, the girl is really happy about it. She joins the throngs of other girls, including Renge, squealing about Mori and Honey’s relationship.


The overall tone of the episode felt a bit different from the manga – not to say that it was worse, just different. There was a lot less emphasis on Mori punishing himself (and in turn the girls who admire him), and instead a lot more on the girls squealing over the boy’s-love-type scenario. This is most prevalent at the end of the episode, where they chose a more surprising route where the girl gets hearts in her eyes over MoriXHoney rather than the manga ending which was a tad more romantic with Mori giving her a rose.
The funniest parts of the episode came from the beginning though (tea all over Usa-chan), which was actually adapted from the first volume’s omake. The joke about Honey blowing up on the US Military because someone woke him up had me laughing until my sides hurt (which is admittedly pretty easy to do in my present condition).
Next week is the Haruhi in Wonderland episode! Aka. Alice in Wonderland told in the convoluted Host Club style 🙂


  1. Ooh, watching a comedy right after surgery seems painful, but Ouran makes it worth it, right? Thanks for the awesome scans and summary as always. (From the previews, Tamaki looks pretty damn good as the Hatter. I like red and black. >_

  2. great job omni, don’t over do it. btw IMHO The other Haruhi looks better in the bunny girl outfit (she fills it out more …. actually Mikuru looks the best in a bunny girl outfit. )

  3. to Pakxenon

    type gendou in google there you’ll find the page. still youu have to registrer but it’s a free account so don’t worry ^^

    US Army: Houton we have a problem. Our soldier are being destroyed by an untimate weapon and we canot stop it!!!!!!!!
    Pentagon Commander: what is it? A new nuclear-corrosive weapon?!
    US Army: worse a 17-year-old teenager angry afer we woke him up….
    Pentagon Commander: -_-‘

    OH YEAH HArui in wonderlan TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^^


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