A few quick news items courtesy of MOON PHASE:

  • The official Aquarion Blog has updated with an image of what appears to be a teaser poster for the next season of Sousei no Aquarion, tentatively titled 「裏切りの翼」 (Uragiri no Tsubasa – Wings of Betrayal). The title of that post is “???@Media Factory Summer Festa 2006” which is where I assume the poster was shown (you can find the website for the Summer Festa here). The teaser poster seems to show Apollo carrying Silvia with blacked out Vectors and an Aquarion in the background. Kind of hard to tell what the series is going to be about on just one poster though.
  • The popular manga series D.Gray‐man is getting an anime! It was announced that it will begin airing in October, which is the same month that the DEATH NOTE anime is supposed to start (as shown in that link).
  • The official website for the Bleach Movie, titled MEMORIES OF NOBODY, is open.

    1. Holy s**T ! An anime for Grayman ! OMG !
      Finally , we’ve all been waiting for this !
      Same month as Death note anime !

      October , month of killers . damn , can’t wait for summer to end ( so i can finnally stop working to pay my laptop )

    2. Yeah! More Sousei No Aquarion! XD I just hope it’s not going to turn out to be a game or something.

      I hope the D.Grayman anime will be handled well since the mangaka had been sick a few times before and the manga hasn’t progressed very far because of that. I wonder if it’ll end up like Naruto or Detective Conan and be a long running shonen series, but it’s probably way too early to tell.

    3. OMG!!!
      D.Gray-man and death note version anime will be aired!!!
      oh gosh! i’m waiting these two manga into in anime thank god!
      i’m looking forward!!!
      same with bleach movie ^_^

    4. D.Gray-man anime! I heard about this earlier, but I’m still rejoicing, heh.

      There’s almost no doubt that there’s going to be fillers somewhere along the way, granted, as there isn’t much manga material to work with. However, I don’t really mind, as long as the anime eventually gets back on track with the manga storyline. I’m just excited to see it animated. (Hoping it’s a good animation studio…)

      Omni, do you plan to be following/blogging the D.Gray-man anime?

      ~ Noodlehead

    5. ooh cool deathnotes got soo much words to be read in manga x.x its killing me but its a very interesting manga i’m looking forward to the anime ^^
      as for the bleach movie…is it just series putting together to a movie..or is it another story since the trailer can’t be watched..

    6. Sousei No Aquarion YaY I’m diying for a second season since the first one ended I hope I get to see Sirius again ^^’ and more starlicious musik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      OOMG and the poster tease seem DAMM KWOOL i cannot wait cannot wai canot wait *X*
      ..now why ns that (almost) everything that’s got to be kwool in anime startst in FALL *pots* NO FAIRRRRRRRR

    7. Next season of Aquarion??? What the heck, what story can they make out of the cracktastic anime now? I’m not complaining since I enjoyed the first season, but a second season… Oh, well, I will stick with it if they’re still having Yoko Kanno for the music director/composer =3


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