In town, there is talk of the Evenkuruga of the other side – Touka. One of the children doesn’t know what an Evenkuruga is, so the townspeople explain that it’s someone who fights evil to help people. Hearing this, the child asks if Hakuoro is a bad person. That night, Eruru brings Hakuoro more sake and watches as he drinks it. She wants him to rest, but he wants to keep drinking. Seeing how confused Hakuoro is about who he is, Eruru holds his hand and tells him that to her, Hakuoro is Hakuoro. She then gets embarrassed and pulls her hand away, but he grabs her and pulls her closer. He asks if she’s not scared of him, and when she doesn’t answer, he lets her go. Eruru appears to run out of the room, but then Hakuoro feels her hugging him from behind. She tells him that she’s never thought him as scary, and tells him that it’s all right. The next day, Hakuoro takes Eruru and Aruru out. She knows that everyone must be worried that they’re gone because Hakuoro is everyone’s Hakuoro, but she also thinks that it’s necessary once in a while to relax. He asks her why she supports him, and Eruru gets embarrassed. Looking to the sky, she asks him if he remembers saying that they’re family – that’s her reason. Aruru then gets Hakuoro laughing and playing with Mukkuru. Watching the scene, Eruru smiles and starts crying.
But there is still a war going on. The two sides head into battle against each other. During the fighting, Touka and Orikakan hunt for Hakuoro, but Touka gets distracted by the twins and then by Kurou. Actually, she quickly gets surrounded by the special fighters on the Tousukuru side: Oboro, Kurou, Karura, and Benaui. However, that doesn’t stop her: Touka kicks up some dust in front of Benaui, steals a mount from a nearby soldier, outruns Oboro, and does a jump on and off her mount to avoid Karura’s blade. She chases after Hakuoro and Orikakan, who have since left the main battle and are fighting on their own. Orikakan knocks Hakuoro off his mount, but then Hakuoro stands his ground, not flinching in the face of Orikakan weapon. He manages to grab it and throw Orikakan off his mount, turning the tables. To his surprise, Orikakan starts laughing, content at dying by the hand that killed his sister (Hakuoro’s wife). When Hakuoro refuses to acknowledge that he’s Rakushain, Orikakan says that even if he doesn’t have any memories, his crimes have not disappeared.
Orikakan’s talk of Hakuoro’s crimes and his blood-soaked hands causes Hakuoro took look at his hands, which suddenly become surrounded by black flames. These black flames grow all over his body, covering him from head to toe. Orikakan sees this too and gets scared, but Orikakan’s voice breaks Hakuoro out of his brief trance. Before Hakuoro can learn from Orikakan what he saw, Orikakan gets shot with an arrow through the neck. The culprit is none other than Niwe, who is cackling from the cliff above. Niwe says that Orikakan’s role ends here and that this was all for Hakuoro’s sake – Orikakan was being used to agitate Hakuoro. Niwe revels in how angry Hakuoro becomes, indicating that he wants to see the sleeping beast inside of Hakuoro. Cackling in laughter, he rides away with a man who has a pair of wings. And as Hakuoro is returning to his castle victorious after battle, Niwe is leading a huge army towards him.


Ah, so this is where Hakuoro and Eruru deepen their relation and grow a little closer (in other words, never mind what I said for last week’s episode). I think this episode is epitomized by what the little kid asks in the beginning if Hakuoro is a bad person. Niwe’s re-emergence was a bit of a surprise, but the bigger picture here is that he’s trying to wake the monster inside of Hakuoro. That monster is I guess what we’re getting a glimpse of with all the black flames. So now, instead of Hakuoro being just a murderer, he’s now implied to be a monster too.
But it seems to me like Niwe’s plan is going to backfire at him and Hakuoro’s other form, whatever it is, will be way too powerful for him to handle. And who’s that winged man with Niwe that appears to be from Onkamiyamukai…? Maybe we’ll find out next week when the war with Shikeripechimu continues.


  1. Whoa, this was quite a bit different from the game.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  2. anyway this what happens in a gist..

    Hakuoro still wanting to talk things out with Orikakan makes a plan to isolate him for watchdog Touka
    he manages to confront Orikakan in person, but Orikakan tells more than he can handle.
    he loses himsels, and Orikakan perceives his image as a dark flaming demon.
    Orikakan, shocked at what he sees, begins to cower and flee.
    Hakuoro tries to ask him on what he saw, but an arrow from Niwe silences Orikakan’s throat forever.
    Niwe reveals that he’s doing this for the sake of Hakuoro. To nurture the beast of anger that resides within him and face it in a glorios duel one day. He runs away laughing.

    next episode is a new arc. not too sure what that is

  3. wow !!!!! cant belive it…its so different starting at the last 3 screen shot…it so diffrent then what i read at the game spoiler sumarry ???? or did they just change it totaly ???

  4. aren’t we getting a little far away from the game?

    Show Spoiler ▼

  5. speaking of games, does anyone happen to have/know where I can get an English ver. of the Srpg this anime is from? I’ve looked everywhere but only found a jap. version that I can’t run anyhow. (japanese error messages For the lose!) comment here or mail Rouge.Mike@gmail with that and I shall fall to my knees and worship thee.


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