Episode 12:

A girl arrives at Keita’s apartment in her limousine, but a naked Keita crashes on top of her car, courtesy of Youko. After the girl gets a good look at Keita’s Mr. Elephant, they go inside where the man accompanying her introduces himself as the Shindou family’s Sebastian. He has a job for Keita, however he first rips off his clothes and starts attacking. Keita manages to handle the butler just fine, but Youko gets pissed off enough to incinerate them both. On the way to the Shindou mansion, Sebastian explains that that was a test because they are looking for someone strong. Before he can say who Keita is going up against, the girl throws up on them. They arrive at the mansion and get a change of clothes for Youko and Keita. Before dinner, they hear the girl – named Kei – singing a song to herself. During the meal, Sebastian explains that during Kei’s grandfather’s time, the family entered into a contract with a Shinigami. In exchange for millions in wealth, the Shinigami will come at every birthday to cause terror and eventually take Kei’s life on her twentieth birthday. And tomorrow is that birthday.
Suddenly, the Shinigami shows up, announcing that his name is the “Sea of Violence.” Keita makes him realize that he’s off by a day since Kei’s birthday isn’t until tomorrow. The Sea of Violence decides to leave and come back tomorrow, but Keita stops him so that they can fight. Unfortunately, Keita and Youko’s powers can’t harm the Shinigami, though they do manage to reveal the blonde under the hood. The Sea of Violence announces that it’s slaughter time, but then Youko attacks him. In response, the Shinigami sends her into a bad dream – one involving dogs – since he has control over terror. He does the same for Keita, but Keita manages to break free. The Shinigami then lets loose a blast from his mouth that destroys the entire mansion. Standing in the ruins, he assures the scared Kei that he’s not going to kill anyone today. Keita gets back up and tries to declare that he’ll defeat the Shinigami, but falls back down before he can finish his sentence. After the Sea of Violence leaves, Kei tells Keita to go home and requests that he take Sebastian with them. She bids him farewell, hopes that he can be happy, and then starts singing her song again, resigned to her fate. Keita tells her that he thinks she has singing talent, and she thanks him. In frustration, Keita punches the ground.

Episode 13:

Sebastian reveals to Youko that he was there 20 years ago when the Sea of Violence arrived for Kei’s mother. But he was too filled with fear to do anything to help her. That’s why Kei is so important to him. Hake appears and tells Keita that this Shinigami surpasses even the one that he and Kayano fought long ago. Keita promises that he won’t lose a second time because now he’s really mad. He has Sebastian prepare a airship with a boxing ring inside, which isolates him from the world below. Keita returns Kei’s teddy bear to her, but she thinks he’s going to die today given how badly he was beaten yesterday. Kei has had enough and claims that she wants to die. Sebastian, however, tells her the story of her mother, who fought bravely until the very end. In tears, Kei points out that even though her mother resisted, she was still killed, meaning that it’s futile. Keita tells her that it’s not futile: her mother definitely knew that even though she herself couldn’t do it, someday someone would definitely show up who could defeat the Shinigami. He tells her to live because that’s what he hears in her song. Keita then wishes a bawling Kei a happy birthday.
When the Sea of Violence arrives, Kei refuses to run away as Keita fights. To Youko’s surprise, Keita taps her out of the ring and erects a forcefield around it. He starts boxing with the Shinigami, but he’s unable to land a hit. The Sea of Violence counters with some nasty punches that send Keita flying across the ring. The fight continues like this until the Sea of Violence delivers what’s supposed to be a killing blow; it knocks Keita’s mouthpiece out of his mouth. However, Keita had branded that mouthpiece with one of his signature frogs, so it rises up and explodes in the Shinigami’s face. Keita then lands a special punch in the Shinigami’s gut – special because his glove is filled with the frogs, all of which explode on the hit. Keita does the same with the other glove, landing the exploding punch on the Sea of Violence’s face. And that’s not all; Keita still has what he refers to as his proud son: his bulging crotch. He pulls down his pants, revealing Mr. Elephant, and shoots a barrage of frogs. Still standing after the dust clears, the Sea of Violence tries to unleash an attack on Keita, but it just bounces off the forcefield and back at him.
Since the airship is now exploding, Keita has Sebastian carry Kei and jump off. Waiting on the beach below are Hake, all of Kaoru’s Inukami, and even Kaoru himself. Kaoru says that Kei shouldn’t give up and that Keita and Youko will be ok. Back above, Keita declares that he’s won to the Sea of Violence, but the Shinigami is the one holding Keita by the hair and punching him. The reason Keita thinks he’s won is standing right behind the Sea of Violence: Youko. She reveals that there’s something she’s always kept Keita from seeing: her true appearance. If Keita knew, he’d be scared of her. But Youko has now reached her limit and promises to send the Shinigami to Hell. Transforming into a huge beast, Youko finishes off the Sea of Violence with one slash of her claws. A barely conscious Keita chuckles, and then the airship explodes into a fireball. From it emerges Youko with Keita in her mouth, and the two fly off. Keita learns from Sebastian later that with the Shinigami’s death, all of the Shindou family’s assets are gone, leaving them penniless. A grateful Kei tries to promise Keita a reward in the future and has decided that she wants to live. Unfortunately, when Keita and Youko return home, they find that the airship had crashed into and flattened their building.

That was actually quite an entertaining pair of episodes, keeping much of the nude craziness yet and still developing some cool things in the story. I laughed so hard when Keita pulled down his pants and started shooting the frogs because I really didn’t expect him to be hiding more down there lol. And then we finally got to see Youko’s true form, which really blows Sendan and the others’ true forms out of the water in terms of sheer power. Unlike the other girls’ wolf-like true forms, Youko’s bears a resemblance to more of a fox.
Oh and let’s not forget that Kaoru finally makes his appearance too! He didn’t really play a major part other than being there with his Inukami, but at least he finally does show up.
All of the stories involving Shinigami so far (these two episode plus episode 10) have been a lot more interesting than the humor ones we otherwise see. I’m hoping for a lot more Shinigami to come along with more story development, especially now that the series is entering its second half.


  1. Yeah, I was a little surprised by the turn too, despite being somewhat familiar with the novels. I thought they’d have given most of this the complete slapstick overhaul. Glad I was wrong though. Well…… somewhat wrong at any rate.

  2. These two episodes are the best. And finally that ******* shows himself, Kaoru.

    Though Youko’s true form was unexpected.

    Should have included a screenshot of Kei’s mom. =)

  3. Yep thats him =)

    Also he is shown in the opening theme as well ^^: I didn’t realize to think who ‘that guy’ was in the opening for a while untill a few weeks ago.

    Great episode this time, while I love! the comedy of the show.. it also a great show in what it has been doing in episode 12, 13

  4. aaaaawwwww. A child fighting a shinigami. That’s eeerily adorable! The shinigami’s being a bully, tsk tsk the old “hold them at bay by putting your hand on their head” trick. poor kei’s mom as a kid, or is that kei?


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