Episode 06:

For an episode six summary, see the great one that Matthew did

Episode 07:

Samatarou’s Mama isn’t taking so well to Ai, especially since Ai refers to her as grandmother. It’s not until Meme tells Ai to refer to Mama as “sister” that Mama becomes happy and accepts Ai. After getting Ai dressed and noticing that there are marks on her back, Samatarou tells Tenko that he’s going to visit Shinichi in the hospital. There, he finds Shinichi still watching the wheelchair girl, and Shinichi enlists Samatarou’s help in putting in some good words for him. Samatarou ends up chatting with the girl, but it doesn’t help because the wheelchair girl doesn’t like Shinichi. He asks her what she’s staring at, and when she doesn’t answer he starts to leave. The wheelchair girl whispers that she’s waiting, even though she knows it’s useless. Whoever she is waiting for is apparently not in this world anymore. Seeing her lonely face, Samatarou says that he’s met her somewhere and suggests that maybe it was in a dream. However, the wheelchair girl rejects that notion, revealing that in her dreams she always sees a demon. This demon takes the form of a girl in a red dress and tries to call her over. But there’s also another girl in the dream holding her back. The wheelchair girl apologizes, saying that he must think she’s an idiot for saying these things, but Samatarou doesn’t think that the talk of the demon is strange. She then reveals that there’s actually nothing wrong with her feet but she doesn’t feel like walking. Samatarou combats her negative view of the world by saying that if she tries she can see the world changing.
The wheelchair girl asks Samatarou for his name, but before she can tell him her own name, Shinichi interrupts them by calling Samatarou a traitor and by hitting Samatarou with his crutch. That makes the wheelchair girl furious at Shinichi, and she tells him to disappear from her sight. Tenko and Ai, meanwhile, have come to the hospital looking for Samatarou. Seeing them, Shinichi gets the idea to use Tenko on Samatarou, who is once again talking happily with the wheelchair girl. As Tenko stomps angrily over to them, the wheelchair girl is asking Samatarou if he’ll come see and talk to her again. Tenko screams that Samatarou is an idiot and runs off, giving him no choice but to chase after her. Shinichi tries to capitalize on the situation, but the wheelchair girl still praises Samatarou and then leaves. Samatarou catches up with Tenko, but she doesn’t want to hear anything from a cheater. When Samatarou protests because he’s not her lover, Tenko reminds him that he is Ai’s father. This all centers around the fact that Tenko feels that Samatarou has a family, but she has only him. The two start arguing about whether being an angel and being part of the family are related, but suddenly Tenko realizes that Ai isn’t with them. The two start frantically searching for around the hospital and Samatarou finally finds her standing on the pedestrian bridge on the road beside the hospital. The problem is that she seems to have grown again.
The next day, Samatarou and Tenko have to go to school. They instruct Ai that she’s not to go outside and leave her in the care of Misa. While playing with Misa, Ai stumbles into Samatarou’s room and finds the basket with the photograph inside. When Misa comes, she nearly drops their drinks because she sees that Ai has grown yet again. Misa decides to dress Ai up in a school swimsuit and have Ai bring Samatarou and Tenko’s boxed lunches. At school, everyone is amazed to see Ai calling Samatarou her papa and Tenko her mama. Ai had also heard from Misa that doing this delivery would earn her a reward. Samatarou has no choice but to kiss her on the cheek in front of everyone in the class. He’s understandably angry that night at Misa when he gets home. Misa diverts his attention to the photograph from the basket, which Samatarou now realizes is Ai.

And so they got a baby, but not just any baby, one that grows really fast and will only be around for five days. I don’t know why it took Samatarou this long to realize that the girl in the picture is the girl that Ai is rapidly growing up as. That picture also came with the note that said it would be good to meet again. And that note resembles a wish written on a tanzaku, which appears to be connected to what Meme saw Papa fishing up back in episode six. But Samatarou and Tenko don’t know that final part, and it hasn’t been explained how it all fits together yet. It somehow involves the wheelchair girl, who sees someone who looks like Ai in her dreams.
Next week’s episode looks from the preview like it will probably explain everything and finish up this arc.


  1. just saw the 7th episode torrent in tokyotosho about an hour ago b4 this posting but its in rmvb so u might need some codec pack to play it or use realplayer. btw about jo’s request i cant do anything bout your request youtube suddenly remove the member who uploads kamisama raw episodes so u gotta download it man i know it sux but i hope some1 upload them

  2. I bet the girl in the hospital wished for a little sister on Tanabata, and God fished it out and made a mistake, which he alluded to when talking to meme in ep 6.


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