Because the feather is on the surface of the castle of the moon, Sakura goes up there with Mokona. Ashura calls them both her and Syaoran up to tell them that Yasha is dead – he’s been dead a long time. What they saw was an illusion created by the feather. Ashura had learned back then that Yasha had gotten a disease, and because of this disease, she was able to wound Yasha. Sakura remembers this from her dreams. Ashura had seen Yasha outside of the battlefield, and had realized then that she saw his soul, meaning that he was dead. The Yasha that showed up on the next day to fight was the illusion created by the feather. Ashura then returns the feather to Syaoran and Sakura, and asks them if their wish has been fulfilled. When Syaoran nods yes, she says that now it’s her turn. She plunges her sword into the castle and asks for her true wish as the person who controls the castle of the moon.
The entire castle starts to emit light and break apart. Ashura realizes that her wish goes beyond what the castle can fulfill. Refusing to leave the crumbling castle, Ashura tells Syaoran that if he gives up everything will end. She tells him to continue his true wishes and desires no matter what happens. A giant boulder comes falling right at Ashura, but Syaoran jumps in and saves her. Ashura concludes that her true wish for Yasha to be resurrected cannot come to be. Syaoran recites something he heard from his travels about how the dead cannot be resurrected, not even by gods. As a huge blast then rips then apart, Ashura actually shoots Syaoran further away from her. Syaoran is caught by Kurogane, who is on the same mount as Fye and Sakura. The four of them return to the world below. Standing alone, Ashura calls Yuuko and says that she has another request. Yuuko of course tells her that the request will have a price. Ashura understands this and asks Youko to make Ashura and Yasha into gods for the future world, as proof there are things gods cannot do. She wants to show that things change and you cannot go back in time, so you have to live without regret.
Back on the surface of the planet, everyone sees that the castle of the moon is gone from the sky. After the feather returns to Sakura and she faints, Mokona starts to teleport everyone again. Syaoran says that if Kumara and his people should find the remains of the two kings, they should bury them together. Kumara agrees and then Syaoran and company disappear onto the next world. Actually, once they arrive, Fye quickly points out that they’re not in the next world; they’re back in Shara Country. He explains that he and Kurogane arrives in Yasha tribe’s land without Mokona, but they managed to communicate with the people there because Kurogane understood the Yasha’s language. Fye isn’t sure about the reason for their dark eyes, knowing only that it happened when they were in Yasha’s country. As for why they didn’t say anything indicating all this to Syaoran when they met on the battlefield, Fye reveals that it was Kurogane’s idea not to tell Syaoran so that Syaoran would fight for real. Kurogane is Syaoran’s teacher after all.
Syaoran and Sakura are soon approached by girls from Suzuran’s circus, but they don’t recognize the two. What’s even weirder, the girls from the circus and the guys from the shrine get along very well, unlike the Shara Country from last time. In fact, there’s a wedding celebration today between Suzuran and Souseki. Suzuran motions to show everyone the unveiling of the statues behind them. It’s Yasha and Ashura, except as one single statue. Mokona points out that there is box with two items inside: Syaoran’s fake hair and Sakura’s hair ribbon. Syaoran realizes that this world must be the future of the Shura Country. He explains that they went to Shara, then back in time to Shura, then back forward to Shara. He concludes that what he said to Kumara right before he left Shura (about burying the kings together) must have changed things in the future.
Mokona suddenly opens up Mokona’s mouth and starts sucking. Ashura and Yasha’s swords appear from the statue and Mokona swallows them up. Mokona then prepares to take everyone to the next world. Fye links Syaoran and Sakura’s hands because he knows that Syaoran doesn’t want to be separated from her. Meanwhile, in her own world, Yuuko has collected the two swords as payment for creating two gods. Fei Wong Reed isn’t happy with her involvement, and his assistant suggests that Youko has noticed the power of the ruins. He compares her to Clow Reed, but notes that Clow Reed is dead. In any case, things change every day and they have more preparations.


I always enjoy seeing Yuuko play a larger part in the Tsubasa Chronicle story. She has the power to do so much, but you only see her act if someone requests it and pays the price. It’s episodes like these that make me think about the wasted opportunity that is how the xxxHOLiC anime and this anime don’t cross-over with each other. If they coordinated it right, it could be really cool. I actually don’t know how much more crossing-over they do in the manga, but I’m sure Yuuko will play a big part in the future of Tsubasa Chronicle.
I also wish that Fei Wong Reed would get off his chair and actually do something himself in one of these worlds. I’m growing tired of seeing him plotting off in his own world with his assistant. My point is that he’s not a very exciting villain.
Next week appears to be a story about drawing with Mokona and a girl who resembles Princess Emeraude from Jade Country.


  1. who won? WHO WON? Brazil or France?
    Oh Omni, which teams are u rooting for?

    Nice episode! I like it.

    I wonder, when Tsuyokiss will be release? I though it was today huh..

  2. Yeah BRAZIL LOST *dances in happy place* PORTUGAL WON *dances more* and this ep ROCKS whohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    I’m waiting for the Final match

  3. Went to Anime expo today, got a tsubasa thing for my cell phone. It is awesome. I was going to get a big black mokona, but I ran out of money ^^; There was a lot of tsubasa stuff there, to bad I am practally broke >.

  4. Gah, Ashura is still definitely genderless in the manga.It’s not uncommon for women to be the voice actors of effeminate guys in anime, either. Still, in Tsubasa Ashura definitely had a more feminine personality. RG Veda definitely made Ashura more masculine in comparison. Maybe it also depends on the kind of words used in whatever translation you’re reading.


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