OP Sequence

OP: 「素直になれない」 (Sunao ni Narenai) by Little Non

ED Sequence

ED: 「open」 by 詩月カオリ (Utatsuki Kaori)
Since the opening animation this week wasn’t made up of images from the episode, I assume that’s the real opening animation. The ED animation changed too, lots of fanservice this week.

The Good:
-The ED images and Erika’s swimsuit. In other words, the fanservice.
-Otome’s attack on the gang was pretty cool. Shame it didn’t last very long.
The Bad:
-The story that made me yawn. I laughed maybe once the entire episode.
The Ugly:
-Animation quality went down from the first episode.

Overall: Bleh, still average, if not even a bit below average this week. It’s not a good sign when fanservice is one of the few redeeming things in an episode.
Instead of writing any more on Tsuyokiss tonight, I’m going to go watch Tona-gura…


  1. Eh, I thought this episode was marginally better than the first. Still not an endorsement of the series by any stretch, but I’ll give it another one or two eps. I’m still not convinced it’s going the harem route since Leo has had like… maybe 5 minutes of air time in the first two eps combined.

  2. What I don’t like are the gratuitous ecchi ‘eye-catches’ that are dispersed throughout (They were in the first episode, and looks like they’re back in the second). I don’t mind overflowing ecchi, but do it in a way that does not disrupt the flow.

  3. For the umpteenth time, this ain’t a harem 😉 …. but it’s surprising how ecchi they tune the show. It’s WAY more ecchi than the game (!).

    With the limelight on Sunao instead of Leo, and Sunao being in a different class, I’m curious to see how (or, if) they will integrate the various game developments in the story.

    In the meantime, if you can’t enjoy the light fluffy comedy parts, I doubt that this will be the show for you.

  4. Meh, seems like the only worthwhile (but truer to its roots) eroge series to watch for now is Utawarerumono. Still, I’m sticking to this show, for better or for (hopenotgodforbid) worse.

  5. wat’s with the fanservice man, I mean if I want to see boobs, I watch hentai or something
    No, if you want tentacles, poop, and rape you’ll watch hentai, if you want boobs you watch anime, and if you don’t want that you watch “Veggie Tales”.

    I was pleasantly surprised with the last two episodes, I found them fun, lighthearted and zany. There are plenty of anime out there I can watch when I want to be prudish and pretentious.
    This one I can watch for fun.


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