Syaoran and company arrive in the new world, but something’s wrong: their bodies are all super-deformed! What’s more, they soon realize that Mokona isn’t with them. Mokona actually arrived in a different world and is sleeping in a house. When Mokona finally does wake up, Mokona wanders around the house until Mokona finds a room with one of Sakura’s feathers. But the feather is attached to a pen, and the pen is hovering over a picture of the super-deformed world that Syaoran and company are currently in. A woman who introduces herself as a storyteller appears behind Mokona and explains that the pen has a strange power. Because Mokona asks for it, the storyteller agrees to return the feather to Sakura. But first, Mokona has to come up with a story to get everyone out of the story world. At first, Mokona has a giant Mokona-shaped sunflower eat Kurogane and then fills the world with Mokonas of various colors. But then Mokona decides to erase all of this and redraw everyone in a different story world.
This new world takes place at a school where Syaoran is a new student in Kurogane’s class. His seat is right next to Sakura’s, and it seems that the two were childhood friends in kindergarten. Both of them remember that she had promised to become Syaoran’s bride. During lunch, Sakura gives Syaoran a sandwich, but the two are interrupted by Fye, another teacher. Fye drags Syaoran off and shows him some Mokona-shaped ruins where they also meet archeologist Souseki and his assistant Suzuran. They show Syaoran some characters that need deciphering, and Syaoran quickly figures out that it’s a warning not to touch a golden jar that houses a black genie. Fye wonder if he’s talking about this, holding up the exact golden jar that Syaoran had just read about. The jar starts glowing and a huge black cloud comes out. It goes and takes over Kurogane, making him into a giant monster. Syaoran notices that the inscription continues by saying that if they want to re-seal the genie, then there has to be a kiss in front of those ruins. So of course Fye suggests that Syaoran and Sakura kiss.
The two get very close to doing so, but an explosion nearby sends them both flying off. It seems that the monster is now fighting and destroying tanks and jets. While falling down, Syaoran and Sakura come close to kissing again, but another explosion interrupts them. In the end, it’s Suzuran and Souseki who kiss, causing the Mokona-shaped ruins to open up in a bright beam of light. That light forms into a mechanical version of Mokona who can consume Kurogane’s death rays. Mecha-Mokona starts sucking and ingests Kurogane along with Syaoran, Sakura, and Fye. The real Mokona then spits all of them out into the real world. However, all four of them have lost their memories of what happened inside the story world. In addition, the storyteller who was here with Mokona is now gone. Mokona feels bad that she’s gone even though she had said that she was starting on a journey, mainly because he didn’t get to return her beret. In respect for Mokona’s feelings, Sakura suggests that Mokona keep that feather for a while longer. Mokona promises to give it back in the next world, and then transports the group out of the house. Slowly, everything turns to white, including the beret and the pen.


Wow, I didn’t expect an episode of Tsubasa Chronicle to be this entertaining. I literally could not stop laughing during the second half of this episode, that’s how good it was. In fact, I think I like this episode even more than the FyeXChi one, which would make this my favorite episode. The super-deformed versions of everyone were so cute, especially accompanied by all the Mokona imagery. I thought that Syaoran and Sakura would actually kiss, but it seems that fate (or in this case, Mokona) was working against them. And then the noises Kurozilla and Mecha-Mokona made were just hilarious. Oh, and we can’t forget how they played A Song Of Storm and Fire during that scene, giving it such an overly-serious feeling that it was funny.
Next world appears to be like the American southwest desert, complete with plenty of familiar faces and a bus. But the consequence of letting Mokona keep the feather appears to be that they lose it and have to chase after it again.


  1. wow… those screenshots look awesome!

    while i wouldn’t want that art-style ALL the time, the new art style is really sweet 🙂 and is ok for every once and a while

    good ol’ tsubasa

  2. I stumbled across this site entirely by chance while looking for references I could use for the series of Tsubasa bookmarks I’m making for the next con I’m at (inspired by this episode), when I found this site! And, just wow! There not only is a lot of screencaps, but they are very nicely chosen as well ^^ Nice summary, too! (Even though I’ve seen up to 40, I couldn’t help but read it anyways..haha XD)

    But, ah, yes…this episode! THe moment I saw the background for the new world (I usually watch anime in bulk and only watch the previews for the last episode of that set), I knew something was up..but, the chibified versions of the characters was NOT what I had in mind! I was laughing so hard! It was great~! ANd Mokona’s attempt to write them to safety…was even more hilarious! A haha XD I loved Kurozilla

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