OP4 Sequence

OP4: 「雷音」 (Raion) by ジン (Jinn)
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Okamura and Lewis are spying on Amshel, who Okamura identifies as the leader of Goldsmith Holdings, the largest shareholder of many enterprises around the world. Lewis shares an amusing piece of information he had learned from an old CIA friend saying that Amshel would be assassinated. Right on cue, the waiter serving Amshel pulls out a gun and shoots him four times. At Gray’s house, Saya wakes up and immediately assumes her battle mode, only to realize that she’s in a safe place. Downstairs, Gray is planning on going fishing with Kai and the kids. As Saya comes down, Javier asks her if she’s going with them. Since Kai also wants her to go, Saya agrees. Meanwhile, Amshel is still well and alive, and is holding a party at his castle. It seems that some of his guests are the very people who tried to assassinate him, whether he knows it or not. David and Joel also join the party, allowed in after Joel shows his pocket watch as proof of the Goldschmidt name.
In the countryside, Gray is teaching Kai how to fish as Saya watches on from a distance. She tells Hagi that she did want to leave here quickly to go after Diva, but she also thinks that New York is far away. Hagi says that it’s not bad to rely on the others, and that Kai’s words are right because she needs rest right now. By resting, there will be things she will be able to see. Saya’s still on edge though, and reacts to the dog taking the picnic basket by reaching for her sword. Javier stops and scolds the dog, while Nahavi starts telling Saya about his own birthday and the presents he wants. Javier ends up hugging Saya and making Saya promise to come to her next birthday party. Back at Amshel’s castle, Joel is attracting a lot of attention. The tie around David’s neck is actually a camera that links back to Okamura and Lewis, who are watching from the car outside. Lewis comments that this is a party of all the top people of the weapons industry. Okamura still can’t understand how the fat Lewis is ex-CIA, so Lewis says that he was different back then. He shows Okamura a photo that almost makes Okamura choke.
Back inside, David turns his attention to Julia. This time, Julia seems surprised to see David and is afraid of what will happen if Van sees him. David pulls out the pen (the one he held Van hostage with) and returns it. He is about to say something else to her, but the two get interrupted by Collins. He accuses David of playing Spy, but David compliments him in response. Collins gives David some advice, saying that David and company are opposing what will become the biggest power in the world. He then excuses himself and Julia. At Gray’s house, Mao is watching Monique hang up the laundry. Thinking about how she’ll be going to New York tomorrow, Mao comments that she rather likes it here. She starts teasing Monique about liking Kai and admits that she herself likes how Kai is a straight forward idiot – or at least the straight forward part anyway. Mao knows that Kai has and always will protect and help Saya, and she’s resigned to the fact that he’ll always be moving around. Both girls seem to like the Kai that is so devoted to Saya.
On the fishing excursion, Gray has hooked a fish while Kai still hasn’t caught anything. Gray’s advice is that in order to fish, you have to become the fish’s feelings so that you can figure out when the fish will bite the lure; look at the flow and throw the lure there. Kai starts to protest that it’s difficult, but Gray cuts him off by telling him that if he thinks simply, then things will go well. Kai’s attention then drifts to Saya, who is now sleeping against a nearby tree. He starts fishing again and almost immediately gets a bite. However, he can’t reel it in and another momentary glance toward Saya is enough to allow the fish to get away, pulling Kai into the river in the process. Gray tells him that he’s lost; Kai thought of the fish as only a fish, but the fish was fighting for its life. Meanwhile at the party, Joel is approached by an old acquaintance who exclaims his name really loudly. This causes everyone around them starts talking about the Goldschmidt family, which used to be influential in banking. It even catches Van’s attention, who wonders if Joel is the one from Red Shield.
As Joel is explaining how the Goldsmiths came from the Goldschmidts, Amshel joins the conversation. David instinctively reaches for his gun, but Joel calls him off. Joel instead turns around and thanks Amshel for his kindness at Joel’s father’s funeral. Amshel in turn apologizes for not inviting Joel here. He grabs two flute glasses of wine and hands one to Joel, raising a toast. During this, David notices the ring on Amshel’s finger, matching the one from the old lady and Elizabeth back in Russia. Joel notices it too and compliments Amshel on the ring. Amshel reveals that it’s been passed down in the generations and there’s never a moment when he’s not wearing it.
Joel then asks Amshel about his new biotechnology business. Amshel says that someday traditional science will be integrated with advanced biology. He thinks that people will die without evolving every day, so the door to the future must be opened. To do that, they need new blood. Tensions between the relatives continue to rise as the conversation switches to the Goldschmidt family. Joel specifically says that the Goldschmidts are merely humans. Amshel responds by saying that if man is wounded, he bleeds. The conversation ends on opera, and Joel promises to meet Amshel in New York. Watching as David pushes Joel away, Amshel says to himself that a snake is a snake and that you can’t let your guard down until the head is crushed. He tells Van they’re going to New York, and Van reports no communications from Solomon. Hearing this, Amshel decides to make Van the CEO of Cinq Flèches America, a move that surprises Van enough to make him drop his candy.
As the sun is setting, Saya is still asleep. She hears Hagi’s voice, but she doesn’t wake up, staying instead in her ethereal dream. She feels her arms around something warm and smells the scent of summer. When she finally opens her eyes, she sees that Kai is carrying her. She gets off of him and the two stare at the sunset, one that Kai says is different from the one in Okinawa. Saya remarks that Kai has changed and grown stronger. She knows her own responsibility to fight and feels bad that Kai got injured protecting her. He apologizes, but she says that she’s happy, though she wonders why things became like this. Putting Saya’s coat on her shoulders, Kai says nankurunaisa (everything will work out in the end) – the same important magical words that he said to her on the beach in Okinawa. He tells her that the Saya of yesterday and the Saya of today will always be connected to become the Saya of tomorrow. He reminds her not to forget that she is herself, they are family, and that she’s the Saya that he loves. Turning around, Kai reveals that he’s decided to go back to Okinawa once this has all ended so that he can follow his father’s footsteps, living life to the fullest. The two of them then hear the calls of the kids telling them to hurry up, so they return home.
The next morning, everyone is getting ready to leave Gray’s house. All eyes turn to Saya as she steps out.

ED4 Sequence

ED4: 「Brand New Map」 by K
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Yay for the new songs! The OP is still a fast song (I love it) and the ending is still a slow one (still growing on me). The opening animation had me in smiles because of all the juicy images, like Saya fighting Diva and Hagi’s wings. The last shot of everyone together seems to imply that Julia will be rejoining the “good guys” before the end of this series. The ending animation was done in the same style as the previous endings, but I like the images from this time a lot more than previously, especially that first one of Saya and Hagi.


Well that was certainly a lot of KaiXSaya. He even said that he loves her…implied in the family way, but he still said it. Heck, I thought they might even kiss or something during that sunset scene. I did think it was a nice touch that they alluded back to the second episode, with Kai reminding Saya of basically the same thing he told her back then. The words nankurunaisa also showed up in episode six, said to Saya from George when he was dying. And of course, in this episode Hagi and Saya get all of like three lines together (and those lines were about Kai).
It was fun watching Amshel getting shot at the beginning of the episode. Shame that he didn’t stay dead, but was no chance that they’d kill him off in such a fashion. I wonder who the Mr. Grant mentioned by the would-be assassins is. I’m also curious if that ring is Amshel’s weakness, given that he says he basically never takes it off.
The England/London arc looks like it’s more or less over now, with the focus shifting to New York. Next episode looks fun with Amshel vs. Solomon. Farewell Solomon Goldsmith? At least that’s what Amshel says at the end of the preview.


  1. the new op is awesome i like that they show hagi wings but also when he is standing and sagi is behind him and you see in the background where he is holding her in the snow….and when he was young and also when he kisses saya in the first ep anyways the opening rocks man i hope saya and hagi stay as a couple damn this series is good

  2. I thought Blood+ was on a winning streak for the OP songs, but I’m pretty disappointed right now … My poor ears 🙁 I’m so going to miss UVERworld …
    I’m liking the animation though, very stylish shot of Saya at 01:07.

  3. damn i forgot to say that i cant wait to see ep 43 because i want to see hagi jealous………………

    Solomon is hiding Saya in his Penthouse in New York. He confesses his desire to stay with Saya no matter what will happen. As he gets close to her lips, Hagi appears.

    I MUST SEE THIS EP…………….HAGI……..

  4. Maybe he isn’t dead. After all, all they showed was him falling into the pit with his arm and leg crystalized.He could have ripped them off in time like Carl has done before.Of course all this is just speculation.I doubt he survived.

  5. I see what Omni meant about liking the images better in the OP and ED this time around…I particularly loved the Hagi+Wings, Hagi+Saya+Moses Combo, as well as the cute sister moments in the OP and ED (Saya and Diva both with long hair and arm outstreched as well as little Saya+Diva across the busy intersection)

    Cant wait to see this episode ^.^ Hagi needs to go into his full Chiropteran form soon…

  6. The new opening isn’t that great, it’s a little too upbeat for this late in the series, don’t you guys agree? Man, we’ve got to see Hagi go into his full chiropteran mode soon – but with those wings, I’m afraid when he does, he just might die…wait, was that symbolism? With Hagi carrying Saya up ‘towards the heavens’ so to speak?


  7. While it may not be the case, the scenes in the intro reek too much of “show level” animation. I’m wondering if all those tidbits are actually previews of up and coming battles. The battle on the rooftops b/w Saya and Nathan look to be something awesome.

  8. this OP Should be one of the dumbest openings in anime history. man what a let down. who the hell came up with this idea of letting a kid’s band sing the 4’th (and maybe the final) opening for a great anime like Blood? She was just yelling all the time!
    terrible, terrible. they have to stop this garbage from the next episode.

  9. the op is great! but I’m still shaken about the fact of Hagi dying in the 45th epi !!!!!!!!!!!!! is that true? I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway I’m jumping on my happy place b/c we’l finaly get to se what’s Hagi’s chiropteran form!!!!!!!!!!!
    heh and another thing
    that image of princess/Braut Saya-Diva is priceless XD
    thnks Omni 4 the summary^^

  10. The Saya-kai scene has so many meanings. Saya have been all this time feeling the kai didn’t think of her as a family. She actually told him that she was happy when he tried to rescue her during the fight with James even though he got hurt. All this started from the time when Kai seemed more concerned about Riku than Saya, after he was killed the first time by Diva. The words that KAi uttered about Riku being his only family really have been weighing on Saya. Finally we get that out of the way, and we can see Saya faintly smile. Frowning Saya is not how we should see her, It has been a while since we saw her smile. So Kai smells like summer, maybe that is why he has 2 girls after him. 🙂

  11. Aww, what the hell happened to the messy art style they used for OP3? I loved it and I thought it made the opening unique. 🙁
    Not a great OP IMO, but at least it’s better than the first OP.

    I really REALLY hope Solomon isn’t dying next episode…He’s my favorite Chevalier and just started showing up more in OP and ED, and it would be a total waste if he dies just like that. I guess this is where Solomon turns fully into a “good guy”? 😀

  12. I hope neither Solomon nor Hagi dies… I will be disappointed. I wonder if Kai still treats Saya as his sister. .. He’s too concerned with her to think about the girls that love hime like Monique and Mao.

  13. I think both op and ed include many old characters like RIKU and those SHIFU that has been dead for a long time. it seems a couclusion to the whole blood+ thing at the last stage of blood+.I like them both.

    Solomen!!! NOOOOO !!!

  14. I have mixed feelings about the opening, the animation was simply amazing but the song was…difficult to listen to. Her tone of voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard.

  15. Yay for Solomon being on Saya’s side!!! I wished for moment for a long time… No he won’t die already, they’ve put him so nicely in the opening and ending, he has to stay and protect saya

  16. I don’t know what is going to happen in episode 40, but if the sypnosis for episode 40 and 41 in wikipedia are correct….
    Show Spoiler ▼

  17. Oh my gosh! Thank you /sooooo/ much for the OP & ED!!! I’m only on episode 37, so it’s great to see it. n__n You always do great summaries, I’m glad I bookmarked you. 😀 Too bad only 13 left! D:

  18. “ore no daisuki na Saya”…te OTL

    In Saya’s dream sequence, I thought to myself, “shiro ka? shima shima ka?”, and then realized what a perv I’ve become.

  19. In Saya’s dream sequence, I thought to myself, “shiro ka? shima shima ka?”, and then realized what a perv I’ve become.
    Hahahahaha. I certainly didn’t have that thought, but if I had to guess, I’d say Saya is the shiro type 😉

  20. Nah, Solmon isnt going to die YET It would make no sence lol. They probley fight for a bit and he runs off or something.But he is a traitor and in anime’s they always end up dead sooner or later. But at least Solmon is on Saya’s side so its ok. ^^ Anyway, the opening is awasome! I love the song! Animation is great too, nice fighting scenes! James isnt dead. Plain and simple. They didnt show him die, and hes in the opening it would make no sence for him to be in it if he was dead lol. That would be like putting Karl in it lol..They kinda gave away a little bit there.. Made a new Anime chaos yesderday. It doesnt have anything from blood+ 39 saving that for the next one ^^ hehe.

  21. no one right now is subbing the manga yet so if u want it ur gonna have to learn to read japanese and then after that it will also be hard to find it in bittorrent, or by direct download. i recomend wait a few years when someone uploads the manga in one big scope!

    Lost Seeker
  22. I really miss UVERworld and the 3rd opening animation. The song was fast and sounded great, and the animation style was just amazingly stylized with a lot of symbolism (Saya and Diva staring across from each other, two sides of a mirror, etc.). Plus, Saya looked like a total badass with her ripped clothes (yay for fan service!), bloodied face, and gripping the broken blade of her sword in her bleeding hand and tearing at a bandage with her teeth, staring Diva down to a final fight. Smecksy!

    The 4th opening animation is more pedestrian, I guess is the word. While it gives a few tidbits (Nathan’s Chiropteran form – which looks pretty cool, like a giant praying mantis with blades for arms, Moses being the only Sif left, Hagi’s demon-like bat wings, Julia possibly returning to the good guys), the style isn’t as eye catching as the 3rd opening. Having Diva in her Riku form staring down Saya just doesn’t have the same impact either; the heroine is fighting a kid, basically – not very badass at all.

    The worst thing about the 4th opening is the choice of song. It’s just so jarring, upbeat, and doesn’t fit Blood+’s tone at all. It’s like trying to listen to a bag of tortured cats, to be blunt. I had no problem cranking up the speakers or TV with the other 3 opening songs, but this one I immediately toned down the volume when the lead singer started strangling the chorus. What was IG thinking when they chose that band?

    Anyway, this episode felt as close to filler than any other in the series. Kai and Saya have finally reconciled (hopefully for good this time). Less Kai vs. Saya angst and more plot-driven conflict and action, please. Was amusing seeing Anshel getting shot and then throwing a party the very next scene. Can’t keep a good villian down. And we finally get to see Mao’s take on all these events with Kai, though I don’t completely buy her reasons for sticking with him. Just what is it about Kai that makes Mao, Monique, Diva (for her next Chevalier), and possibly Saya (strongly implied) like him, lol.

    The brief images of Saya and Diva playing together or otherwise not at each others’ throats in the ending credits make me wonder if had their circumstances been different, if the original Joel had treated both sisters as human and raised them together, would they be loving siblings rather than enemies now. Nature vs. nurture, and all that. Anschel, you manipulative bastid, what are you planning? Solomon vs. Anschel should be interesting.

  23. I really did enjoy this episode. The opening animation is nice, but I too hate the song. I will just have to lower the volume next time. Also, can people learn how to use spoiler tags? It isn’t that difficult. Consider that not all people read the spoilers on wiki, which may or may not be accurate in the first place.

  24. Is anyone else feeling paranoid about how much Saya has been sleeping lately? Don’t get me wrong, the girl deserves a break, it’s just…bearing in mind she tends to nap for 30 years every so often, do we think her extended bedtime is drawing near?

    I like that new image in the OP where Hagi is holding Saya on the beach, looking out towards the sunset. That seems to symbolise to me that she’s either dead or sleeping. Oh! And I love love love Hagi’s wings! That had better be something they include in the anime rather than just using it to make the OP look good.

    I don’t like the fact they’re setting Saya and Kai up romantically, which I think they are. If Kai really only saw Saya as a sister he would have said so when Monique asked him back in ep 35. Instead he looked uncertain.

    Does anyone have an speculations about that promise Saya and Hagi made to each other way back when? For some reason I think Hagi has agreed to kill Saya, for some sort of greater good. I’ll be happy to be proved wrong and see them live happily ever after, but…like that’s gonna happen…

  25. yes I think saya made Hagi promise that he would kill her when this is all over with, meaning when she kills divia and all her minions lol. Dont get me wrong I hope thats not the promise but I dunno just have a feeling it is. Though I dont think the promise will be fulfilled cause Hagi will be killed by Divia which makes saya go ape shit…. And Kill Divia and makes her basicly the cold saya we see in the movie. Again hope that doesnt happan I like Hagi hes a very kool and local guy but again watching so much anime for years on end I can almost see it coming….But Blood+ does keep us guessing so we’ll see ^^.

  26. Unlike some who hate the new opening, I actually enjoyed it. The scenes shown in OP4 are very good (I wonder if Hagi’s wings indicates that he has a full Chiropteran form like Diva’s Chevaliers), and I think they’re good as the last intro of a long series such as Blood+. The song may not be as good as Season’s Call or Colors of the Heart, but nevertheless, I still liked it. I have to say, though, that while I liked Jinn’s song, I like ED4 song’s the best. “Brand New Map” by K is possibly my favorite theme song out of this entire series.

    As for the epsiode itself, it’s okay, but it’s really nothing but character interactment, which is nice, but since there’s a Solomon vs. Anschel fight coming up, it makes me want to see that episode much more and makes this episode look more mediocre at best. Can’t wait for Episode 40; hope it gives us a good fight to see.

  27. I absolutely love the look of both the OP + ED themes, but the songs themeselves aren’t that great.
    After 3 different stellar pairs of OP + ED songs, the 4th and final ones seem like a let down. They aren’t by any means bad songs, they just don’t pack that WOW of a punch that the previous themes did. The other themes hit homeruns, where as the new themes only gets to first base. Kind of a disappointment ;_;

  28. ya, the pink gives it away… lol

    From the opening Amshel is shadow like but looks pretty big and kool lookin. But maybe its the shadows maye he turns into a chibi form of Divia with big claws lol.

  29. I love the new ending~~~ [for someone who leans A LOT towards ballads]
    I honestly hope that Solomon doesn’t die – his affection towards Saya seem genuine to me. Amshel is so EVIL!!! I can`t stand him. And so old too xP

  30. j’adore vrémen vrémant blood! je sais que tu ne vas rien comprendre a se que j’écrit mais vrément merci d’avoir mis des images de blodd parce que j’en chercher depuis longtemps et puis jamais j’en trouvais alors voila merci beaucoups!!!!

  31. damn!!!! this is spoiling to the highest level!! huhu.. cudnt help myself.. i’m still on eps 12 an i already know everything major thats going to happen… i’m scrolling like mad here..

  32. Hagi=dark angel….so true ^^

    I hate the opening and ending songs actually. The animations are cool, but the music…agh. I love the picture of Kai fastening Saya’s helmet, though (although i support Hagi and Saya as a couple). Cute.


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