OP Sequence

OP: 「Doki Doki! My Sister Soul」 by ハレンチ☆パンチ (Harenchi Punch)
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Early on Christmas morning, Kawagoe Haruma is awoken by a knocking on his window. He sleepily opens it and finds a female in a Santa outfit floating on a motorcycle outside. “Santa” gives him a large wrapped bag and makes him sign for what she calls his Christmas present. Inside the bag is a young girl holding a small notebook – Haruma’s new little sister, just like he wished for all those years ago. After Santa leaves, the young girl comes to life. Since she’s in her underwear, Haruma makes her wear some of his clothes even though she thinks that siblings should not be bothered by something like this. He then has to get used to her calling him onii-chan. Embarrassed and at a loss for words, Haruma suggests that they have breakfast. His new sister offers to cook, but she makes a big mess in the kitchen, so Haruma ends up just preparing some bread and coffee. While eating, he asks her about her name, but she doesn’t have one. Given the option of choosing one for her, Haruma decides on “Choko” since she looks in her anchoko (study aid, aka. her little notebook) all the time. Choko likes her new name, so it sticks. Haruma then suggests that they go shopping after breakfast because Choko’s wardrobe is currently a bit lacking.
Outside, Choko gets to experience the wonders of snow for the first time. However, she takes a fall and starts sneezing because of the cold. To keep her warm, Haruma gives her his coat and scarf. On their way into town, the two pass by a florist named Ayano that Haruma is acquainted with. In her introduction, Choko makes a point of asserting that she’s her brother’s little sister. Haruma is flustered to see Ayano, but before he can say anything, she’s called away by her telephone. He and Choko continue on to the store where she tries on several outfits from the children’s department and runs up quite a bill. She happily wears one of her new outfits as they continue shopping. During lunch, Haruma shows Choko how to properly hold a spoon. He remembers how when he was young, he had asked his then-pregnant mother about his sister being born every day. He had been so excited to get a little sister, always thinking about how he’d play with her. But then one day, his mother ended up in the hospital, having failed to give birth. In fact, the incident prevented her from ever giving birth again. His mother had cried and apologized repeatedly, so that night Haruma prayed to God for his mother to get well. And since it was Christmas time, he had also asked Santa to bring him a little sister; he had promised to treasure her.
Back in the present, Choko finishes her lunch and the two siblings continue through the store. Haruma’s attention falls on a Santa Claus piece of jewelry, and he fantasizes about giving it to Ayano as a Christmas present. While he’s looking at it, Choko gets bored and sees a boy carrying a balloon. She follows him up an escalator, and then spots a bin of blue teddy bears. Haruma finally notices that she’s gone as he’s making his purchase. He goes up the escalators looking for her, but she happens to be coming down the other side and the two miss each other. Haruma finds her only after he gets alerted by store’s intercom system. Choko can’t stop crying when she finally gets to see him again. Realizing how worried Choko had been, Haruma decides to give her the Santa Claus piece he bought earlier. In return, Choko gives him a kiss on the cheek. Like it’s written in her notebook, Choko explains that the kiss was a thank you for the present from her brother.

ED Sequence

ED: 「ねこにゃんダンス」 (Neko Nyan Dance) by ハレンチ☆パンチ (Harenchi Punch)
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Hahaha! Both the opening and the ending have elements of the Neko Nyan Dance from volume four of the manga, never mind that the ending song is called exactly that. Recognizing this made them a lot more interesting that I would have otherwise thought. And after only a couple of listens both songs have quickly grown on me.

The first episode was pretty much the cute loli-fest I thought it’d be. Choko is the cute, devoted little sister that lolicon dreams are made of. They even included the gratuitous panty-shot when Choko is first waking up.
So I love the way this story begins with the female Santa and her reindeer motorcycle delivering a little sister. It has a rather magical quality to it. The rest of the series doesn’t quite have that same feel (at least according to the manga), but at least it’s a great way to start.
Animation quality was decent, as was the background music – though I thought the piece during the snow scene was fantastic. The character designs still bother me a bit, but they’re not nearly as bad as the official website originally made them look like (yes, that’s the same thing I said about the first episode of NHK ni Youkoso, but it holds true here too).
I can see this being a decent series, but I don’t really have the time on Tuesdays (which are currently devoted to Bleach and Ouran High School Host Club), nor am I too keen on watching this for 24 episodes. However, if you’re looking for a cute series – with a good dose of loli – about a loving brother/sister relationship (and the other relationships that develop around them), then this is the series for you.


  1. This has to be thee “cutest” animated series of the YEAR! It was everything I wanted it to be and more. Loved the manga, and I’m sure I’m sure going to have a real blast watching all 24 episodes throughout this summer season. Great job Nomad.

  2. this was one of the series that i was looking forward to… now if only a more stable group other than doremi would pick it up :/ (have nothing against them they just seem to be taking on too many projects)

  3. so this is going to look good? At first at had my doubts because of the character designs… but they seem to look cute… I like the manga not only for the absolutely awesome art, but also because it also has very good romance elements. At first the lolicon inside me felt dissapointed for the lack of siscon material, but this is a fairly interesting romantic series….

  4. from the screen shots omni posted it seems to follow the manga very closely so far! Definitely gonna watch this series. Reading it is good but to acually see this manga animated is a blessing.

  5. I enjoy loli-service like the Yumetsukai manga, but this show actually made me sick. Might be due to having a real imouto.

    The art was pretty detailed at times but looked just cheap 🙁

  6. The animation quality was good but the entire show just didn’t flow well.

    I know that this isn’t an action-oriented show, but there was constant use of still frames for (relatively) long periods and a lot of scenes with very minimal actual animation that it just felt sub-par. Perhaps they should cut this down to 12 episodes.

    Ah heck, i’ll probably continue watching it.

  7. Well episode 3 is out and they left in the nude apron scene in that Chokotto was wearing at the beginning of chapter 1 in the manga… what was funny about it is they put caution tape over her bare butt lol. Cold still see her butt mostly, so i don’t know why they did the caution tape thing … probably cause kids would be watching it though.

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