On the third day of summer vacation, Hikaru and Kaoru get an early morning phone call from Tamaki. The club president is panicking because Haruhi has gone missing. She’s not answering her phone and he can’t get through to her father either. Tamaki starts thinking that maybe she couldn’t pay the rent and was forced into slavery or ran away, but Kyoya breaks his delusions by telling him that Haruhi is in Karuizawa. Indeed, Haruhi is currently working there at a pensione. Just as she’s feeling a little guilty for not telling the others, the Host Club arrives via helicopter, with Tamaki screaming through a megaphone asking if Haruhi is safe. Haruhi realizes that this is going to be the worst summer vacation.
The owner of the pensione is a woman named Misuzu…or rather a man dressed as a woman named Misuzu, one of Ranka-san’s old friends from work. It seems that Haruhi’s father is traveling, and since he was worried about Haruhi, he left her in the care of Misuzu. The Host Club members realize that this job is why Haruhi turned down their each of their offers to go away on vacation. Tamaki is angry that they all gave her individual invitations when he was trying to come up with a plan that involved everyone. It’s made worse when he finds out that Haruhi does actually have a cell phone, given to her by the twins. It’s limited to just friends, and Tamaki is classified as a senpai. Tamaki insists that his father status should be under the friends category, but Haruhi disagrees.
Haruhi gets frustrated with everyone here and wants them all to go home, so Kyoya pulls out the school regulations and reads Number 19: part-time jobs are forbidden. With this being held over her head, Haruhi has no choice but to let them stay. Tamaki thinks that they’ll be staying at the pensione as VIPs, and has a fantasy of seducing Haruhi when she brings him breakfast. Unfortunately for them, Misuzu only has one free room. As leader, Tamaki thinks that he should get it, but the twins suggest instead that they play a game to decide who gets to stay, a Refreshing Work for the Guest Room Competition with Misuzu as the judge. Misuzu is of course more than happy with this arrangement.
Misuzu starts giving out and taking away refreshing points immediately. Tamaki falls behind because of his fence mending, and Honey’s cuteness factor has no effect on Misuzu. It’s actually the twins who do well for welcoming guests and Mori for helping fix a table. Misuzu explains to Haruhi that people come to Karuizawa for refreshing breezes, refreshing scenery, and refreshing boys, which is why she’s awarding refreshing points. Out of everyone though, Haruhi notices that Kyoya isn’t participating. Kyoya has no interest in staying at this pensione by himself, so he’s just going to watch and then leave for his vacation home. Actually, each of the Host Club members has a vacation home nearby, leaving Haruhi wishing that all of them would go.
In terms of who will win, Kyoya reasons that Honey is more cute than refreshing, Tamaki is too passionate, and that leaves the twins to win it. But the dark horse in all this is Mori, who is currently earning major points for cutting wood shirtless and drinking water in front of the customers. However, Kyoya thinks that if Honey loses, Mori will refuse to stay too. Hearing this, the twins think that they’ve won. Haruhi remembers that the room is only for one, but the twins don’t care because they can get another bed from their vacation home or they can just sleep in the same bed. Hikaru even suggests that Haruhi can join them in sleeping together, but she declines the offer. Kyoya says that the game isn’t over yet, and that there are ways to make it more interesting.
Kyoya ends up advising Tamaki on the one thing that only he can do: piano playing. With the beautiful music attracting customers in, Tamaki seems to be making a comeback. But during this time, some girls open a window and cause a flower vase to fall down right when Haruhi is standing underneath. Kaoru, who was standing beside her, saves Haruhi though he suffers a cut to his own face. Hikaru comes running onto the scene concerned about Kaoru, and their scene of refreshing brotherly love wins them the competition. Haruhi realizes only afterwards that this was probably all part of their strategy. That afternoon, in their new room, Hikaru is still clutching Kaoru’s hand. Kaoru says that it’s ok and jokes that they didn’t have to use the refreshing brotherly quarrel strategy.
The next morning, Kaoru wakes up on the floor. Hikaru apologizes, but Kaoru stays a bit pissed off. The two try to order all sorts of fancy breakfast food, but none of it is on the menu. Tamaki jumps in and shows them a Karuizawa breakfast, all of which he learned from Misuzu early this morning. In fact, Tamaki has even made a vacation guidebook filled with various rules. Hikaru notices that rule number five is to get out of bed at 6AM, and Kaoru wonders if Kyoya and Honey are able to follow this rule. Tamaki backs off because he remembers how he was met with Eyes of the Demon King from Kyoya and Eyes of a Monster from Honey when he tried to get them up. It is at this time that a delivery boy shows up with fresh produce. Because Misuzu asks, the boy reveals that he’s working at his uncle’s shop for summer vacation. When Misuzu calls Haruhi over to refrigerate the produce, the delivery boy recognizes her name. And upon seeing the boy, Haruhi remembers him as Arai.


This episode was full of laughs, quite a brilliant job they did translating the jokes from paper to the screen. The crotch/elephant joke especially because it caught me off guard and gave me Inukami vibes. The look on their maids’ faces was great too. And I think Misuzu came off as even a bit kookier than Ranka-san. The whole refreshing boys deal as told by a man in drag is just…yea…
The twins got a lot of the focus this episode. Notice when Hikaru suggested to Haruhi that the three of them sleep together, the uninterested look on Kaoru’s face. Then they suggest that Hikaru really was concerned after the accident by how he was trembling when he was holding Kaoru’s hand. This will all (kind of) come into play next week, with this new rival which will eventually lead to Hikaru going on a date with Haruhi. Should be lots of fun 🙂


  1. secon pic HILARIOUS! that’s a must-see Hikaru-Kaoru fans!!!!!
    OH LORD OF HEAVENS Inukamiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!! *burst of laughter*
    is in deed a nice ep i can tel I’m going for the raw I can’t wait 4 the sub to go out
    and the evil maids are back hahahaha

  2. Haru-chan!! KAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The helicopter was pretty funny.Also I have a question for anyone here:

    Does anyone think that Haruhi is going to end up with someone? Or do think that we’ll probably have a Fruits Basket-ish ending with her being with no one?

  3. If she does end up with anyone, the only possible choice would be Tamaki.

    Mori = silent, hardly any role, and possible gay
    Honey = Way too childish, looks too young, possibly gay
    Hikaru + Kaoru = Possibly gay, also I don’t think Haruhi’s going to go out with both of them at the same time and they seem inseperable, would look awkward if she’s going out with one of them and the other is still a friend
    Kyoya = He’s usually just scheming and talks about money all the time, no real interest in Haruhi

    Tamaki = He’s the main character type, always making a fool out of himself. Instant win right there.

  4. Well Fruits basket hasn’t ended, the manga is still ongoing if i’m not wrong =_=… now about the anime, yeah… it ended XD. I guess Ouran will go the same path, the manga is still ongoing, so, the anime will finish with an open ending… if it doesn’t have a second season, of course

  5. Well the manga is at 40+ chapters and is still ongoing, and seeing how the series is just 26 episodes, I doubt there’ll be any solid conclusion. Meh, if I had to guess, Haru is most likely going to end up with Tamaki or Hikaru. Why Hikaru? Watch the next ep. ^__^

  6. @doublex: it’s more probably for the series to haev a Fruits Basket ending since the manga has yet 7 volumes and stil going so they’re more like leaving it as a cliff hanger, maybe in the chapter
    Show Spoiler ▼

    but talking about other things if she (for some REASON) manages to end up with someone I think mori has more chance (if it’s related to the manga) since in the manga Hatori-san said that the couple she loved the most and that might be was the MorixHarui

    @Eld: yeah I tought that too but then again it’s just part of the fun and after watching the elephant (thanks inukami for that invention) I just forgot about that

  7. The Fruits Basket manga is indeed ongoing…although it’s nearly finished, woe. *sniff* 🙂

    Anyone who still thinks the twins are gay…wait until the next episode. It looks like it’s my favourite chapter (so far) from the manga, and I CAN’T WAIT to see the ‘date’…oh, the squee. :D:D:D

    The anime is definitely playing up Haruhi x Tamaki (and actually having it make sense, hurrah!), but it isn’t nearly so direct in the manga. Mori, Kyouya and Hikaru (especially Hikaru) are all interested in Haruhi, to varying degrees. Yes, even Kyouya. He doesn’t always think about money, y’know. Although he IS always scheming. Heh.

    I’m soooooooooooooooooooo excited for next week’s episode. Please let it be as delightful (and poignant) as the manga. Of course, knowing how brilliant the anime series is, I’m sure it’ll be even better. 🙂

  8. “Notice when Hikaru suggested to Haruhi that the three of them sleep together, the uninterested look on Kaoru’s face.”

    That’s really interesting :O I haven’t seen this episode yet, but I know for sure that in the manga, it’s *Kaoru* that asks if Haruhi wants them to all sleep together. And does he ever have the slyest look on his face when he asks, too.

    Anyway, ;_; that you don’t have a screencap of that scene (or do you?), but great summary and thanks for the screencaps. 🙂

  9. >Neverwhere

    Uh, in the manga the Tamaki/Haruhi aspect is about as subtle as a kick in the head. Hell, it’s obvious from chapter ONE. Others may be interested in Haruhi, but the one who shares the most romantic moments with her is Tamaki… hell, so far he’s the only one who kissed her (not on the lips, but… yeah, that’s Tamaki for you).

  10. Hruhi looks so kawaii *-*
    Next episode will be plenty fun, can’t wait^^
    Now I’m curious if Hikaru really likes Haruhi or if he just wants to “protect” her from Arai.

  11. Kuromitsu…

    I never said it wasn’t there, I’m saying he’s not the *only* one who likes Haruhi. And because he’s Tamaki he can’t help but show it every moment of every day. 😛

    I happen to be all for Haruhi and Tamaki as a couple, because they would even each other out so much and be really good for each other. Tamaki needs to learn to be calm, and Haruhi absolutely needs to learn how to enjoy life more. Will *she* ever let it happen? Who knows? 🙂

  12. at the preview it kind of make me wonder but is that really Haruhi? Long hair all of a sudden. Grew in 1 day? xD just saying
    And it seems interesting though if it’s Haruhi x Tamaki I would have been more interested *giggles*

  13. ChaoFan: Minor spoiler, but still. Show Spoiler ▼

    Lalita: Kawaii means cute. I don’t think you use it like you would if you would say “Brad Pitt is soo cute!”, but more like “Aw, that stuffed bunny is so cute.” Synonymous with adorable, I guess?

    And Jamie, yes, that’s Haruhi. 😛 She’s “grown” long hair before, if you remember.

    Randomly enough, I happen to believe that Haruhi x Tamaki is the eventual end of this, but in the meantime, do I ever like Haruhi x Hikaru and Haruhi x Mori. XD so cute.

  14. Oww, Kyoya look so good when his eyes flash.

    Thank goodness, they don’t mix the Karuisawa trip in one Episode (like beach Episode). Hitachiing Brother grab a role! And Hikaru seems to crushed(in to love) to Haruhi.

    Jin , the Masked Wizard
  15. OMG………………………. i LOve dis episode ………………………… n who da hell is da delivery guy.. is he lyk a chilhood friend or sumthing………………………… but haruhi n hikaru’s date ………… omg…………….i cnt wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I definitely found this one hilarious. So many jokes, and just when Haruhi thought she was free of the rich-weirdos… she gets them 24/7. So many of her expressions – though usual for her – just fit the situations so perfectly. I cackled my way through this one.

  17. hilaroius episode, i just love all this crack.
    ehh, i really seriously doubt that any of the guys are gay. it just adds to the crack-ness.
    and i can’t be the only person who got the feeling that kaoru likes haruhi right?
    in the beginning of the episode hikaru looked at kaoru strangely for looking so melancholy due to haruhi being away…
    very interesting. i wonder how this will end up.

  18. Hey! to all the fans of ouran high school host club and for those who wishes that this anime will continue please help petition for the second season…. you can find it here… we should get as much signatures as possible, i am sure you all are also thrilled and excited to watch the second season if there ever will be… 😀

  19. AHHHH! This is my favorite episode! I watch the beginning over and over again and nearly faint every time! Non-gay twincest (how is that possible…?) is my best friend!!!! I could die laughing at the elephant, too!!! (…They are both in love with Haruhi, so neither of them is gay) it’s just so hot and cute to me!!!

  20. “f-friends and family..?!?”(cell phone plan) *insert ADORABLE pic of skipping, (ah!) chibi, (oooh!!) Haruhi+Hitachiins!!!!* (SQUEEEEEEE!!!!) (it’s above, it’s part of Tamaki’s sad fantasy of Haruhi and the twins being best friends without him.) …like I said, I LOVE THIS EPISODE!!!


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