Three years ago, Keita helped out a tanuki by scaring off a wolf. Now, that same tanuki is back to repay the favor: he’s brought some love medicine. The way the pill works is that the first thing you see after taking a pill will fall in love with you. Keita and Youko quickly figure out the possibilities and both of them go for the bottle. The two start battling it out, and Keita ends up eating the first one. But he realizes that there’s nothing around that he wants to fall in love with him, so he shuts his eyes. Youko tricks him into opening them so that the first thing he sees is her. But since she isn’t immediately love-struck, the tanuki thinks that his medicine has failed and runs away crying. Keita has to go bring him back, and when they return, they notice that Youko has indeed changed, acting as if she’s a newlywed housewife. Keita’s happy with her cooking and her massage, but when Youko asks him how many kids he wants, Keita realizes that their children would be kitsune.
And so Keita runs away from Youko because he is looking to score with human women instead. He first tries the pill on a group of schoolgirls, but they walk off so the first thing he sees is a group of elderly women. Keita doesn’t want that love, so he tricks Youko (who’s now angry) into getting rid of them and then runs away from her again. He finds some young housewives and takes another pill, failing to notice that a group of macho men have jogged into view. Keita has no choice but to flee and hide from them. Emerging from the pile of garbage, Keita sees Nadeshiko exiting a store. He decides to try the medicine with her, but he gets hit by a kid on a bike before he can reach her. The first thing he sees when he gets up is actually Sendan, Tomohane, and the twins Imari and Sayoka. Those four start fighting each other over him, but Keita realizes again that he doesn’t want the Inukami to be in love with him because they’d bear him dog children. Fortunately for him, the effect seems to wear off. Unfortunately for him, Sendan delivers Keita an uppercut. Nadeshiko had picked it up the medicine bottle that Keita dropped when he was hit by the bicycle and now returns it to him, though she warns him not to do weird things.
Continuing on, Youko is still flying around the city looking for Keita, who is now hiding behind a mailbox. Keita is very surprised when the mailbox comes to life because Karina is inside – so surprised that the pill in his hand goes flying into another mailbox nearby. Karina ends up falling in love with that other mailbox, but then gets torched when Youko finally finds Keita. Though he runs, Keita is unable to avoid a huge blast from Youko, burning him to a crisp in front of a group of people in the middle of the city. Youko wants him to hand over the medicine, but instead of complying, Keita eats the entire bottle. Keita declares that all the women of the world will be his and a pink nova expands from his body all over the globe. Keita is indeed successful at attracting a horde of women, but he also gets more than he bargained for in the form of tons of animals and men. He decides to accept it and invites everyone to jump into his chest. Of course, he gets completely trampled. That night, the tanuki brings a battered Keita back to Youko. Keita admits that he was wrong for using the medicine’s powers. That’s why he swears to Youko that from now on, he’ll only use his own abilities to be a skirt-chaser. Youko responds by torching him again and dumping him in the water.

Meh, so much for the good streak they were on. This episode returns to the comedic format, with plenty of Keita’s lecherous behavior and plenty of macho men (well, not that much, but enough for me). It’s amusing to watch, but just not as good as the previous story-driven episodes. They do raise the odd question of what kind of babies Keita and Youko would have…half-human, half-kitsune? Not that it matters because Keita wants human women. Maybe at the end of the series he’ll realize he truly loves Youko, though I bet he’d just as quickly return to his lecherous ways.
Next week is another swimsuit episode it seems. Fortunately, the preview hints at some Kaoru, so maybe it won’t be all bad.


  1. haha I loved it, I knew something was up.. last weeks preview looked like something was wrong.. I had a feeling they would do something like this. Its Inukami! after all =)

    A love potion.. :/ I would of hoped for a different approach.. but still it turned out great. I liked the first half better, but still the second half was interesting.. lol

  2. Doesn’t ” Inukami!” remind anyone of the Urusei Yatsura.

    1. Main female not human
    2. Main guy is a big pervert
    3. Main guy as much as he say he won’t date non-human but still chase after main female’s friends even thou her friends not human as well.
    4. Main guy truly loves main female just will never openly admited
    5. Main female always chase after main guy and when she caught him doing anything bad she shock him with electricity in Inukami! case toast him.

    Difference I find
    1. Inukami! have those macho scenes that Urusei Yatsura doesn’t have.

    I know the story is different between Inukami! and Urusei Yatsura.
    But is the idea behind the story and all these similiarity I find these two shows very much alike.

  3. Wow…killer harem.

    About Youko’s immunity to the love pill, I was thinking along the lines of kitsune spirits having high magic resistance or something.

    Anyway, it was an awesome crazy episode.
    And the love pill working on inanimate objects was just…wrong…

    *Loved the burning mailbox scene*

    I’m still wondering how the hybrid of the frog and tortoise-like animal fits into the storyline.

  4. After re-watching it after episode 6, I hope the animation stays at least good! as this until the end because episode 6 was horriable >.>

    Also to add in this episode, the little laugh right at the end by Youko and Keita was a really nice touch 🙂

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