In a dream-like state, the girl in the red dress is trying to lure someone to the end. But the person pulls his hand back, and the girl disappears. Samatarou wakes up the next morning to find his mother cheering him on in a cheerleading outfit. In fact, both his sisters are dressed as such. Samatarou notices that Meme has an “E” written on hers, Misa has an “L,” and his mother had a “V.” He figures out that they were trying to spell “LOVE,” but they’re still missing the “O.” He checks Tenko’s clothes, but they don’t have anything on them. Instead, it’s actually his father who’s wearing the “O” cheerleading outfit. Anyway, on the way to school, Samatarou starts thinking about how he misses Lulu and the kiss he had with Tenko that she doesn’t remember. That latter thought causes him to blush, making Tenko think that he’s got a fever or something.
At school, the two find Shinichi and the real Ai happily holding hands. Both Samatarou and Tenko can’t help but feel hostile towards Shinichi since Ai used to be their child (even though Tenko doesn’t remember it). When Samatarou speaks out against their holding hands, Shinichi points out that Samatarou and Tenko are also holding hands. The two immediately let go of each other and declare that they’re family, not lovers. Tenko then finds a love letter addressed to her in her shoebox from a Nakamura Takashi. In front of Shinichi and Ai, Samatarou pretends that it would be a good thing if she got a boyfriend. For the rest of the day, Tenko’s thoughts dwell on Samatarou and how he’s not the spoiled child he used to be. But Tenko is unsure about Samatarou’s feelings for her and what her future is. She decides not to open the letter, thinking that if Samatarou needs her, she’ll always stay by his side.
Before Tenko can fall asleep, she hears a voice calling out to her. It’s not Papa-san’s voice, nor is it Samatarou’s. The voice says that her job is already over and that she should be returning to heaven. Tenko protests, saying that Samatarou is still a kid and hasn’t quite gotten the self-conscious he needs to be God – that’s why she’s still necessary. The voice disagrees because Samatarou already believes in his own power, so there’s no need for her anymore. All this casts a shadow of doubt on Tenko’s feelings about Samatarou. Over breakfast the next day, Samatarou notices that Tenko is acting strange, and everyone thinks that it’s because of the love letter. Walking to school, both Samatarou and Tenko are wondering about their relationship. Samatarou starts to say something to her, but Tenko then notices a boy waiting for her: Nakamura Takashi.
Samatarou ends up watching them from a window above, but gets distracted long enough for Tenko and the boy to disappear. When Tenko enters the classroom later, Samatarou asks her how things went. Though he claims he’s only worried about her because she’s the angel watching over him, Tenko still admits that she rejected Nakamura Takashi and returned the letter. The two start horsing around like normal when a familiar face calls out to Samatarou. It’s Kumiko, and she’s back! She smiles at Samatarou in a way that makes him blush, which is of course unsettling to Tenko. After class, Kumiko asks Samatarou to the rooftop alone. There, she tells him that she came back just to see him again. Well, she admits that’s a lie, though she did really want to see him again. In fact, she asks him to please go out with her. Watching from behind the nearby door is Misa, who thinks this is puzzling. Below them, Tenko is sitting alone in the classroom wondering about what Samatarou is to her.

Since they returned to the girl in the red dress at the beginning of this episode and then coupled it with the return of Kumiko, I get the feeling that Kumiko is that girl. They look physically similar anyway, and the timing seems too perfect. This of course implies that Kumiko or some part of Kumiko is evil…I could believe that. There’s something fishy about how one of the first things she did upon her return was to ask Samatarou to go out with her.
This episode is kind of frustrating in the sense that it has a lot of Samatarou and Tenko wondering about each others feelings yet neither of them are can say anything to the other. Makes me wonder how things would have turned out if Papa-san hadn’t sent Samatarou back in time and the kiss was part of Tenko’s memory.
Kumiko’s eyes in the preview really freaked me out because of the way they are drawn. Fortunately the rest of the preview’s artwork looks normal. Looks like Samatarou will accept Kumiko asking him out.


  1. Hmmmmmmmmm, is it just me or does “God” have a tendency to cross-dress a lot? Countrary to what Conservitives would say, it really does look like God created gays.

  2. Obviously..It’s sure Kumiko is gonna come back, u can see a lot of screenshot of her in the opening lol.

    Now now, I wonder Samatarou who is gonna to choose. Kumiko or Tenko? Hehe, the answer is obvious but animes are unpredictable

  3. well… so far, with all the hints, Kumiko is being set up to be that girl in red we see at the begining. I wouldn’t be suprised if she’s supposed to be some devilish girl who tries to lure Samatarou to the dark side. Which makes me love her all that much more. I mean, poor Tenko. But I’m really curious as to what this Kumiko character has in store.

  4. well i dunno, but if you look at kumiko’s clothing isnt it usually dark, and since dark is bad shes the devil while on the other hand tenko is always sporting bright color and white since she’s an angel

  5. I finally watched this episode and I agree with the general opinion that Kumiko is evil. I also noticed how her eyes were drawn, they look evil and not like before. If Tenko is not needed she will return to heaven, and of course Samatarou is going to realize how much he loves her, just like in the first arc when he became human and she disappeared.

  6. boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo kumiko is back and she’s going to make something to steal samataro from tenko who were having a great time with each other

    and besides their kiss is kool

  7. i hope kamisama kazoku has like 24 or 26 episodes cus i luv this series. one of the few things that i luv bout kamisama kazoku is the chibi size of themselves talking in another dimensions thats so original u dont c that on any anime shows from the past until this year( naruto doesnt count cus u ppl watching only cant c it)

  8. Instead of thinking too much on Kumiko (yes, I stand by the camp that thinks her’s the devil)

    I wonder what about that strange voice, who could it be. If Tenko really is to return to heaven, doesn’t Papa going to know about it?

  9. Finally got my hands on this episode… Damn that Samatarou! Accepting a date from Kumiko when Tenko herself turned down that Nakamura guy….. He’s such a jerk. Just when I thought he had learned from his lesson and is now a better person,… the preview hints that he’s going to cave in to that Kumiko girl.

    I reckon the remaining episodes would be the last or 2nd last arc (where it is joined with the last arc) for the series. So I’m guessing: Samatarou goes out with Kumiko. Whether she is the devil or not will not really matter too much, because she’ll be the cause of Tenko disappearing, leading us to the final arc where Samatarou realizes that he’s been a jerk, and tries to get her back again.

    Well, that’s my best guest, since there’re only 4 episodes left. Hope it won’t end like Magikano with Samatarou’s dad turning back time to the very begining again.


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