All the parties have arrived in the United States; Diva is singing her song at a countryside home while Saya and company are staying in New York City. Though she’s sleeping, Saya’s mind is on the promise she made with Hagi about when everything is over. Hagi sees the tear forming in Saya’s closed eyes and wipes it away. He puts his hand on hers, but when she wakes up, he takes it off. Hagi tells her that everyone else is off searching for an apartment that they can make their base. When Saya tries to get out of bed, she stumbles right into him. He asks her if she’s ok, and she replies that she’s cold and that she’s going to take a hot shower. Meanwhile, Diva is still singing her song at the estate. She suddenly stops and approaches Nathan to take a bite of his neck so that she can suck some of his blood. Nathan comments on how good it feels, how this is supreme bliss. Just as he thinks that she’s about to suck him dry, Diva pulls away and continues with her song. As Amshel walks up, Nathan says that Diva’s tension has been high recently and he wonders how the other queen is getting along.
At that time, Saya is getting another blood transfusion in her apartment. Hagi brings her some cold water and asks her what she’s been doing. Saya replies that she’s been watching the city and thinking about how it’s full of people who don’t know about Diva, about the Chiropterans, or about them. For a long time, no one has known the things they’ve been doing, nor will anyone know when it ends. Hagi says that this is the will that she and Joel chose to take over. Saya then apologizes to Hagi because if she hadn’t made him a Chevalier, he wouldn’t have had to become like this. Hagi replies that he doesn’t regret becoming a Chevalier and reminds her that she was the one who once said that she wanted to travel the word with sword in hand together with him. These words supported Hagi when he was lonely – he knew that he was not alone. That’s why now he is still with her. As he was saying all this, Saya had tried to stand up and now clings tightly to his clothes, with her head against his chest. She thanks him for his words.
Back at the countryside, Diva is still prancing around. Nathan brings some wine over and comments on how Amshel is like a father as he watches over Diva. Amshel says that he is her admirer with only one person who worships her more. Looking forward to the moment when she shines on the stage, that person is Nathan. Nathan replies that he only wants to hear Diva sing her best on the greatest stage. He does have a question for Amshel though: what is Amshel’s desire? Amshel answers that whatever Diva wishes for, he also wishes for. Nathan thinks that if that’s the case, then Amshel should have brought Saya’s Chevalier in front of Diva sooner. Amshel says that if Diva had wished for it, it would have been so. But Diva did not choose that Chevalier. Amshel explains that everything he does is for the sake of Diva’s happiness and that won’t change. He’ll remove any hindrances, causing Nathan to wonder if that’s Solomon. As if on cue, Solomon is approaching Diva in the woods nearby. He kneels down and apologizes to Diva for not contacting her. When Amshel asks him what he’s up to this time, Solomon says that he’s here to talk to Diva about the distant past and the future in front of them.
Solomon asks Diva if she still remembers when she first met him. Diva does indeed, saying that Solomon was wearing white clothes. Solomon explains that when World War I was about to end, he had started working as a doctor. With his elder brother, Solomon had met Diva in the basement of a castle, lying on the floor naked with the empty cocoon nearby. Amshel had cut his hand and allowed Diva to drink from it, explaining to Solomon that Diva was his treasure, his most important thing. As Amshel pulled himself away, it was apparent that Diva wanted more blood. Amshel walked over to Solomon, saying that the human Solomon Goldsmith died here today. By receiving the blood of Diva, they would become connected by blood and be a true family. Solomon thought that this will allow him to approach his ideal. Amshel then plunged a sword into Solomon’s chest, and Solomon’s blood quickly formed into a pool beneath their feet.
Back in the present, Solomon continues on by saying that that’s when he became Diva’s Chevalier. He thought that this would free him from his karma, the karma by which man kills each other. With the war over, he thought that peace would come. But he had become a Chevalier, granted with eternal life, and so he saw humans as diminutive. He now saw karma from mankind’s values as worthless and saw humans as stupid and ugly living things. Liberating the world from that filled him with joy and for the first time, Solomon was happy. But there is still strife in the world, and that is in Diva and Saya’s fight. When Diva replies that the one who wants to fight is Saya, Solomon says that he cannot consider her the enemy. Diva protests that Saya is trying to kill her and then changes to her old appearance. She confronts Solomon about liking Saya, to which he declares that he loves Saya and wants for her to live. Diva wonders if he wants that even if it meant Diva were to get killed. Still, she doesn’t think that Saya will be able to kill her. She claims that she wants to get along with Saya, but that she wants to kill Saya even more.
Diva tells Solomon that he can do what he likes, but from today on, he’s no longer her Chevalier. The one who’s gone off the road is Solomon. Before she goes back into the house, Diva leaves Solomon with a few words. No matter how much he struggles, he cannot become Saya’s Chevalier. Diva jokes that they can go make some children and then runs off. With Diva gone, Amshel is ready to kill Solomon. Even though Solomon says that only Saya’s blood can kill them, Amshel wants to try anyway. Solomon lunges forward, but a psychic blast by Anschel immediately severs his sword arm. After reattaching his arm, Solomon and Amshel start seriously going at it, destroying the landscape in the process. But Nathan stops them both before they can hit each other. This is Nathan’s home and if they fight on and destroy it, there’ll be no place to live. And then there’s the matter of James, who’s still alive inside the house in a tank that Diva is now sleeping against.
Withdrawing, Amshel tells Solomon that it is the Chevalier blood inside of him that wants Saya. Solomon counters back that it’s their instinct to also love Diva. His yearning feelings for Diva haven’t changed and he’s proud to be Diva’s Chevalier. But Solomon also knows that he is himself, he is Solomon Goldsmith, and so he’ll be going to Saya. Amshel thinks that if Saya becomes Solomon’s, then Solomon will kill her even before the other Chevalier do. Back at the city apartment, Saya sleeps through the evening resting on the windowsill. Hagi leans down towards her and hears her mutter something about eating, causing him to smile a little. Kai then comes back complaining about how he didn’t think David would choose such a crumbling apartment. He says that they’re going to be moving tomorrow, but for now he’s brought some dinner. Kai sees that Saya is sleeping and tries to wake her up, but Hagi stops him because Saya needs rest. Hagi wants to let her forget the fighting and have some happy times. Having said that, he leaves with his instrument case. As the night goes on and both Diva and Saya continue to sleep, Hagi plays his cello from on top of the Chrysler Building.


Yay for Solomon surviving the episode! With the way Amshel had said farewell in last week’s preview, I came into this episode thinking that Solomon would die at any moment (it kept me on the edge of my seat whenever Solomon was in the scene). Amshel’s powers were pretty cool, and I didn’t think that Solomon could possibly beat him. Thankfully Nathan stopped them and Solomon survived the episode, but Diva has now basically disowned Solomon. He’s free to join Saya’s group, but I doubt he’ll become so much of an integral member and will instead be someone who shows up when they’re in a pinch. Solomon did switch to his new set of non-white clothes, just like in the OP, which is just another sign of how he’s changed.
The surprise (kind of) of this episode is that James is still alive. He’s in a medical tube and he didn’t show signs of movement, so it doesn’t look like he’ll be regenerating the rest of his body and fighting again anytime soon. I guess Blood+ adheres to the old principle (something I learned with Mai-HiME/Otome) that you don’t consider someone dead unless you see the body.
And to make up for all the KaiXSaya recently, we finally get some more HagiXSaya. Saya did some clinging to Hagi and we even got to see Hagi smile a little. It’s long overdue, but we still don’t know what that promise they made back then in Russia was.
Next week doesn’t look all that interesting from the preview, which has a lot of Mao and Saya along with Mao talking about Kai. And as a sign that we’re in the new arc, the title card for next week has changed from yellow to gray.
As a side note, the official website now has a lot of new cool stuff, including a nice front page pic of Hagi’s wing and an updated characters page with more official spellings. Based on that, I’ll be switching to Lulu (from Loulou) and Amshel (from Anschel) since those were the two names I wasn’t sure about.


  1. I wasn’t expecting…
    Show Spoiler ▼

    But at the same time is good news to me, since only we got to see the Chiropteran form for two episode and having become a goner would had sucked.

  2. since the new opening , i guess it was not a surprise to see that james is still alive .
    so Solmon is not a diva chevalier anymore ? cool . a new memmber for the saya army .
    HOLY SH*T ! Hagi’s SMile ! O_o. yea…he’s defintly done for it…the guys is gonna die , now i’m sure of it .

  3. hum…wait…How said Solomon is a Saya chevalier ?
    he can’t be a Saya chevalier . to be Saya chevalier hew would need her blood…wich would kill himn instently .
    But he’ll join Saya side . that’s what i said .

  4. Well sorry for the confusion. Maybe I’ll stick to saying that he’s joining the other side.

    Biologically being Saya’s Chevalier, no. But to put it in another way, if he acts and protects like saya’s chevalier would do, that’s what I mean by being saya’s chevalier. Sorry for the half-ass explanation 😛

    Back in my way of calling Solomon ‘Saya’s Chevalier’, what would be a better chevalier than one that doesn’t crystallise with contact of Diva’s blood? Unless one day he mistake’s Saya’s blood for wine…

  5. come on omni, you can finish your lunch later!! please finish your summery! Please please please please T_T
    i can’t wait to see what happens next. solomon looks really cool. this anime for sure is one of the most unpredictable animes i’ve ever seen.

  6. HAGI & SAYA forever but i cant wait to see EP 43 where Solomon tries to kiss SAYA but thanks to HAGI he prevents it…………I BET HAGI WAS JEALOUS…..I MUST SEE THIS EP

  7. I think Blood + will most likely end in a huge battle scene with Amshel and Diva.
    The ones who will most likely survive will be:
    1) Kai — who will return to Okinawa and build an orphanage
    2) Saya (not Hagi, in all likelihood) — who will disappear into the sunset
    3) Diva and Riku’s child
    4) Either Van Argeno or Nathan-like character who will stow away and take care of that child

    which sets up the premise for another follow-up OVA/Movie for the production team to make more $$$

    Capitalism at its finest, ladies and gents.

  8. It’s about freaking time for some Hagi x Saya. I know that whole one year relationship between Saya and Kai is important and all, but I’m glad she remembered the guy she’s known for 200+ years.

    Why do I get the feeling James is going to be the Sting (of GSD) of Blood+? I can’t see him living long (again).

  9. Why even bother with the GSD comparisons? Why joke about the $$$ machine that gundam was to this… not even close!

    The story is good. I was expecting a harrowing escape but the way Nathan stopped it was nothing short of good. James being alive didn’t surprise me. It seems he’s prepared himself quite well for a conflict against Saya, it could be that for his limbs he had the ability to cut off blood flow to the main body. Good ol stumpy needs all 4 replaced now lol

    Solomon’s actions seem far deeper rooted than indicated. I’m leaning towards the whole it’s his blood doing this though with a hint of humanity influencing his thoughts.

  10. Yeah Blood+ is FINE ART LET ME TELL YOU. Vampire babies!

    I didn’t compare it to GSD. I compared the character brought back for no reason (Sting and James) who is going to die most likely again very soon (Sting and James!11 LOL). Give me another example and I will compare it to them. I see no reason for James to come back just to die once again.

    Solomon will die by protecting saya in a cliched way to end his cliched life. The end. He has no loyalty to any character other than Saya, who he does not even know. I can’t respect or like a character like that. His only humanity is the humanity of wanting Saya.

  11. 8th image,3rd row, middle –
    Yeesh, only Diva AS A LITTLE BOY could give Nathan such a look. I’ll refrain from any “sucking” jokes right now, but I dread to think what’s he’s doing with his hands . . .

  12. If Saya and Hagi made a promise to die at the end, then how do they plan on doing it? Maybe I missed some details from the anime but isn’t it correct that they can only be killed by Diva and her Chevaliers? If Saya ends up killing Diva and all of her Chevaliers, who can kill Saya?

  13. OMG OMG OMG HAGI’S WING!!!! Can you say FRIGGIN’ AWESOME! I can’t wait to see Hagi’s full Chiropteran form…I was starting to think he didn’t have one. This show will only get better and better as it’s nearing its end. The Blood+ conclusion will be explosive, I just know it! I really do love this show ^__^

  14. See, Diva is not that bad, she let him go freely. She even stated she was torn between tolerance and hate toward Saya. And I agree Saya is the most bend on killing her sister.

  15. saya is bent on killing her sister? Did you hear what Divia said? “She wishes Saya would stop fighting with her” But at the same time I want to kill her.” Divia is a nut job plan and simple lol. She let solmon go because what was she going to do spank him? When it comes down to it this is a simple sister vs sister fight with a man controling the one sister, and that one sister thinks shes totally in control and shes not that one sister is Divia and the man is Anschel. Saya is just the big sister who *rolls her eyes and trys to clean up what her younger sister did.” Anschel is pulling the strings, hes just putting up a act and this episode was to fool some people who wherent sure if hes controling Divia. He isnt controling her like a doll but just influancing how she thinks with his smarts and crap. Come on, would you listen to someone who sleeps for 30 years just to wake up for a few years while your controling your business empire and crap. Divia and Saya are just pawns in this werid mans idea for advancing the human race by making him like him. I mean think about it, if Divia was really calling the shots then her blood wouldnt be used for expairments. Shes just his spoiled child who he makes happy and thats it. If Divia got really bitchy at him or yelled at him I bet we would see his controling side show up real fast. She never messes with him or trys her games on him like she does with the others, why? Because she cant…Also!

    Yes also Divia sucked Riku’s blood by doing that she gets pregnut. Something to probley do with the Chevalier blood. We all know this stuff people dont get confused lol. Hell divia said it plan and simple to solomon, go have a baby with her and she laughed because Saya actually could have a baby with solmon if she sucked his blood lol. Divia at the end just killed Riku to be a bitch lol. It wasnt a result of her sucking him, she just cut her hand and put his blood in the bite and thats it dead Riku lol. Also DUHHH on James being alive, they showed you in the opening he was still alive, so when I saw him in the tube I’m like. Oh what a surprize lol. As things are now, if Saya with Hagi, Solomon and the rest attacked Divia, As it is Anschel, Divia, and Nathan may lose. But thats a big maybe, until I see Saya cutting off James limb like she does in the new opening, thats a big maybe lol. Saya is getting alot of rest, so she may power up just from that. She has been battling and shes basicly resting her mind and body all good things. Some people think its because shes close to her 30 year sleep which is possiable. I think its not by years shes up but how much engery she uses. Note vietum when shes at her strongest but when she was done bam another 30 years of sleep. She kinda maxed out from that and went right back to sleep. Or it was a result of her just gettiing up too earily who knows lol.

  16. James in the OP is the same as when they put George in the 2nd OP after he died in the first arc.

    Him being alive is a surprise. I thought he’d be crystallized already but apparently he was saved. If you look at his face, you can see the small cracks there showing the stopped crystallization. Perhaps we’ll get to see him in the Haji-Moses-Saya fight combo that was shown in the OP.

    I think it’s rather sweet to Diva smile like that when she saw Solomon again.

    HajiSaya moments –

  17. chaosdemon06…it was just a fangirl comment.
    You see, I like Diva. And even if she’s really a evil person, it was definitely surprising to see her free Solomon when he wants to join Saya.

    And IMO, character development is weak in this anime, so I just enjoy the pretty boys and girls…

  18. I believe it’s more on a confusion on the context of what Diva said?
    The way I heard Diva saying it, What she said was:
    “I won’t be killed. I wanted to live with Saya neechan as well, but above all that, I think I want to kill her more.”
    Sorta feel twisted to hear her keep saying ‘boku’ in the exact manner as rikku did o_O”

  19. omg ya she does say it like rikku that is creepy lol.

    I kinda like Divia too eury, Though I liked her alot more when she didnt mess with Riku. I dont care about Riku all that much just mehhh he was a kid.. Not kool lol…

    It was neat when she was scaring him that was funny, but mehh killin him, blah. Though Saya killed a butch of people in vienuem incl kids. But Riku was one of the suporting characters so it was sad to see the kid die. But at the same time I was happy he annoying cute voice was gone. UNTIL Divia desided to look and talk like him. THAT IT, I DONT LIKE DIVIA AS MUCH BECAUSE SHES LIKE that damn kid now. It all makes sence! lol I guess Rikku’s VA had a contract so he had to stay around and do something so why not have Divia change into him to werid us all out?! ehh ehh no? well too bad we gotta deal with it lol.

    Looks like one more episode of talkin but the next one looks boring when at least 40 was intrestin ^^. Welp we’ll see saturday ^^

  20. Finally!! Haji x Saya. I wish he hadn’t taken his hand off of hers when she woke up. You’ve known each other for centurys, man! She can deal with you holding her hand. That master/servant mentality really gets in the way of their relationship.

    Saya looked really beautiful in this episode, and it was very slow and poignant, which lets you know that it’s going to be all hell and high water from here on out.

    Predictions for the ending: 1) Kai will live – they’ve made all his human weaknesses so obvious that he’s bound to triumph at some point just to wave the flag for humanity. 2) Haji will die – it has to happen; he’s a tragic character. 3) Saya and Diva will be the last ones fighting – they’ll die (or look like they die) at the same time, but the ending will suggest that one or both of them survived.

    I’m fine with all that happening. The one thing I hope I’m wrong about is Haji. He HAS to die but..but maybe he can…come back? Please? HAJIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!

  21. You know……I wish some ppeople would stop saying that Riku is the child’s father.Because technically you don’t know.None of us know how she got pregnant.


  22. Look it’s more than a year since Riku’s death. It can’t be Riku’s. It’s probabily the combination of all the victims that Diva has consumed from her own birth to death—that includes her chevaliers.

  23. It still could be rikus since then hints after the implied rape are too strong to ignore plus who ever said there pregnancy periods are the same as humans

    Vampire warrior francisco
  24. Perhaps it’s just me, but ever since I started watching Blood+ I can’t shake this feeling that Hagi is little more than a glorified Tuxedo Mask. Instead of throwing roses, he throws daggers. Meh, maybe I am just disenchanted with the series as a whole =(

  25. chaosdemon06: sorry, just FYI riku and diva have the same voice actress in the first place. so even if diva didn’t look like riku, you’d be hearing the same voice. 🙂

  26. Oh, and to the people who accuse Haji of pedophiling, if you’re going to blame anyone, blame saya. Saya is way older then Haji here. But since inside she’s still seventeen/sixten and Haji being mentally over 25, that might be a different thing…

    Though I hate Haji, I just wanted to say that. ^^

  27. Diva chose Riku as her groom. As stated by Nathan and Amshel in this episode as well. Whether some of you would like to pretend otherwise it doesn’t change the fact that she is pregnant with his child. Her intention was to cajole Hagi into reproducing with her but Riku became the easier target for various reasons. In the manga she flat out calls Riku her “cute groom” before setting out to ravage him. Not only that, we all know that Diva’s chevaliers refer to Saya as their shared bride. Diva even taunts Solomon after his confession by saying he and Saya should have babies.

    Chiropterans are not humans and therefore the period of gestation is most likely longer. This is not that unusual, not all species experience require a 9-month pregnancy.
    And where did this notion of drinking a chevalier’s blood=conceiving a child come from? If that were the case Saya and Diva would be pregnant many times over.

    It’s sick but this is Diva we’re talking out. She’s a villan who does as she pleases and pretty much has no respect for life. What remains to be seen is if this ordeal that is her pregnancy will change that.

  28. Hi Christy, thanks for the last time. It seems like you get to read all the manga. Is it you know how to read Japanese language? 🙂 Is the English version out. I really want to buy badly but I asked around the comics books, they do not know what I am talking about! Hai … I saw the first episode and I finally realise manga has a better, detailed story than animation. But I love animation cos there are dialogues and music in the background. But there are so many doubts though..

  29. I mean saya and divia can only get pregnut if they have the blood of the opasite one. Hagi, Riku= Divia

    Solmon,James,and so on’s blood if saya drunk there blood she could get pregnut.

    I dunno if Divia really raped him, I still think thats how it works since divia and saya are all about blood. Plus Riku was still a kid so ya…. Divia is semi evil, shes more of a nut job then evil lol. Though as you as see in the episodes saya is stressin her out, sooner or later shes going to snap lol.

  30. riku was 14? werid lol, anyway he is the dead father as confirmed in episode 41 and good guess on the twin thing Eldarwen. I dunno about the different blood types but they probley do just like saya and divia.

  31. hey ChaosDemon06, if u see this can you email me at
    I watched your videos on youtube till you got booter and i was just wondering if theres another site i could watch them on or download form. I’m allso varey interested in the name of the song from anime chaos 58, i tryed serching hi no chi but nothing comes up.

  32. ahhh!!! i do not like haji or hagi grrr I seriously think he is the most gay-fulano i’ve ever seen,,,, well thats my honestly opinion hehe… and poor solomon .snif. why did he died??!! dash!! its a waste to kill such a great character…T-T…ahhh…

  33. *Spoiler*
    I loved that episode (Came here looking for Solomon pics so she could make Icons. I wish that Solomon could have saved Diva, though. They would have made such a nice couple.


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