Saito is pretty pissed off that he’s being forced to do Louise’s laundry. He had told Louise about how Siesta said that she had watched over him without sleeping, but Louise claimed that he was mistaken and that she was just managing him like a master should over a familiar. Later on, Saito sits in during class with Louise and finds out the meaning of Louise the Zero from the other students. He makes fun of her for it later, even making up a song. In response, Louise decides to not feed him. That night, a hungry Saito pesters Louise until she relents, but then he makes up a cheer for Louise where he accidentally says that she’s got zero for a chest. So now, in addition to not feeding him, she’s also making him sleep in the hallway. Fortunately for Saito, Siesta sees him lying there and brings him to the kitchen where he gets fed some left-overs. The chefs see Saito as the pride of the commoners.
Afterwards, Siesta tells him that Louise actually ordered some expensive medicine for him when he was recovering. Saito returns to his hallway bed of straw, only to find Kirche’s familiar waiting for him. The salamander drags Saito back to Kirche’s room, where she proceeds to seduce him. Louise interrupts them right as Kirche is kissing Saito. Because he’s so mesmerized by Kirche’s eyes, Louise has to drag Saito back to her room by his ear. There, she treats him like a dog by pulling out a whip and whipping him. Saito grabs her arm after a few hits and asks her if she’s jealous. That comment earns him a knee to the groin. Louise says that she doesn’t care who he goes out with as long as it’s not Kirche. Saito later explains what really happened with the salamander dragging him off, making Louise says that it’s shameful since he’s supposed to be a sword wielder. Saito claims that the fight with Guiche was the first time he’s used a sword, and even then, his body moved on its own.
Louise decides to take Saito out to town the next day. Kirche sees them go and convinces Tabitha to help her follow them. Louise actually takes Saito to a weapons shop so that he can get a sword. The one Saito likes is 3000 gold coins – too expensive for Louise. She only has 100 gold coins, which can only buy an old sword. On the way back, Saito remembers how Siesta had told him that Louise ordered expensive medicine for him. Having seen all this, Kirche decides to go and buy the expensive sword for Saito and presents it to him later that day. Louise and Kirche want Saito to decide which sword he wants. Before he can, the two start arguing again. Suddenly, a voice calls out for the idiot women to shut up. The two girls turn their wrath towards Saito, but Tabitha says that it was the sword. Indeed, the sword can talk – it’s an Intelligent Sword. Saito likes this sword and the two introduce themselves; the sword’s name is Derflinger.

Haha! Let the Shana comparisons continue! Now we have talking inanimate objects, just like Alastor, Tiamat, etc. In fact, Derflinger is a rather foul-mouthed sword, reminding me a bit of Margery’s Marchosias. It would have been awesome had it been Marchosias’ voice actor too, but it wasn’t. Anyway, the talking sword just makes me like this show even more.
This episode has a lot of Saito pissing Louise off and Louise letting him feel her wrath. I can’t help but think that this is how Shana could have been like if Shana had abused Yuuji. Saito needs to learn to control that mouth of his lest he wants to be beaten all the time. I do have to say though that I like his character’s style and attitude, which is quite different from Yuuji’s. And it doesn’t help that Kirche – Louise’s mortal enemy – has her sights on Saito. I’m surprised that Kirche actually got to kiss Saito, though maybe it’s not a big deal since Louise and Saito have already technically kissed too.
Next week, a Siesta-centric episode.


  1. this just concludes that Saito is a masochist and Louise is a sadist… i hope it doesnt end up with the stupid ending of Magikano…. yes i said it the ending of magikano suks! the main character is a wuss!! and all the other characters are annoying!!!

  2. The cheaper one 😉

    And no, I wouldn’t call Louise a sadist. A sadist is someone who draws pleasure out of someone else’s suffering. Look at episode 2 in which Louise was desperately trying to keep Saito from being harmed, and where she invested much time and money to heal his bruises. Rather, she’s got a caring nature. Likewise, Saito is no masochist, he doesn’t taunt people to get hurt, just can’t control his mouth.

    I’m also pleased that Kirche got her kiss. It means that the show isn’t afraid to go this far, and the upcoming episodes will have Louise, Kirche and Siesta (who’s also very likable) vying for Saito’s attention. Since Louise’s jealousy outbursts are always cute to watch, this is gonna be very very enjoyable to follow.

  3. Hmm I just notices this ep, that in the openning there’s a girl (green hair) riding a Gelom vs Louise and Saito, I am assuming that she is the bad guy/girl. Isn’t the girl that work in the office in the school have girl hair? could that be her? she’s the bad guy?

  4. Wow, I just went through the novels and they are just skipping all over the place. The sword thing happens like in novel 3. They don’t seem to be going to animate the whole thing, so most like there has to be a second season. I guess they are just proving to see how well it is received. I don’t think they can put all the story in 13 episodes.

  5. SiestaXSaito *-*
    Well, just watched the first two episodes. This anime really cought my attention.
    I like the character design and the story is also very interesting. It reminds me a little of Magikano, but just a little. The character design and setting is completely different i.e.
    Well, I’ll continue watching this and I’m looking forward to watch the sub^^
    Besides, I also disliked the ending of Magikano, there’s no such crap in the manga.
    @ Golthin: Well, they really don’t have much in common..
    Urd is a good person after all, Kirche however looks more like a b****

  6. Hmm, think there is enough good buzz now to give this one a try. Though I agree, with the Shana connections it’s something I would love Eclipse to work on, though I have much love for FB as well.

    The world just seems so grey now without Haruhi >.>

  7. ‘The sword thing happens like in novel 3.’

    I thought the purchase of those two swords happened in volume one’s “Gundolf – Chapter 3. The Weaponry of Terrestin”. Only up to the second novel though so correct me if I’m wrong.

    ‘Describe some of these “inappropriate” pranks.’

    Well, now to think of it, the anime really skipped ALL of Saito’s pranks.
    There’s some chance that it will be in the later scenes, so…
    Show Spoiler ▼

  8. For all that its worth I actually like this anime so far… minus the HUGE disrespec of Saito’s rights as a person. Honestly by definition alone the abuse of some one of this nature boderlines or passes the border into being evil. Saito is not from their world, has family, friends, posibly a girlfriend in his own dimension yet the people he is now sorounded by don’t even give a dam about it… they are in short a bunch of SLAVERS. As Saito said he can do nothing about his situation however displeased he is about it… so its no wonder he lashes out in defiance to his captors (namely Louise).

    The fact that Saito was summoned with Louise’s familiar spell should have been canceled, the situation had never occured before and therefore not been taken into account in the law / rules. Binding a sentient human to the will of another is totaly WRONG and the dean and the other teachers should know this. The fact that they ignore it just shows how twisted their minds are… no rule / law is 100% writen in stone, there are always exeptions to the rules because its imposible to take everything into consideration.

    I admit I have had my wrights abused more then once and any display of the same to others seriously makes my blood boil.. at this point if their school was destroyed and everyone inside perished (minus the commoners) I would not shed a tear for any of them. Their kind are not needed in any world.

  9. I think you need to take the anime less seriously.

    This anime does not reflect the real world’s situation. In reality, We don’t have magic, not to talk about Familiar. This anime is merely for entertainment purpose. If you got your blood boiling while watching it, I would suggest you to drop it. It’s not worth risking your health.

    Furthermore, it seems that Saito was quite happy being Louise’s Familiar (in the later part of the story). He has got 3 girls going crazy for him. I mean, what could be more fortunate than that?

    Zero no Louise
  10. i agree totally with zero if he wasnt summoned into anouther world we wouldnt be talking now newayz i think itz a great series and i look forward to seeing more but u really need to calm down…or stop watching anime

  11. well , finally a comment .. lol

    Remember how many years of Slayers we had ? the good thing is now we get to see these seiyuus’ varied talents featured thru different shows instead of one long running , filler-some , worn out title . and JC Staff did Slayers too if i remember correctly , heh .

    Saito is just so at ease with Louise , so much so he forgets to curb his speech , something he never would have done if he were still on Earth , in Japan .

  12. Well, sadly too much of harry potteresque entourage, otherwise quite ok. Zero is pretty lame, as in stuck up and desperate and warms up easily because of that, Saito is taking his time to enjoy all the girls there (which he will of course)… but all in all ok really. I’ll stick to this show, I guess… After all they have a Naga from Slayers clone and I liked that character.

  13. what confuses me about the guy nobles. Werent they upset that Kireshe was seeing the OTHER nobels? its interesting since Guiche does the same sorta thing and gets his butt kicked.


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