Preparations for the play are well underway as the girls start having rehearsals. However, Kaname and Momomi are causing all sorts of problems with their attitudes. Kaname gets mad after her prop sword breaks, and doesn’t like that Nagisa brings her back a broom as a replacement. Momomi meanwhile makes Nagisa go get the milk tea that she likes instead of the regular bottled tea. Miyuki sees this and talks to them about it, but they confront her with more hostility. The two girls start to walk out until Nagisa tries to stop them because she wants them all to work together. Momomi pushes Nagisa out of their way, right into the background set piece beside them. This causes the huge background piece to start falling forward, and Nagisa is standing right under it. Fortunately, Shizuma saves Nagisa in the nick of time. But the now-ruined background took a week to make and the festival is tomorrow. Kaname thinks that they won’t make it in time and that this is puts an end to everything. Shizuma disagrees, and the girls work through the night rebuilding the set.
When the time comes, the play starts without a hitch. Chikaru’s version of Carmen and Shizuma’s Don José impresses both the audience and the other cast members, including Nagisa. One of the highlights of the play is when Escamillo, played by Amane, defeats a bull, played by Shion, and then tosses a ribbon out into the audience. When that ribbon is caught by Carmen, who is now standing in the middle of the theater, all the girls in the audience go wild. The next part of that scene has Carmen and Escamillo declaring their love for each other. However, when Chikaru leans forward, Amane’s shoe’s heel breaks, causing both to lose their balance. Chikaru tries to make a save by catching Amane, but her foot ends up in an awkward position and the two go tumbling down anyways. Chikaru realizes that she’s broken her foot and can’t move anymore. Amane salvages the scene by carrying Chikaru off stage.
With no other choice, Shizuma and Amane ad lib a fight scene. Seeing how Shizuma’s sword is pointed towards Nagisa, Tamao remembers that Nagisa helped Shizuma practice her lines, meaning that Nagisa knows Carmen’s lines. And so, Tamao asks Nagisa to substitute in for Chikaru. Nagisa’s version of Carmen enters the scene and stops the fight between the two. Amane then makes her exit, leaving Shizuma and Nagisa to finish out the play. In the final scene, Don José declares his love once more for Carmen, but she says that she’s a free woman. Carmen then takes off the ring she got from him and throws it away. The cheers from inside the stadium signal that Escamillo won, so Carmen starts heading there. In a rage, Don José runs her through with his sword, killing her. The tragedy ends with Don José screaming out Carmen’s name. As thunderous applause fills the theater, Shizuma and Nagisa are surrounded by the rest of the cast.
That night, the girls gather and sing by a bonfire. Hikari spends time with Amane as Yaya sits alone nearby. Noticeably absent are Shizuma and Nagisa; those two are actually together in the greenhouse, hands locked together and staring longingly at each other.

Ah ha! I was right! Nagisa did get to play Carmen. They were just setting something up like this by casting Shizuma as Don José and having Nagisa help her practice her lines. Fortunately, Nagisa’s acting this time was far better than last time. She also looks so much cooler when her eyes are drawn that way – she was almost evil in this shot. The same can be said for Chikaru too.
I’m surprised the evil duo didn’t do something more than just sabotage Amane’s shoe. I guess it’s all part of their plot against Amane. I also thought that Shizuma would go over and smack Momomi for pushing Nagisa and endangering her life, but alas, that didn’t happen.
As a random side note, I noticed that even in this festival, there were no men attending. I don’t think we’ve seen a man yet in this series, not counting the black outline of one a few episodes ago. The moral of this story? No males in the world means that yuri can run rampant.
As for the preview for next week, what is Shizuma doing undressing Miyuki?!


  1. AWESOME EP I CANT WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK SHIZUMA UNDRESSING MIYUKI DAMN THIS IS A MUST SEEE…………………..SHIZUMA NAGISA FOREVER…..but still part of the ep showed YAYA alone i wonder when she is going to meet someone else but still SHIZUMA IS THE BEST OF ALL THE CHARACTERS

  2. i forgot to say….OMG Shizuma undressing Miyuki?! 0.0 I can’t wait to see what actually happen. Erm I wonder why Nagisa and Shizuma lock their hands together. Does that mean Nagisa love shizuma or what? I haven’t seen the episode and I’m so curious about this pairing.

  3. “As a random side note, I noticed that even in this festival, there were no men attending. I don’t think we’ve seen a man yet in this series, not counting the black outline of one a few episodes ago. The moral of this story? No males in the world means that yuri can run rampant.”
    ~~~~ ~~~~

    Men did appear in Ep15.

    I wrote a bit about it at Zyl’s blog.


  4. pt we can’t give link or anything coz it wrote here

    “Please DO NOT ask or give links to raws/subs/PVs. Instead, please check the Community section on the sidebar for useful links”

    You could try to browse and watch the anime or perhaps wait for few days and it’s available on youtube.

  5. “As a random side note, I noticed that even in this festival, there were no men attending. I don’t think we’ve seen a man yet in this series, not counting the black outline of one a few episodes ago.”

    in the manga it is say that it’s a city without any men or something close like that…

  6. that was a surpise to see nagisas acting improve so much even shizuma smiled xD at the end i was hoping for something more other then gazing into each others eyes 😛 oh well it was a good epi good play indeed

  7. Please hands up if you think that this episode showed how beautifull Chikaru is. She is my favourite character, and in this episode she is just shynes, well until… 🙁

  8. *both hands up*

    I love chikaru too and she is beautiful in Carmen dressing. I don’t know I think her 1st enter into the play scene was REALLY HOT!

    What depressing to me here is why isn’t Chikaru kiss Shizuma or Amane? It would have been bombed!

  9. loved this epispde! as for next weeks, I think all about you know who will be revealed (read the manga for ep spoilers about shizumas secret) then everyone will find out who the girl in shizumas flashback was. finally! I ve been waitin for that episode for so long now. besides, the title of episode 17 is “himitsu (secret)” so its definitely gonna be that one. damn i should of never read the manga and ruined the surprise for mysefl 🙁

  10. I can’t wait to see this episode…thank u so much for putting up the screen shots it really helps i have to wait like another 4 days until i can watch it… everything in this episode looks good i can’t wait…and what was up with that preview Miyuki gettin undressed by Shizuma i swear that girl has no limits…but than again thats what makes her so damn intresting… what will Nagisa think…the drama lol Shizuma is such a player…I Love Her

  11. just for the record i will have to agree with all of you who said that Chikaru looked hot because to be frank she did look very attractive in her red dress…yes women and the color red what is it that makes them look so good…lol being a girl red also seems to fit me as i been told even though its not my fav color…lol

  12. Wow!! I can’t wait to see this episode!! Shizuma rules!!! XD
    I agree that Chikaru and Nagisa looked gorgeous as Carmen.
    And, why not men in the festival? ’cause Atraea Hill is a sacred place where men are not allowed, that’s why!! XD

  13. Shizuma x Nagisa Forever. I’ve watched the raw but I don’t get what Shizuma was saying at the end before hand locking/heart locking with Nagisa. But I think this is the beginning of Shizuma and Nagisa pairing. I’ve waited so dang long for this and only give me 40 seconds of the scene without heart touching conversation or perhaps some kissing **sigh** I hope next episode should further their relationship

  14. im already excited about the next episode i wonder whats its about at the end of the preview….whats..shizuma doing to Miyuki and whats shizuma holding in her hand x.x it looks like a key to me but whats it for?

  15. A BIG SPOILER Show Spoiler ▼

  16. After reading the spoiler darkredeyes posted, I so hope its not going to be true 🙁

    Nagisa x Shizuma is the only couple that attracted me to this series. Also Tamao x Nagisa is just so wrong. I don’t know why, but I never see them together appealing at all. But they can be good friends of coz.

    Nagisa x Shizuma = LOVE

    Oh yeah I’m their supporter XD

  17. Chikaru was alright and still the impact is really especially her catch of Amane’s tag?? Anyways that scene was awesome. Also starting of Amane into the play was marvellous. Amane so “handsome” and credit to drawers of course.

    I must say this. Shizuma & Nagisa RULES! At last we get to see they somewhat in love. Next week preview was a shocked and indeed nice. I think they will move us to another school. At first St.Spica storyline and all resolve now I’m starting to think we can get more of Chikaru since the story move on to St.Lulim along with our St.Miator heroine. Wow wonder how they gonna play this. I have high hopes on Chikaru onee-sama with that girl(not green-haired). Anything at all, bring us to more intimate Shizuma-sama and Nagisa-chan!

  18. Chikaru was smokin’ in this one. Tamoe was right when she said that Chikaru was an extremely talented actor. That dress, she had Shizuma and Amane’s character wrapped around her finger.

    As for Shizuma, as much as I wanted to see her smack Momoi for shoving Nagisa into the set, the look on Momoi’s face when Shizuma suggested that Tamoe cut out the Spica characters was classic. Can’t wait to see what next week’s episode with Miyuki!

  19. Nagisa x Shizuma is the only couple that attracted me to this series. Also Tamao x Nagisa is just so wrong. I don’t know why, but I never see them together appealing at all. But they can be good friends of coz.

    “Well, but we can stay friends, ok?^^”
    Man, you never were in love… >.

  20. yeah, the chick in the ending with Shizuma isn’t Miyuki. She looks kinda like her, but I think its the girl from the flashback and the one in the second opening scene. I haven’t read the manga so I don’t know what happens next, but I didn’t think it was Miyuki in the scenes for the next ep. Maybe a former etoile or sumthing. 😀

  21. i read the latest manga out translated by dynasty. it did have a flash back about the black hair girl but nagisa havent found out in chapter 8 yet still..i hope it wont happen in the later chapters x.x but it had be fine for her to know…but not for her to know and to ignore shizuma after, if its for only awhile then i had understand since maybe shes got some things she needs to think over.

  22. aww…i wish i could get my hands on the manga…oh well…but i was finally able to watch the episode and i will have to agree and say that the art work was a bit off…it didn’t have that flare to it this time hopefully that will improve…anyway moving on i thought that this episode was some what on the slow side i loved the whole drama theater play but it was still just kinda slow…BUT i loved the end where Shizuma and Nagisa stare into each others eyes and they each say that they liked being on stage with the other…(sign) they could have done something more though like declare there love for each other…lol they should have totally kissed…poor Tamao-chan…oh well maybe she can get it on with Miyuki lol!!!

  23. i LOVE this eps!!!!! so excited over it~~~ chikaru n nagisa looked super uber hot wearing dat dress…..n I GUESSED NAGISA IS GONNA ACT also!!!! its pretty obvious……i thought it would be her at the cast selection but i was wrong but then i knew sumthin will happen..hehe…

    shizuma undressing miyuki!! [fAinTs] dat was too hot to handle even though it was shown for a split-second…

    SP us da best!

  24. ummm for those who are going up and around the whole shizuma undressing miyuki.. umm i heard something, not sure if tis true but something i read whilei was looking around ummm

    Show Spoiler ▼

    hahaha lol thats what i hear and i believe that is pretty much correct lol hope some of yuo found the info useful ^^ lol btw.. its the first time we see shizuma with her hair all down =D she looks gorgeous

    strawberry panic
  25. btw.. anyone have any idea whenthe next manga episode.. well im on chapter 8 so.. when ch 9 is coming out or if it IS already out? lol and when the next episode, episode 17 will be out?? im dieing just waiting here T_____T

    strawberry panic
  26. hi everyone
    anyone need help finding vids of anime
    i know its hard finding it these days
    since on youtube they deleted most
    and the other that isnt is mostly like spanish
    so i go to
    just like when u type like if ur looking for the first 10 episodes
    make sure to put like a 0 before it like 03 or something
    they have alot of anime..yea


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