Mao is at the airport buying a first-class airplane ticket back to Japan for next week. She then calls up Okamura right as he’s getting back to their apartment and asks him to come to the airport to get her. Okamura dumps the ramen cups he bought outside his door and exits the building, just as it explodes. One of the now-burning ramen cups tumbles down to his feet. Later, at David’s apartment, Mao explains that there was a gas leak that caused the explosion. She’s surprised to see that Lewis and David are soaking their feet in ice water, but that’s actually because the air conditioner is broken. After David reveals that Diva will be giving a performance at the Metropolitan Opera House in September, Mao asks what Saya is up to. According to Kai, she’s actually still sleeping and hasn’t been feeling well recently. Mao makes a snide comment about how this is an all male household and then goes to see Saya. She finds Saya awake already, with Hagi by her side. Mao kicks Hagi out and then opens up the drapes to let some light into the room.
Back in the living room, Okamura explains that the real reason his room got blown up was because he posted the photographs he took of the attempted assassination of Amshel onto the Internet. The people troubled by such photographs were most likely the pair sitting the background behind Amshel, the people who part of the plot. David decides that they should try to dig up information on the person who ordered the assassination. Elsewhere, Van Argeno is celebrating his promotion to CEO with Collins. Julia comes in wanting to speak with Collins, but he just leaves all the work to her. Amshel also enters the room, requesting an urgent examination for Diva. To Collin’s surprise, Amshel asks Julia to be the doctor in charge for Diva. When Collins protests, Amshel reminds him that his original work was on the research and development of the Corpse Corps. He tells Collins to work hard and then leads Julia away.
Meanwhile, Mao has cooked up a rather burnt breakfast for Saya. To Mao’s relief though, Saya still finds it delicious. Mao’s actually been in contact with back home and shows Saya a photograph of her father’s new baby, Mao’s new little sister. Saya finds the baby cute, and Mao says that Saya can see the baby when she returns to Okinawa. Saya thinks for a bit, and then says that she felt that Mao would be a scarier person. Mao reminds her that she’s the one fighting monsters with her sword, which causes Saya to laugh. She starts to get nostalgic about Okinawa, wondering about the heat and how Kaori is doing. Mao says that Saya can return to Okinawa once all this ends and meet Kaori again. She also invites Saya to go out shopping once they go back. With a hint of sadness in her voice, Saya agrees to do that once this is all over.
Afterwards, Mao finds herself standing alone by the stairwell, staring at her plane ticket. Kai and Lewis find her their on their way out to meet a friend of Lewis’. Mao seems depressed over how everyone is working hard to support Saya, so Lewis leaves her and Kai to talk. She feels bad about how everyone is working hard except for her since she can’t do anything to help. Kai says that he’s same way, though Mao thinks that it’s different for her. She asks Kai if he could accompany her again later so that she’ll feel better and he agrees. Clutching her ticket, Mao is on the verge of crying. Kai joins back up with Lewis at a diner to meet his friend. This woman refers to Lewis as Sammy at first. She agrees to call him Lewis, but comments that he’s gotten fat. Okamura has a good laugh about that once Lewis and Kai get back to the apartment.
The woman had told Lewis about a newly established special force, how the Goldsmith company is pulling the strings, and how Grant (who Okamura identifies as the current Secretary of Defense) is connected. Lewis still has connections in the CIA and jokes how even the apple pie he’s eating is on the national budget. When Kai wonders if they can trust this information, Lewis explains that the Army and the CIA don’t necessarily have mutual interests and sometimes it’s in their interest to leak information about the other side. At that time, Joel is meeting with an old retired general. He asks about the newly established special force, but the general feels that it’s better if Joel doesn’t know. Since Joel brought up such a suspicious topic, the general comments that the opera is more suited for him. He tells Joel about the debut of a singer named Diva coming in the fall. She’ll be at to a festival on a North Carolina base. The general thinks that it’s a bit presumptuous for her to call herself Diva and comments that Maria Callas should be the only one worthy of such a name. He asks if Joel is interested and of course Joel is.
Under the watch of Amshel, Julia has discovered that Diva is pregnant with not one, but two babies. Although she had read about the accounts in Joel’s Diary about Diva and Saya’s mother, she’s confused about why two queens would be born in a vertically structured society where the queen is on top. And not to mention the fact that the two’s blood will be poisonous to each other. Amshel tells her that the Hypothesis About The Reproduction Of Chiropteran is quite an interesting report, but there is no actual proof. The answer is in front of their eyes – Diva and Saya’s Chevalier’s children. That Chevalier is of course Riku. Amshel goes on to explain that the theme of the queen of the Chiropterans giving birth has been tested several times in the past, but nothing worked. However, now another queen’s Chevalier will be crossed with Diva, and they are successful.
Before long, Diva will produce two queens and those queens will make Chevaliers. Even more queens will then be conceived and eventually the world will be filled with Chiropterans. Amshel takes great delight in thinking that a new generation will soon be upon them with new unknown living things. He still remembers how happy he was discovering the unknown living thing that was a Chiropteran way back then. For a brief moment, Julia sees Amshel transform into Elizabeth, but just as quickly he’s back in his normal appearance. She realizes that he’s a Chevalier, and asks if he thought that she’d kill Diva. Amshel considers that a silly question because he knows she can’t do it. She’s the same as him, a seeker of the truth. During all this, a furious Collins has been ripping apart his own office in anger.
At the apartment, Kai learns from David that Diva will be singing at an Air Force base. Okamura thinks it’s a trap, but they’re of course going anyway. Mao brings them some coffee and David gets the first taste of it; he calls it a very unique coffee. Mao also brings a cup to Saya’s room and hears Saya telling Hagi not to say anything about something that’s coming soon. Since Mao interrupts them after having overheard the conversation, Saya tells her about the 30 year sleep cycle. Saya doesn’t know the reason, but she can only live as a normal person for two or three years before having to sleep for the 30 years. When Mao wants to know why she doesn’t want to tell everyone that the time is coming, Saya can only apologize. Mao asks her if everything they talked about earlier about going back to Okinawa and meeting her new little sister was all a lie. Saya is about to say sorry again, but Mao slaps her first.
Mao admonishes Saya for burdening everything on herself, trying to solve everything by herself while Kai and everyone else is doing so much for her sake. Saya says that that’s the reason she doesn’t want everyone else to know. Seeing the determination in Saya’s eyes, Mao agrees not to tell anyone. Instead, Mao has come to the decision that she’s not going back to Okinawa until after everyone is done fighting. And what’s more, she makes Saya promise to do the same – return to Okinawa together with her and Kai. The two pinky swear on the promise and Mao leaves the room. Outside, Hagi bows to her. Mao ends up tearing up her plane ticket and throwing the pieces out the window with a smile on her face. But then she goes to taste her own coffee…and immediately spits it back out. Disgusting.


So this episode was a little on the slow side, but there were some big revelations. The biggest one is of course that Diva IS having Riku’s kids, twins no less. I wonder how long it’ll be before she gives birth, since it’s already been well over a year now since she took Riku’s precious thing. This all seems to be part of Amshel’s grand plan – which appears to have been explained this episode – to propagate the Chiropterans and advance to a generation of new unknown things. The only one who knows for now is Julia, and maybe this will be a factor in her joining back up with the Red Shield group.
I don’t know how bothered I should be by the fact that they keep repeating the “return to Okinawa” theme. I’m of the opinion that several key people will die in the ending and that everyone-return-to-Okinawa-together-happily just won’t happen. So whenever someone talks about returning to Okinawa, I can’t help but think that it won’t happen in such an optimistic way. This time the person who said it was Mao, who actually delayed her own return to Okinawa to stay and be support for Saya. Mao should have a pretty good chance of surviving to the end, but I don’t know about Saya. And there’s always the chance that Saya’s promise with Hagi could conflict with a promise to return to Okinawa.
Saya, also almost about to go into her sleep cycle. Since we’re not that far from the ending, I assume that the sleep cycle won’t come until after the final battle, if it ever does (i.e. Saya could die and then it wouldn’t be an issue). Still, with the sleep cycle approaching and another 11 or so episodes to go, anything can happen.
As for the preview, Diva is looking to make Kai her Chevalier!? Looks like next week is going to be pretty exciting.


  1. LMAO the comment of riku being raped is classic……i mean i doubt Riku is complaining even after losing his virginity at a young age……i bet Kai was jealous asking himself why not me lol

    MORE HAGI AND SAYA……………………..

  2. of course she did,you dont strip a boy naked and yourself ,just to kill him.Its common sense when someone takes her clothes off then walks up to you and says ill make you my thing. Next scene your clothes are off and your on the floor,well need i say more.

    Im just surprised about the whole twin thing.Seems like if diva or saya get pregnant,they are destined to have twins.If so why cant theire blood mix….Are they destined to be eneimes as well?

  3. What I’m pondering about Diva’s kids is if would be inheriting the same trait as that of Diva’s and Saya’s?

    Meaning their blood not compatible but poisnous to each other?

  4. I believe how all this work is that Diva need Saya’s Chevalier to be able to have children and the other way around for Saya. that is why Diva told salomon to go and have children with Saya. They were planning to use Hagi for that purpose, but I guess diva likes them young. Poor Diva’s Chevalier, they love her so much but they can make babies with her.

  5. Ah, that makes sense golthin. :0 So that’s why they talk about the whole husband and bride thing. :/

    But Diva’s chevaliers are pretty oogy..if Saya is going to have children, it should be with Solomon.

  6. Do we have to get into that ‘child rape’ discussion again?*rolls eyes* Riku wasn’t a child or even a human being anymore when it happened, he was a Chevalier. It seems like Diva needed one of Saya’s Chevalier’s to become pregnant, so Saya would probably have to do it with Solomon if she wanted kids herself. So they always have twins in order to ensure the survival of the species? Makes me wonder what happened to Saya and Diva’s mother’s twin…

  7. Annoyed,

    If their mother had a twin……..maybe she’s the one who ripped her face off.

    By the way if Diva is having twins, it almost seems as if history is going to repeat itself.Hence the mother being killed by her twin. Although all of this is just theoretical.

  8. yea…i agree with the theory about needing a chevalier to have kids…but what’s more importnt i guess is that they need a chevalier with the blood from the other sister….in other words..Hagi and saya can’t have kids…well….so is my guess…not that they wuld like to have kids anyway..( ya know..the damn promise we still don’t know what it is )….maybe..they plan on doing an ultime suicide after that no more Yokushu ever appaear…but somehow..i can alreadyu see the end…
    Kai and Saya gets married and re-open Georges restaurant…happy ending. ( yea…Solomon and Hagi are already dead in my vision of the things )

  9. So she didn’t let Riku use condom. see that’s what happens. Now you have kids, two of them! Your life has just turned to Sh** BUT you Deserve it. i hate you Diva.

    btw if i were Saya and that little kid slapped me like that, i would bite her and drink her blood to the last drop or just eat her alive.

  10. Saya didn’t tell anyone apart from Hagi that she is going to sleep for 30 years soon. That’s why she got slapped by Mao. Mao made Saya to promise to return to Okinawa with Mao & Kai in return for her not telling Kai. So Mao gave up being Kai’s girlfriend and become Saya’s sister instead.
    I love Okamura’s flame-grilled Cup Noodle courtesy of Mr. Grant and Argiano’s candy mountain.

  11. Oi~ @__@ All these theories and predictions. I hadn’t even thoguht of this stuff. You guys are seriously smart. Kudos. -claps- I await your full summary as to why Mao slapped Saya! I do agree Saya needed a slap, and I guess Mao was the only one who should, since “men should never hit women”. I still hate Mao, though. e__e;; I’m really, really hoping she doesn’t end up with Okamura or something. Okamura is one of my fave characters. D:

    Anyway… I can’t really see Saya having kids with Solomon. Sure he loves her, and she doesn’t seem to mind him, but I’m sure she knows Hagi wouldn’t like it. So if she did it would probably only be because she has to. But you know. :/ I suppose she didn’t really realize that Hagi was standing all alone on that cliff when she was talking with Solomon at the zoo… -tear-

    And if Diva’s kids turn out to be like Saya and Diva… Couldn’t they still just kill Diva and her group (miraculously, somehow with big explosions and sad casualites on both sides, etc.) and then have Red Shield raise both the kids RIGHT this time? Like… Have the kids grow up together as FRIENDS maybe? xD;; Hopefully at least they’ll learn not to lock one up and have her grow to hate everyone else. o__o and in the worst case scenario they’ll just kill one of them. Which I also can’t see happening because someone always wants to research them… And plus Then the other sister couldn’t have kids without her twin’s Chevalier. Of course this is assuming the twins are girls.

    Ugh! Too much thinking for a only a few minutes! I wish you all luck in figuring out the story as we come down to the last 11 episodes! And maybe even less if you’re ahead. 😡

  12. muhahaha the theroies continue! i love this show cause of all the scrakpot theroies people come up with heck i remember mine from a while back ^^;; anyways if diva is having kids isnt she supossed to die (following theory) and then the two kids we duke it out like diva and saya are….then again isnt saya supposed to be dead before diva can get kids….and if saya can only make babies with diva’s chevalier soloman is the best choice *shudderes* imagine her with anchel/amchel w/e his name is ugh! >

  13. Hm, well, looks like they’re Riku’s kids after all – that’ll be a trip, when Saya finds out. But enough about that, I’m a bit interested in Okamura’s reaction to his almost death by kentucky frying, haha.

  14. Ok this is what make Julia go back to red shield, holly crap! Show Spoiler ▼

  15. Hmm from one of those pics it seems that collins might be just be having second thoughts about his decision to help the chiroterans. looking at that picture which looks like his family. collins collins take a good long look at that picture look at what is going to be destroyed cause of you.

    francisco vampire warrior
  16. I think Collins is angry because he was passed in importance by Julia. Of course we all know julia is the one doing all the research and he is just riding on her work. Amshel knows who is really the talented researcher.

  17. hum…lets make the count…so..Diva woke up 1 year after Saya did….then…Diva’s sleep won’t come untill 1 year after’s saya’S ?…basicly…Saya is Screwed…unless..they find a great place to hide her…then..the Screwed one will be DIva…but…we all saw how Red Shield is good for nothin when it comes to cath the Sleeping Diva .
    so..let’S make another count…
    April 8th, 1833 – “Saya” arrives at the zoo , inside, they found two small cocoons. August 4th, 1833 – Two baby girls emerge from the month after behing extraced from the womb , the baby are born…..hum…but wait…my count doesn’t work as we don’t know when the baby were made -_-
    oh..but wait…that brings to me other question…
    if olny female are born…and…come by pair ( twins ) ..and..can olny copulate with the other’s chevalier..then…were da hell is the Chevalier that f**d Saya ? and where is Saya’s sister ?
    oh..and..aren’t the babys supposed to be in Cocoons ? O_o
    oh..and…i might have missed something..but..i don’t see the point…what in the fact that she discovered the evolution thingy should make Julia go back to Red-shield ? O_o
    oh..wait..just realized something else….
    Saya was olny awake for 2years and half…why is she going to sleep mode so soon ?
    before Joel was killed she spend more then 30 years withouth sleeping …wierd..
    wonders another thing….can we safly assume that diva is going to Die giving birth to the Baby’s ? because…what else can explain’S saya’s death ? the poor thing looked like she was dryed out of her blood..( because…we all know that olny blood from the oposite side and…a good decapitation..are the olny thing that can kill Chiroptera )…duh…it just made tic in my head…the kids…they need blood to survive don’t they ?..then…that basicly could explain why Saya looked Dryed out…because the two babys drinked her blood…that’s what killed her….so…yea..that’s what’s gonna kill diva .
    okay…enought theory for tonigh :P…

  18. Julia will return to red shield because now she knows Amshel’s plan, she join in the research because she wanted to find a better weapon against the Chiropteran, because Saya is not reliable with her 30 year sleep cycle. She didn’t that Amshel was a Chevalier, till he showed his transformation abilities.Now she know that the world will be filled with Chiropteran with the birth of the two new queens.

    Saya and Diva’s mother was a special case, she was mommyfied and if they had left her alone the Chiropteran race will have gone completely extint.

  19. heheehe told ya thats how it worked last week, She may have raped him who knows but its Riku’s blood that made her pregnut him being saya’s cheidver and all.. Only thing is.. Why did Divia want to become pregnut in the 1st place? Amshel must like talk in Divia’s ear or something saying,” wouldnt it be nice to have a baby? wouldnt it be nice to make the next generation? lol.. I dunno to me Divia doesnt seem like the motherly type. I got the idea just like kuro did too that Divia may just die from being pregnut. Cause think about it, who the hell would be strong enough to kill Saya and Divia’s mother and yet forget about the 2 baby’s inside her? My guess is they do work on queen kinda thing just like they said but the queen dies when they give birth to the new generation of queens. Of course Amshel doesnt give a shit about Divia once the baby’s are ready. To him Divia is just a experament and he wants to advance the experament futher along. What better then baby’s that cant be killed by Saya or themselfs? Of course the baby’s will still be able to kill each other. Which makes me think maybe Saya and Divia fighting has happaned with 2 queens thoughout there history? And they used to have clans just like they do now but alot more and have big battles or something? I dunno I just really would like to know where the hell are any of Saya and Divia’s Mothers Chevaliers? Or when she died they died too? Maybe When Divia dies her Chevalier will die too? ugh like we all said this is a good anime keeps u guessing but more and more where finding out so far not surprized from this episode they didnt tell me anything I already didnt figure out,

  20. I don’t think Diva will give birth, I think Saya will put a knife through that bitch before that will ever happen. Saya will not let the world be over-run by vampires, even if that means killing her nieces.

    Damn, Diva could quite possibly be one of the all time best villians created. Under that cute and pretty exterior, lies one of the most vile and evil creatures I’ve ever seen. I HATE DIVA!…but I also love her becasue she’s so deliciously cruel. I LOVE TO HATE HER!

  21. well until saya can move super fast like Divia that isnt happaning, But she is resting alot so maybe saya will come back with super speed eh? eh? maybe? *sighs* probley not yet lol..

    Wheres Goku when u need him, go take saya to train in the spirt and time room and she can fall asleep there for a month in the real world but 30 years go by in there lol.. ya, blood+ does have some pretty neat and crazy things going on but nothing that isnt way outside of vamp stuff. DBZ idea’s ya… wayyy out there lol.

    Anyway, I dunno saya is acting more chearful and more of her old self like she was in the beganning of the series and before riku dies EVERYTIME she gets like happy and calms down. Her little sister does something that basicly destroys her world. And people wonder why she wants to kill Divia so bad. Hence Divia goes after Kai in the next episode. Someone says he gets saved maybe he does but in the mean time kai may get hurt. *shrugs* I dunno the more I see this series the more I think saya is basicly the only one thats going to be left everyone else basicly dead. Which basicly makes her the cold saya we see in the movies. Like I said many times I hope not I like happy endings as much as anyone else but if Hagi does go thats going to be a real tear jerker…. But it will probley 1st start out with the stifs with moses the only one left out of them. My guess is when James comes back hes going right for there asses ^^;;;

  22. Goku…. jajajajajaja RONTL BIG TIME you’re realy funy chaosdemon06 ^^

    anyways I had a theory abou this but it seems that almost everybody had the same which means everybody is conected into this! I still rememer all the comments on the ep where Rikku was killed and (finaly for al those people who denied it) RAPED. sooo Diva the b*tch is having twins heh there you got the nice cherry on this traumatic pie^^

    and with just 10-9 ep left people we can start making our bets:

    >Hagi wil die in ep 45 if he does not go wingy-style (4 al people look at the op) and if he last long he will make it to ep 48 where he gets diced
    >Kai wil go last maybe sliced by diva and Saya of just Diva who knows…. if things go good for him that’s it. He might just get kamikaze with James and the odd blondie whose name I forgot…. >_Mao the poor girl wil die in ep 44 or 45, 46 last
    >the so long awaited promise can very well be “when everything’s over I want you to destroy me for good” but might be revealed just when Hagi dies by Diva’s hand in ep 48
    > Julia might survive…. no I don’t think she will…. no she wil but she won’t be able to move her legs anymore.
    >Diva might get killed by Saya I mean MIGHT get killed and saya will Survive just to realize that…. Diva’s children need to be destroyed too…
    >YES Saya wil survie enough to say the last line of the final episode

    have someone another kind of thought?

  23. I think it can still be suspenseful even if Diva is killed before she gives birth, in the process of giving birth or her twins die first…there are so many twists that could happen…a possible twist is that Julia will be switching sides and maybe before she does switch sides..she’ll make a “special” serum for Diva, quite possibly? I have a feeling that Collins is going to do something disastrous and it’s going to be the “final straw” for Julia to go back to her former “team.” Or maybe she is undercover all along? lol.

    If the twins are born…then that would definitely complicate matters..but then again, as babies they are “easier” to kill in their vulnerable state too, IF saya can get to them..? Or it could be like a repeat cycle again..have Kai raise one of how George raised Saya..hehe, I guess I could see that kind of ending..but IF any of the twins survived..can you really call that an “ending” because we would still have people trying to research or maybe even try to create MORE I don’t know HOW this is really going to end…it seems like all chiropteran must die .. well, one thing for sure that I predict and would stake all my anime on – is that Kai will live, to carry on the memories of his family members. Maybe it’ll be an ending where the only way Saya can kill Diva would involve killing herself..ah, who knows.. But I can’t wait to see HOW everything can actually “end.” 🙂

  24. If Saya were to fall asleep, 30 years later Kai and Mao would be in their late 40s-early 50s. I’m afraid to guess how old David would be. What a reunion that will make.
    Who knows what is to become of the chiropterans. For the sake of the human race, wouldn’t it be best to terminate Saya, Hagi, and Solomon as well as the others?
    And Saya is such a sensitive woman; I doubt she could easily kill two defenseless babies. Wouldn’t it be safe to abort one and keep the other alive? Just as if Saya remains alive she herself cannot propagate her species, not even with Hagi.
    If she becomes involved with Diva’s chevalier on the other hand…
    Julia will certainly change sides. Her research should play some part in solving the problem(s) facing the good side.

  25. I’m thinking that Diva won’t have her children… she’ll probably be killed by Saya before they can be delivered. I hope Saya survives the final fight, I’m getting the idea she’ll survive because of the last shot in the OP of her all bloodied but ALIVE! Then she’ll probably sleep for 30 years and the show ends with her saying the promise to Hagi again?? [Naturally i don’t want Hagi to die!] XP

    Ahh. What are the chances of that happening? The production team will most definitely throw us another surprise…

    And I don’t understand why you all [okay, not ALL] have to keep talking about how bitchy Diva is, how you all hate her… I mean, I’ve hated anime characters myself, but still, Diva was made ‘evil’ thanks to Amschel, just see how she was raised. Besides, weren’t half of us all crazy over her when she first appeared in the show? People seem to have just suddenly turned to hating her just cz of what she did with Riku…

    I still love Diva for the psychotic and unique character she is. I would rather she keep her original image though… she looked much better. >_>

  26. Diva isn’t exacly lovable. She really just goes out of her way to create misery. But sadly I agree she has become Amshel’s puppet. Whereas Saya, depsite being on the receiving end of Diva’s behavior for decades remains a kind hearted individual.
    I think Saya deserves to survive. I would like to see Hagi stick around as well. And yes, I think the fact that we see her at the end of the new opening is a good sign.
    By the way, do you suppose that’s Solomon’s hand she’s taking? At first I thought it was Kai. But It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen this ivintation from Solomon. It’s already become a something of a visual motif. From the very first time they met and they shared that first dance (except after asking her to extend her right hand he grabs her without warning and drags her to the dance floor) to episode 23-24.
    You know; It’s very “There, we’ll take each other’s hand, and there, you will say yes” like.

  27. Diva’s one of those anime characters you don’t want to hate but everything they do points to you having to hate them despite how cool they are.

    Hey you never know! Although highly improbable, there might be some hope for Diva at the end.
    You know, one of those split-second-realization-of-past-crimes-so-I’ll-sacrifice-myself-to-save-everyone kind of thing……….If not……

    There’s always Fanfiction to turn to.

  28. nah hagi either is going to die in the second to last episode leaving the final fight between sayia and divia/Amshel Hagi will probley transform all the way to fight Amshel and die leaving Amshel hurt enough while Divia and Saya basicly fight each other to the death. When either saya kills divia or they both stop fighting and make up I know that seems long off but who knows. Also there is a possiablity saya fights divia and its a draw and divia flips the hell out to which amshel cant control her at all and he gets pissed of and kills her. ugh who knows. Something tells me some how some way saya isnt going to kill divia at all and Amshel will. Hagi I would be really happy if he does live but this is one of those things u see coming a mile away…But you still are shocked and basicly want to cry when it happans because theres no way you can hate his character hes just a nice guy plain and simple lol. I hope the creators read these logs and see having Hagi killed would be well predictable. lol but he may have to die in order for saya to well go over the edge enough to be up to Divia’s and Amshels level of speed and power…

    Good points though RickaZ we’ll see ^^

  29. hehe sorry golthin thought everyone knew since it was on page one and someone said it. Meh maybe there wrong and he gets killed or turned? Who knows the episode hasnt aired yet and those earily episode spoilers posted on here arent always 100 percent right lol.

  30. OK – new theory:

    1) Diva raped Riku to make genetically immune offspring who will be invunerable to Saya’s blood, correct?

    2) Some of us think the writers made Solomon join Saya’s side so they too could create genetically immune offspring . . .

    3) Would the effect be the same if Saya mated with Kai?

    Riku was obviously special from the very begining as he could hear Diva’s singing (which was never explained) and Diva chose to bugger him insted of Hagi, and not just because he was a little boy. Whatever special powers Riku had Kai must have too. They’re just not apparent in Kai because he’s too old (I think Julia mentioned there was a link between adolescence and these vampiric powers).
    Not only that but this anime doesn’t seem to worried about having incestous overtones 😉

    I’ve already mentioned this on Wrex forums

  31. no, she didn’t do it to make immune offspring, where are you people getting these ideas? there are two blood types, a female needs to mate with a male of the opposite blood type. so when a female has babies she has twins with different blood types, so that they can make mates for each other. what part of this don’t you understand?

  32. I don’t think this has anything to do with immunity in the offspring. From what I can tell, this is just the resolution of the bride/groom debate from earlier in the series. Diva can ONLY reproduce with Saya’s Chevaliers. Saya can ONLY reproduce with Diva’s Chevaliers. When they give birth, it will always be to twin girls, whose blood will be poisonous to each other, and they in turn will only be able to reproduce with the other one’s Chevaliers. As for why Diva ignored Hagi for over a hundred years and raped Riku within a month of him becoming a Chevalier, I have no idea and your guess is as good as mine. If I had to say though, I’d say it has something to do with the adolescent thing. It could also be something as simple as Diva not wanting to sleep with someone who appears to be much older than she is, as she and Saya both stopped aging before appearing as adults.

  33. No cause like they said in the series Hagi was hard to capture let alone find when saya was asleep. Riku on the other hand was easy prey for divia she only had to get though kai with a gun to get to him. What I dont get is why divia would wanna even make kai her chelvder? I mean he would still very much hate divia because she killed riku and kai has a major loyalty to saya, so it doesnt make sence why she would even try it at all. I think Divia is so nutty about trying to make her sister miserable when shes clearly upset saya has them per say not on the run but moving around alot. And she also cares about James whom was almost killed. Also Solmon going to saya’s side you know bugged her. So basicly she is probley just doing it to mess with saya.

  34. Chevaliers are instinctively compelled to protect those who turned them if kai gets turned and fights for diva he is doing it against his will. Perhaps diva possibly knows of kais devotion to saya wants someone as devoted as him for herself probably belives saya does not deserve his loyalty.

    Francisco vampire warrior
  35. that is one reason but there are others. Plus in the preview she started acting like riku saying kais her brother and will be her chevalier. She also needs replacement for the useless carl and the traitor solomon

    francisco vampire warrior
  36. let me know if anyone else noticed this
    i couldn’t figure out at first why diva changed her appearance
    then i realized her voice was different too
    then i was like ‘crap she looks like riku!!!!!!’
    did anyone else notice this??????

  37. T__T hasta ahora caigo en cuenta, jaja, haji no puede tener hijos con saya T_T ah pobresito… pero, ueden adoptar xD y crir a las hijas de diva… = ke no puedan tener hijos no significa que no puedan ser pareja

  38. Not to be mean or anything but it wasn’t much of a revelation to know that Diva was pregnant from Riku. I mean, in episode 32, Riku was naked and the last scene with him being alive in it was with Diva stripping to nothing.

    I mean, what else do people (or Chiropterans for that matter) do when they get naked together? :B They get down and FUNKAY! I mean, I just think that some people would just need to put two and two together. That and I have to agree that Riku is NOT a child or even human anymore but was a Chiropteran like Diva was. Well, that and also Chiropterans have different gestation periods than human beings which is why she didn’t give birth yet.

    I am just saying this to all the comments anyway who thought that Riku couldn’t have possibly been raped to begin with. I am just glad that now there won’t be anymore assumptions that he wasn’t.

  39. The promise ….(MAJOR SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!)is that saya wants hagi to kill her when the are done defeating the chiropterans and ultimately Diva.It doesn’t turn out that way though saya survives in the final battle but as the opera house collapses if im not mistaken an supposably hagi quote on quote “dies” you can tell he doesn’t though.Saya was gonna kill diva’s kids but kai(i think) stopped her.Now fastforward a few years kai and Diva’s surviving children go back to were saya was found by George.After they reach the steps they see a rose and a blue hair tie around it.The blue hair tie was Hagi’s meaning he didn’t die (you can’t kill a chevalier unless you use the other queens blood but diva’s dead.)point is Hagi isn’t dead, he’s watching over saya as she’s in her decade sleep


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