First things first, I have to report that the BEAT CRUSADERS’ 「TONIGHT TONIGHT TONIGHT」 finally got a release date! It’ll be on September 6th, 2006. As for this PV, it is Bleach’s latest ending song, Takacha’s 「MOVIN!!」. Like the title says, the theme is “moving”, which is plastered all over this PV in all sorts of colorful, cartoony ways. I’ve liked this song since I first heard it, and it’s rather addicting to listen to, especially the chorus part. They did cut out about a minute of the full song for the PV though, so it’s only 3:05 long. It’s still fun to watch, something definitely to check out if you like the song.

Watch it on YouTube!


  1. i love the part about like “just sitting and reading manga” in the song, but i am not to fond of the chrous. I watch bleach, and this is like the secound best ending they have had yet! I liked Arigato better.

    I read the poll(and voted) and I also love Avenue Q ^-^;; that is such a crude song “the internet is really really great…”

  2. I don’t particulary enjoy the song, but the PV is really fun — Takacha is utterly adorkable, with his little hat and wild facial expressions. I love the little dancing clone doing what appears to be the chicken dance in the background. So cute. *giggles*

  3. I usually don’t watch PVs but I enjoyed this one and I especially like the song. It’s one of the better ED Bleach themes.
    Yup I agree, though I still think that nothing beats “Houkiboushi”.
    To see what other people think, I’ve decided to make today’s poll about your favorite Bleach ED.

  4. My list would be:

    1. Houkiboshi
    2. My Pace (Dude. DANCING DOLLS. ‘Nuff said)
    3. Movin’
    4. Life

    I don’t really care about the other ones. Hanabi would probably have gotten in the fifth place if it wasn’t for that god awful scene where bunch of male characters appeared in gay purple clothings.

  5. OH?! I was sincerely surprised to see Happy People at 3%… ;_;

    My list is:
    1. Happy People
    2. Houkiboshi [I took REALLY long to decide between 1. and 2.]
    3. Life is like a Boat
    4. Hanabi

  6. Thanks for the upload!
    The longer I listened to the chorus, the funnier I think it is. (Probably the addiction kicking in)
    And the PV just made the song way hilrarous, especially with the cut-outs floating in the background and Takacha’s facial expressions…

    …or maybe it’s just my weird sense of humor acting up again.


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