Osman gets visited by a messenger of the royal palace, Count Mott, who came to warn the school to be careful of a thief. That night, Saito is doing more laundry outside when he gets visited by Siesta. She helps him out and then thanks him, saying that she got a lot of courage from him. On the way back to Louise’s room, Saito gets lured into Kirche’s room again. She offers him all sorts of things like the sword, a talisman, and a book that’s her family heirloom. Saito has no need for any of it, so she tackles him onto the ground, right before Louise opens the door and finds them there. She takes him back and beats him again with her whip. The next day, Louise makes Saito wait with the other familiars while she’s in class. Saito gets uneasy hanging around all the monsters, so he wanders around until he meets the chef again. The chef feeds him again and reveals that Siesta actually left the school to go work for Count Mott. In Louise’s room later, the sword Derflinger suggests that Siesta is being made into Mott’s concubine, which would be normal under these conditions.
After learning the route to Count Mott’s mansion from Guiche, Saito goes by himself to help Siesta. Mott isn’t very open to giving up Siesta, getting Saito angry. Before the two guys can start fighting, Siesta stops them and asks Mott to forgive Saito. Mott does mention that there’s a certain book he’s looking for – the family heirloom of the Zerbst family. Since Mott is willing to trade Siesta for the book, Saito races back to the school. He meets Louise halfway and she brings him back to her room. Louise wants him to give up on Siesta, but after she falls asleep, Saito sneaks over to Kirche’s room. Kirche is willing to give him the book, but wants him to go out with her. That gets Saito angry and so he takes the gold sword (the one Kirche bought, not Derflinger) and rides on a horse all the way back to Mott’s mansion. His departure is seen by Tabitha, who along with Kirche wakes Louise up to tell her that her familiar is gone.
At Mott’s mansion, Saito gets caught by the guards and is brought in front of the Count again. He draws his sword, so Mott uses his water magic to knock Saito down. Mott then forms ice arrows and shoots them at Saito. Fortunately, Louise bursts into the room and blows up the arrow (and Saito). Afterwards, she tries to take responsibility for what her familiar did. It’s actually Kirche who ends up making amends by offering her family heirloom to Mott. The Count gladly accepts it and releases Siesta. Saito soon realizes that the book is actually a porn magazine from 1975. Kirche confirms to him that her grandfather summoned it a long time ago, meaning that it’s probably from the same world Saito is from. After returning to the school, Siesta thanks Saito and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Saito then goes to thank and apologize to Louise. Unfortunately for him, Louise is already planning his punishment – 100 lashes with a whip or maybe starvation until right before death.


Saito was gathered up with the rest of the Pokémon when, he began getting hit on by Ekans
Hrm, maybe not…
For a Siesta episode, it didn’t really feel like we got to see that much Siesta. She became just the damsel in distress character, and so that aspect of the episode wasn’t that interesting. She did give Saito a kiss on the cheek, which Louise didn’t see. Actually, there wasn’t that much Louise in this episode either, which was a bit disappointing.
From the fight with Count Mott, it seems that Saito can’t activate his powers using just any sword or in any given situation. I was hoping he would kick some butt, but that didn’t happen. Instead Louise and Kirche came to save him, and Kirche gave up her heirloom, which turned out to be an ero book. At least Saito knows now that he’s not the only thing in this world from Japan.
Next week looks like a fun action filled episode, with the dirt golem from the OP showing up.


  1. Oh c’mon he surely does have a life! he’s just like my firneds say “falto de oficio” or “desocupado” and he just like anime a lot.

    now WTF in this episode!!? 8th row middle pic WTF jajajaja
    now this might very well be an harem series thing that dissapoints me one bit *sigh* stil it is entretaining to watch

  2. I like this series so much, looking forward to the sub.
    And this damn nobleman (5th row, last pic).
    I absolutely hate such guys, and I hope this guy got a lot trouble , MUAHAHA *G*
    Well, for me Saito X Siesta. They’re such a sweet couple and moreover Siesta is a really good girl.
    Louise is just too much of a rambo.. *rolleyes*
    From the preview it looks like Kirche is up to something again. I’m just curious, because she has this lot of lovers, if Saito is also just a lover for her or if she really loves him.
    A little question: Which studio is the producer of this series?

  3. I can’t wait to get my hands on this episode, I love the 19 image, man kirche looks hot in there. Of course she is hot, but she is also too sluty, you need to think twice before touching her. I was laughing my ass from another blogger comments about she being the most likely anime character to catch a VD.

  4. dont listen to the haters OMNI,,, a true pimp allots his time wisely..skeet skeet with the honies on the side,,and mo importantly devotes himself to his real love…and if ya got a wifey peice……and she’s getting annoyed with the time you be spending with “love” DROP THE TRICK!!! BECAUSE SHE’LL NEVER UNDERSTAND,,EVEN IF YA EXPLAIN… TRUST ME… YOU ROCK BRO

  5. shanna after giving yuji his second lesson with her whip tells him that he had better make sure she is first in his heart or she will take her wand and blow both of his bimbos away.

  6. Well, there is not doubt that Kirche really fell in love for Saito, I doubt she would give up her hairloom for any of her other lovers. I feel for her because she is not getting the guy, at least not permanently, she might score with him.

  7. Man! I really hate this nobility crap, how they use commoners like they own them.
    So glad that Saito was there to save Siesta, even though he didn’t do much but force there girls into saving him.

  8. Looks like Saito’s runes won’t activate unless Louise activates them (they lit up on ep 2 after she yelled baka). The last second of the preview has Saito being smashed by the huge golem after he pushes Louise out of the way, so we might see them activated soon.

    While not focusing on Siesta directly, this ep does increase the Saito x Siesta relationship.

  9. Siesta = the rival of Shana, i forgot her name. XD
    Louise = Shana
    Saito = the main caracther
    Kirche = the girl who has big breast with the book

    Sorry if i forgot all their names XD

    But, each of them look like some1 in Shakugan no Shana

  10. How can you forget Marjorie=kirche ? The other girl is Kazumi=Siesta. The main character is Yuji/Saito. Good to see that there are people that have more trouble than me remembering Japanese names 🙂

  11. Hey don´t talk like that with omni people…” Don´t you have I life ! ”
    Of course he does have a life…er…..the one that doesn´t have a life here is me 😉 and remember that!
    just see my nick name…. tensai_otaku = shin otaku!! the true otaku 😉 I don´t need a life or friends or kazoku I just need games ,animes and OF COURSE PORN 😉 😉 (by the of that is true LOL )

  12. “At least Saito knows now that he’s not the only thing in this world from Japan”
    why everything has to walk around japan only!!? i mean I know the japanese animation is already japanese (nihon no anime), not just that but they have to make everyone speaks on japanese on animes like this for example:
    Caracter 1 : oh my god he came from another country(gaikokujin) what do I do now….??
    caracter 2 : don´t worry watashi no pera pera nihongo is easy to understand(LOLLLLLLLLL)!! 😉

    I mean ultimatly they are forcing alot even on animes for children to make they understand that their languange is easy….easy, where is thiats easy!!!!HELL no way!!I needed 4 years to understand the languange and I am always studing it!!I know what you are going to say :” man forget it, it´s just an anime” but the point is aren´t they forcing alot ultimatly!!!???I love the original stories and the new styles of the last animations that came out!!but come on japanese writers….STOP DESTROYING…exploding..flooding on water…and killing the JAPAN in your stories, put more other countries, like autralia or Brazil(I wanted to see a conspiracy trying to kill pelé 😉 LOL )
    or just forget this insane topic

  13. No no, I also recognized this fact. I guess it’s just a way to make animes “cooler” . The problem is, that the words they’re using (i.e. English words) are often unplaced.
    I remember also a discussion back , when Fate/stay night was still airing, where I was angry about the German phrases one character said. Because the German just sounded so wrong (I’m from Germany), that my ears were aching..
    I guess everything has to do with the european influences.

  14. Mmph. I’m hoping Saito isn’t one of those “Activates power only when it becomes an emotional necessity” character. The kind of person that goes through some kind of cheesy speech or sequence of flashbacks before activating the power.

    I really, really hope he isn’t.

  15. seriously, i don’t know how any of you guys can find louise an even remotely appealing character. granted saito can be stupid, but louise is a horrible person, especially given the way she treats saito. seriously, whipping him repeatedly with a crop, starving him, treating him like less than dirt: the whole time i was watching this i couldn’t help but wonder why saito didn’t either keep trying to escape or kill louise in her sleep. it’s the least she deserves for being the horrid person she is.

  16. la serie de “zero no tsukaima” es genial y yo toy absecionada tambien tengo una petcon …que de favor me pasen imagenes o videos y sise puede mp3 a si hablan ingles pues lean esto !hi¡ Im an otaku an Im from mexico so this letter y bad write but I want to know if you can send me mp3 and images please¡¡ right thanks and bye¡
    this is my e-mail


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