At first, Satou is reluctant about the eroge idea because he thinks it’ll be met with disdain by Misaki. But then Yamazaki paints a picture of them becoming incredibly successful and building an empire through their games, convincing Satou to sign on. Before they can make their own game, Yamazaki has Satou play some good ones first. Satou is immediately taken in by an opening scene of a girl waking up her brother. Given the option of sleeping or jumping out of bed, Satou chooses the latter, knocking the sister character down and exposing her panties. However, late that night Yamazaki gets a call from Satou complaining about not getting “that” type of scene. Yamazaki explains that he needs to choose one girl and go down her path to get the scenes he wants. Satou ends up choosing a girl who reminds him of Misaki. Yamazaki then gets another call because Satou again didn’t get the ending he wanted. This time, it was because he was cold-hearted to everyone except for the girl he chose. And then at daybreak, Yamazaki gets a third call from Satou announcing his success.
Satou buries himself in the games and it’s not until Yamazaki checks up on him a few days later that he realizes that he forgot about the promise to make a game. Yamazaki sits Satou down and explains to him that the success or failure of such a game depends on the characters. Satou is the one in charge of writing the scenario, so he tries to think of the girls he knows, which consists of Misaki and Kashiwa-senpai from high school. He remembers Kashiwa asking him if he’d feel sad when she died. Yamazaki then comes by to his room with some reference materials in the form of some disks which are his treasured collection. Satou finds that on these disks are filled with erotic picture and it really rocks his world. He decides to go online and start his own collection, having delusions of himself fishing the images up. One week later, he calls up Yamazaki because he’s having computer problems. Satou admits that he deleted some unnecessary files, which turned out to be the system files. Yamazaki finds out that in this period of one week, Satou has managed to fill 120 gigabytes completely with pornographic images.
Yamazaki makes Satou realize how much of a pervert he’s become and tells him to face reality. Satou’s interpretation of facing reality is going outside and taking pictures himself. Those pictures would be of random girls coming out after school ends. While Satou’s not paying attention, crouched in a position across from a school ready to take those photos, Misaki takes Yamazaki’s place behind him. She asks him what he’s doing and he blurts out that he’s peeping. When he finally realizes that it’s her, she asks him if he’s a lolicon. Satou denies it, but it doesn’t help his case that he takes pictures when a large gust of wind blows some skirts up. Misaki realizes that he’s that type of person, but she doesn’t mind because it’s perfect for her project. Until they meet again, she warns him not to end up on the news. Satou just screams and runs away.

Haha, this episode was pretty darn funny. And here I had thought they might not animate this part of the manga. They kept in all the porn stuff, though they made it less lolicon and more just porn. I loved the reactions Satou had (the mushroom cloud and the bright light exploding from his room). Yamazaki’s delusions of grandeur were great too. This game from that sequence reminds me of Kashimashi.
I might be able to understand Satou burying himself in games for a day or two, but spending an entire week filling a 120 gigabyte hard drive with porn? That’s really kind of scary. I will admit though that I tried to figure out how many jpgs it takes to fill that much space, and the answer is way too many.
To be honest, I was planning on dropping this series after this week so that I could pick up School Rumble again. But this episode was good enough that I’m going to hang on a bit longer to see how it goes.


  1. choked myself laughting at Satou during the episode……
    the animation obviously had to leave out the things about pedophilia for legal purposes, what they’ve changed it into was just as good

  2. Oh by the way…I just want to point out that this is the best ep I have seen in the past 2 weeks of any anime series out there…I’ve watched this ep a billion times…that’s how good it was.


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