-There is a legend of a ryuunen-sensei – a teacher who appears whenever a student is in danger of failing and being held back a grade. Harima hears some students talking about the ryuunen-sensei, but thinks it has nothing to do with him. But soon, he starts seeing the ryuunen-sensei everywhere. And not just the rumored teacher himself, Harima also sees the guy’s face on all of his friends despite his attempts to study.
-Harima decides to get Itoko’s help. She tells him to write the English words all over his body in preparation for his exam. Harima does so, but when the time of the exam comes, Tani-sensei makes him wipe it all off. Fortunately, by writing all of the words, Harima memorized all the words.
-While everyone is studying hard, especially Harima, Tenma has almost given up on herself. Her friends decide to help her study for the physics and Japanese history exams. Tenma gets all of her answers confused, and part of the reason is because she hasn’t done any studying. Instead, whenever she tries to study, she gets distracted by sleep or the TV.
-The girls try to stuff Tenma’s head full of physics formulas, but Tenma gets overloaded. Mikoto suggests one last method to help her: remember everything by relating it to the person that she likes. In Tenma’s case, this would be Karasuma.
-During the history exam, Tenma manages to get the questions right using this method and a bit of dumb luck. At first, she writes in Karasuma’s name into all the answers, but she noticed her mistakes and changed them.
-Yoshidayama copied off of Tenma, but he copied all the Karasuma answers. So he ends up getting a 0 whereas Tenma passes.
-Fuyuki tells a story of when he came to school at night to get something he forgot. He heard something coming from the school pool and looked over to find the outline of a monster. His classmates don’t believe him so they all go and see. Indeed, a long slender neck rises before them, scaring them all.
-It turns out just to be Yakumo and Sara washing Pyotr under Itoko’s watch.
-Tenma, Akira, Mikoto, and Eri have a pajama party after their exams are over. They talk about Mikoto’s date with Asou. Those two had gone shopping for basketball shoes, eating at WAS Burger, browsing a book store, singing at karaoke, and then gaming at an arcade. At every turn, the girls think Mikoto made the wrong choices up until the arcade. While playing a racing game, Asou had talked about how he wanted to buy a car after graduation and do some traveling. Asou had been thoughtful about what everyone will be doing after graduation. Mikoto proceeded to beat him at the racing game and set a course record. The girls approve of this action.

-lol@Harima running away with his pants unzipped.
-All the serious faces, like Tenma’s during the history test or the everyone’s during the Pyotr sighting, were pretty amusing to watch. It’s so manly that the girls don’t even look like girls.
-The credits this episode were freaky, especially that doll at the end.


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