School Rumble San Gakki – 26 (END)

「最終回」 (Saishuukai)

Episode at a Glance:
While Yakumo figures that Harima dragged Tenma off to the airport so that she can go to America and see Karasuma, Eri and the others (correctly) suspect that Harima hasn’t thought this through at all, so they send Harry and Tougou out to help.

Well, I suppose it is time for my introduction…

Well, since some of the other new contributors for this blog have posted their introductions, I guess it is time for me to post mine. For the moment I will be in charge of providing summaries of the series School Rumble Ni Gakki for all of you out in the blogosphere. I likely won’t have very detailed descriptions on the air dates of them, as I sort of can parse through raw anime episodes, and have a general sense of what is going on, but not exactly specifics. Might as well provide a slight bit of background information about myself, just so you can tell where I am coming from, currently a college student, much like our lead Omni here, and in a degree for Computer Systems Engineering. My 3 loves in the world are Computers, Linux, and Anime. Yes, I am very much a Linux geek, though I have no problem at all watching the episodes, actually my environment is a bit more uniform than Windows is, but I won’t open up that can of worms. I can be very opinionated in things that I am passionate about, but also for the most part am neutral about most things. A bit about my viewing habits, my favorite genres are comedy and romance, so I may pick series that coincide with my viewing preferences. Likely what I will be doing, at least for school rumble, is the following:

– Will be putting out a sort of general summary from a raw that I can get a hold of, likely not many specifics, but I will do my best to make sense of it.

– After a subtitled version comes out, update the summary to be more specific in the happenings of the episode

I will be known as Judge on this blog, it is one of my nicknames, though the name that I use for most things online is the handle JDGBOLT, partially because it is what I started with, and partially out of necessity, as Judge would likely be a common handle, and I dislike having numbers in my name. My primary email address is jdgbolt@*nospam*, and I can also be reached that way with google talk, though should it become too much of a hassle, I may go offline, but I am usually online for the most part. So feel free to contact me if you have any questions of comments, or just feel like chatting. Hope to get along with all of you individuals and that you will at least accept what I have to say. Well, here is hoping to a great time blogging about anime!