-Nakamura sees Eri ride away with Harima, but he can’t catch them. He calls up Masaru (the maid), but then Masaru goes and kidnaps Tenma.
-Riding along, Eri apologizes to Harima (she still doesn’t know his true identity) for involving him. As for the marriage interview, she thinks that she might be forced to get engaged because her parents are that kind of people.
-The two nearly get hit by a truck, but Harima narrowly avoids it. Afterwards, the two have a good laugh about it. This laugh lasts until they pass by a car going the other direction with Tenma in the passenger seat and Masaru driving.
-Tenma sends Eri a mail saying that she’s also going to the marriage interview, but that Masaru keeps calling her ojou-sama. Eri figures out that Masaru mixed up her and Tenma. Upon hearing this, Harima becomes determined to break up the marriage interview (what Eri doesn’t know is that he’s doing it for Tenma, not her).
-Tenma gets a mail from Mikoto and also figures out Masaru’s mistake. She decides to continue pretending to be Eri and break this all off.
-Harima and Eri get a flat tire and take up residence for the night in a temple. Eri gets the only blanket, and she thinks that Harima must be cold based on how much he’s fidgeting. Harima is actually just worried about Tenma. Eri thinks about sharing the blanket and decides to start a conversation with Harima. When she says that it’s a waste that he doesn’t have a lover, Harima freaks out because her behavior is so different from normal.
-When Eri asks about things Harima wants to do in the future, Harima gives her a vague response about his work, which makes her think that he’s a designer. Harima declares that he won’t lose and that he’ll use his five fingers to defeat anyone who hinders him. Those strong words really have an effect on Eri, and, compounded with Harima’s smile, cause her to snuggle up to him and share the blanket.
-She asks him to go to the marriage interview with her to make the other party give up. After Harima agrees, Eri falls asleep. He hears her mutter something about Hige being the worst, so in response he draws a moustache and beard on her with a marker.
-The two arrive at the marriage interview and both change into better clothes. While Eri is talking with her mother, Harima goes on ahead and meets Tenma, who is still pretending to be Eri. Tenma doesn’t recognize him, and so she does her best make herself look bad so that he won’t want to marry her. Of course, since it’s Harima, he doesn’t care what she does.
-Faced with her mother, Eri can’t bring herself to say that she doesn’t want this at first. But after remembering her friends and all the time they’ve spent together, Eri finally tells her mother what she still wants to be with everyone. As Eri runs off, her mother smiles.
-After Tenma throws tea on Harima, he rearranges his hair to how it normally looks. Tenma sees that he looks familiar, so she adds on the hair band and sunglasses, making Harima recognizable as himself again.
-Eri walks into the marriage interview expecting the worker she was with, but instead finds Tenma on top of Harima, putting on the hair band. Eri proceeds to jump-kick Harima. In the end, the marriage interview was cancelled.
-During all this, the giant red panda Kuuta-kun escapes from the zoo. Hanai meanwhile learns that Tsukamoto is involved in a marriage interview. The Tsukamoto that Nakamura was referring to was Tenma, but Hanai misinterprets it as Yakumo. He rushes off on a bike, but then gets tired and takes refuge in a temple for the night. In the darkness, he feels something furry and assumes it’s a blanket, but it’s actually Kuuta-kun. The red panda beats Hanai up and drags him off. In doing so, it’s tail wipes the marker off Eri’s face while she’s sleeping. Yakumo sees on TV the next day that Kuuta-kun is wearing Hanai’s glasses.

ED2 Sequence

ED: 「二人は忘れちゃう♡」((Futari ha Wasurechau♡) by 塚本姉妹 (Tsukamoto Shimai) (小清水亜美・能登麻美子) ( Koshimizu Ami & Noto Mamiko)
Watch it on YouTube!
Haha, the new ending is pretty amusing to watch. Didn’t expect them to put in a new one, much less include Dojibiron in it. And hey, it’s Mamiko Noto (and Koshimizu Ami) singing, so I can’t complain about the song.

-Very much a Flag/Jersey Faction episode. Lots of Eri tsundere. Well at least until Eri found out that the worker was actually Harima. There should be more HarimaXEri next week too.
-LOL@ at the Para Para and Choushuu Koriki reference. Boy that brings back memories of him and HINOI TEAM. …and I can’t believe I just found a reason to link that video… *sigh* Oh well, it’s a pretty amusing watch. Then there’s the ever-famous Night of Fire video too…
-The funniest part overall was probably Hanai vs. Kuuta-kun. Poor Hanai, getting slapped around like that by a red panda. And just like Yakumo said, Kuuta-kun with Hanai’s glasses is really cute.


  1. Ahh I miss those days too…
    BTW, tanjoubi Omedetto, welcome to the adult world (^_^ I’m 22)

    After watching this, I’m wondering… how the heck is School Rumble going to end? Any guesses?

    Good episode, 18 was good too.

    Syaoran Li
  2. omg 3 episodes this weekend eh?

    The new ED is awesome. The only thing I’m concerned about is the lack of ImadoriXIchijou scenes…

    Best scene in this episode: Tenma and Harima doing their thing. ^^

  3. must be hard writing reviews even on your b-day Omni
    Anyways I bet nothing would change in the end :
    Harima would like Tenma, Tenma would like Kamasutra and Kamasutra would like turtles

    personally Harima looks much better with his hair back and no glasses, he reminds me of
    Yuusuke Urameshi from Yu Yu Hakusho

  4. The words Hanai specifically said were 「レッサーパンダ」 (lesser panda), which is also known as the red panda.
    See the Japanese wiki page and the English wiki page.
    The moral of this story? Don’t rely on translations from Your-Mom. I downloaded and watched the sub of episode 17 to cross reference what you guys were talking about and I found out that Y-M’s translations are really bad in some places.

  5. thnx a lot man i really thought u drop this. i hope all of u guys who make da summary should talk to each other who gets to summarize an anime and direct linking ur site with them so ppl can easily know where to look for a certain summary of anime shows. cus not all of the shows that i watch gets sub on ur blog( i hope i didnt offend u).i’ll b waiting for new episodes being summarize

  6. Happy B-Day Omni. ^_^ And good going with telling the kiddies on translation accuracies. I really like how you reference things to explain cultural references, such as Koriki. (Even the red panda Wiki article explained how popular the red panda is here in Japan, thanks to the standing Fuuta kun.)

    anim3guy: summarizing anime is not a job but a hobby… if you want a central location where you can see who’s summarizing what, click on the “AB Antenna” banner near the top right of this page.

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