Some quick news and updates, which you may or may not have already heard about.

  • There’s no new episode of Tsubasa Chronicle this week, nor will there be one next week because of the high school baseball championship on NHK. Episode 42 will air on August 26th.
  • Speaking of NHK, I’m dropping NHK ni Youkoso! I’m almost caught up with School Rumble, and I’d much rather write about that.
  • There’s a trailer up for Strike Witches on the official website. Click on “ITEM” on the sidebar to get the pop-up that has a link to the video. It is mostly made up of eye candy of the characters flying around in battle.
  • plamo‘s latest stop-motion Gundam videos are based on the Inukami ED, both Aice^5 and Rice^5 versions. And in case you missed it, plamo also made a Gundam version of the Chokotto Sister ED.
  • The first volume of the Mai-Otome Zwei OVA is reported to be due out on November 24th, 2006. The description says that the story will be about a meteorite falling onto the planet, but makes no mention of any specific new characters. In fact, it sounds a lot like they’re just going to be using Arika and friends (not that that’s a bad thing).
  • According to the official site, Blood+‘s second original soundtrack is due out on September 27th, 2006. The first one was so good, I can’t wait to hear the second one. I don’t know which songs they’ll be including though since all of my favorites are already on the first one.
  • Oh yea, I turned 21 years old this past week…

    1. Happy B-day!

      I’m always up for more Mai stuff! Have you heard anything about a Haruhi season 2? A friend of my passed me a rumor and I’m wondering if it’s true or just wishful thinking.

      Angel Mercury
    2. Everything about Haruhi Season 2 so far is false (at least everything I’ve seen). There was a cover story earlier this week in the Sept. issue of NewType about Haruhi that got a lot of people excited but ended up being much ado about nothing (don’t get me started on how people should actually read the articles before running around announcing falsely that Haruhi is getting a second season). That being said, I personally think that it’s a case of when rather than if.

    3. Omedeto gozaimasu Omni! Wish you the best!!! Best regards from Germany!

      Jepee, finally, the Mai Otome OVA. Funny title; they didn’t find a fitting word in English, so they took German, xD
      It doesn’t bother me it’s about Arika and co. But I also think we won’t see any major plot revolution.
      (well, you cannot expect this from an OVA)
      But I’m still happy, since Mai Otome is one of my most favourite series.
      Now I’m curious if they are planning a third series. Or maybe a movie.
      We’ll see..

    4. XD wow I always thoght you were older than me but turns out I’m the old fart πŸ˜‰
      That Inukami Gundam thing is great πŸ˜€
      Its too bad you’re dropping NHK but since you are I might actually now be motivated to do actual summaries of it instead of 2 sentence posts XD

    5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I’m so glad to know you’re only 1 year younger πŸ˜› I started to feel like an old maid here…
      Oh, I stalk you a lot, don’t let my lack of commenting put you off (I’m very lazy)

    6. Happy belated birthday! I wish you many happy returns of the next year.

      Wow, I didn’t know Koshien reaching its final stages in Japan. I wish there was a Asian-focused equivalent of ESPN Deportes because right now in the US, the Little League World Series is starting to dominate ESPN & ESPN2 and will continue to for the next two weeks. I just can’t get interested in it for the same reason I can’t get interested in the College World Series: they use aluminum bats. Real baseball players use wooden bats!

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