-Finally finished with his manuscript, Harima wants to have Tenma to read it first. However, he gets a call from his editor asking him to bring it in immediately. The editor specifically says that Harima’s future depends on him getting the manuscript in. Thinking about his own future, Harima realizes that Tenma can always read it later and that he needs to seize this chance now. After uttering an apology to Tenma, Harima appears to be walking to Dankousha Publishing.
-Tenma meanwhile has made a giant curry plate for Karasuma. She has just wheeled it back and showed it to Yakumo when Harima arrives. He decided to have her read his manuscript first after all, but before he can say that, she reminds him that this place is off-limits to him. After thinking about the misunderstanding between them from before, Harima works up the courage to admit that he draws manga. Tenma at first doesn’t believe him, but she agrees to read the manuscript after Yakumo asks her to.
-Tenma finds the manga interesting, which is enough for Harima to start celebrating. However, his elation is cut short by a public announcement about how this record-setting snow has closed off all the railway lines. With no other choice, Harima steals the giant curry plate while Tenma is inside the house.
-Using the plate as a snowboard, Harima rides towards to the Dankousha building. Along the way, he has to avoid a sea of fish missiles that launched when a fish truck skidded into a statue. He even passes by Akira, and then by Itoko & Youko.
-Back at the Tsukamoto house, Tenma is feeling bad the misunderstanding between her and Harima. Yakumo says that if Tenma truly hated Harima, she wouldn’t have said the things she did. A normal person would have just smiled and laughed, and that type of artificial reaction would have messed up their relationship. But Harima and Tenma weren’t like that.
-Tenma gets a call from Mikoto telling her that Harima is riding through the city on her curry plate. Tenma collapses from shock, but then Itoko and Youko show up to rush the girls off.
-Harima arrives at the Dankousha building on the curry plate, but breaks it as he slides across the room and hits a table. The editor-in-chief reads Harima’s manga, but then says that he can’t accept it. Harima is about to protest, but he gets stopped by Karasuma, who has heard everything from Akira.
-Tenma and Yakumo arrive and Tenma slowly walks to the pieces of her curry plate. She picks one piece up, serves some curry on it, and then presents it to Karasuma with an embarrassed look on her face, wishing him Merry Christmas. As soon as he takes it, she runs out of the room in tears.
-Karasuma makes Harima realize that the thing he was riding on was something Tenma made. After Harima chases after Tenma, the editor-in-chief explains that he couldn’t publish Harima’s manga because there is only one person in this world who can read it.
-Harima finds Tenma crying in an empty room. He apologizes repeatedly, but she continues to cry. Knowing that he only wants her to smile and laugh, Harima hugs Tenma from behind and apologizes. This moment lasts until Tenma becomes embarrassed and breaks free. Harima apologizes again for the curry plate, and she still feels bad for the misunderstanding, so the two shake hands to reconcile.

-LOL@ naked Harima with a Tenma face at his crotch
-Loved the part with Harima riding the curry plate. The fish missiles were pure genius. That was like watching something out of Gundam.
-The way the end of the episode was done (music, camera angles, etc) made this almost feel like a romance drama series…almost.
-Next week is a one hour special, aka. two episodes.


  1. Now that naked-Harima-with-the-Tenma-face shot is like something out of Inukami. (sort of 😀 )

    And…/is that Harima hugging Tenma in one of the final screenshots??!! I mean, REALLY him hugging her, not a dream or anything??!!/ O.o

  2. thnx a lot man i been waiting for this episode to come. a little bit of summary was awesome where

    naked Harima with a Tenma face at his crotch

    luv that like watching something from inukami except its a characters face

  3. saw the episode myself and at the preview its gonna b 2 episode release 20 and 21 together.luv the fish missles attackin harima!! will yakumo even make a move to show her affection to harima?

  4. There’s one thing in this ep that I thoght was quite importent:
    Yakumo: “You wouldn’t act that way around Hrima if he was just some other guy.”
    Perhaps she feels something for Harima too.

    “The way the end of the episode was done (music, camera angles, etc) made this almost feel like a romance drama series…almost.”
    After I read chapter 182 I get the feeling that the manga is turning into a romance series. There’s some pritty dynamite stuff in that chap.

  5. Finally!!!! But poor Tenma. That scene with her and Karasuma really made me wanna kill Harima. But again, when Harima embraced her… that was sooooooo…. OMG!!!!!!

    Also… poor Yakumo. She DEFINITELY has feelings for Harima. Plus, with her (slightly) edgier character this season, I wonder if she’ll actually stand up against Tenma for Harima, or maybe make some cliche’d threats like “If you don’t go for him, then I will” :P:P

    Love School Rumble!!! MUST get the manga now!

  6. For those who didnt notice, eps 19 had 2 homage, 1 anime and 1 J-Drama.
    Remember the fish missiles, its exactly the same scene from Macross Plus eps 1.
    The J-Drama part is the background music used when Harima Hug Tenma, its not exactly the same music, but its nearly the same them used from the J-Drama “Tokyo Love Story” by Kazumasa Oda. I think the title was “Love Story wa Totsuzen ni”

  7. Yea the tenma and harima hug was nice but after tenma end up screaming i hardly consider solidifying his relationship, at least he doesnt think he is a pervert anymore(for a second time).

    Guys for you that are following the manga how much material there is left? do you think there is gonna be a third season or what?. How many chapters have been released?.

    I really like SR but am worried that they are gonna be rushing the story to end it at season 2.

  8. No more manga chapters left. Maybe one or two, but they don’t fit in. =(

    And next week, they’re doing another “b” chapter, and possibly the IchijouXImadori stuff they missed chapters ago. After that, it’s probably going to be anime-original stuff.

    Dammit! WF stopped subbing! Argh!!! (likes to rewatch with WF subs)

  9. wait ur saying that the anime is already catch up with the manga? i tought there was more chapter left.
    or you are talking about the manga getting close to ending??

    i have no idea because i dont read this manga…i only know that there is about 190 chapters or so…


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