On her morning date with Samatarou, Kumiko sees and pets a dog. She remarks that her house used to have a dog, but it hated her. The two then go to have breakfast, with Tenko following them there. Samatarou notices her outside while he’s eating, but he doesn’t do anything about it. Afterwards, Kumiko suggests that they eat dinner together too. Tenko then runs past the two and turns around, as if she met them by coincidence. Kumiko notices Suguru and drops 100 yen into him, amused by the fact that the piggy bank talks. Samatarou goes on ahead to class, but finds no one there. By the time the girls arrive, a teacher comes by to explain that almost everyone called in to say that they’d be late today because they weren’t feeling well. Shinichi is apparently not part of that group, however, since he shows up behind the three and scares them. They explain to him what the teacher had told them, prompting Shinichi to reveal that he had a nightmare and also woke up feeling bad. What really gets Samatarou’s attention is Shinichi’s description of his dream: there was a girl in a red one-piece beckoning to him. The rest of their classmates start coming in and their stories are the same – everyone had a dream about a girl in red clothes. Tenko and Samatarou think that they didn’t see the dream because she’s an angel and he’s a god, but why didn’t Kumiko see the dream?
After school, they realize that two of their classmates never showed up to class. Shinichi’s concern is short-lived though because he gets distracted by Ai. Kumiko and Samatarou then go off together, leaving Tenko, who’s still furious at Samatarou because he’s going to be having dinner with Kumiko. While they’re walking, Kumiko notes how Samatarou is always worried about Tenko and Tenko is always worried about him. Samatarou attributes it to how they’re like family. Since Kumiko is feeling envious of his warm family compared to her own relationship with her mother, Samatarou offers her his hand with a smile. She takes it and they continue walking happily. Meanwhile, Tenko is going to check out Kumiko’s home on a hunch. She finds the run-down building and goes up to knock on the door. A scary woman kicks the door open, threatening to kill her if she’s someone trying to sell a newspaper. Without giving her name, Tenko introduces herself as Kumiko’s classmate. The woman says Tenko smells strange and already seems to know Tenko’s name. Her own name is Fumiko and she thinks that this is a good chance so she urges Tenko inside. Since Tenko won’t come in, Fumiko pulls out a kitchen knife and decides to “cook” there. Tenko runs away in fear, but Fumiko is not far behind, chasing with knife still in hand. In tears, Tenko finally arrives at the safe haven that is home and slams the door behind her.
That night, Tenko goes to Samatarou’s room and begs him to break up with Kumiko. She tells him about the danger that is Fumiko, but he doesn’t believe her. He thinks that she’s jealous, so she tells him about the knife and the chase. Samatarou tells her that Kumiko doesn’t have a sister, only her mother. Since he still doesn’t believe her, Tenko apologizes and runs back to her own room crying. Having seen her tears, Samatarou isn’t sure what to think since he knows Tenko wouldn’t lie like that to him. Sometime late that night, all the streetlights on the street near the Kamiyama home mysteriously go out. Tenko hears the sound of metal scraping against the ground and goes outside to investigate. As she sees a female figure standing in front of her, the moon suddenly turns blood red. The girl is Kumiko, carrying a large scythe and a tattered teddy bear. Tenko wants to know why Kumiko came to their house at this hour, but Kumiko claims she completely forgot that this place was even near the Kamiyama home. She says that she’s working her job right now and that she knows that Tenko is an angel. Suguru urges Tenko to run, but just then, Kumiko experiences something and her eyes fly wide open. She falls down on all fours and when she raises her head again, her eyes have become red with yellow pupils. As Kumiko is noticing that the moon is pretty tonight, she sprouts a tail and grows a pair of wings. Tenko realizes that Kumiko is actually a demon.
Kumiko explains that she’s after Samatarou for his powerful energy. She knew from the beginning that he wasn’t a normal human. However, Samatarou didn’t choose her. Kumiko had then pretended to move away, but had actually stayed in town, entering people’s dreams and capturing the minds of weak people. Tenko connects the dots and figures out that Kumiko must have been the girl in the red one-piece dress. Kumiko says that she’s at her limit and starts crying tears of blood. Suddenly, the moon changes back to its normal color and Kumiko disappears. Suguru tells her that this is a dream and then Tenko wakes up; she’s in her bed and Suguru is right where she dumped him the night before. Suguru doesn’t seem to remember anything, so Tenko assumes that it really was a dream. Downstairs, the rest of the Kamiyama family has been starving for the past day without Tenko’s cooking, so they’re excited when she finally comes down to make breakfast. That is short-lived though, because Tenko goes after Samatarou when he comes downstairs. She begs him not to go on a date with Kumiko since she’s probably a demon. Samatarou agrees to that, but instead of a date, he takes Tenko to Kumiko’s apartment. This time, Fumiko is nowhere in sight – there’s just Kumiko and her sleeping mother. Kumiko explains that her mother sleeps for a long time without waking up whenever she’s tired. Tenko asks Kumiko about her sister, but Kumiko claims she doesn’t have one. At the school gates, Samatarou goes off to meet Shinichi, leaving the girls. Kumiko remarks to Tenko that yesterday’s moon was beautiful, triggering memories of what Tenko thought to be a dream. Tenko decides to directly ask Kumiko if she’s a demon, but then drops the subject when Kumiko looks confused. However, Kumiko’s eyes turn red and she asks what Tenko is talking about – didn’t they meet last night?


And so, like most of us had been expecting, Kumiko is indeed evil. On the plus side, she looks sooooo badass with all the demon stuff (the scythe, the wings, the red eyes, and yes, even the teddy bear). But it almost seems like Kumiko herself isn’t the demon. It’s like she has two sides: the human Kumiko and the demon Kumiko. The demon side may subconsciously control the human side or something. Either that or she’s really good at acting because all of her surprise reactions (when Tenko asked about Fumiko, when Tenko directly asked if she was a demon) seemed genuine.
Meanwhile, Kumiko’s sister Fumiko is really creepy in that lunatic killer kind of way. Perhaps there’s some kind of connection between Fumiko and Kumiko’s mother. Maybe they’re different forms of the same person.
Lots of juicy bits in the preview for next week. It looks like Fumiko will be attacking the school and Tenko is going to be injured. Since there are only two episodes left, I bet next week will end on a big cliffhanger.


  1. this epiosode is probably the best so far. [the wheels start turning]. i felt like this episode was just an intro to the real problem/dilemma, so im really looking forward to next week where we get more kumiko! ^^;;

  2. Ok, she is a demon.
    Question is if she really loves Samatarou or if she’s just playing around (as demons sometimes do).
    But it really fits in the story.
    Kumiko a demon and Tenko an angel. Now I declare war between heaven and hell^^
    Kumiko looks very scarry. Hmm, she is crying (ok, it’s blood, but she’s crying). But why??

    Well, after watching episode 1 I’ve been following this series all the time. Even my mother likes it^^
    The characters are just so sweet and it’s been a long time I saw such an original story 🙂

  3. Oooh. I kinda wished Demon-Kumiko would fall for Samatarou. At least that’d break the cliche shy-girl love. I’d be most intruiged to see a psycho-killer-demon/Angel/God Love triangle. As long as Kumiko stayed crazy-psycho. =3.

  4. i don’t really like this series, but this episode looks good, and….the pic of kumiko’s deformed face from the preview, it scares me, pretty much, btw i wanted to say to you that i admire you for your great work, while in other anime blogs most of the bloggers review like 1 or 2 eps, you review like 3 or 4, really, i’m grateful for ir to you ^^

  5. This epsiode seem real good

    I have a thouht that was bothering me.

    You know the litttle piggy rite. Do you think it can be evil? I mean it was telling tenko that shes not needed and wanted her to come back in the last eppy. Plus if the whole bizzare dream thingy was real, the piggy told her that it was a dream.

    it be cool if the piggy was evil. Hehehe =D

  6. The human Kumiko was hot, the devil Kumiko was even hotter.

    I think what the tears of blood signify the desire of the human Kumiko not to become the devil Kumiko. The preview screenies was great, emo-expression. Lol.

    Then again, the headband is back to its original pattern colour?

  7. Interesting development – not her being evil though, that was a bit predictable – maybe its more complicated then her just being a demon. Maybe she is more like Samatarou, and is growing into being a demon, meaning she still isnt a complete demon yet. That would explain why doesnt seem to be aware of it all the time.
    It’ll be verry interesting to see where this will take us.


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