Nadeshiko is bringing drinks to Kaoru and Karina when she sees a red light and hears their screams. The next day, she and Tomohane pay a visit to Keita, bringing the painting of a door that Kaoru and Karina were looking at. On it is the symbol of Sekidousai (the same guy who created the chicken that granted wishes) and an inscription that says the door will be opened with true answers to true questions. And so, Keita starts asking Nadeshiko perverted questions like what her underwear color is. She answers white and the door cracks open a bit. With a few more rounds of questioning (mostly non-perverted), the door opens fully and sucks in Youko, Nadeshiko, and Keita. They arrive in an otaku‘s room filled with macho man posters and figurines. On the TV, a man appears who resembles Karina but with blonde hair. He introduces himself as Sekidousai, Karina’s ancestor. If they want Karina back, they’ll have to come get him. Nadeshiko wants to know where Kaoru is, but Sekidousai disappears from the TV.
The group is then taken to a temple. Youko starts asking Nadeshiko about Kaoru since Youko has never met him. Youko gets Nadeshiko embarrassed by asking her if she likes Kaoru. Nadeshiko runs away from the question and ends up under a living statue of a macho. While those three are running away from the statue, Sekidousai is watching them and remembers his earlier battle with Karina and Kaoru. Sekidousai and Kaoru’s powers clashed, but Sekidousai came out on top. He suffered a cut to the cheek from the battle and remarks that in the four hundred years, Kaoru is the first human to be able to wound him. Youko and Keita meanwhile use their powers to defeat the statue and move on to the next area. Here, they play a variation of Dahrumasan ga Koronda except with machos. One of the macho men trips and accidentally kisses Keita, but since Keita saw him move, Keita wins. The third challenge has them climbing a robe being chased up by machos. Keita gnaws the rope with his teeth until it breaks, sending the machos falling below. Keita also eventually wins the fourth challenge, which is a koshifuri (pelvic thrusting) competition (see note below).
Keita then gets teleported to a macho man wedding, but without Youko or Nadeshiko. The two girls arrive in a warehouse of Sekidousai’s evil tools. The talking floating sphere nearby won’t give them a straight answer, so the two girls decide to dig in the ankle-high water for a way out or something to help save Kaoru. While excavating mounds of random objects, Nadeshiko asks Youko if she’s not worried about Keita. Youko knows that Keita will somehow be ok and that he won’t die so easily. Meanwhile, Kaoru wakes up, trapped in a purple world. He and Karina had made plans to wake up and break out at the same time. Karina follows that plan and pulls a lever that opens up the world above Kaoru, allowing him to blast his way out. As a result, Youko is teleported to the church where Keita is fighting a macho and helps him out. During all this, Karina has come face to face with Sekidousai’s robot, which is equipped with a drill located on its crotch. He’s saved when an alarm goes off informing Sekidousai that the magic power transfer pipeline has been destroyed. Sekidousai uses his powers to tie up Karina and then enters a portal to go capture Kaoru. Karina manages to jump into the portal after him.
Nadeshiko is still digging frantically through the water in the warehouse. She really wants to see Kaoru and starts yelling his name. Soon after, she hears him calling her back. Kaoru appears through a crack in the sky, so Nadeshiko takes off her apron and jumps into his arms. When Keita and Youko also get teleported back, the two pairs meet, Youko and Kaoru for the very first time. Sekidousai and his robot then appear, as does a tied-up Karina. Keita is furious at Sekidousai for making him play with men, men, and more men. Sekidousai explains that he was testing their powers because he wants to use them as the energy to resurrect himself. As he exposes his crotch, Sekidousai says that he wants such a world without restrictions. Back in the real world, Tomohane is still unsuccessfully trying to get into the painting by asking her badger questions.

Note: The koshifuri is a signature move of the infamous Hard Gay.

Wow, I think this episode might take the cake. It featured:
1) A statue of a macho man that touched it’s own crotch
2) A macho man kissing Keita
3) 40 seconds worth of macho men and Keita in speedos shaking their crotches
4) A robot with a drill attached to it’s crotch….trying to nail Karina in the ass.
And that’s not including the fact that Sekidousai wants a world where he can run around without pants on. But don’t get me wrong, this episode was pretty awesome and funny, though certain parts of it (namely the ones cited above) were just awesomely bad. Veteran seiyuu Wakamoto Norio voices Sekidousai, very fitting since I remember him best as playing Onsokumaru in 2×2 Shinobuden. And it was cool finally getting to see Kaoru in action (he uses a wand or baton of some sort).
Next week will have Kaoru, Keita, Youko, and Nadeshiko vs. Seidousai and his robot. I’m very excited to see them all fighting together, though I’m a bit worried that the preview shows something like this. 🙂


  1. I’m loving these two-parter Inukami episodes! Seems like they’re the best in terms of decent plot and character development. Plus they score some kickarse voice actors/actresses for the “character of the week”. First Nana Mizuki and now Norio Wakamoto… it just doesn’t get any better!

    I don’t know what I enjoyed better, finally seeing Karou in action or Keita jumping through hoops with all those various macho men challenges… hmm.. probably Keita “suffering” against those macho men XD

  2. From Omni :”Tomohane is still unsuccessfully trying to get into the painting by asking her badger questions.”

    …Omni, that looks more like a vole or weasel than a badger.

  3. rofl oh man that episode seems so friggin funny i feel bad for the homophobes who dropped this because it has muscled men in speedos rofl

    cant wait until the goddamn fansubs catch up, mendoi had a good start but they slowed down now t.t

  4. Inukami 09 Translated –> Timed –> Edited –> Finalizing
    Inukami 10 Translated –> Timed –> Edited –> Finalizing
    Inukami 11 Translated –> Timed –> Editing
    Inukami 12 Translated –> Timed –> Editing
    Inukami 13 Translated –> Timed –> Editing
    Inukami 14 Translating
    Inukami 15 Translating
    Inukami 16 Translating

    Mendoi subs stats of Inukami! ^

  5. Interesting episode lol I couldn’t stop laughting at the part with the Robot that had a Drill.. lol

    I liked the episode =) but to me it looks like it might end next episode, then I wonder what will come after that ^^;

  6. Woah!
    Probably the most disturbing fight sequence i’ve seen to date.

    Surely Youko can do more than just 1500 hp worth of damage.

    As to the “I never thought that Ketia could call someone that” comment…
    Comeon…give Ketia a break. He has faced numerous episodes of macho men where he got chased after, licked, kissed, beitch-slapped etc… by them. At least he has the right (though barely) to call the next pants-less dude he meets, a pervert.

    I really hope Nadeshiko gets a chance to demonstrate what’s she’s really capable of in the next episode. And uh…why is Mr Elephant all red and fuming?


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