In the aftermath of all the fighting and destruction, Kurogane woke up inside a room under the watch of Tsukuyomi. Kurogane requested that Tsukuyomi bury the Ginryuu sword – in the place of his father – with his mother’s body. Tsukuyomi had told him that she would have a replica of Ginryuu made for him to use so that he could protect the final promise with his father. She had then revealed her real name as Tomoyo and so he told her that his was Kurogane. All of this is actually part of Syaoran’s dream, and he wakes up in the library’s medical office to find Sakura and Mokona at his side. Syaoran has something to say to Kurogane, so the others give them some privacy. Fye and Sakura go off to look for information about the feather while Mokona contacts Yuuko. Mokona explains that they are currently in Rekoruto Country, which Yuuko knows is a place famed for its magic and libraries. While talking about resting for the night, Mokona tells Yuuko about sensing a pain from Syaoran’s heart now that’s just like the one from Kurogane. Back in the medical office, Syaoran apologizes and explains what he saw. Kurogane confirms that this was his past, but he doesn’t blame Syaoran for any wrong doing because it wasn’t Syaoran’s intention to see it. Kurogane also makes Syaoran realize that he’s now carrying the same wounds from the past that Kurogane has.
Fye and Sakura return with news about the feather in this world. Since Mokona and Sakura are hungry, the group heads to a cafe to discuss the news. The first thing Fye and Sakura show Syaoran is a picture of the book that gave him the visions of Kurogane’s past. It is the Book of Memories, which will duplicate the memories of the first person who touches it and then show those memories to the next person. Syaoran remembers that earlier in the library, it was indeed Kurogane who touched the book first – which was blank at the time – before handing it to him. Mokona then gets Syaoran to notice that the pattern on the cover of the book is very similar to the pattern on Sakura’s feathers. Fye and Sakura did more research into it and found out that the book Syaoran had was a duplicate of the original, which actually has a picture of Sakura’s feather on it. But as for the location of this original, Fye simply points upward. The group then boards a flying train and Mokona has a bit of fun imitating all four of them as if they were a family with Kurogane as the father. Anyway, Mokona starts to sense the feather, though the feeling is still very weak. The group eventually arrives at the central library, which is guarded in front by two giant beast statues. Inside, they learn that they are prohibited from borrowing the original Book of Memories. The librarians reveal that 3004 years ago, an evil mage used the power of the feather to bring great disasters to the country. Since then, the feather has been sealed in the Book of Memories and left in the custody of the central library.
Undeterred, Syaoran is still bent on getting the feather and he has a plan. Sakura thinks that it might be better for them to wait until the library is closed, but Syaoran suspects that the security will be even tighter at night. They can wander around for now and claim that they were lost if they go to a bad place. The group goes down a long hallway and comes to an arch guarded by a librarian. She explains that this is a magical judgment gate installed for protecting the Book of Memories. If someone who wants to take the book walks through it, the gate will sense their intent and fry them with electricity. Kurogane doesn’t feel that this would be a problem for Fye since he’s used to lying all the time. He and Syaoran are swordsmen who can play innocent, which leaves Sakura as the problem. Syaoran tells her that taking the feather would actually save this country because it would remove the thing that could cause disasters. By believing this, Sakura is able to pass through the gate with no problems, just like everyone else. Mokona leads them in the direction of the feather until they get to a wall. Fye figures out that the wall is actually magical, so he has Kurogane push away the nearby bookshelf. The bookshelves on both sides were actually forming the magical barrier, so pushing one aside opens up a path. The guardian beasts along this path then awaken and attack the group, so Mokona spits out Syaoran and Kurogane’s swords. The two break apart many of the beasts, but more keep coming. Mokona directs them to a glowing portal at the end of the path, so the group makes a run for it. On the other side, they arrive in a desert landscape. When Syaoran and Sakura recognize the nearby ruins, they realize that this is Clow Country.


-Yay! They included the scene between Tomoyo and Kurogane! That takes out one of the big complaints I had for last week’s episode. As I suspected, lack of time was probably why they didn’t show it last week.
-Syaoran never ceases to amaze me with his logic. By stealing the feather, they’re actually saving the country. Now why didn’t I think of it that way.
-I love the parts where Mokona pretends to be each of the four of them as if they were a family. Kurogane’s reactions were hilarious and Kikuchi Mika does such a great job voicing Mokona.
-The fast paced song they played in the last couple of minutes of this episode is still stuck in my head. I don’t recognize it off any of the three released soundtracks, and as usual, the insert song isn’t listed in the credits. Perhaps this is the Aikoi song by FictionJunction YUUKA that’ll be on Future Soundscape IV.


  1. Wait…I haven’t read the manga yet….but how and why did they arrive back in Clow country?
    Though I haven’t read the manga…I do find that the scene at the beginning with Tomoyo and kurogane exchanging names is a bit poor to have as a starter because It’s shows that it’s just a left over of something they couldn’t fit in the last episode…anyway I’ve heard Fay/Fye uses magick by whistling…is it in this episode or not? =S

  2. Arigato Magi-chan ^^

    And doesn’t anyone else feel that the episode is a bit…eurrgghhh…I mean sure episode 40 they of show the TC group arriving into that world….oh well

    And doesn’t Fye-san use whistling magick here or so i keep hearing as apparently they use magick to steal back a feather which I think is this world they’re in now =SS

    Very confused sorry….my fault for not reading manga…but also not my fault as the only place where I can find TRC has only got volume 3-10 so far -____-””

    Haha! Mokona is very cute when it does it’s MEKYO thing! XD Still need to see the family impressions though lol

    And the feather creates from SAKURA’s memory…or from the memory in the fetaher itself b/c Sakura barely has much of her memories…sorry if I’m gossiping about TC much…No-one I know in Northampton know what Tsubasa Chronicle is so they’re never watched it before…Anyway who agrees that Fye’s past should be show asap b/c he’s quite mysterious…lol I’ve just seen how much I wrote oops ^___^’ ~xXx~

  3. heyhey
    Kuro’s mom died by a mystery sword…. does it ring a bell? anyone? hehehe I actually didn’t read the manga but after a friend lend it to me ( that means gave me hois usb) I kinda understood something that got to me once I saw the scene last epi ^^

  4. I haven’t been watching the anime (sticking solely to manga), but on them being in Clow Country… Show Spoiler ▼

    I’m waiting on the Tokyo Arc to watch the anime, that is if they animate it. ^_^’

  5. Hola
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  6. Hola
    bueno pues solo quiero desir que me encanta el anime y que quisiera conoser amigos que me aclaren dudas sobre la serie, bueno bye y por ultimo
    OKI DOKI nos vamos con MOKONA MODOKI¡¡¡
    a si y ai les va mi msn:


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