-Harima’s manga actually gets published in place of Karasuma’s. Reaction is positive from Mikoto and negative from Eri. Harima is ecstatic that Tenma doesn’t mind that it’s not that realistic.
-At Dankousha Publishing, Harima brings Yakumo and meets the editor-in-chief Jingama, a man who is gigantic and quite intimidating. Yakumo stands up to him and asks if it’s his job to threaten new manga artists. Jingama takes a liking to Yakumo and shakes her hand (or rather she shakes his finger).
-Jingama wants 120 pages from Harima by next week.
-Harima needs a place to work but Itoko left to go snowboarding and took the house keys.
-Yakumo takes Harima in and brings her back to the Tsukamoto house.
-Harima is incredibly happy to be living under the same roof as Tenma, but has to be reminded by Yakumo that he has 120 pages to draw.
-While Harima is working, Yakumo brings him some snacks. Harima’s figured hunched over the desk reminds Yakumo of her father.
-Harima is having trouble drawing, so Yakumo models for him. This goes through the evening until Harima finishes and runs out of ink. Yakumo offers to go out and get some more for him. When she gets back, she finds her sister happily chatting with Harima. Afterwards, Yakumo is happy that Harima is energetic about working on his manga again.
-Eri is being forced to do something by her family. She thinks no one will notice if she’s gone.
-Yakumo attends a manga workshop. Editor-in-chief Jingama makes his entrance by coming through the wall and blowing everyone (except Yakumo) away. Yakumo gets a certification badge.
-Back at the Tsukamoto house, Tenma decides to test Harima. She dresses up as Yakumo and tries to talk like Yakumo, but Harima is easily able to see through her disguise. With input from her friends, Tenma gives Harima five tests, all of which he passes. This was of course all for Yakumo’s sake, which Harima doesn’t figure out until Tenma says that he and Yakumo are really compatible.
-In an effort to express his true feelings, Harima sneaks into what he thinks is Tenma’s room to confess to her. Unfortunately, he only finds Iori there, making him realize that he’s actually in Yakumo’s room. Tenma sees this and it’s clear to Harima that he’s made a big mistake.

-Wow, that was a lot funnier than I thought it’d be. Tenma imitating Yakumo was hilarious because we got to hear Koshimizu Ami imitating Noto Mamiko. That alone was worth watching this episode. But it didn’t stop there because Tenma got to imitate all of her friends including Eri and Mikoto. Tenma’s imagination of Mikoto and those huge breasts was the best one of those – that really had me laughing so hard.


  1. This is a prime example of producers transitioning an excellent manga chapter into an excellent episode.

    God, just thinking of Koshimizu Ami saying “Iori, Iori” in Noto Mamiko’s voice keeps me grinning.

  2. Tenma imitating Yakumo is just about the absolutely funniest skit this entire season. Both the look she takes on, her behavior, her voice…classic.

    And we get all the short imitations too.

    John Biles

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