Sekidousai captures Karina in a failed attempt to destroy the source of Sekidousai’s power, revealing that the frozen chunk of ice (with someone resembling Kaoru inside) is called the “The Product of Despair.” Back at the site where Dai Youko is sealed, Kayano kicks Keita for appearing in cat maid suit in such an important event. She then tells Keita that everyone decided to use the ultimate seal technique, which is promising enough to seal Dai Youko for another 300 years. The sealing technique requires everyone to combine their powers, and Keita promises to help if Kaoru creates a harem paradise of all his Inukami. This statement of course angers Youko, who proceeds to put him in an arm lock. In any case, the other Inukami are against Youko joining in because they think she might betray them halfway, since she is Dai Youko’s daughter. Not wanting to start a fight, Youko leaves the sealing site.

Keita goes after Youko and finds her sitting under a tree. She tells him about a kid who bandaged her and fed her chocolate cakes when she was injured by Hake while fleeing from the mountains a long time ago. That kid, who accompanied her for 3 days, was the first person to make her smile. After she was caught, she had found out that the kid was actually from the Kawahira family, so she told herself that she wanted to become Keita’s Inukami. Keita finally realizes that the fox back then was actually her. Youko tells him that throughout this time, she has learned to love chocolate cake, the town, and even all of Kaoru’s Inukami. However, her father might destroy everything and she doesn’t want that to happen. Keita is left speechless by Youko’s words and her appearance, but then he freaks out after remembering the possibility of the two of them having little dog children together. This whole conversation is interrupted by Tayune and Sendan telling them that the sealing is about to start.

This ritual involves everyone concentrating their spiritual power to Kaoru, and then passing it on to the Inukami elder to reseal Dai Youko. The resealing fails completely, and no one believes what they see when Dai Youko breaks out from the seal. Dai Youko actually looks quite young and fashionable, and he cuddles with Youko as soon as he sees her. The other Inukami try to attack and capture him, but he petrifies them on the spot. Fortunately, Kaoru’s Inukami, Keita, Kayano and Kaoru are unharmed because they were able to set up barriers in the nick of time.

While Dai Youko gives Youko more fatherly loving, Keita calls him baka-oyaji (stupid father), which draws Dai Youko’s attention. He looks at Keita and then cries to Youko he knows that she must have to live with Keita since she is his Inukami. Keita immediately tells Dai Youko that nothing happens between him and Youko, but Youko tells him that they already bathed together a lot and then proceeds to describe having sex with Keita over and over. That petrifies Dai Youko on the spot, and Youko adds on to the drama by acting nausea, with Nadeshiko playing along, saying that it’s morning sickness. Dai Youko surprises Keita by not being mad, but instead turning back time and changing Keita back to his normal outfit. He prefers his son-in-law to at least look proper and wants Keita to take care of Dai Youko’s first grandchild. At that moment, all the petrified Inukami are restored to their normal self, and Dai Youko calls for a truce for the sake of Youko’s unborn child. Hake even starts asking about the wedding ceremony, and everyone forces Keita to play along even though he can only think of the possibility of puppies.

Not long after, Youko finds out that he has been keeping a photo diary of her. Peering in she sees photos of her bathing and him writing about how she grew so well. An embarrassed Youko grabs it away and says that she hates him. At the same time, Sekidousai appears. Despite everyone trying to stop them, Sekidousai and Dai Youko fly off to fight each other. The group has no choice but to give chase.


My thoughts:
This is one of the funniest episodes that I’ve ever watched in Inukami!, basically what cracks me up is:
-What Omni says below about how the Dai Youko acts almost exactly like Tamaki from Ouran.
– The Inukami elder repeatedly dozing off at the wrong time.
– The scene where Kayano asks Dai Youko if he could have just stayed inside the seal quietly, he responds melodically, saying “A.Kan.Beiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” (pulling down your lower eyelid and then saying ‘no’, and yes, Haruhi style.)
– The priceless moment of everyone surrounding Keita, wanting him to marry Youko. Even Hake says that his won’t sacrifice in vain, lol.
– After Keita collapses and looks at Kaoru for help, Kaoru does the ‘May God bless you’ cross gesture to him instead.

The preview of the next episode seems to show that it’ll be concentrating more on the fight between Sekidousai and Dai Youko. But I’ll reserve my comment on that, since the title pretty much shows otherwise. Coming up next: Episode 23 – The Weakened Elephant, lol!

Omni’s Thoughts:
-Youko’s father is not quite what I expected. He’s got a fun character that I rather like. Reminds me a bit of Tamaki from Ouran in that baka sort of way.
-So that’s where Youko got her liking of chocolate cake.
-I want a book of Youko’s days…
-Looks like Kaoru is making a move on Nadeshiko next week. Also lots of fighting between Youko’s father and Sekidousai.
-On a side note, plamo has uploaded the Gundam version of a part of episode 20. I found it quite amusing.


  1. Youko’s dad is not like I expected from him(from his earlier appearance in the an earlier episode).

    This is one crazy episode. I hope Youko’s dad doesn’t die or something. 🙁

  2. Damn that Kaoru!!!! Now he does something with Nadeshiko?!!?!!? He has a moe Inukami in a meido outfit, and it takes him 23 episodes to try something!!!!?!? I don’t if I’m more frustrated or envious!!!

  3. Oh man, I can totally see the resemblance between Tamaki and Youko’s dad. But if we’re talking about Youko’s dad, wouldn’t it be more appropiate to compare him to Ranka? Well, it’s all the same personality type anyways, I can’t wait for the write-up!!!

  4. One question that’s been on my mind Omni. Did you redo the site set at a certain resolution? I set my browser to exactly 1024*768 and it seems that your site is just a tad too wide for that. Looks like about 1034 maybe. No biggie, just wondering.

  5. One question that’s been on my mind Omni. Did you redo the site set at a certain resolution? I set my browser to exactly 1024*768 and it seems that your site is just a tad too wide for that. Looks like about 1034 maybe. No biggie, just wondering.
    I assume you were using Internet Explorer? Don’t use Internet Explorer. The site looked fine at 1024 by 768 (no horizontal scrollbar) in both Firefox and Opera. The inner CS guy in me screams that people should be using browsers that pass the Acid2 Test, but that just isn’t going to happen. Having said all this, it’s been fixed – should look fine in IE now too.

  6. I wonder if Keita will actually go though with the forced engagement. I doubt that he will.
    I dind’t think that the Inukami were allowed to marry their masters or maybe this doesn’t apply to youko as she is not really an Inukami.

  7. All male re-enactment ending: Episode 18.

    > how old can inukami be considering keita knowing youko since he was a kid?

    I recall reading somewhere that Sendan, the twins, and another are all over a hundred ( mendoi’s forum? can’t remember), so it’s quite easily believable that Youko’s more then old enough to have known Keita since he was a kid.


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