Will Satou-kun ever escape the conspiracy? Was Kyon really left with no choice but to kiss Haruhi? Will Hagu become left-handed? These questions intrigue me because I believe they are what make an anime memorable. You know what I’m talking about. It’s that huge sigh you let out at the end of Kaleido Star, satisfied that the ending did the show every bit of justice it deserved. It’s the chill you got when Kaede goes seed-mode for the first time in SHUFFLE! It can even be the look of morbid disgust on your face when watching some “spirited” fans do the Haruhi ED dance on Youtube. Regardless of how anime affects you, one cannot deny the essence of a great anime – an animated reality that draws us in and takes us on an emotional rollercoaster ride as we laugh, love, fight, and cry with characters that remain fondly tucked away in our memories forever.

I’ll be starting a new feature on Random Curiosity – FreezeFrame. I’ll be bringing to you memorable scenes from recent episodes, along with some thoughts and analysis in an attempt to spark discussion, whether it be in the comments section here or amongst your anime buddies at school. Watching an anime is only half the fun – to truly experience it, we must reflect. I love anime because of its wonderful depth and ability to stir the soul – I want to share this love with everybody.

Will you help me? I can initiate the discussion, but it is up to you all to continue it. I’m also open to any suggestions on topics – email me at jaalin AT gmail DOT com.




  1. cause im too lazy and cause its 2:30 in the morning so yeah ill just post one of the most memorable moments in anime history

    shinji jackoff to catonic asuka…..that was so random….

    screw it ill add more ^^

    – when the cg dragon appeers in f/sn….big wtf moment
    – pretty much the whole mai-otome series
    – when you realise that gaulin is still alive in FMP/TSR
    – saikano….if you dont know about this series…get several tissue boxes before you start watching it….trust me you will need them
    – kashimashi with the phalicca galactica (its a joke okay)
    – the baseball episode of samurai champloo
    – all of suzumiya haruhi (i wont ever forget)
    – the riku rapeing in blood+
    – ourans cosplays/crossdressing
    – chibi al azif in demonbane ^^
    – higurashi no naku koro ni….plot holes the size of tokyo jupitor

    and thats all i can come up with at the moment


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