-The fighting parts of this episode reminded me of DBZ again…except with Mr. Elephant always lurking around the corner.
-So Keita is a baby now thanks to Sekidousai.
-I love/hate the cliffhanger. Kaoru tells everyone that he’s not the Kaoru they think he is, and he’s starts the sentence to explain it…and the episode ends.


  1. asian182: eh, i think Youko’s trying to force out the reason why Nadeshiko is covering up for Kaoru.
    blcdirty: i think the chances would be zero since he already adsorbed by Sekidousai.

    Lol…Karina in bondage. I doubt I can sleep easy tonight.

    It’s sad to see Youko’s dad falling that easily. I mean, is anyone willing to accept the fact that a pantless flasher is more powerful than a thousand year sealed up fox demon?

    And couldn’t Sekidousai come up with a better way to eliminate Youko and Keita rather than attempting to de-age them? He needs to do something creative with all that Great Fox Demon power he adsorbed.


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