Bleh, another Junko’s room – in other words, another recap episode. This time, they had appearances by Satou Kouichi (the guy who works at Jackson Hole) and Sakagami (Hachi’s supervisor at the editing job she got fired from), along with Junko, Kyousuke, and Shouji. But other than some idle banter, this episode just recounted all the important stuff that happened in the past 10 weeks with some music thrown in at good places. I just really hope they don’t have one of these planned for every ten episodes.


  1. Recaptures can be so annoying. For example Death Note was a better case: there, at the 26. episode, only the first part was recap, than they moved on with story. Here we have the second recap at less than the hafe of the series. Oh well, at least it makes easier to follow the plot, in case we’d mist anything…


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